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Winchester is near Arnold AFB in Tullahoma TN. Arnold AFB was formerly known as Camp Forrest which was a major WWII training ground leading up to D-Day and also was a POW camp during the war.

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Just received investigative notes on Paul Bonacci from the early 90s. He connects Franklin to major 1970s pedo cases: Boys Farm in TN run by Rev. Bud Vermilye, the interlinked Boy Scout Troop 137 in New Orleans run by Richard Halvorsen, and Louisiana pedo priest Gilbert Gauthe.

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Camp Forrest was of course named after Confederate General and first Grand Wizard of the KKK, Nathan Bedford Forrest

The US employed an "Intellectual Diversion Program" to "change the views" of POWs detained at the camp. This program was considered to be successful with many of the prisoners.

After the war, the base became home of the Air Engineering Development Center later named the Arnold Engineering Development Center after Gen. Henry Arnold who also created the RAND Corporation and was one of the founders of PanAm.

Theodore von Karman was one of the instrumental figures in the development of the AEDC. He also was one of the founders of JPL and had worked with Jack Parsons.

The earliest equipment tested at the AEDC were jet engines brought over from BMW after the war

Nowadays the AEDC has the largest and most advanced flight simulation test facilities in the world and has branches at other bases such as Edwards, Eglin, Peterson, and White Sands.

The AEDC has been involved in the development of virtually every U.S. aerospace project (Space Shuttle, Saturn, MX, F117, B2, B1, GPS, etc.) and also non-govt projects like the Boeing 747, 767, and 777. The AEDC has also been home to Dept. of Energy projects.

Arnold AFB is about a 70 minute drive from Huntsville, AL where Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center are located. Closer by is Sewanee, TN home of the University of the South, an Episcopalian institution.

There is a very heavy Episcopalian influence around Winchester and Arnold AFB. However, it appears that Boys Farm was not directly affiliated with the church, although Vermilye was an Episcopalian priest.

Allegedly the acts depicted were "consensual" although it seems that many of the boys at the farm were under the age of consent in Tennessee

Vermilye testified at trial that Boys Farm had been infiltrated by a national child porn ring however a lot of this testimony seems to be rather self-serving

What became of Boys Farm I do not know but Alto, TN is a very small place and there is now a Camp Rain located there.

There is also an in-patient rehab facility for women with children called Blue Monarch located in nearby Hillsboro, TN

However the most famous farm located near Alto, TN and Arnold AFB is of course The Farm in Manchester, TN home of Bonnaroo

This should not be confused with The Farm in Summertown, TN which is a commune founded by a bunch of hippies from San Francisco in 1971, led by Stephen Gaskin who was known as San Francisco's acid guru

For some reason Summertown, TN is also home to a Tibetan Buddhist community as well as a McKamey Manor

Anyways, Albert Bates of the Farm in Summertown, TN developed a solar powered car that was part of the expo at the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, TN

And it was the end of concerts in World's Fair Park that led Ashley Capps to start Bonnaroo in Manchester

Of course Knoxville is also home to the University of Tennessee which has a satellite campus at Arnold AFB

Anyway, Tennessee is a weird place

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