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Jul 6, 2022
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Prompt [ Jungkook mated Taehyung accidentally when he was 18- both of them not realizing what had happened during the one-night stand, both newly presented. Jungkook left for the militāry and Taehyung started working in a kindergarten. They meet again two years later .. ]

.𝔓 𝔯 𝔬 𝔩 𝔬 𝔤 𝔲 𝔢.
Taehyung smiles at Sora, who waves her chubby hand. She holds her mother's hand with her other. The last kid was finally picked up and Taehyung stretches with a yawn. He loves his job, but he's glad it's Friday. He doesn't have any plans for the weekend- just wants to relax.
Taehyung flinches as his bite mark suddenly starts throbbing faintly under his clothes. A reminder that he is mated- bonded to someone he doesn't know, doesn't remember. Taehyung pulls the keys out of his pockets and walks towards his car.
God knows he has tried everything to get rid of that mark. Rub it away, scrub it off. Taehyung has tried to fall in love with an alpha, with a beta. Nothing worked out. The bite mark is still there- even after two years. After one drunk mistake with a stranger.
Taehyung is still not very familiar with alpha and omega dynamics. He doesn't want to know more about it, tries to ignore the fact that he has been mated. He had never asked to be an omega in the first place. No one had warned him. Most of his friends are humans.
Taehyung has never felt the ​bond in the past two years, has never felt mated to someone. Only his bite mark has started to act up lately and Taehyung doesn't know why. It annoys him. He hopes it is a sign the mark will disappear soon.
Taehyung opens his car door when suddenly a musky, woodsy scent hits his nostrils, sending shivers through him. His bite mark throbs again and pulses at his neck. Taehyung's knees threaten to buckle and he has no idea what is going on. He turns around and gasps.
An alpha stands a few feet away. He is handsome and tall with a broad chest that bulges his shirt. He has dark hair with big innocent-looking eyes. The alpha's pheromones are strong. Almost too strong to handle. Taehyung gulps. He couldn't bring himself to look away.
The alpha stares at him for a long moment, unmoving. They both don't say a word. The tension is high between them. Taehyung feels hot and vulnerable as the alpha keeps staring at him as if he is starving. Starving for Taehyung.
The situation is crazy. Taehyung doesn't understand what's happening. He has never felt something like that before. He suddenly feels the urge to hug that stranger. He wants to kiss him, touch him everwhere. Taehyung wants to submit to him. It's scary.
"You- who are you?" the alpha chokes out as his eyes flash golden. His voice is low and rumbling. Taehyung tightens his grip on the car door to steady himself. He should leave. But he also wants to stay.
"I-I should go. I have an appointment. I am-" "You are mine." Taehyung yelps in surprise when the alpha closes the distance and shuts the car door with a loud bang, pressing Taehyung against it- bracing him with his big body.
"Yah, you can't just slam my door shut like that! My car is old and I don't have money to buy a-" Taehyung trails off when he finally realizes what that alpha has said to him. He raises his hand to touch his bite mark and glares at the handsome alpha.
"Whatever is going on in your head right now, stop it. I-I am already taken. I am mated. You should be able to tell with- with your alpha senses. So, get-" "You are mated." The alpha is so close that Taehyung can feel his hot breath on his face.
"Yes. I have a mate." "I know. I am your mate." Taehyung widens his eyes and scoffs. He ducks under the alpha's arm and steps away, creating some distance between them.
"You got the wrong omega. I think something is wrong with your-" "Show me your bite mark," the alpha says and points at Taehyung's neck. "Excuse me?" "It's my bite mark. You are mine."
Taehyung can't believe that this is happening right now. So much for a happy Friday. "Okay, listen. I got it. You are a big bad wolf. You are an impressive alpha. It's alright. Calm down. But I am not your omega. I- I don't know you. I have never seen you-"
"I can't remember mating you either. It was a one-night stand. But it's you. I was able to sense you miles away. I found you. My omega." "Don't say that." Taehyung shakes his head and ignores the tingling sensation that runs through his entire body.
"Mine." "No. Not yours. I have been mated two years ago. You- why have you only found me now? It doesn't make any sense." The alpha leans in and Taehyung is affected by his strong pheromones. It's making him go crazy. In a good way. And that's not okay.
"I have been in in the militāry- 17 flight hours away from here. I only came back two days ago and I could sense you instantly. You are mine. You are my mate. And you are so fųcking gorgeous."
[ Prologue finished. 💚💜] [ Should I continue? ]
.𝔒 𝔫 𝔢.
Jungkook stands in front of the school building, waiting to pick up his nephew Jiah. He hasn't seen the six-year-old since he had left for militāry service two years ago. It's the same building where Jungkook has seen his omega come out of the day before. His beautiful omega.
Jungkook hasn't been able to sleep last night, had ended up thinking about his mate the whole night. His fųcking sexy, beautiful mate. Jungkook's eyes flashes golden just thinking about him.
His omega is definitely a feisty one. Out of nowhere he had stomped on Jungkook's foot and climbed into his car, speeding away. Jungkook chuckles. His omega seems to be also very naïve- running away from him like that. Jungkook can sense him. He can always find him.
Jungkook assumes that his mate is a teacher. He seems to be good with children. It warms Jungkook's heart. He doesn't know his omega's name. Knows nothing about him. But Jungkook has fallen in love with him the moment he had turned his eyes on his mate.
And how could he not? Soft brown hair falling over beautiful, very unique eyes. He is stunning, his beauty is out of this world. And Jungkook could tell his omega has very nice curves, too- hiding them under his wide clothing.
Jungkook can't believe that /he/ had been his one-night stand two years ago. It's a shame that he had been drunk as hell and couldn't remember kissing and touching every part of his omega's body. Jungkook growls. He needs to calm down. It's not the right time to get excited.
The doors to the building open and Jungkook can smell him before seeing him. His mate. He smells like vanilla and jasmine flowers. Delicious. His omega smiles broadly as he walks down the stairs with a child on each hand.
Jungkook needs to hold himself back. He can't jump his omega in front of the children. But fųck- that smile. That smile does things to him. Jungkook thanks the universe that he had chosen this guy in his drunken state. He had chosen the prettiest, softest one. His omega.
Jungkook decides to approach him. He is allowed to be here. He needs to pick up his nephew after all. Jungkook can tell that his omega goes rigid when he senses him. His body clearly reacting to him. Jungkook smiles in satisfaction.
"What-what are you doing here?" "Hi." Jungkook stares deep into his omega's eyes as he gives him a once-over. He then turns his eyes on the children and cracks a goofy smile. Jungkook doesn't want to them to be scared of an alpha.
"Taetae, who is that?" the little girl asks and looks up at her teacher. Taetae? Fųcking cute. Jungkook squats down in front of the girl and tilts his head. "Hello, little one. I am Jungkook. And I like your flowery dress. It's almost as beautiful as you."
The girl looks at him with big eyes. A smile hushes over her lips. She's a human. She boldy reaches out a hand and touches Jungkook's scar on his cheek with her fingers. "Did you hurt yourself, mister?"
"Nah- I am okay, little girl. It didn't hurt. And you can call me Kookie. Only my best friends can call me that," Jungkook says with a wink. The girl smiles happily. "Okay, Kookie."
Jungkook straightens up and locks eyes with his omega. He feels so attracted to him. He can hardly hold back. He wants to touch him, kiss him- and do other not-so-innocent things. "You can call me Kookie, too- Taetae," Jungkook says with a wink, not taking his eyes off his face.
"It's Taehyung for you. What are you doing here? You can't come to the school just as you wish," he says in a calm voice because of the children- his expression not calm at all. He is angry. "Why? Aren't you happy to see me?" "You-"
"Taetae." Taehyung averts his eyes and looks down at the little boy who is tugging at his pants. "What is it?" "Did mommy forget me?" the chubby boy asks in a whine- tears welling up in his big brown eyes.
Taehyung squats down and faces him with a smile. "Haru. Don't cry. You know that your mommy comes to pick you up every day, right? And Taetae is here, too. You know that I won't leave you by yourself."
"Yes, I know." "Good. Then you don't need to be scared, okay?" The little boy sniffs and nods, clutching Taehyung's finger tighter. "Good." Taehyung relases soothing pheromones and Haru stops crying.
Jungkook's alpha heart melts at the sight in front of him. He can already see his future. He is a lucky bastard. Jungkook steps back, trying not to get affected by the pheromones. They are making him dizzy. They are making him crazy for his omega.
Taehyung straightens up again and glares at Jungkook. His jaw hardens. "I asked what you are doing here? I told you already that you are not my al-" "Uncle Kookie? Uncle Kookie!"
Jiah comes suddenly running towards Jungkook- as fast as his tiny legs could carry him. "Slow down, buddy. Don't fall down," Jungkook says with a grin and reaches down to pick his nephew up. He hugs him close and straightens up, with Jiah in his arms.
