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Jun 12, 2022
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#kashiita canon divergence where during the culling games Kashimo stumbles across Yuuji and considers him weak so he sticks by him, protecting him, while still searching for Sukuna. Yuuji's abilities don't seem to impress Kashimo but his personality is enough to entertain him.

Yuuji has his own goals, goals Kashimo doesn't care about. He doesn't know nor does he bother to ask, Yuuji doesn't tell him either and he doesn't inquire about Kashimo as well. They simply fight side by side (well Kashimo more than Yuuji) nothing more and nothing less...
While fighting a worthy opponent they accidentally get split up. Hajime is a grinning mess as his opponent riles him up, his adrenalin is pumping and his cursed energy crackles with excitement.
He's enjoying himself so much that he doesn't notice that Yuuji has been separated from him (perhaps that's for the best now he can use the full extent of his power without harming him) or that he is struggling, not until the cursed energy around them becomes palpable.
The air is thick and the power is so strong that it causes his opponent to hesitate. Kashimo's enthusiastic expression falls as surprise overtakes him, he knocks himself from his stupor and eliminates the fighter.
Another point for him, he smirks, but points were never his goal. His mind was always set on something. A certain someone: Sukuna. And now he's found him, that power is unmistakable. He stalks towards the source and is greeted at a sight he never expected.
There stood Yuuji or who he thought was Yuuji, wearing a torn uniform, blood surrounding him as a dismembered body lay scattered at his feet. Kashimo gulps, his chest clenches at the thought of Yuuji's betrayal. He should've known nothing good comes from helping others.
'Yuuji' was no different. The boy turns, a tattooed face meets his, red eyes now replacing hazel, a manic grin stretching once beautiful lips. "The brat didnt tell you everything did he? How pathetic of you." A deep voice rumbled.
Kashimo got into his stance as lighting crackled and thunder rumbled. He had to remind himself of his conversation with Kenjaku; that his goal was never to befriend Yuuji but to fight Sukuna, even if he died trying. Yuuji betrayed him so now he will pay the price. The end!


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