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Jun 29, 2022
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#taekookau A marriage — it is said to be a union between two people not three But here is Jeongguk, a man with a wife and a child getting ready for another marriage — his second marriage to be precise To welcome one odd puzzle to the perfectly knitted family, Kim taehyung

[𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐝 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐠𝐞 - 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈𝐈] 💍
This is a continuation of Part I, so i suggest reading this before you continue with Part II 🌸…
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#taekookau CW//Second Marriage Jeon jeongguk was an odd/eccentric wolf in a society where every true blood alpha can mate twice, with two omegas. People praised him for being genuine to his first wife and everyone called them 'the perfect couple' Until Kim Taehyung appeared
A/N: Please note that i write on real time and there might be errors which you may ignore. The tags for the fic is mentioned in the above thread, please check if you are not aware (Also, this is an a/b/o fic in which omega's are addressed with feminine undertone)
Taehyung was busy getting ready for today's event. It was yujung birthday today and Jeongguk had already arranged a driver to pick him up from his hostel to the family cottage where the party would be taking place
Initially, it was supposed to be a normal gathering of close relatives and friends but it was later turned into a much more bigger one as the invites were sent to more people than expected
And taehyung had planned before to wear something simple and neat thinking that it would be a small group of people But now that he was informed two days back by Jeongguk about the large gathering, he had to go shopping at the last minute
He found a presentable outfit within his small budget which was very unlikely in such situations and he was very happy about it In addition to that, he got a package from a high end brand with a pair of brown shoes which would go absolutely well with his outfit
And he guessed it to be a gift from a certain someone Taehyung felt a bit giddy by all the attention he was getting from the alpha
But the day was here and here he is standing infront of his hostel, waiting for the his ride The alpha had initially planned to take taehyung on his own to the venue but his busy schedule was a hindrance and taehyung being the understanding person he is, +
forgave Jeongguk when the alpha apologized for a hundred times The car was here and as he got in, he felt chills by the luxury that he was in
It was a BMW, he saw the emblem infront of the car but he doesn't know which type of the brand it is. The feeling of traveling in something so elite and luxurious was really something new for the omega
It's not just this but everything that revolves around his after the arrangement with Jeongguk seems to have changed It's not like he never wanted riches. He wanted to be wealthy and rich but all of it coming to him just because of a single 'yes' was a bit overwhelming —
Overwhelming in a good way ..
As he looked outside the window, it seemed like he was traveling to the outskirts of the city, moving fast towards the green nature while the city fell behind
And he was right assuming the venue because as soon as the vehicle stopped, he spotted the vintage cottege — or a mini mansion in the midst of lush greenery and blossoming gardens
(The place 🌸)
He saw maids working on the finishing touches for the party and guestes coming through and going inside the house As he got out of the car, he expected Jeongguk to welcome him by the entrace of the house
But he didn't find the alpha. He looked around and his eyes searched for him, but all he saw was a few random faces who smiled at him in courtesy to which he smiled back He felt a little disappointed as there was nobody expect Jeongguk he knew at this place
And before he could take a step further, a tiny figure came running to him and asked "A-are you taehyung?" The omega smiled, looking curiously at the little child He crouched down and answered cupping those tiny cheeks "Yes and who are you?"
The child smiled clapping his hands "I'm woo and you are my new mama, right?"
"Oh.." taehyung didn't know what to answer to the child. The question was a simple one asked from a childlike curiosity and existement but taehyung didn't expect this at all. Especially from the beloved son of his soon to be husband
He picked up the child and tried to answer "your father talks a lot about you and you are just as cute as what he says" he says cupping the child's cheeks while woo blushes covering his eyes
Taehyung then looks around and wonders where the father and mother of the child is, especially the father "Where is your appa woo?" He asks and the little boy looks around, squirms to find his father around
And right at that moment taehyung sees a lady walking out of the front door calling out a name "Baby.. here you are. Didn't mama tell you not to run away?" The women says looking at the child with slightly furrowed eyebrows
Taehyung recognizes her. The blonde hair and petite form, black eyes with thick eyelashes, looking very confident probably wearing a designer outfit — looking perfectly like an elite that she is But it takes some time for somi to recognize him.