"I missed you, uncle." "I missed you, too, pup. Look at you. You've grown up. You got heavier." "I am. I will be an alpha after all," Jiah says with a smile and wraps one arm tightly around Jungkook's neck. "Yeah, we will see about that."
"Uncle Kookie, you need to tell me some soldier stories later, so I can tell my classmates about it. They are all so excited." Jungkook chuckles and nods. "Alright. Of course, little man. Should we go home now? Your mom is waiting." "Yes."
Jungkook glances at Taehyung who stares at them with wide eyes, biting his lip. He looks flustered. "As you can see- I am not here for you today. But I will come for you tomorrow. I will pick you up. You better don't run away again, /Taetae/."
"What? Are you crazy?" Jungkook chuckles and turns around, walking away with his nephew on his arms. He would love to stay. He wants to be close to Taehyung- feeling possessive about him already.
But Jungkook knows he needs to be patient. They were apart from each other for two years right after they had mated. He has found his omega. That's the most important thing for now. Making Taehyung fall in love with him shouldn't be a problem.
.𝔗 𝔴 𝔬.
Taehyung hurries. He's glad that the last child has been picked up already, so he can leave the school earlier today. He needs to hurry because if that (admittedly very hot) crazy alpha keeps his word- he needs to be gone right now. Taehyung can't handle him.
"Tae, wait." Taehyung is already halfway through the door when Minho calls him, following him outside. Taehyung resists the urge to groan in frustration. He turns around to face him. "Hey, Minho. Sorry, but I am in a hurry, so-"
"I just want to ask you something real quick." Minho approaches Taehyung and stops right in front of him. He's too close. Minho is an unmated alpha. He keeps hitting on Taehyung for months now- though he always ditches him. But Minho is very persistent. Annoying.
"What is it?" Taehyung asks and glances around- feeling relieved that he can't see Jungkook anywhere. Maybe he's just bluffing. "Let's go out to the movies or eat something together tonight."
"Minho, I already told you that I have a mate. Why are you asking-" "Come on, Tae. You are /mated/ since I started working as a teacher at this school. I have never see your mate. Not once. I am sure that you haven't seen him either. Isn't it finally time to move on?"
"I really need to go now." Minho grabs Taehyung's arm to keep him in place. "You are a single omega, Tae. You are pretty and alone. You need an alpha next to you. Someone who protects you, someone to be there for you. I know that we are colleagues, but we can make it work."
"No. Thank you. I am flattered, but as I said- I already have a-" "Omega!" Minho uses his alpha voice, but it has no power over Taehyung. He still flinches and glares at him for trying to use his power over him.
"Let go of me right now and leave me alone. I need to-" "No!" Minho keeps holding Taehyung's arm, tightening his grip. It starts to hurt. Minho is so much stronger than him.
"You are an omega. I am an alpha. I don't like being contradicted. You need to be submissive. Let's-" "I don't need to do shit. Let go of me!" Taehyung yells and finally frees his arm out of Minho's tight grip. "Stay away from me and stop bothering me!"
Minho's eyes flashes red. He is mad- will probably lose his temper in a second. He leans in and towers over Taehyung threateningly. "You little shit! Do you really think /you/ can talk to me like that? I will show you some manners. I will-"
"Stay the fųck away from my omega!" Jungkook. Taehyung shudders at the possessiveness in his voice. Jungkook's already familiar scent hits Taehyung as he walks past him, eyes fixed on Minho.
"Who the fuck are you?" Minho asks and gives him a once-over. Jungkook steps in front of Taehyung, shielding him with his body. His scent turns into something sour as he growls at Minho.
"You dare to speak to my omega like that? You dare to touch him, to threaten him?" Taehyung is nervous. He knows that if two alphas fight it could end pretty ugly. They are on school grounds during the middle of the day- and one of them is a teacher. This is so wrong.
"I asked- who the fuck are you?" Minho hisses at Jungkook. He doesn't seem to be intimidated by him. Not yet. "I am Taehyung's alpha. We are mated. Do I need to say more? No? Then kindly fųck off."
Minho scoffs and shakes his head. "Yeah sure, dude. Everyone can say that." Jungkook growls and closes the distance. They are the same height, but Jungkook is broader. He is definitely the stronger alpha.
"You are an alpha, right? You should be able to tell that Taehyung is mated. You should be able to tell right now that he is /my/ omega. Or is something wrong with your alpha senses, aşşhole?" Jungkook snaps at Minho and crosses his arms in front of his chest.
Taehyung hears voices and turns his head to see a couple pass them, staring at the two alphas curiously. This was definitely the wrong place to fight. Taehyung doesn't want any children to see them like that. He reaches out hesitantly and clutches the shirt on Jungkook's back.
"Well, looks like you two have been apart for too long because I can't sense shit between you two," Minho says mockingly. "How can an alpha be so dumb and leave an ass like Taehyung's by himself. It's-"
Jungkook lunges forward, and grabs Minho by his collar, slamming him into a tree. "If you say another word about my omega, I will kįll you. And you know that I am stronger. I've been in the militāry. I met weak alphas like you- you have no chance."
Taehyung gaps and rushes towards them. He clutches Jungkook's shirt once again and starts tugging at it. "Don't. Stop. Please." Surprisingly, Jungkook lets go of Minho and turns around, facing Taehyung. His eyes soften instantly.
"Don't fight here, please. We are on school grounds and he is a teacher. Please, just stop." Jungkook studies Taehyung's face, as if making sure that he is okay. His tense shoulders relax.
"I will stop if you will leave with me right now." "What? Are you serious?" Jungkook nods, his eyes bore into Taehyung's and he forgets everything else for a moment. "I am serious. I can also stay here and fight this fųcker. But going with you sounds more appealing. So-"
"Fine!" Taehyung grits through his teeth. He can't believe that this alpha is messing with him like that. "Just- let's go then. The other children will leave the school soon. I don't want them to see you two idiots fight each other."
Minho clears his throat. "Excuse me. I am still here and I won't let you leave with that alpha, Taehyung. Do you even know him?" Jungkook growls and turns around, pushing Minho hard enough to knock him to the ground.
"I swear to God- if you won't stay away from Taehyung, I'm going to fųck you up. Don't even look at my omega." Jungkook growls darkly. His alpha seems mad- his patience has obviously reached its limit. Minho scrambles to his feet and wordlessly walks away like a beaten dog.
"Let's go," Taehyung mumbles and tugs at Jungkook's shirt once again. "Let's go." Jungkook faces Taehyung and loweres his eyes to his hand holding onto his shirt. He chuckles.
"You can also just hold my hand, you know? You'll tear my shirt off that way," Jungkook says jokingly. "Unless you want to see me bare-chested. But you can just tell me and I can arrange-" "Shut up and lets just go! You are so annoying, seriously." "And you are /my/ mate."
.𝔗 𝔥 𝔯 𝔢 𝔢.
Jungkook is driving the car and tries to focus on the road. He fails though- keeps glancing over at Taehyung. His omega's sweet pheromones mingles with his own, making Jungkook feel dizzy with want. #taekookau
"Where are we going? I didn't agree to go on a trip with you," Taehyung mumbles- his hand gripping his seatbelt. He seems nervous. "We are going to visit my grandma's good friend."
Taehyung turns his head and stares at Jungkook in surprise. He blinks twice. "I am sorry- what? Your grandma's friend? Why?" "She is an alpha. She knows everything about alpha and omega bonds."
"Good for her. But why do I need to go there? Did you plan all this before coming to the school? How did you know that I would agree-" "I want her to tell you. I want her to confirm that we are mates- though I already know that. But you don't believe me. She'll be able to tell"
Taehyung sighs and stares out of the window. Jungkook glances at his side profile. He has lost his temper when he had seen that alpha getting into Taehyung's space- towering over his omega. Jungkook had seen the fear in Taehyung's eyes. He wanted to break that guy's bones.
"Are we there soon? I have plans for the evening." "Bora lives close to the cliffs. We still need fifteen, twenty minutes to drive- wait. What plans? With whom?" Taehyung scoffs and looks at Jungkook. "I don't need to tell you. It's not your business."
Jungkook feels jealousy stir within him- though he has no idea what Taehyung is going to do later. Jungkook doesn't know his friends, doesn't know if he is dating someone. That thought alone makes Jungkook angry. They are strangers. He needs to change that.
"I will go to that woman with you- but that's it. You will bring me back home right after and- leave me alone afterward," Taehyung says after a beat of silence. Jungkook scoffs and looks at him. Their eyes lock and they sigh at the same time. "No." "No?"
"Taehyung. We are mates. I-It's not in my nature to just leave you alone." "We are no mates. And besides, I am not into this alpha/omega thing." Jungkook chuckles humorlessly. "You are an omega. My omega. You can deny it now- but that doesn't change the fact."
・・ ・・
Bora lives in a small old house right next to the cliffs. They could hear the waves hitting the rocks below them. The wind is blowing into their faces as they head towards the door.
