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Had to DNF it. The idea starts out as rather promising. There is a small old nondescript dimly-lit underground cafe in Japan that has been around for 140 years, from when coffee first made its way to the region, which has a little secret: it can take you back and forth in time.

...But there are catches to it: that you can only go back in time to the same cafe, and meet only those people who have been at the cafe and that you can stay only for so long as the coffee is hot. If you break that rule, you turn into a ghost. Oh and there is one more rule:
There is only one chair at the cafe that can transport you back in time but the problem is that that chair is occupied by a ghost who was originally a person that time travelled and let her coffee get cold. She vacates the spot only once in a day when she has to take a break..
...from reading her travel magazine to attend to the call of nature. A ghost taking a toilet break. How very Japanese! So when you sign up for time travel, you have to be careful to not break the rule, lest you become a ghost and replace the unfortunate ghost in the chair.
So much could have been done with a story line like that but the narrative gets patchy, uneven and stuttery. There are four stories of people who avail the time travel option. I did only the first one. Hot high-achieving woman who can have any man she want is still dumped by a..
...boyfriend because he loves video games more and the dream video gaming developed job he wanted is based in the US. He wants her, but her loves video games more. She wants to go back in time to the 'talk' they had before they broke up. Oh and one more rule, no matter..
...what you do when you go back, the present will not change. As to why she still wants to go back remains rather unclear. She is not even a hopeless romantic with a broken heart. She has her shit together. Her life post the break up is still stable. She just wants to know..
...if he would change his mind if she 'insisted' more. Given that the rule states that the present still wont change, she still subjects herself to the, whats-the-word-here, indignity (?) of asking. Not a huge DNFer (did not finish) but with the twins now, time,for a the first,
...time in my life is a very precious commodity, one that I have to consciously think about apportioning to other less pressing things in life. Reading has slid slightly down the rank. #NaPohaBookReview


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