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First Draft

Jun 14
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1/12 🚨 Organization news! First Draft's mission is moving to @Brown Public Health as part of a new initiative being launched today - the Information Futures Lab (@Brown Information Futures Lab). See letter from @Claire Wardle for details.…

2/12 Our Australia team continues its work at @UTS, monitoring social media and conducting research on how to counter online mis- and dis-information. They will be an official partner of the @Brown Information Futures Lab
3/12 First Draft began in 2015 as a small nonprofit coalition that sprung out of a need: to understand, verify, and provide guidance on the misinformation we all were seeing on the social web.  Over the following six years, we built out teams in London, New York, and Sydney.
4/12 We designed a new collaborative model (CrossCheck) for monitoring and responding to misinformation that lives on in the @Comprova project in Brazil, where 42 national, regional and local newsrooms continue to collaborate in real-time.
5/12 The Australia team recently finished working on the most recent election project with a diverse range of newsrooms–one of the almost 20 election projects we have worked on over the years. Read their recent report on imported election narratives here:…
6/12 We trained over 10k journos, public health professionals & community leaders; published research, developed typologies & terminology that continue to be used; developed team of almost 100 staff & many now work with the most important newsroom & civil society orgs
7/12 Thank you to our funders who supported us so generously through the years and enabled us to do so many projects.
8/12: Thank you to our founding partners who provided the organization with such strong leadership, ideas, and content before many people were thinking about these issues:…
9/12 @Olivia Ma and @Steve Grove need a special shout out for having this crazy idea in the first place and coming up with the name. It was always terrible for SEO but we liked it! 😎
10/12: Finally thank you to all of our staff, fellows, & interns, past & present. The alum network is large and impressive. You are an exceptionally talented group of people who made the organization what it was.
11/12: We’re working with the @Internet Archive to preserve the material from the site, and we hope to make many of our resources available via @Creative Commons
12/12: We’re very excited for the next chapter, so stay tuned for new projects and initiatives from @Brown Information Futures Lab. Sign up here to stay updated.…
First Draft

First Draft

We work to protect communities from harmful disinformation by sharing tips and resources to build resilience and improve access to accurate information.
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