"Hello. You must be Jungkook, right? Please, come inside," Bora says with a wide smile after she has opened the door with a squeak. She is very old. Jungkook has never seen Bora before, has only heard a lot of stories about her. She is very wise according to his grandmother.
They follow the old alpha into a cozy decorated living room. It smells of books and chocolate. "Please, sit on the sofa. I will get you something to drink."
Taehyung thanks her with a smile and sits with a lot of space between them. "Are you serious? I don't bite. Don't act like you are scared of me," Jungkook mumbles, feeling hurt by Taehyung's distance towards him. He hates to get rejected by his own mate.
"I hope you like chocolate." Bora returns with a tray loaded with tea and cookies. She sets it on the glas table in front of them. She then sits on the opposite sofa and smiles. Bora's eyes turn on Jungkook and then to Taehyung.
"You know- I have seen a lot of couples in my long life. But you two, you are by far the most beautiful alpha/omega couple I have ever met. You are both so handsome. Everyone must be very jealous of your-"
"Wait- we are not a couple," Taehyung says and starts fiddling with his necklace. "I only met Jungkook two days ago. He claims to be my mate. I heard that you can sense something like that. So, if you could tell him that we are not mated, that would be-"
"Oh, honey. But you are. You two are mated. I sensed it as soon as I opened the door. You are carrying Jungkook's bite mark on your neck. Your bond is faint, but it's there. You are definitely Jungkook's omega."
"Our bond is faint because we had mated accidentally- right before I have left for my militāry service. We were apart for two years- very far apart from each other," Jungkook explains to her, but turns his eyes on Taehyung. His expression is unreadable while he gnaws his lip.
"Are you sure that Jungkook and I are- mated?" Taehyung asks Bora with big, innocent looking eyes- ignoring Jungkook's stare on him. "Yes. A hundred percent sure," Bora says and leans forward, watching Taehyung closely.
"Why are you fighting against the bond, honey? I know Jungkook's grandmother and she told me so many good things about him. Despite that- he is so handsome and strong. You won't find another alpha like him."
Jungkook glances at Bora and bows to her slightly. He smiles shyly. "Thank you." Taehyung sighs softly. He keeps playing with the necklace. "It's just- I never wanted to be an omega in the first place and-"
"What?" Jungkook snaps his head at Taehyung. He raises an eyebrow. "You wanted to become an alpha then?" Taehyung looks at him. He rolls his eyes. "No. Neither. I just wanted to be- a human."
"But you are-" "Jungkook. Could you do me a favor and wait outside for a while?" Bora asks and smiles at him with a meaningful look in her eyes. Jungkook is taken aback. "What? But wait- why?"
"I want to talk to your omega in private, please." Jungkook doesn't like it. He wants to get to know Taehyung better. Wants to know his reasons for fighting against their bond, too. Wants to understand him. But Bora doesn't look like she would tolerate any contradiction.
"Fine." Jungkook sighs and stands up. "Will you be okay by yourself?" "Yes," Taehyung mumbles without looking up at him. "Thank you, Jungkook. It won't take long," Bora says and motions him to leave.
Jungkook heads outside and sighs. He feels left out and he doesn't like it. He trusts Bora, but it still feels wrong to leave them on their own. The wind blows strongly and Jungkook wraps his arms around himself to stay warm.
Taehyung joins him outside about twenty minutes later. Bora stands in the doorway and waves at them. "I wish you two all the best. You can always call me whenever you need an advice," she says before closing the door, leaving them alone. That's it?
They came all the way here for Jungkook to stay outside like a dog? That's unfair. He huffs. "Are you offended because we excluded you?" Taehyung asks before looking at the yellow roses in Bora's garden. He leans down to smell them. "Smells nice."
Jungkook watches him. "You smell better. And no- I am not offended." Taehyung turns his eyes on him. He doesn't seem to believe Jungkook. "Why are you sulking then?" "I am not."
Taehyung scoffs and points at him. "I can see your face right now. Believe me- you /are/ sulking." "Whatever. I don't care if you have secrets with my grandma's friend. It's weird, but- alright."
They stare at each other in silence for a while. Taehyung clears his throat. "Can we go see the cliffs before we drive back?" Jungkook is surprised. He raises an eyebrow at him sceptically. "Why? Do you want to jump because you have finally realized that we are mated?"
"Funny." Taehyung lets out a scoff and starts moving. "Don't be ridiculous. I haven't visited the cliffside in ages. I just want to take a look since we are already here. I like the view."
"Sure. Let's go then." Jungkook wants to spend as much time as possible with Taehyung. And if his omega wants to see the cliffs- why would he decline him that? They need to strengthen their bond. Need to connect emotionally.
They walk up the short hill and stopp at a safe distance near the edge of the cliffs. There are hundreds of seagulls, flying in a seemingly endless parade from the sea towards the coast. "Look," Taehyung says excitedly, pointing at them.
Taehyung watches the view. Jungkook watches him. Taehyung's hair is tousled from the wind, his cheeks already rosy from the cold. He is so fųcking beautiful it hurts. Jungkook resists the urge to wrap his arms around his omega to keep him warm. He must be freezing.
"Why are you staring at me? Don't worry- I will not jump down the cliff," Taehyung says without looking at him. "That is not the reason why I am staring at you," Jungkook replies, his voice getting softer.
Taehyung turns his eyes on him. He looks curious and maybe a little anxious. "Why then?" Jungkook feels bold and reaches out, pushing a loose strand of hair behind Taehyung's ear before the wind catches it again.
Taehyung seems flustered by his touch. "I am staring at you because you are my omega. My pretty, soft and fųcking irresistible omega. I am staring at you because- I felt so empty in the past two years, felt that something big was missing. And now that I found you-" "Jungkook-"
"I don't want to leave your side anymore, Taehyung. It feels like staying away would kîll me sooner than later. I am staring at you because I couldn't do it in the past two years. And now we are here and- I am wondering why you don't want to accept me."
Taehyung's face falls. He looks sad. Jungkook can smell his distress pheromones and feels bad. He doesn't want to be the reason for Taehyung being upset. "Sorry. I didn't want to-" "I need time."
Jungkook blinks in surprise and tilts his head. "Okay?" Taehyung clears his throat. He hesitates. "I- I was sure that my alpha, my mate- has abandoned me. Or has forgotten about me. Find someone new and moved on-"
"I would never," Jungkook says vehemently. "Never." Taehyung turns his eyes back on the sea. "As I said, I don't know a lot about alpha/omega bonds or being a mate and stuff like that. So, I can't just accept you as my alpha overnight. I need time."
"Okay. Sure. I understand. I won't push you. I will never force you. Take your time. Just-" Jungkook takes Taehyung's hand, making him look at him. "Just give me a chance, please. Don't ignore me. Don't push me away. Give me a chance to be a good alpha to you."
"I am not easy," Taehyung says and looks down at their hands, taking a long deep breath. "Me neither."
Jungkook pulls Taehyung closer by his hand. "Can I scent you?" Taehyung snaps his head up with widened eyes. A blush creeps across his cheekbones. "Scent me? W-why?"
"Because you smell like- nothing. Like an unmated omega. That's why this dîck from school was hitting on you. That fūcked up teacher." Just thinking about the other alpha makes Jungkook mad again.
Taehyung lowers his head. Thinks. And then he nods. "Okay." Jungkook raises an eyebrow in surprise. He is taken aback. "Okay?" "Okay. You can scent me."
Jungkook can't help but smile. He can't believe Taehyung agreed. This is a huge progress. "Don't look so happy. This doesn't mean anything. It will be easier to keep those annoying alphas away though."
Alphas? There are more? Jungkook's alpha growls with possessiveness. He reaches out and cups Taehyung's neck. He buries his face into his omega's scent gland and presses a light kiss on his mate mark. Jungkook can smell himself on Taehyung. Very faint, but it's there.
He can hear Taehyung's breath catch, can hear his heart go fast, faster. His closeness obviously affects Taehyung and Jungkook feels something swell in his heart. His alpha is proud, satisfied.
"My omega," Jungkook whispers against Taehyung's skin. He presses another gentle kiss on his bite mark before scenting him. They are both breathing heavily. Jungkook forces himself to pull away before he would go to far. He turns around. "Let's go back."
.𝔉 𝔬 𝔲 𝔯.
"Look at the chimpanzee! He is so funny and cute." Taehyung looks in the direction Haru is pointing at. A pretty big chimpanzee is sitting right in front of the cage, picking his nose. #taekookau
Taehyung grimaces and the chimpanzee looks up at him, showing his tongue. "It's disgusting- not cute." Taehyung is on a trip to the zoo with his kindergarten group. Since it's vacation time, only his female colleague and four children are with him today.
"Can I feed him my banana?" "No, Haru. We are not allowed to do that. The animals are getting fed by the zoo workers," Taehyung says and reaches out to wipe his forehead. It is too hot today. They should have go to an outdoor pool instead.
