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Jul 5, 2022
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yoonmin au | jimin is over yoongi. it’s been a whole year, so of course jimin is over his ex-boyfriend. he is. until yoongi shows up at his best friend’s wedding, and jimin realizes he might not be as over it as he thought. #ymfest22_d2 #yoonminfest

♡ ex lovers ♡ angst (watch out for the ending) ♡ flashbacks ♡ based on the way i loved you by ts! ♡ side tkk [this prompt is a repost from my old acc, which i deleted. i’ll be writing it + finishing it here🤍]
“So, I have a confession to make.” Jimin doesn’t stop where he’s fixing that one strand of Taehyung’s hair, making sure it falls into his forehead at the perfect angle.
It’s an art to make it look like it just fell there naturally, an art that so far has taken him about ten minutes to complete. “If you’re about to tell me you don’t want to get married after all, I’ll punch you.”
Taehyung looks mortally offended by the mere suggestion that he would back out of this wedding. “Who do you think I am?” Jimin shrugs, looking at Taehyung’s reflection in the mirror as he finally leaves the goddamn strand of hair alone.
It falls perfectly over one eyebrow, at the perfect angle. “What other confessions can you make before your wedding?” Taehyung makes a face like he’s just bit into a sour lemon. “Uh, one that could make you hate me?”
Jimin narrows his eyes as he stares Taehyung in the eyes through his reflection in the mirror. He has a feeling of where this might be going, because there’s only one thing that could possibly bother Jimin today. “What did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything!” Taehyung shrieks. “It was Jungkook, I swear! He didn’t—. /God,/ please don’t punch my fiancé.” Jimin wants to say that he would never, that it’s one thing to punch his soulmate and a whole other thing to punch his soulmate’s soulmate,
but he’s not so sure when Taehyung so clearly believes that whatever is going on is punch-worthy. “Just tell me what happened.” Taehyung looks like he’s just bit into an onion and maybe almost choked on something sour as he takes a deep, long-suffering breath.
Jimin is very familiar with Taehyung’s antics for being overly dramatic, but this might be a bit much. “You know how I mentioned Yoongi-hyung wouldn’t come to the wedding?”
Jimin feels his blood run cold. It’s good, much better than the red-hot anger that used to run through his veins a few years back at the mere mention of the other man. This sort of coldness is better—more like a numbness.
“Yes. You said he can’t leave the States because of some mess with his visa.” “Well, he fixed that mess,” Taehyung says, eyes looking everywhere but at Jimin. “He arrived last night.” “Oh.”
And what is Jimin supposed to say to that? He can’t throw a tantrum and demand Taehyung uninvite him from the wedding when Yoongi is literally Jungkook’s family.
He can’t be a diva and decide he won’t be going to the wedding because he’s the groomsman and Taehyung would quite literally /kill him/ if he bails. “Jungkook didn’t tell me, Chim. He didn’t want me to worry. He knows how things are between you and Yoongi, of course, but—.”
“But they’re family. I know.” Jimin finishes, his voice surprisingly calm and level. He wonders how long it’ll take for the panic to set in, but he hopes it won’t come at all. “It’s okay, Tae. I promise I’ll behave.”
“Jungkook talked to him. He swears Yoongi won’t even come close to you, okay? Just pretend he’s not here.” Jimin gives a curt nod, then uses two fingers to move the strand of hair falling over Taehyung’s forehead. Again. “Okay.” “He—he brought someone, too.”
“Oh.” That makes something twist in Jimin’s stomach. He doesn’t like it very much. “Okay.” Taehyung looks a little pale, which is alarming considering all the blush he’s wearing. Jimin pokes his cheek, hoping to get him to stop looking so panicky.
And it’s not fair, Jimin thinks, that Taehyung needs to worry about something so silly as this on his wedding day. Jimin refuses to be yet another cause of stress for his best friend today, when weddings are already so inherently stressful.
“I promise it’s okay. Don’t worry about this. Worry about not tripping on your way to the altar.” Taehyung shrieks, eyes widening so much it’s comical.
The damn strand of hair that had taken so long to position correctly snaps out of place when Taehyung moves a little too sharply and Jimin groans. “Don’t say that! Don’t manifest it!”
