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sailor joon. 🌙

sailor joon. 🌙

Jun 25, 2022
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🔞 vmin, cisswap, light cucking™. prequel to the casting couch thread. jm and th get together to watch a movie.

there’s a soft knock at the door, and if th hadn’t been been expecting jm, she probably wouldn’t have even heard it.
she opens the door to find jm standing there with a backpack slung over her shoulder and a bag filled with cheap beer from the convenience store down the street, sporting the most excited grin th’s seen on her in a while.
th steps aside to let her in, and jm almost trips when she’s toeing off her shoes. “are you ready?” th just shrugs shyly. it’s not like she hasn’t seen jm in /that way/ before, but this situation is a little…
jm grins even wider and drags th by the wrist back into her own living room, where she starts unpacking the laptop she’d brought along, trailing cords around to hook up the computer to the television.
th sits and waits, watching jm silently. when her best friend had first said she’d agreed to star in an amateur-style porn video, th really hadn’t known what to think.
jm had been so excited, and so th had done her best to be supportive, even if she wasn’t entirely sure how she felt. jealously, possibly? envy? she wasn’t sure.
then, yesterday, when jm had messaged her a frantic /it’s ready!/, th had felt all the same emotions swirling in her gut, but she didn’t have an easier time pinning them down. jm: watch party tmrw 😝💦😩
and so here they were–squished together on th’s tiny couch, a freeze-frame of jm in a pretty sun dress perched on an equally-small couch in some studio set up to look like some generic 20-something’s bedroom.
“okay, okay. i haven’t watched it yet either. they just emailed it to me,” jm’s speaking so quickly, clearly excited about sharing this with th. “are you– do you wanna start?”
th hums softly and nods, to which jm responds with a small clap of her hands before she reaches out to the small table where the computer is set up and smacks the spacebar to star the video.
/have you ever done something like this before?/ comes a deep voice from off camera. jm giggles shyly and shakes her head, to which th snorts.
“what?” the jm beside her asks indiginanty, smacking th on her bare shoulder. “pretty sure that phone in my nightstand would say otherwise, jm-ah,” she teases, already not paying attention to whatever conversation jm is having with the stranger behind the camera.
jm squawks, “those don’t count! they’re just for fun! this was /professional/,” she finishes with a huff, crossing her arms.
th laughs again before turning her attention back to the video. jm’s already lost her dress apparently, sat now only in a pretty lavender lingerie set (one that th had helped her picked out specifically for this occasion).
she can’t help it, th is affected just seeing jm like that, despite the fact that she has the real thing pressed against her side. she feels her pulse pick up just slightly at the faux-shy smiles that her friend gives to the person behind the camera.
they’re asking her to relax now, to “make herself comfortable” and th can guess what’s coming.
still, she can’t help but laugh to herself at the way jm in the video tries to play up her bashfulness, giggling as she leans back on the couch she’s perched on to spread her legs and run her fingers over herself through the soft lace of her panties.
beside her, jm is chattering on about the whole thing. “he was so handsome th-yah, and so /big/, tall and buff and–”
th can’t hear her, far too focused on video-jm biting her lip as she finally dips her fingers into her panties, sighing happily as she finally grants herself some real friction on her–knowing jm–already aching clit.
in her seat, th squirms, feeling her own arousal stir in her gut, her pussy starting to leak while she watches the video before her. she’s not wearing underwear (she rarely does in her own home), bare folds brushing against the feather light satin of her pink pajama shorts.
“already, th-yah?” jm teases beside her, brushing some of th’s hair away from her shoulder as she leans in to press a soft kiss to her cheek.
th mumbles back a somewhat indignant “not my fault”, even as jm smiles and kisses her again. “i didn’t even take my underwear off, yet!”
th pouts, stubbornly ignoring jm beside her to watch jm in front of her instead–who /has/ taken her underwear off by now, actually–two short fingers buried inside herself and, based on her sounds, already on the brink of coming. th squeezes her thighs together.
when jm comes, she’s giggling through her moans, a small smile tugging at her lips as she tips her head back to ride it out, body shivering while she comes down. she picks her head up and grins fully at the camera.
th has seen jm come so many times, but something about seeing it blown up on her tv–4k 60fps–has her even more affected than usual. she knows she’s breathing a bit heavier, her pulse heavy between her legs.
on the video, jm still smiles bashfully as she wraps her small hand around the camera-man’s heavy cock, giggling before she takes him into her mouth.
this, too, is a familiar sight for th. she’s seen jm’s mouth on her pussy, wet and shiny with her arousal–her full lips wrapped around the strap secured to th’s hips. the visual is enough to bring the memories back, and it has attempting to squeeze her thighs together discreetly.
