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Jun 18, 2022
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🔞 mind full of jimin saying “shh, relax, just take it” with his voice low and hoarse, hands caressing jungkook’s body up and down, rolling his hips to fuck him so deep that jungkook can’t do anything but cry

just overwhelmed jungkook and jimin talking him through it
“relax baby, i’ll take care of you” “it’s okay, you can cry, it feels good, doesn’t it?” “you’re leaking so much baby, are you going to come for me?” “you’re so pretty like this, wanna ruin you so bad” “just take it, let it go, don’t think, just go”
“you’re so tight around me baby, does my cock feels good?”
and just because i have no self respect “daddy’s fucking you good, baby?” “you’re so wet, is it all for me?” “let me hear you, let me know how good it feels”
just jungkook who’s used to /give/ and work for his orgasms because his past partners weren’t that nice or their kinks never matched and now he’s with jimin, and jimin loves to give and /want/ to give him everything, but it’s hard to let go and just take
so jimin talks him through it all, reassuring him that it’s okay to let go and just receive, to just feel good, to let him work for him and just enjoy
he’s very filthy and very lovely you know
just them fucking on missionary, jimin’s open shirt covering their bodies even when he’s naked under, jungkook’s legs around his hips as he moves so slow that is almost torture. and jungkook tries to hide his face because jimin stares at him and is so so intense that he /can’t/
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