"Let's keep moving and go inside the aquarium. It will be cooler in there." "Yeah, fish!" Haru yelles and raises his tiny fist in the air. It's the same reaction to every animal in the zoo.
Taehyung takes Haru's and Sung's hand and follows his colleague towards the aquarium. They pass a zoo worker, who stares at his legs shamelessly. Taehyung curses. He's wearing shorts, showing his bare legs. He feels like a prey, but he also doesn't want to sweat his balls off.
They enter the chill aquarium and Taehyung sighs in relief. It feels good to be out of the sun, though it is almost too cold in here. He shivers lightly. "Put on your sweater, kids. It's cold in here," his colleague says and Taehyung helps Haru to open his backpack.
It's in the middle of the week and not a lot of people are at the zoo today. It's not crowded. "Look at this big whale. Wah," Sung yells and runs towards the big pane, pressing her hands against it. The other children follow her to watch the big fish from up close.
Taehyung smiles at them. It will be hard to get the kids out of here later. He wraps his arms around himself. It's really cold. Taehyung's eyes turn on a guy with a little boy on his shoulders. He approaches the pane as well to look at the whale. Wait.
Jungkook. Taehyung's heart begins to race as he looks up at the guy's face. His omega whines loudly inside him- his instincts take over for a moment. He wants to get closer to his alpha.
Taehyung can't believe Jungkook is here. He looks up for a second, recognizing the boy on his shoulder. It's his nephew from school. Taehyung's pheromones are out of control as he runs his eyes down Jungkook's back.
His alpha wears a sleeveless shirt that shoves off his tattoos on his upper muscular arm. Jungkook is so fine and Taehyung needs to get a grip on himself. He is glad that he has taken some scent blockers after breakfast.
Jungkook still seems to sense Taehyung's presence as he puts his nephew down. He turns around and their gazes lock. Jungkook's eyes flash golden for a moment when he casts them down Taehyung's bare legs.
His omega whines again and Taehyung feels the urge to wrap his legs around Jungkook's waist. He shakes his head, trying to snap out of it. "Taehyung."
Jungkook approaches him while his nephew keeps staying in front of the pane, watching the whale in awe. Taehyung hasn't seen him for the past two days. Jungkook has kept his word, giving him space and time. Taehyung wonders for a moment if he really wants that. He feels weak.
"Are you stalking me?' Jungkook asks with a teasing smile on his face. He casts his eyes down Taehyung's legs again and licks his lips. "You could have just told me that you want to see me. I would be with you in a second."
Jungkook's sudden deep voice sends shivers down Taehyung's spine. He is affected by his alpha. He clears his throat. "What are you talking about? I am here with my kindergarten group. Why are /you/ here? Shouldn't your nephew be in school?"
Jungkook looks back to check on the little boy before turning his eyes back on Taehyung. He smiles. "There's a faculty meeting today. Shouldn't you know about it?"
"Right." Taehyung nods. He knows, but he has forgotten about that. It seems that he forgets a lot when Jungkook's around. "Hey, are you cold? You've got goosebumps on your arms." Jungkook frowns. "Wait, I brought a sweater."
"What? No, no. I am fine," Taehyung mumbles shyly, but Jungkook is already opening his backpack. He pulls out a green sweater and pushes it into Taehyung's arms. "Wear it, please."
"But what if you will get cold or-" "Put it on or I will do it for you," Jungkook says and puts his backpack back on. He stares at Taehyung. Waiting.
"Fine." Taehyung nods and pulls Jungkook's sweater over his head. It reaches his upper tighs and smells like the alpha. Taehyung is starting to lose his mind. His omega is losing his mind for sure.
Jungkook rakes his eyes over Taehyung's body. He growls. "Fûck. You are so sexy. I should leave this aquarium- no, I should rather leave the zoo, or I won't be able to hold back."
Taehyung's breath hitches in his throat- his omega whimpers inside him. He feels heat in his face, knows that he is blushing. Jungkook's heavy eyes on him are not helping too calm down. "Yah. Stop talking like that. I- I am working and there are children here. You should-"
"Taetae, come here. The whale is so pretty," Sung calls him- saving him from stuttering something nonsensical. "I, I need to go back to the kids."
"Sure." They walk back to the pane next to each other. "Kookie?" Taehyung looks down at Sung. She smiles up at Jungkook, seems to remember meeting him in front of the school last week. She has a great name memory.
Jungkook glances at the girl and squats down with a smile. "Hey, little one. Are you enjoying looking at the big fish?" "Yes. I love the aquarium," Sung says enthusiastically. "That's good."
Taehyung averts his eyes. Seeing sleeveless, hot looking Jungkook being all soft with children makes him go crazy. Makes his omega go crazy. Taehyung fears that his scent blockers won't be effective soon because of his strong emotions towards his alpha.
Jungkook straightens back up again and takes his nephew's hand. "Let's go, buddy. You still want to see the elephants, right?" "Yes, uncle. And the lion, too."
Jungkook turns his eyes on Taehyung who is staring helplessly, not able to look away. Jungkook brings his hand to his waist for a second. "Keep the sweater. At least you smell like me again. I should scent you soon," he whispers close to Taehyung's ear before walking away.
Taehyung shivers violently, the hair on his nape prickles. Bora has told him that their attraction towards each other will get deeper and deeper as soon as he starts accepting Jungkook as his alpha. Taehyung has no idea what to expect.
・・ ・・
Taehyung is scared as hell. He is panicking. He doesn't understand how this could have happened. Haru has been with them all the time in the aquarium and suddenly he was just gone. Disappeared out of nowhere.
After they had made sure that Haru was definitely not inside the aquarium anymore, Taehyung left his collegague and the other kids there to run off, looking for the little boy in the zoo.
Taehyung feels tears burning in his eyes as he keeps looking for Haru everywhere close to the aquarium. What if something happened to him? What if someone took him? Taehyung is so panicked that he can't even sort out the smells. It feels like his senses stopped working.
Taehyung has already a headache from the burning sun. And it's hours ago since he had drunk something. But he tried to ignore his own needs. He needs to find the little boy who must be scared to death by now- wherever he is.
Hot tears start to run down his cheeks as Taehyung arrives at the elephant enclosure. There are some kids running around or sitting at a table. But no Haru. Taehyung sobs and presses a fist against his mouth, forcing himself not to start crying like a baby.
"Taehyung?" Taehyung pulls his fist off his face and turns around. He sniffs. Jungkook is suddenly right behind him. His nephew sits on the bench to their right, eating ice cream in a cone.
Jungkook frowns when he sees his tears. He closes the distance and cups Taehyung's face in his hands- his expression worried. "Hey, hey- what's wrong? Are you okay? Are you hurt?"
Taehyung let out a choked sob and starts to cry shamelessly- more tears flowing down his cheeks. "Haru- I lost hi-im. Poor little boy. I am- I am such a, a bad preschool teacher."
"No, you are not." Jungkook brushes the tears off Taehyung's face with a gentle touch. "Where are the other kids?" "They are still at the aquarium, with my colleague- in case Haru goes back there." Taehyung sniffs. "What if something happened to him? What if someone took-"
"No. Stop. Don't think something like that, okay? You need to calm down first. You need a clear head, right? I will help you find him. You are not alone," Jungkook mumbles and releases soothing pheromones.
Taehyung clutches the front of Jungkook's shirt tightly in his hands. He is starting to calm down a little bit though his tears are still falling. "What should I do now? Where could Haru be?"
Jungkook caresses Taehyung's cheek, his touch tender. "Let's go to the entrance. The zoo workers should make an announcement through the speaker. Maybe someone has seen him already and will bring him there."
Taehyung sniffs and steps back. "That's a good idea. I-I can't even think straight. I am so scared," he says, whispering the last part. "It's alright. We will find him, okay?" Jungkook turns his head to face his nephew. "Jiah, come here."
"What is uncle? Are we going home?" "Not yet, buddy. We need to find a little boy first, alright?" Jungkook takes his nephew's hand and glances at Taehyung. His eyes are warm. "Let's go. Everything will be alright."
Taehyung feels like a baby, but he can't help it. He keeps crying silently as they start walking towards the entrance. So many scary thoughts run through his head. "Is your colleague going to let you know if Haru comes back to the aquarium?"
"Yes." Taehyung sniffs. "She will call me." "Good." Jungkook reaches out and wipes the tears from Taehyung's cheek with his thumb. "We will find Haru."
Taehyung nods and bites his lip to keep from crying even more. He is really thirsty. And tired. The sun is burning down on his head mercilessly.
Jungkook reaches out and takes his hand, wordlessly- holding it tight. Taehyung is thankful. Jungkook's touch grounds him. It makes him feel better, safe.
They arrive at the entrance of the zoo. Jungkook let go of Taehyung's hand and pushes his nephew next to him. "Wait here. I will handle it. What is Haru wearing?" "Red shorts, a white shirt and a white cap." "Okay, I will be right back."