she doesn’t really care to watch jm suck this guy off, but it’s impossible to look away. video-jm pulls back occasionally to giggle, and, beside th, real-jm giggles, too creating an intense surround-sound experience.
by now, jm's tucked her feet up underneath herself, faced toward th completely, one hand drawing little patterns on th’s bare thigh. “ah, th-yah, you’re always so easy to rile up,” jm teases.
th can’t bring herself to respond to the taunt, eyes glued to the tv. in the video, jm’s now lost her bottoms, laying back on the couch as the camera-man films her from above.
he rubs his cock through her folds for a brief moment, then dips down to start gently pressing his way forward. when he finally slips into jm, she gasps sharply, choking on a curse as she digs her short fingernails into her spread thighs.
“he really was big, you know,” jm starts, her fingers occasionally trailing higher on th’s thigh, dipping just beneath her soft shorts, “probably bigger than your favorite toy.”
th believes it, based on the way video-jm looks laid out on that couch, the man still slowly sliding his way into her.
beside her, jm finally abandons th’s leg, moving her hand instead to trail along the waistband of th’s shorts. beneath her friend’s fingertips, th’s stomach jumps, her legs spreading out of instinct.
jm slips her hand into th’s shorts, fingers raking through the trimmed hair, cupping her palm over th’s hot core.
“how could you soak through these cute shorts, th-yah?” she admonishes, and th has to bite back on groan. on the tv, video-jm squeaks as the camera-man begins thrusting.
jm easily fits two fingers into th’s entrance, her palm rubbing against her hard clit. she fucks her fingers into th at the same pace she’s being fucked in the video, and th has to fight to keep her focus.
on the video, th stares, transfixed on the way jm’s soft pussy clings to the camera-man’s cock. beside her, jm uses her other hand to brush th’s hair away again, plush lips pressing sweet kisses to her cheek, then shoulder, then neck.
“jm-ah, i–” th tries to turn to face her friend, chasing her for a kiss. jm hushes her, using her free hand to nudge th back to facing forward. “keep watching,” she whispers, pressing another kiss to th’s shoulder, fingers still moving steadily inside of her.
th’s orgasm comes suddenly, before she can even get her mind to focus on the video again. she can feel the way she clamps down on jm’s fingers, grinding her pussy hard into her friend’s small hand as she rides out the high.
by the time th regains her focus, video-jm has moved to a bed on her knees, the camera-man fucking into her roughly from behind. real-jm has moved the strap of th’s cami off her shoulder, laving more wet kisses along the bare skin.
“i was sore for like two days, th-yah,” jm murmurs, squeezing a third finger inside th’s soaked hole, grinding them in roughly. th can’t help it anymore, she moans loudly–loud enough it overtakes jm on the video.
“oh?” jm giggles, “you like that? like knowing my pussy got all stretched out for him? wanna try to do it yourself?” th moans again, fucking her hips into jm’s hand, head dropping to the back of the couch, the audio of jm being fucked echoing around her.
jm tsk’s again, using her free hand to grip th’s dark hair and lift her head back up. “/watch/,” she hisses.
th gasps, eyes fluttering open to see jm on her back once more, now missing her top, tits bouncing as the camera-man continues to jackhammer into her, one of his big thumbs rubbing quick circles over her clit.
“jm-ah, /fuck/,” th curses. she feels hot all over, the hair at the back of hair and at her temples damp with sweat. she can hear how soaked she is, her wetness sloshing over jm’s hand steadily fucking into her.
“you think you can make me come like that, th-yah?” jm kisses her sweetly on the shoulder again. “get my legs shaking? little hole all sore and loose just for you?”
th /has/ done that and more with jm, but the thought of it–being able to see how much jm clearly enjoyed herself, being able to hear her getting fucked by someone else–it’s enough to make th feel dizzy.
she comes again with a shout, jm removing her fingers to slap lightly over th’s clit, her hand still restricted by the small sleep-shorts.
on the tv, the camera-man pulls out just before his own orgasm, pumping hot streaks across video-jm’s narrow waist, a few streaks dripping down her side and marring the black ink of her tattoo.
beside her, jm sounds a pleased hum, removing her hand from th’s shorts, stopping only to wipe her hand on the bottom of th’s cami before pulling away completely and moving back to her own space on the couch.
th lets her head drop back again, pussy still clenching from the aftershocks of her orgasm.
“well?” jm asks after a few minutes, the giddiness from earlier in the night returned to her voice, “what did you think?” on the tv, video-jm giggles sweetly again. /ah, oppa, you know how to treat a girl right./
th takes another moment to catch her breath, lolling her head to the side, cracking her eyes open to peak at jm. “you’re gonna be a star,” th grins.
📺 end.
sailor joon. 🌙

sailor joon. 🌙

🔞 vmin, cisswap, light cucking™. prequel to the casting couch thread. jm and th get together to watch a movie.
sailor joon. 🌙

sailor joon. 🌙

🔞 taejoon, cisswap th, nj runs an amateur pov porn channel, th is one of his girls. mentions of minjoon and fem vmin. “have you ever done something like this before?”
sailor joon. 🌙

sailor joon. 🌙

🔞 kattyl. average namkook enjoyer.
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