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23 tweets that'll teach you more about community growth than a $2,995 course:

The only way to build a community is to get started.
The first step to building a great community from scratch is to... 1. Know the exact purpose of the community 2. Know who the community is meant for (who belongs and who doesn’t)
A community member who doesn't know the purpose of your community can never tell another person about your community.
At the seed phase of your community That is, the early stage of your community development, Starting small and with personal outreach will take you further than blasting out emails to 1000 random people
Personal invitations will make your members feel special, value the community and be more open to contributing to the development of the community
When designing your onboarding experience, pay attention to these 3 things: 1. What do you want your members to know when they join your community? (Value, Purpose… Rules) (2&3) 👇🏼
2. What do you want them to feel when they join? (Welcome, feel like they finally found a community) 3. What do you want them to do next?
When a member first joins your community, you don’t want to engage them with the big task Start by leading them from the smaller tasks to the bigger tasks
Examples of smaller tasks: - Introduce yourself so we can get to know you better - Follow our social page not to miss any community update - Read our blog - Subscribe to the newsletter - Say GM in the general channel
It’s true building the community is the job of the community. However, the right community managers and moderators are essential to kick start the process and design the community's daily experience So... Be Very Intentional In Your Hiring Process
Collaborating with other key communities helps you increase your community awareness
It’s important to note that, a successful collaboration is achieved when both communities derive value from each other.
It’s common knowledge that 80% of the engagement that will happen in your community will be made by 20% of your community members.
If you want people to constantly engage in your community, your Job as the community builder is to spot, elevate and reward the 20%
Not all rewards have to be monetary. You need to ensure you only reward quality contributions. Why? You don’t want your member's focus to move from genuinely helping other members to working for the rewards
Never forget, the non-active members in your community equally play an important role. They are the content consumers... Without them, the active members (content creators) won't have anyone to consume the content created. No content consumer = unmotivated content creator
Create weekly community rituals These rituals bring people together, help your community grow, and stay engaged. Also, it enhances the sense of community and belonging among your members.
There's no best platform to host your community There's no best strategy to market your community There's no best onboarding experience There's no best community engagement strategy No two community is the same.
Don't be afraid of an event not working Don't be afraid of a post getting no reply Expect things not to work a whole lot before it works And when it works, keep doing it
A big part of making people feel like they belong is ensuring that they have influence over what happens in the community.
People don't join communities for emotional connection to other people anymore. People join communities to solve a practical problem or achieve a goal.
When marketing your project's community, show people how being in your community can help them solve a practical problem Or how it can help them achieve a burning desire.
Community growth requires time, research, empathy... Applying FOMO to get people into your community isn't sustainable
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23 tweets that'll teach you more about community growth than a $2,995 course:
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