No one trips during the walks to the altar. Jimin watches his two best friends exchange bows from the first row of chairs, fighting back tears as he watches them tear up too,
right before Jungkook leans in for a—somewhat inappropriate, considering their families are watching—kiss. In true Taehyung-and-Jungkook fashion, it’s a little over-the-top, with a dip and wolf-whistles from the crowd.
Jimin can only cheer them on, clapping happily as he watches heat tinge Jungkook’s cheeks pink and Taehyung fuss over his hair with a beaming smile once he’s back upright.
He doesn’t want to get too emotional, but when Hoseok leans over and whispers, “remember when they were dancing around each other for months? Taehyungie was so shy!” Jimin can’t help but let out a watery chuckle as they continue to clap. Sue him, weddings make him emotional.
Taehyung and Jungkook are posing for the photographer, doing a mixture of silly and serious poses, showing off their rings and kissing again for the camera and Jimin has his phone out too, taking his own set of pictures from his spot on the first row.
The backdrop is gorgeous, a garden blooming with flowers and a whole vine-covered arch around the altar with white roses, lilies and camellias intertwined that offer a perfect frame around the newlyweds.
Jimin almost doesn’t notice it. He’s focused on his phone, adjusting the brightness and making sure the shots remain properly focused as Taehyung and Jungkook move around—he might’ve missed it, maybe, in another life.
But as it happens, in this life, Jimin’s body seizes up the second his eyes land on Min Yoongi.
He has stepped into the frame in his rightful spot as Jungkook’s direct relative, at the very edge of the frame next to Mr Jeon, while the other side is balanced out by Taehyung’s family.
Jimin nearly drops his phone. If Hoseok notices, he pretends not too, busy taking a ridiculous amount of instagram stories. Jimin re-focuses the shot—a little clumsily, he can admit—, leaves his finger on the shutter to take the lazy-man’s way out, and pockets his phone.
The rest of the guests have started to dissipate, leaving their seats and moving to the sidelines. Some are taking photographs of their own of the newlyweds, some are posing for their own photos, and some are just mingling.
He doesn’t move, though. He remains where he is, right next to Hoseok, and stares at a fixed point somewhere past Jungkook’s head. He doesn’t want to look like he’s running away, but he also doesn’t want to /look./
His mood had soured hours ago when Taehyung had dropped the bomb on him, but the rush of final preparations had made him push the whole thing to the back of his mind. Seeing Min Yoongi had sort of felt like someone had dumped an ice-cold bucket of water on his head, though.
Taehyung had mentioned a plus one, though, but there’s no one next to him in the family photo. Either Yoongi is being a right ass leaving his date out of it, or—. No. Jimin won’t even think about this plus one. There’s no point.
A nudge on his rib makes Jimin startle. Hoseok is practically buzzing next to him. “Come on, it’s our turn!” It takes Jimin a second to catch up, until he notices that yes, Hoseok is right. Taehyung is waving them over, just as Jungkook waves over his own best men.
Their families are exchanging a few final words amongst each other but slowly moving out from the aisle, clearing out the flower arch for the next batch of pictures to be taken.
Min Yoongi doesn’t move. And why would he, when he’s Jungkook’s step-brother and another best man. Jimin lets Hoseok take the lead and stands one step back as he wraps both Taehyung and Jungkook in what looks like a bone-crushing hug before moving to stand next to Yoongi,
greeting him with a beaming smile. Jimin takes his time to congratulate his two friends too, but moves away quickly to let Jungkook’s friends have a moment too.
He bypasses Yoongi entirely, who has shifted to stand next to Jungkook in the absence of their parents, and settles between Taehyung and Hoseok, using his newlywed friends as human shields.
If anyone thinks that Jimin is being rude, they don’t comment on it. The photographer directs them through all manner of poses—some serious, some far more goofy than others—, and they’re done with their photo shoot quickly and painlessly enough.
It’s going fine. Being two-human-beings away from Yoongi is going just fine. Until it doesn’t. “Can we get a picture of the groomsmen only?”
Taehyung and Jungkook cheer with exaggerated happiness as they move out from under the flower arch after an endless amount of photographs. Jungkook says something about finding something to drink, and Taehyung gets immediately pulled into conversation with someone else.
Jimin is two-human-bodies’ spaces away from Yoongi, and it’s making him a little lightheaded. Jimin will choose to blame his queasiness on the sun and the heat, though.
