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au where yoonmin's rooms are right next to each other and one evening yoongi sees his bandmate walking around stark naked with his small waist and a perfectly curved butt. Firstly, he didn't know he was attracted to men, secondly, he doesn't know jimin does it all on purpose

averting eyes from the movie, yoongi nearly chokes at the sight; first thought is to rush and tell jimin he forgot to shut the curtains. But he's completely paralized because he's drolling and there's an undeniable buldge in his pyjama pants that he automatically takes a hold of
🔞 then he can't believe that he's holding his cock while watching jimins perfect body curves but the sudden thought of railing his bandmate to the moon and back alone has him twitching and he's never been this aroused before
but then as he's lying there with a palm on his crotch, jimin bends down, his perfect home all to be seen, and yoongi suddenly realizes he must not be the only one able to enjoy the tempting sight
And it's the sudden feeling of jealousy and burning possessiveness that brings his reason back and he jolts to jimin's room running there like he a tornado
to make matters worse, jimin's room is unlocked and he opens the door to see the vocalist staring at him wide eyed, all completely bare and beautiful- 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ARE YOU NUTS??' Yoongi yells, although he never yells
but this time he does, rushing to close the curtains in two sharp moves. Jimin has already put on a white hotel robe, his cheeks red. 'Yoongi hyung what's wrong with you out of the sudden...??' he asks shyly.
'What's wrong with me?? What's wrong with you to parade like that all naked, do you see how many rooms are there to see you? You didn't even close the door!' Unable to look into his hyung's eyes, Jimin puts his small hands in the robe pockets.
'It's not like I'm a maiden in distress..' he pouts. Yoongi's face is still red and he holds his sides, thinking what to say so that his newly found feelings don't show. But then Jimin's eyes drop down and immediately fly up again, his cheeks pink.
Realizing he still hasn't taken care of his problem, Yoongi sees Jimin's expression and becomes possibly redder. 'T-that's not what you think-' Yoongi takes it down a notch, averting his eyes to the ceiling.
Seeing how quickly the elder became this petulant, Jimin grows more confident and he perches on the couch with a smirk. 'Oh, really?' he asks, spreading his legs wide. Yoongi can't stop his eyes from following that motion, and he gulps audiably
only to lock guilty gaze with smirking Jimin. 'Hyung, don't be shy about it.. we're both men, we can help each other at times, right?' Pants getting even tighter, Yoongi gulps again, heart pounding. 'I'm not gay.' He then says, hesitating.
Jimin is smiling when he nods, tapping the place next to him for his hyung to take. 'Alright, you don't have to be, hyung..' he eyesmiles. Yoongi clears his throat but sits down, and Jimin turns to face him. 'First, let's take care of that, hm? Then we can talk.'
🔞 Yoongi's all shaken and avoids looking at Jimin but he nods. Jimin quickly slides the elder's pants down and leans in to take the cock in his mouth, and Yoongi nearly yells with shock. The younger holds him down though, deepthroating
🔞 and Yoongi holds onto the couch for his dear life, whining "oh god.." The blowjob in a matter of seconds turns to the gayest sex possible, full of heated kisses, waist holding, cursing and the hotel bed hitting against the wall.
Later during dinner with other members there's a mystery of strange noises coming from Jimin's room. 'Guys Im telling you I heard it! The rooms are soundproof but I swear I heard thumping and someone screaming! This hotel is haunted!' Taehyung tries to convince
but everyone just laughs at him. Only Jimin eyesmiles as he looks at Yoongi fondly, observing his reaction. 'What about you change rooms, Taehyungah?' Yoongi rasps in a joking tone. 'The ghost might come back, you know.'
Taehyung's lips pop open in shock meanwhile Jimin doubles over, leaning his head on Yoongi's shoulder. Their hands intertwine under the table but for now it's their little secret ♡
♡ The End ♡
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