"Are you okay, mister?" Taehyung looks down at Jungkook's nephew. Jiah has the same big eyes as his uncle. "I am good, Jiah. I am just worried. And you can call me Taehyung, okay?"
"Don't cry, Taehyung. Uncle Kookie will solve everything. He is a strong alpha." Taehyung nods with a smile and reaches out to pat his head. "And you are a good, obedient boy."
Jungkook comes back. His eyes are fixed on Taehyung. He smiles encouragingly. "Okay. Done. They will make the announcement in a second. I am sure people have already see Haru walking around somewhere. We need to wait." "Thank you." Taehyung runs a shaky hand through his hair.
"I am sorry that I can't help you more. I don't know Haru's scent. I am not able to sense him-" "Don't. You are helping me so much. I am very grateful," Taehyung mumbles as new tears spill over his cheeks. He is too emotional right now.
"Hey," Jungkook takes his hand and pulls Taehyung into his chest. "Your tears make me sad. You are breaking my heart."
The warmth in Jungkook's eyes makes Taehyung's chest burn and makes him cry even harder. "Don't be so, so nice to me." Taehyung slaps Jungkook's chest with a whine. "You make me sad, too."
"Come here." Jungkook wraps his arms around Taehyung in a bear hug. He noses Taehyung's neck, his scent gland- Jungkook's warm breath tickling his skin.
"I'm such a horrible preschool teacher. Poor Haru. I should have-" "No, no. Don't say that, pup." Jungkook presses a gentle kiss on his bite mark. "Kids run off and then they come back. It can happen. You are a good teacher with a big heart, caring so much about these children."
Taehyung shivers in his arms and presses closer to Jungkook, hugging him back. It is too hot, but he feels safe, protected. For a second Taehyung forgets everything else. Because Jungkook feels so good pressed against him and he smells- like home.
Jungkook scents him and releases soothing pheromones once again. "Everything will be alright." Taehyung whimpers and nuzzles his face into Jungkook's neck. His scent is calming him down.
Taehyung pulls back and looks into Jungkook's big, warm eyes. He remembers something and gapes. "Oh, no. I lost your sweater, too. I- I pulled it off somewhere while running around, looking for Haru." He sniffs again. "I am so sorry."
Jungkook shakes his head with a smile and cups Taehyung's cheek. "I will give you another one. Don't worry." "You are-" "Taetae?"
Taehyung takes Jungkook's hand and pulls it off his cheek before turning his eyes to his right. Haru. With a sob of relief Taehyung rushes towards the little boy and crouches down to hug him tightly. "Oh my God. Are you alright? Are you hurt?"
"I am not hurt. I am sorry for running away, Taetae. I just wanted to see the chimpanzee again and then I didn't find the aquarium anymore." "Don't do that again, okay? That's very dangerous and you scared Taetae a lot."
"I am sorry. That nice lady brought me here," Haru says and points to his left. Taehyung straightens up and smiles at the woman. "Thank you so, so much." "You are welcome. He was very brave."
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・・ ・・
"Here, drink some water and stay in the shade. You look like you will faint any second." Taehyung is sitting on a bench under a tree and looks up at Jungkook. He reaches for the bottle. "Thank you."
His colleague and the kids, together with Jungkook's nephew Jiah, are sitting at the other table- eating a sandwich. "I worry about you. You should have worn a cap. How are you feeling?" Jungkook asks with a concerned expression on his face.
Taehyung takes a big sip of the cold water. He smiles up at him. Now that the worry is gone about Haru, it's made room for other things. Jungkook. "Thank you so much. For everything."
"I didn't even do anything. You are welcome. But you didn't answer my question. How are you feeling?" Taehyung shrugs, holding the cool bottle to his cheek. He must look horrible. His eyes are probably red and puffy from crying. "I am feeling better."
"You don't look like it." Taehyung grimaces and averts his eyes. "I know. I must look very ugly right now. I was balling my eyes out like a bab-" "You look beautiful." Jungkook says, his soft voice is going straight to Taehyung's heart. "You always do."
"You don't even know me for that long." Jungkook reaches out and cups Taehyung's chin in his hand, lifting his head so their eyes meet. "Yeah- but I have eyes. And you are the most beautiful omega, most beautiful creation I have ever seen."
"Stop." Taehyung knows he is blushing. Again. Jungkook is stepping up his game. "Okay, I will stop," Jungkook says with a chuckle and glances to his right. He starts moving. Taehyung grabs his arm instinctively. "Don't. Don't go." "I am not, pup. I am here. Don't worry."
Taehyung let go of his arm, flustered- not knowing why he said that. Jungkook snaps his head to his right again. "Stop staring at my omega!" he snarls. Taehyung follows his eyes, startled. He remembers the worker who has been ogling at his legs before.
"I, I was just checking if he is alright. He has been crying a lot and-" "Yeah, sure. Just checking, huh? You should rather check on your pheromones. And now- fuck off." "Jungkook. Language. The kids are here."
"Sorry." Jungkook looks back at him after he made sure that the zoo worker has walked away. "He kept watching you like a pervert. Sick fu-" "Taehyung, we need to pack up slowly," his colleague calls over. "The kids are going to be picked up in an hour."
"Yes. We should get ready to go." Taehyung stands up, but Jungkook doesn't move away- their heads almost bump together. "What? What is it?" Jungkook stares deep into Taehyung's eyes, making his heart pound.
"I don't want to let you go right now. You are- you are still unwell, I can tell." Taehyung smiles softly. His heart flutters. He wants to leave this damn zoo, but he doesn't want to leave Jungkook. He feels the urge to stay close to him.
"I am alright. Don't-" "I will worry," Jungkook whispers and grips Taehyung's elbow gently. "You make me want to put you in my pocket and keep you safe." Taehyung melts on the spot. His inner omega is yelling at him to do something. "Let's go?"
Taehyung glances at his colleague. He nods. "Please, text me when you get home, okay?" Taehyung turns his eyes back on Jungkook. He wraps his arms around his neck for a quick hug. "Thank you so much for today."
[..two hours later ]
.𝔉 𝔦 𝔳 𝔢.
"What are we doing here? Are you serious?" Taehyung asks as Jungkook motions him to sit down on the blanket. "Yes. Sit." #taekookau
"But- why? We are right next to the road and there's nothing to see here. It smells, too. Is this your idea of a first date?" Jungkook chuckles. He puts his hands on Taehyung's shoulder and pushes him down. "Sit."
A car drives past them and honks. Jungkook laughs at Taehyung's startled reaction and crinkled nose. He sits down next to him and stretches his legs. "Did we really came here to sit on a blanket in the middle of traffic?"
"Yes." Jungkook eyes Taehyung with a chuckle. "You are here. With me. It shouldn't matter where we are, right?" Taehyung shrugs and juts out his bottom lip in a pout. Jungkook averts his eyes. He needs to hold back. He wants to kiss Taehyung. He wants to kiss him so bad.
[ ☝ They are not sitting on the road, just next to it. 😄 ]
"But you said something about going to the movies and-" "Yes. We will go to the movies, but I wanted to bring you here first." Taehyung puts his legs under him and turns his face to look at Jungkook. "Why?"
"You have been here before." "What?" Taehyung asks and looks around. "No. Definitively not." "Are you sure? Look at the buildings over there."
"No. I have no idea where we are." "Wow, you must have been drunk as fûck then, huh?" Jungkook says with a laugh and reaches out, gently nudging Taehyung's cheek.
"What are you talking about? You are confusing me." Jungkook sighs and points at the white building on the other side of the road. "Two years ago, a party, a lot of alcohol, you, me. Probably very hot, very wild sex which I cant remember- unfortunately."
Taehyung widens his eyes and then he starts laughing. He slaps Jungkook's lap. "It was here? It was already dark when my friend dragged me to that party." Taehyung looks amused. "But why are we here? Do you think we can remember something by looking at that building?"
"I would love to remember." Jungkook stares deep into his eyes. "I would love to remember every detail. God- I would even pay money to remember that night." "Stop," Taehyung mumbles and averts his eyes. He blushes. "But apart from that- I thought it's romantic to be here."
"So- it's romantic because we had a one-night stand no one of us can't remember?" "No. It's romantic because we met here and we mated here. Two years later we found each other again. That's romantic, isn't it?"
Taehyung chuckles and shakes his head. "You are cheesy. And you should work harder on your memory, because you won't get to see me in your bed anytime soon again," he says with a teasing glint in his eyes.
"Oh, I am sure I will. I will see a lot more than during that one-night stand. And I will make sure to be sober when it will happen." Taehyung scoffs playfully, but his blush deepens. "You are /very/ sure of yourself, alpha."
"I am your alpha, that's right." "I didn't say that." "You little-" Jungkook grasps Taehyung's elbow and pulls him closer. "Teasing brat. You are lucky you are pretty."