At least Hoseok seems to catch on, because he guides Jimin to step to a side with a gentle hand on his back, nonchalantly enough that it looks discreet. Hoseok takes over the spot next to Yoongi, and Jimin breathes a little easier with the extra body between them.
They’re made to pose in the most cheesy ways, displaying their matching socks and even doing some popular idol poses that makes them all look silly. Jimin is actually having fun, enjoying the banter among the groomsmen and enjoying the odd poses. Until, well—.
“Can you two switch places?” The photographer gestures at Hoseok and Jimin. “It’ll look better if you’re all standing from shortest to tallest.” Normally Jimin would make some mock-offended joke about his height being targeted, but instead freezes for a moment,
looking around like a helpless puppy. He catches Taehyung’s eye, who has settled to watch the photo shoot with a few guests, and he looks just as mortified as Jimin feels.
But Jimin switches places with Hoseok regardless of his inner panic, because one must make such sacrifices for their best friends’ wedding.
He feels somewhat lost as he takes the two steps that bring him close enough to Min Yoongi that their arms are touching. It’s fine. It’s all good. “Hi, Jimin.” It’s not fine.
Jimin feels a little weak in the knees. Which is. Stupid. Very embarrassing, too. Yoongi is just saying hi, like any normal human being would. It’s only polite.
And Jimin doesn’t want to be rude, or childish because he is a whole adult and he can deal with this. It’s not even a big deal, just a simple greeting.
So Jimin offers a quiet “hey” in response, focusing on the photographer who is asking Jungkook’s best men to step a little forward so they fall in line with everyone else.
There’s nothing else for a moment, nothing but the odd warmth that comes from where Jimin’s arm is barely touching Yoongi’s. There are exactly four layers of clothing between their skin, but Jimin is still acutely aware of Yoongi’s skin being right /there./
At one point, Jimin had deleted all photos he had with Yoongi. He’d taken them off his social media, deleted them from his phone, took down the ones that hung on his wall.
It’s almost funny, in a twisted sort of way, that there’s nothing he’ll be able to do about /these/ pictures where he’s standing right next to someone Jimin wants so badly to forget.
“Why are you taking photography, again?” Jimin asks, a little strained as he looks up to the sky, neck stretched awkwardly. His whole body is stretched awkwardly, really.
He’s lying on the quad, getting grass-stains on his jeans, leaning back on his arms as he tries to touch the sun with his nose. “This pose is terrible.”
“I need the art credit to graduate. I thought it’d be easy, but I might actually fail,” Yoongi says, and the hollow sound of the shutter going off fills the air.
It’s like music to Jimin’s ear—one photograph closer to being free of this terrible pose. “You look gorgeous. Can you tilt your face a little my way?” Jimin follows the instruction. “You can’t fail when you have /me/ as a model.”
There’s the hollow click of the shutter as Yoongi gets the photo, then another and another. Jimin tries to keep himself relaxed, to make the pose look not-so-stiff,
but it’s getting harder and harder when he has to hold half his body up with his arms and the sun is glaring in his face. “You almost done?” “Oh, love that glare.” Jimin rolls his eyes after hearing the shutter go off again a couple of times. “You’re a natural.”
“I will stab you if you’re not done within the next three seconds.” There’s another quick series of photos, and as soon as Yoongi gives him a thumbs up, Jimin lets himself drop. He ends up on the ground, orange hair contrasting with the grass it lays on. “I hate you.”
“I love you too.” Jimin hums in response, but the smile on his face is hard to fight off. “If you fail your photography class, does that mean you can’t graduate this year?”
Yoongi raises an eyebrow, but his eyes are now locked on the small screen of his camera, reviewing his work. “Yeah. You better not be planning to destroy my camera.”
Jimin sighs, long-suffering and way too exaggerated. “Is it so bad to want to keep you on campus with me for another semester?”
Yoongi smiles, and he looks a little endeared as he sets his camera aside and crawls through the grass until he’s close enough to plant a kiss to Jimin’s lips. “You know I’ll only be a short drive away after I graduate, right?”
He says, words soft and quiet against Jimin’s lips. “And it’s only until you graduate. You’re still moving in with me after school, right?”
Jimin melts into the grass, reaching out to circle Yoongi’s shoulders with his arms and pull him a little closer. “Yes. You’ll never get rid of me, hyung.” “I’m counting on that.”
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