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Jul 4, 2022
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ynjvn knows he’s complaining, but even though the stubbles are scratching his skin, there’s just something about bmgyv when he hasn’t shaved … cw // rimming , explicit sexual content🐻⬆️🦊⬇️

ynjvn releases a soft sigh as bmgyv’s hands squeeze his ass. he’s seated on bmgyv’s lap, their crotches pressed together as bmgyv kisses along ynjvn’s jawline. ynjvn tilts his head back only to squirm a little when bmgyv’s chin strokes along his skin. “you didn’t shave.”
he almost sounds like he’s accusing bmgyv of something and bmgyv laughs at that. “i shaved this morning.” as if to annoy ynjvn a little more, bmgyv drags his chin down ynjvn’s neck before pressing his lips against his collarbone. ynjvn whines quietly. “you’re still scratching+
me.” instead of responding, bmgyv busies himself with sucking little bruises into ynjvn’s collarbone, pulling the skin between his teeth. ynjvn moans quietly, a hand now in bmgyv’s hair and pulling lightly. bmgyv leans up a little and waits for ynjvn to look at him before+
catching his lips in an open mouthed kiss. ynjvn allows bmgyv to slide his tongue into his mouth and he moans quietly. ynjvn can feel bmgyv’s stubble against his skin but before he can complain, bmgyv has pulled back, once again kissing along ynjvn’s jaw. “wanna eat you out.”
it’s almost embarrassing how fast ynjvn is naked and on his hands and knees in front of bmgyv, but they’ve done this so many times already that there’s no need to be embarrassed. sliding his legs a little further apart, he positions himself in a more comfortable position.
and then he can feel bmgyv’s hands on his ass, gently squeezing him and then spreading him apart. ynjvn feels strangely exposed and he shivers. he waits for bmgyv to touch him more, to do anything but nothing happens. ynjvn turns his head as best he can from this position and+
he lets out a whine. bmgyv is just staring at ynjvn’s exposed hole, eyes dark and focused. ynjvn shivers at the intensity of bmgyv’s gaze and he tries to move forward, away from bmgyv, but the younger’s grip on him tightens, holding ynjvn in place. bmgyv clicks his tongue and+
their eyes meet. “what-” ynjvn can’t finish his sentence, interrupted by bmgyv bringing a hand down on his ass with a smack. ynjvn flinched and moans, hips bucking forward. “bmgyv, what the fuck?” again, bmgyv chuckles. “couldn’t help myself.” bmgyv starts massaging the+
slightly reddened skin and then uses his thumbs to spread him apart again. ynjvn groans quietly and then finally, he can feel bmgyv’s warm breath blow over his hole. he shivers and turns his head back, resting his forehead down on his arm. bmgyv is keeping his cheeks spread+
as he pokes out his tongue, licking over ynjvn’s hole once. ynjvn moans quietly and he tries his best not to push his ass back against bmgyv, but he’s always been sensitive and it’s hard. bmgyv’s tongue circles around ynjvn’s hole, gently applying pressure until he starts+
being more demanding. pressing his lips against ynjvn’s hole now, ynjvn almost scoots up once more, but again he’s held in place by bmgyv’s hands. with bmgyv’s face so close to his skin, ynjvn can feel the younger’s stubble again. the sensation is almost like a tickly and ynjvn+
trembles, legs tensing up. he’s no longer able to hold himself back from pushing back again bmgyv’s face but luckily, bmgyv doesn’t seem to mind. ynjvn is suddenly very aware of his very hard cock hanging between his legs and his hand is itching to reach out. but bmgyv seems to+
notice because the next moment he has his own hand wrapped around ynjvn’s cock, starting to lazily stroke it. ynjvn whines. the pace bmgyv is going at is no where near fast enough to provide any relief and ynjvn tries to buck his hips into bmgyv’s grip in attempt to make him go+
faster. but of course he doesn’t. instead he starts sucking on ynjvn’s hole and the sound is so obscene that ynjvn presses his face against his arm, almost as if he’s hiding. it sounds so messy and he can feel how wet bmgyv is making him. he can only imagine what bmgyv’s face+
looks like now, his spit probably soiling his lips, maybe even dripping down his stubbly chin. ynjvn’s toes curl up at the point and he sobs. he doesn’t think he’s going to last much longer. “gonna use my fingers” that’s all the warning ynjvn gets before he can feel a finger+
at his hole, gently pressing inside. bmgyv is still using his tongue and after a short moment, it pushes inside ynjvn along with bmgyv’s finger. by now, ynjvn is unable to form a clear thought and he just lets bmgyv stretch him out further. he feels a second finger and then a+
third and then bmgyv has set a steady pace of thrusting his fingers into ynjvn. his position has changed a little and ynjvn shivers when he feels bmgyv kissing up his spine, his chin dragging along ynjvn’s skin almost a little too slowly to not be on purpose. ynjvn has given up+
on trying to hold back his moans, he’s so close. but then bmgyv stops and pulls out his fingers and ynjvn almost sobs in protest. “no, please …” he tries to reach behind him with a hand and bmgyv catches it easily, kissing ynjvn’s palm gently. “just getting lube, baby. gonna+
fuck you.” and yeah, ynjvn can live with that. he repositions himself just a little to take the pressure off his wrists and then he can feel the blunt head of bmgyv’s cock press against his ass. slowly, he eases himself inside and ynjvn is glad bmgyv had taken his time in+
preparing him, because despite feeling the stretch, it doesn’t sting and so ynjvn can give bmgyv the okay to move after only a short moment. bmgyv’s hands are holding him by his waist as he begins to move his hips. he lets out a low moan and ynjvn shivers. hearing bmgyv’s moans+
has to be one of his favorite things. bmgyv slowly fucks into ynjvn but it seems he doesn’t really have the patience to take it slow anymore. he soon sets an almost brutal pace and ynjvn’s fingers claw into the sheets as the thrusts threaten to send him forward. the sound of+
their skin slapping together echoes around the room and ynjvn just know the others will complain later. but now it really doesn’t matter because bmgyv’s next thrusts hits ynjvn’s prostate and he’s keening. his foot kicks up a little and his toes curl, he’s so close. this time+
he wraps his own hand around his cock, stroking it in time with bmgyv’s thrusts. ynjvn can’t really tell who cums first, but as soon as bmgyv’s movements begin to feel sloppy, he speeds up his own movements on his cock and when bmgyv presses himself deep inside ynjvn, they both+
seem to release at the same time, ynjvn spilling over his hand and bmgyv filling ynjvn up. they take a moment to catch their breaths and then bmgyv is leaning over ynjvn, kissing between his shoulders blades. ynjvn is out of breath but he laughs. “you’re still scratching me.”


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