Her eyes concentrated only at her son for the first few seconds travel slowly to the person who is holding him It takes a few seconds for the face to match with the picture her husband has shown her. But those hazel eyes and almond lips don't give away any doubt
She realises — Kim taehyung is standing infront of her, supposedly her arch nemesis as how is in every true blood's family, holding her son so close to his chest Maybe it is a motherly instict but before she knows, she is pulling her son out of those soft hands into her's
But then she puts a sweet smile on her lips — tries to make it as genuine as possible "Taehyung, right?" She asks And the omega standing opposite just nods with a smile
"I'm somi... Jeon somi" she says, the smile going further wide "I know, i have seen you. I mean, Jeongguk had shown me your pictures" he says trying his best to be polite
"And also woo's, but i didn't know that he was this cute" the omega says ruffling through the raven hair of the young alpha Somi gives a tight lipped smile "Let's go in then, many has already arrived" and she walks briskly into the house
Taehyung walked, following the women in front of him The house was a vintage cottage with suvaneors and old pictures of the family filled in each corner. Cozy couches and indoor gardens, white curtains and wooden chairs
It looked more close to nature, far away from the buzz of the city. 'mother would love this place' Taehyung thought There was various things the kims wanted in life but their social status and lackness always made them adjust with whatever was given to them
And taehyung thought that by this marriage — by a single 'yes', his family might too have a prosperous future, to live with an elevated status in the society "What do you like, orange or strawberry?" Somi asked taking taehyung out of his thoughts
"I prefer strawberry" he said smiling while taking the drink from the tray "I hate strawberry" she said huffing with a smile while going for the orange Taehyung didn't know what to the say because he must have been a little unprepared to meet his husband's first wife
He knew he would meet her today, but he expected Jeongguk to be beside him who was nowhere to be seen, and he also expected the crowd around to make it much awkward for them to chat
But here they are, two omega's having nothing in similar, yet standing in the same position not knowing what to speak to one another
Thankfully, the air as thick as ice was soon broken by another omega "Oh.. you love strawberries too?" Came a very happy yujung looking the omega with the strawberry drink "I do, they have always been a favorite and weakness" taehyung said smiling wide thankful
Yujung smiled coming closer "You look lovely my dear" she said hugging taehyung "Thank you ma'am" he replied "Ugh.. stop with the formalities" she said holding him by the shoulder and guiding to the main space
"Cal me mama.. just like your alpha" yujung smiled whispering the last part in his ears "Somi dear, come along" she said to the other omega standing behind
As they came to the main hall, taehyung saw most of the guests, especially omega's of seated on the couches around They started looking at him in amusement as soon as they entered inside Some with scrutinizing gazes while others were just curious about the next jeon
"You must be taehyung?" A lady came forward asking He replied politely with a yes. "So beautiful, i get why Jeongguk choose you. He always had this eye for the best things" another said as if complimenting him
And then he could hear some gushing about his seat at the SNU, gushing about his new job Seems like they knew it all and seems like they enjoy the tearing each bits of information they had about him and asking questions regarding those
The wild behavior of hunting a pray as a group was elite-like, taehyung had thought but he has to go through this as he is going to be part of this circle — this family In minutes the curiosity shifted to his family, asking his full name so they know from which clan he is
And that's only when he felt the nerves. Yujung tried to change the topic but as one asked, another followed and taehyung didn't know what to say because each of this questions came with a purpose — a purpose to see a weak point in him and that point was that he was poor
"What is the surprise if we tell everything all of a sudden. Leave something for later, my dears" a voice came behind taehyung and just through the gritness of it he felt relieved
Jeongguk had come at the right moment, standing behind him like a shadow saving his from the very near embarrassment "Now if you will excuse us, i can show him around the place" the alpha said taking those soft hands in his
They walked out through the side door to the backyard and taehyung couldn't help but whisper scream "Where were you?" "I'm so sorry tae. I wanted to be here when you arrive but right twenty minutes before, appa had asked me to pick my uncle who is coming fron deagu. +
And as soon as i reached i came inside searching for you. Sorry that those old scavengers where trying to devour you with their questions. They are the same with anythone new. I hope you didn't take any of that to heart" the alpha says looking like a kicked puppy
"It's okay. I understand" taehyung said with a huff smiling while locking his arms with the other "You look cute like this" the omega added "Like what?" He asked, curious "Like a puppy" And they both couldn't help but laugh at that
They walked around, towards the garden where they could see a bunch of alpha's standing, both elderly and young "You haven't met appa, have you?" Jeongguk asked and taehyung slightly nodded as a 'no' "Come on then. It's time to meet your father-in-law" he said smiling
They walked towards a group of old alpha's with whom the elderly jeon was standing They had the groups attention as soon as they were in the vicinity Taehyung felt a bit nervous, too many alpha pheromones going through his system
"Jeongguk" someone from the group greeted with a raised glass "Uncle lee" he said as he stood in between the small crowd "I heard that you've opened new branches in the wangsang district. I was telling my son the other day that it was a great decision. That's a gold mine"
The old man added in a way of congratulating the man "You've really excelled, even your appa" another said laughing Taehyung was standing beside Jeongguk listening to it all while thinking when he will be introduced
And the next second, another question "I see a beautiful omega near you jeon. Care to introduce?" Asked the young heir of Park's Jeongguk smiled looking at the men around and then to his father "Meet Tàehyung. My soon to be omega"
Taehyung smiled, a blush creeping into his face Kangguk looked at his son with raised eyebrows smiling wide "You excelled your father in this too Jeongguk" Mr Lee said patting his shoulder while all the men around laughed
Taehyung too smiled, taking part in the fun "Now tell us more about you dear" kangguk said to the omega "Uhh.. I graduated from SNU few months back and i'm working at Park Inc. right now" he answered proud
But as soon as he finished the sentence, the men around went silent "At Park Seojoon's?" One man asked and taehyung answered with a 'yes' Mr.lee laughed and said "Why work at another place when you have the Jeon Empire at your feet?"
Jeongguk knew that these questions were inevitable and he knew that they would face it now or in the coming future It was better to give a firm answer and close it off
"Taehyung has worked hard to have a place there, with his dedication and hardwork. It was more of a good start for his career than our firm. Also, he can be part of the jeons anytime he want. I think he deserves the freedom to work anywhere he want, afterall he +
Was part of the SNU all because of his hardwork and nothing else." He said firmly "And gone are the days where spouses work under their alpha's, uncle lee" he added with a smile not to sound rude
Taehyung bit his lips, a lot nervous at seeing how the conversation has gone a different direction "Now, i'm meeting my son-in-law for the first time.. If you will excuse me" kangguk interrupted with a smile, wanting to divert from the topic
The three walked away from the group, slightly to the left and stood there watching the birds being fed "Dear, you don't have to worry about them. These old men are too caught up in their system that they don't realise times have changed" the older said smiling
"And Jeongguk handled it well.. now let go off that and tell me about you" Taehyung felt so relieved hearing the words of mr.jeon In fact, he expected the man to be a rude old snob as how he has heard.. but the man was nothing but a sweet and caring dad
A/N: Doesn't this family sound too good to be true?? Do you think they are acting like this to our tete?? 🤔
A/N: More incoming after working hours 🫂
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