"Yah, what are you-" Taehyung trails off when he notices their closeness. His hand has ended up on Jungkook's thigh, his big eyes studying his face. "What are you doing?"
Jungkook breathes in Taehyung's scent, feels his body respond to his. Feels his inner alpha growling at him to do something. "You are not wearing a scent blocker today." "Why should I? I am with my big alpha, who protects me no matter what, right?"
Jungkook tightens his grip on Taehyung's elbow. He is barely holding back by now. Taehyung wearing tight-fitting pants and a shirt with a low neckline isn't helping to keep his alpha under control. He had been right before. His omega has irresistible curves.
"Don't tease me, pup. You have no idea what you are doing." "Why?" Taehyung asks and smiles, squeezing Jungkook's thigh. "Are you getting to your limit?"
Jungkook scoffs playfully. Taehyung is feisty and he loves it. He pushes him down on the blanket and falls on top of his omega. Another car honks at them, but Jungkook doesn't care. He looks down at Taehyung who is smiling up at him.
"Aren't you scared right now?" "No. I trust you." Jungkook bites his bottom lip. Taehyung is making him hôrny and his heart soft at the same time.
"But I still need time," Taehyung adds and shows him his tongue. Jungkook closes his eyes for a moment. His omega will make him go crazy. He is a teasing little shit. But Jungkook can play along.
"I need to tell you something," he says in a serious tone, hoping Taehyung wouldn't notice his act. "What?"
Jungkook sighs. He tries to think about something. Something to fool Taehyung with. "I got a call. Yesterday." Taehyung hums, the smile is still on his face. "Okay. From who?"
Jungkook moves to lay next to Taehyung. He rests his head on his elbow and looks at him. "From the- militāry." Taehyung turns his head and raises his eyebrow. "Okay. Did you- did you forget your sweater over there or why did they call you?"
Jungkook wants to coo at him. Taehyung is fûcking cute. He shouldn't mess with him like that. But he couldn't stop now. And maybe he wants to see Taehyung's reaction. "They, they want to me to go back."
Taehyung's face falls. His smile vanishes. "What-What are you talking about? They can't just ask you to go back without a good reason and-" "I signed some papers. I agreed that they can call me when they need more men, volunteers."
Jungkook has no idea if papers like these exist, but Taehyung seems to believe him. He sits up and stares at him with widened eyes. "But why- why would you do something like that?"
Jungkook sighs, acting frustrated. He runs a hand though his hair and averts his eyes. "I don't know. I- I was sure that I won't meet my mate again. I couldn't sense you over there and- I thought my omega has forgotten about me, found someone else, so- I just signed."
"Are you crazy?" Taehyung whispers in a hiss, his chin starts to quiver- scent turning sour. "Why- why would you be so stupid? And- and why did you come find me in the first place? Why haven't you told me about that before?"
Jungkook realizes that he has gone too far with his made-up story when he notices tears clinging to the corner of Taehyung's eyes. He curses himself for being such an idiot. "Hey, don't start crying. I am sorry. It was just a-"
"You signed those papers and you still came to find me. You scented me, made me start falling for you- and now you just going to leave? Fuck you!" Jungkook reaches out to Taehyung, hating himself for making this adorable person cry. His joke has gone too far.
"It was just-" "Don't touch me!" Taehyung pushes his hand away and sniffs. "Is that the reason why we are here? Our first and last date before you will leave? I don't want that. I want my alpha here. Why are you doing this to me? I was doing fine without you. Why did you come-"
"Pup, stop." Jungkook cups Taehyung's face and presses his forehead against his omega's, releasing soothing pheromones. "I am so sorry. I am an asshole. It's just a joke. I made this up. Sorry!"
Taehyung leans back and stares at him. He sniffs. "What do you mean?" "I was just messing with you." Jungkook smiles apologetically. He brushes the tear off Taehyung's cheek. "Sorry. You were teasing me and I just wanted to tease you back. I've gone too far, I know."
"I was teasing you about sex, Jungkook! And you made up a whole fûcked up story about leaving me. That's not the same!" Taehyung slaps Jungkook's chest. Once, twice. "Aššhole." "I am so sorry, pup. Don't hate me."
"Don't call me that, you idiot," Taehyung mumbles and averts his eyes. He is sulking. "I know. I am the biggest idiot ever for making you cry." Jungkook grabs Taehyung's arm and pulls him closer once again. "Please. Forgive me. I am so sorry."
Taehyung doesn't reply, but he doesn't pull away either. It's a good sign. "Forgive your sexy, strong but dumb as fûck alpha, okay?" Taehyung finally turns his head to look at Jungkook. He pouts. "You are not leaving?" "No."
"And you didn't sign any stupid papers? The militāry can't just force you to go back there?" "No. Not if there's no war." Taehyung sighs shakily. It's a sigh of relief. But he is still pouting.
"Am I forgiven?" "Don't you dare to do that again!" "I won't. I promise. I'm regretting it so much," Jungkook says and takes Taehyung's hand, brushing his thumb across his wrist. "I don't deserve you." Taehyung huffs, but doesn't pull his hand away. "You don't. That's true."
Taehyung lowers his head and looks at their hands. "I wanted to give you a kiss today- for being there for me at the zoo. But you don't deserve it anymore." Jungkook's curses. His inner alpha growls at him. "I will do my best to deserve one again."
"It won't be that easy." Jungkook squeezes his hand and smiles at Taehyung after he looks back up at him. "I will try harder then to finally earn a kiss on my lips." Taehyung pulls his hand away and blushes again. "Yah, I didn't say I wanted to give you one on your lips."
"We will see about that." Jungkook smiles and winks at him before standing up. He stretches. "Let's go to the movies, pup. I will buy you popcorn and icecream."
[ Update soon ❤ ] [ If you would have chosen the heavy angst, Jungkook's made up story would have been reality. 🙈 ]
・・ ・・
Jungkook yawns. It's almost midnight when they walk out of the movie theater. The romantic comedy has been funny and they had a good time. Jungkook glances at Taehyung who is buttoning his cardigan.
"If you will still be cold- tell me, alright?" Taehyung glances at Jungkook and smirks as they start walking along the shore. "Why? What will you do then? Pull of your shirt to give it to me and go naked?"
"If it means that you will be warm- then yes, pup. That's exactly what I would do." "You are crazy." "Yeah, I am crazy for you." Taehyung scratches his head, looking flustered. He stops walking and points to his right, at a chip shop.
"What? Are you still hungry? You almost ate the whole popcorn bucket by yourself." "Yes, but the popcorn was sweet. And now I want something salty," Taehyung says and smiles innocently. "Why? Are you scared that I could get fat?"
Jungkook takes his hand and pulls Taehyung towards the shop. "Eat as much as you want and don't talk nonsense." "Good reply," Taehyung says with a chuckle and greets the saleswoman before ordering a small bag of fries.
Jungkook steps behind him while Taehyung waits. He wraps his arms around his omega's tiny waist, resting his chin on his head. Taehyung's breath hitches audibly and Jungkook can feel his heart starts racing- making him smile.
"What are you doing?" "I am keeping you warm. And i am scenting you." Jungkook lowers his face and presses his lips on Taehyung's scent gland. "Bora said that you will start smelling like me when we start getting closer- but it looks like we are not close enough yet, huh?"
"You think so?" Jungkook hums and tightens his arms around Taehyung. He can suddenly feel the round curves of Taehyung's butt against his crotch and hisses. Jungkook pulls away. It's too dangerous. His inner alpha is starving for the omega. He's frustrated.
Taehyung gets his bag of fries and thanks the saleswoman before walking back towards Jungkook. "Do you want some?" "No, I- hmph." Taehyung shoves two fries into Jungkook's mouth and laughs. "Good, right?"
Jungkook nods and gulps the fries down as they continue walking. He is glad and relieved that Taehyung is happy. Jungkook has felt very bad for making his omega cry. It's still nagging at his conscience.
"Why are so quiet all of a sudden? What are you thinking about you?" Taehyung asks after a beat of silence. Jungkook looks at him and sighs. "I still feel bad for messing with you earlier."
Taehyung pops a frie into his mouth and looks at Jungkook. He shakes his head with a smile. "Don't. It's alright. I forgave you already."
There's ketchup on the corner of Taehyung's mouth and Jungkook reaches out to wipe it away. Taehyung stills at his touch and Jungkook smiles at that. "Thank you for forgiving me. But your reaction- it was pretty heartwarming. You must like me a lot, huh?"
"Shut up," Taehyung says with a playful glare before narrowing his eyes on Jungkook's cheek. "What is it?" Taehyung reaches out and touches Jungkook's scar with his fingertips all of a sudden.
"What happened?" "Are you talking about my ugly scar?" "It's not ugly." Taehyung frowns and shakes his head. "I wanted to ask you about it when you were on top of me a few hours ago- but then you started messing with me. So, what happened?"
"Long story short. It happened during a mission. Someone tried to put a knife into me, but I managed to protect myself. The knife still grazed my cheek. That's it."
Taehyung pouts. He lightly brushes his thumb over Jungkook's scar. His featherlight touch sends a jolt through Jungkook's body. "I am sorry." "What are you sorry for?"
"I don't like the idea of you getting hurt." "I have more bruises on other parts on my body. Do you want to see them, too?" Jungkook asks and wiggles his eyebrows.
"Maybe later," Taehyung says with a teasing smile. He leans in and brushes his lips against Jungkook's cheek. It's just a fleeting touch of Taehyung's lips, but it makes him shiver, makes his inner alpha growl in delight. Jungkook wraps his arms around Taehyung's waist.
"Hmm. I like this. Was that the kiss you wanted to give me before?" Taehyung shrugs and lowers his head, avoiding Jungkook's eyes. "Hey, what is it? Look at me." "No."
Jungkook chuckles and grips Taehyung's hips in both hands. "Why not, pup? Why are you shy all of a sudden?" "You are- you are making me nervous." "Do I? Why?" Taehyung raises his head and looks at him. He places a hand over Jungkook's heart.
"I don't know. You just do," Taehyung answers softly. Jungkook breathes him in. His omega is too close and his eyes fall on Taehyung's lips. "I really want to ki-" "Hey, wow. Look at that sexy bootie, man."
Jungkook curses when he hears a slurred male voice behind them. He keeps his arm around Taehyung and turns to face a middle-aged man staggering towards them. It's a human. An annoying drunk human.
"Come on. Let's go somewhere else," Jungkook says and takes Taehyung hand. "Okay." "Hey, are you leaving already? I am talking to you," the blonde drunk man steps in their way and starts reaching out for Taehyung. "Hey, sexy."
"Hands off! Don't touch him!" Jungkook growls and pulls Taehyung behind himself. "Leave before I will break your bones." "What? Why would you do that, buddy?" The blonde winks at Jungkook. "Come on. Why are you hiding him? Share that fine ass with me."
"Shut up!" Jungkook growls again, ready to lunge at that man. But Taehyung takes his hand and pulls him aside. "Ignore him. Please. Let that drunk guy not ruin our night."
"But he is disrespecting you. He deserves a-" "Let's just run!" "What?" "Run," Taehyung yells with a laugh and starts dragging Jungkook along.
They run until they come to a little bridge. Taehyung let go of Jungkook's hand and starts laughing. He glances at him with sparkling eyes. "That's how you handle annoying guys without using violence."
"How? By running away?" Jungkook scoffs with a chuckle. "I am an alpha, pup. I don't run away." "But you did right now. And you didn't need to fight that poor guy. Wasn't it a better solution?"
"That guy deserves a beating for just looking at you the wrong way," Jungkook says. He stills when he studies Taehyung's happy face. His beaming eyes. His broad smile. Jungkook hisses and closes the distance, cupping Taehyung's face. Their faces nearly touch, breaths mingle.
"What is it?" Taehyung asks and flutters his eyelashes at him. "I want to kiss you. But I don't want to do something you are not ready for. Still- I really want to kiss you right now and you should know that. But you must do the first step. I don't know when you are ready and-"
Taehyung silences Jungkook by putting two fingers on his lips. He smiles shyly. "I am ready, alpha."
.𝔖 𝔦 𝔵.
Taehyung's breath catches in his throat and he drops the fries out of his hand when Jungkook crashes his lips on his. Hungry and hot- as if Jungkook has been waiting all life to do just that. Taehyung let out a moan and grabs Jungkook's shoulders to hold himself up #taekookau
Taehyung's inner omega purrs in satisfaction. Jungkook feels good. He tastes good. And he is a skilled kisser. Taehyung forgets where he is or what he was doing five minutes ago. Jungkook's kiss makes his toes curl.
Jungkook tightens his arms around Taehyung's waist but leans away to catch his breath. His eyes are hooded as he stares right into Taehyung's soul. "Fûck. You have no idea how much I wanted to do this. I was going crazy already. You are so- fûck. You are my omega."
Taehyung whines and leans in to capture Jungkook's lips again. He tilts his head to deepen the kiss and brings up his hand to slide his fingers into Jungkook's soft hair. "I was only ready for one kiss," Taehyung murmurs against Jungkook's lips. "Not a whole make-out session."
"That's one kiss, pup. One long kiss," Jungkook whispers before pressing his lips on Taehyung's again. Taehyung is happy, satisfied. And he finally starts feeling it more. The bond. Jungkook is his alpha. And he wants him. He wants his pups in the future. He only wants him.
Jungkook pulls away and looks at Taehyung. His eyes flashes golden. "We should stop here if you don't want me to take you against that tree over there- or anywhere else."
Taehyung feels his cheeks heating up. "You are an insatiable alpha. My alpha." "Fûck, Taehyung! If you say that- it's not helping to hold back-" Jungkook trails off when his phone starts ringing. He let go of Taehyung's waist and pulls it out of his pocket. "It's my sister."
"Take it," Taehyung says and steps away, giving Jungkook some privacy. He walks closer towards the shore and looks at the water. Taehyung feels giddy inside. Feels butterflies in his stomach. Happiness inside his soul. He is happy.
Taehyung turns around to check on Jungkook. He has already ended the call and is walking towards him. "Did your sister tell you that the militāry has called? Do they need you to-" Taehyung stops joking when he notices the serious expression on Jungkook's face. "What's wrong?"
"Sorry, but we need to end our date. Let's go. I will bring you home," Jungkook says and takes Taehyung's hand, pulling him along. His jaw is hardened, a vein is popping out of the side of his neck. "Did something happen?"
"I need to be somewhere." "Now?" Taehyung glances at his watch. "It's almost one at night. Where do you-" "Sorry, but I don't want to talk about it right now," Jungkook says, holding Taehyung's hand more firmly.
Jungkook's scent is sour and it worries Taehyung. Something must have happened or his sister wouldn't call him that late. Taehyung wants to ask, but he respects that Jungkook doesn't want to talk about it right now. He squeezes his alpha's hand reassuringly.
They arrive at the car and get inside. It's silent. Too silent. Taehyung hates it. He fastens his seatbelt and glances at Jungkook as he backs the car out of the parking lot. He seems lost in thoughts.
They drive in silence for a while. Jungkook's knuckles are white on the steering wheel. He must be raging inside, masking his anger with a bland expression. "You can just drop me off at the bus station," Taehyung says softly, fiddling with the sleeve of his cardigan.
"No. I will bring you home. It's dark outside," Jungkook says. He keeps his eyes on the road. But then he reaches out and puts his hand on Taehyung's fiddling one. "I am sorry for ruining the mood. It's- a family matter. I will tell you about it later."
Taehyung turns his hand to hold Jungkook's. He then lifts their hands to his lips and presses soft kisses along his alpha's knuckles. "Just be careful. Don't-don't get hurt, okay? Whatever happened- please, be careful."
Jungkook lets out a long sigh. He places their joined hands on his lap. "You are- you are too good for me. I hate to leave you right now." "It's okay, Jungkook. I will wait for you to come back."
Jungkook stops the car in front of Taehyung's apartment. "Thank you. Take care of-" Jungkook cups his face and kisses Taehyung. Kisses him with warmth and tenderness. He then leans back and smiles for a second. "I will text you tomorrow."
・・ ・・
Taehyung's doorbell wakes him in the middle of the night. Startled, he sits up in bed and looks at the time on his alarm clock. It is 4:02. The doorbell rings again and Taehyung gets out of bed. He feels uneasy as he walks towards his front door. He looks through the peephole.
Jungkook. "Why are you-" Taehyung trails off after opening the door. He blinks. Jungkook has a black eye and there's blood on his chin. Taehyung grabs his arm and pulls him inside the apartment before closing the door behind him.
"What happened? Are you alright? What-" Jungkook wraps his arms around him and pulls Taehyung in a tight hug. He noses his neck and rests his lips against Taehyung's scent gland. "You are worrying me. Are you alright? Are you hurt? Talk to me."
"I am good now that you are in my arms." Taehyung leans back to look at him. He cups Jungkook's chin, examining his bruise. "It's nothing. Don't look so worried, pup. I am okay."
Taehyung doesn't believe Jungkook. He wants to make sure for himself that his alpha's doing okay. He pulls away and starts walking towards the bathroom. "Undress yourself and follow me."
"Okay. That's an interesting turn of events- not that I am complaining," Jungkook says with a chuckle and enters the bathroom behind him. "I want to check if you have more wounds," Taehyung explains and stands on his tip-toes to reach for the first-aid kit.
"Fûck, are you trying to kill me right now?" Jungkook mumbles behind him. Taehyung turns around and gives him a puzzled look. "What are you talking about?" "You. Your body. Your legs. Your ass. You."
Taehyung ignores that and puts the first-aid kit on the washing machine. He then turns his eyes on Jungkook. "You are still dressed." "Pup, I told you I'm alright." "I want to check for myself," Taehyung says stubbornly and motions Jungkook to sit on the bathtub. "Fine."
Jungkook pulls the shirt over his head, revealing toned abs and a sculpted chest. There are no bruises on his body. Taehyung wants to avert his eyes but he can't help staring at Jungkook's rippling muscles. He wants to touch. His inner omega wants to touch.
"Do you want me to lower my pants as well?" "Are you hurt down there?" Jungkook raises an eyebrow and chuckles as he sits on the bathtub. "I would love to say yes- just for you to take a look. But no- as I said, I am fine."
Taehyung opens the first-aid kit and pours the disinfectant on a cotton ball. He stands in front of Jungkook and carefully swabs the wound on his chin. "Sorry for coming to your place in the middle of the night. But I needed to see you and be close to you."
"It's okay." "Your presence calms me down." Jungkook lowers his eyes. "Although- right now, you are making me rather excited." "Why?" Taehyung looks down at himself and gaps. He has forgotten to put on a bathrobe before. He was in his sleep shorts which are pretty short.
"Eyes up, alpha," Taehyung says and hopes he is not blushing. He glances at Jungkook's black eye and frowns. "I guess, it's not your sister who beat you up like this, right?"
Jungkook sighs and takes a deep breath. His jaw hardens for a moment. "Can I stay the night?" "Are you ignoring my question?" Jungkook puts his hands on Taehyung's hips and pulls him in between his legs.
"I will tell you what happened if I am allowed to stay the night." Taehyung looks into Jungkook's big eyes. He hates that someone has hurt his alpha. It makes him mad. He wants to know what has happened. "Fine."
"Good. Are you mad at me?" Jungkook asks, tracing little circles on Taehyung's hips with the tips of his fingers. "Not yet. It depends on what you are going to tell me later."
Taehyung tries to ignore the heat coiling in his belly as Jungkook's hand slip under his sleeping shirt, sliding over his bare back. "I will not sleep with you tonight." "That's alright. It will be morning in a few hours anyway." "Jungkook."
"I am just joking, pup. That's not why I want to stay. I just want to be with you." Taehyung puts the cotton ball away and forces himself not to look down on Jungkook's chest. "Then let's go to my room."
"But you do seem mad." "I am worried." Jungkook stands up and presses a sweet kiss on Taehyung's lips. "You are too cute for my alpha heart. Let's go to your room then."
・・ ・・
[ TW: mention of abuse ]
"My sister's husband is abusing her. I only heard of it when I had already left for my militāry service. He is an alpha. A very violent and fûcked up alpha when he's drunk. I have never liked him before. But he is Jiah's father. And my sister is- it's complicated."
They are laying next to each other on Taehyung's bed, looking up at the ceiling. It's almost 5 in the morning and Taehyung is glad that it's Saturday. He can sleep later.
"My sister had never told me about it before but my mother has called me a few times, worrying a lot about my sister. That aśśhole doesn't touch his son, fortunately. But he touches her, beats her without a reason. Drunk fûck."
Taehyung blindly reaches out for Jungkook's hand and squeezes it lightly. He feels sorry for his sister though he has never met her before. "So, did /he/ hurt you then?" "I hurt him more. I should have kîlled him."
Taehyung turns his face and looks at Jungkook's handsome side profile. He looks sad. "My sister has called me the first time because of him. She was crying, scared as shit because her husband came home drunk as fûck, yelling around, throwing things. I needed to stop him."
Taehyung turns on his side, supporting himself on his elbow. He reaches out, gently rubbing his thumb under Jungkook's black eye. "This will look worse tomorrow. " "I know."
Taehyung leans in and presses a soft kiss on Jungkook's cheek. "You are a good younger brother." "I am not. I should have never let her get married to that fûcker in the first place."
"That's not your fault. She is an adult, older than you by eight years. And you got a wonderful, cute nephew." Jungkook smiles and turns his head to look at Taehyung. "Yes, he is precious, right? He comes after my sister."
"You are precious, too," Taehyung whispers and averts his eyes shyly when Jungkook turns on his side as well, staring at him intently. "God, you are so beautiful. And you smell so good. I got the prettiest, most adorable omega ever. I am a lucky guy."
"Don't say that. You are making me shy." Jungkook chuckles and reaches out to bop Taehyung's nose. "And you are making me want to do so many things to you you are not ready for."
"Stop. I told you we will not sleep together-" "I know, pup. I am just saying that I want you. Real bad. But I will wait until you are ready," Jungkook says and leans in, pecking Taehyung's lips. "Thank you for telling me about your sister." "Thank you for letting me stay."
[ I am having a writer's block 😭😭 How do you want this to continue? ]
.𝔖 𝔢 𝔳 𝔢 𝔫.
Jungkook enters the day care center. He hasn't seen Taehyung in days because he had been visiting his family for a week. Jungkook has missed him so much. It hurt. He hasn't told Taehyung that he would pick him up, wanting to surprise him. #taekookau
The door to the group room is still closed and Jungkook greets another teacher passing him. He leans against the wall and waits. Jungkook can hear the children's voices through the closed door and he can faintly smell his omega, making him impatient.
"Kookie." The door opens and Sora is the first one to come out of the room. She looks up at him with a cute smile. "Are you here to see me?" Jungkook squats down and pats her head. "Hey, little one. I am here to see Taetae. But I like to see you, too- obviously."
Sung chuckles and turns back. "Taetae, Kookie is here," she yells excitedly. Jungkook follows her eyes and straightens up. "Sung, what is it? I told you to wait-" Taehyung trails off when he walks out of the room, eyes turning on Jungkook.
Taehyung looks surprised, but happy. A smile spreads across his face and he blushes prettily. "Hi. I didn't know that you are already back-" Jungkook grabs Taehyung by the waist and pulls his omega into him, silencing him with his lips.
Jungkook has missed Taehyung's kisses, his body, his scent. "Yah," Taehyung leans back, flustered- the blush deepens. He slaps Jungkook's shoulder. "The children are here." "Sorry, I couldn't help myself."
"Taetae, is this your alpha?" a little blonde boy asks, looking up at them. Jungkook let go of him and looks at Taehyung, waiting to hear it. "He is, Tommy. That's my alpha."
Jungkook smiles satisfied. His inner alpha purrs in delight. He wants to kiss the fûcking daylights out of his omega. He can't wait anymore. He doesn't care that Taehyung is working.
"Okay, let's go into the garden until your parents will come," Taehyung's colleague says and walks with the children towards the back. Jungkook waits until they are out of sight before grabbing Taehyung's arm, pushing him against the wall.
"Yah, what are you doing? I am still working-" Jungkook kisses Taehyung, hungrily. Passionately. He runs his hand down his omega's butt. "Sorry, but I missed you so fucking much. It's kïlling me not to touch you."
Taehyung sighs into the kiss and presses into Jungkook for a second before pulling away with flushed cheeks. "I missed you, too. But we can't- I, I need to go into the garden to-"
Jungkook cups Taehyung's face and silences him with his lips once again. He slides his tongue across his and moans into Taehyung's mouth. "Don't seduce me, alpha. Don't arouse me at my workplace, you menace."
Jungkook growls and runs his hands down Taehyung's butt again, squeezing it. Taehyung hisses and tries to pull away, but Jungkook's keeps him close. "Behave!" "I can't."
"You are so-" Jungkook kisses Taehyung, not giving him the chance to finish his sentence. He can't help it. He is in love with his omega. He wants him so bad. "Can we go into the empty group room for a while? Your colleague can handle five kids on her own, right?"
"What? No. Are you serious? This is a kindergarten. What are you trying to do here?" Taehyung slaps his chest again. "Let go." "No." "Alpha, let go," Taehyung says, trying to glare at Jungkook but fails cutely. "Baby, no. I missed you too much. Give me a kiss."
"I will not kiss you because you are like an animal. You can't sto-" Jungkook pecks Taehyung's lips again. "Yah, you can't kiss me everytime I am trying to say something. It's-" Jungkook kisses him fiercely before laughing against Taehyung's lips.
"You are crazy." "I know. Crazy for you." Taehyung cups his face to stop Jungkook from peppering kisses on his neck. He studies his face. "Stop." "No."
Taehyung brushes his thumb under Jungkook's eye. "The swelling is gone. Finally. You look good again." "Good enough for you to let me take you against this wall right now?" Jungkook jokes before kissing him. "No!"
"Fine. I will wait until all the kids are picked up. I will behave," Jungkook says with a laugh and pecks Taehyung one last time before pulling away. "Good. And don't try something funny. It's embarassing and everyone can smell your pheromones, alpha."
"That's good. Everyone should know that I am needy for my omega and that no one else is allowed to look at you that way." "You are possessive as fûck." "You love it." "I love you."
[ Sorry for the boring ending. But my writer's block for this AU didn't go away and before leaving this unfinished- I decided to give it a short, sweet ending. Bye. Don't hate me🙈 ]
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