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- If the long commute is not taken into account, nursing the elderly woman is not tiring at all. Almost everything the woman requires is being done by the loads of servants the mansion employees. All Jm has to do is keep an eye on her vitals.

- Jm worries for her though, he knows her days are numbered. Her eyes have the sort of dullness in them that no living person is supposed to have. She talks a lot though, whenever she is conscious, which is not much.
Jm wonders why people living on borrowed days talk so much. He shouldn’t worry his head so much, he thinks, he’ll ask his alpha once he takes him back. - In the four odd months he has spent working at the mansion, he has developed a sweet bond with the lady.
She tells him about her family. Jm thinks it’s bizarre how he has never come across her eldest son ‘Mandu’ whom she talks about so much. He also thinks it’s quite a laughable name but God forbid if he ever shows that to the woman. He has no right in other people’s business.
He has seen the younger one though. A beautiful omega named Taehyung. Silky brown hair, clear skin with the prized beauty moles on his face, and a petite figure. He thinks if Th was not so ill-mannered, he’d make quite a desirable husband.
Jm has seen him, speaking to the servants openly, whether it be alphas, omegas or betas. He even heard him raise his voice in a gathering once. “No alpha wants an omega who runs their mouth” His remembers his alpha warning him after he’d struck him across the face to
correct his short-coming. And Jm had made sure to never forget it. - When Mrs. Min feels too tired to talk, Jm entertains her by telling him about himself. He would’ve never done such a shameful thing otherwise, tell others about his life so frankly, but he feels its the only
way to help Mrs. Min doze off. “Im sorry, rose,” Mrs Min says one day, when he’s telling her about his alpha and their life together. “For what?” “Your alpha abandoning you like that.” “Alpha didn’t abandon me,” his voice a little higher, courtesy of his prickling eyes.
“Oh, rose, come lie with me.” - The next day he receives a call from Dr. Kim informing him that his services at the Min mansion are no longer required and he is to return to the hospital starting today. Jm has a distressing thought at the back his mind, but he wills it away.
- Despite his persistence, Dr. Kim doesnt let him know why, all of sudden, he has been called back. “Her son only informed me that care is not required anymore.” “But, why, doctor?” “Jm, I cannot tell you more than i know, can i?”
- He gets back to his routine now. He’s made quite a decent income working for the Mins and now his youngest also goes to school. But he nevers forgets to teach them the ways of the world, the duties and responsibilities of an omega, and most importantly, their acceptable
behavior in and out of the house. At night, along with his prayers for repentance and mercy from his alpha, his also prays for Mrs. Min and her well-being, wherever she is.
He misses his alpha too, terribly, especially the sense of belonging that he had, no matter how forced it was, considering there was nothing on his neck to show that he was already tied down, that he was owned. He wishes he wouldve been a better omega when he had time and no
else to compete with. ~•~
⭕️⭕️⭕️ Yoongi and Jimin finally gonna meet in the next update AAARGHHHHHSBDJDJEJR Lemme know how would you guys like to read it
“He’s pleasant on the eyes though.” Th says. Yg scoffs. The nurse’s looks are the least of his concerns right now. He stubs his cigarette in the glass ashtray and stands to move towards the sole open window in the room. He has always hated the stench of smoke.
‘Will you do this one thing for eomma?,’ his mother had rasped, lungs not opening enough to provide her a deep breath. And foolishly, Yg had nodded his head. It's not like he could’ve ever denied her anyway when she had always stood firm beside his decisions.
“Way prettier than that Lee’s omega you’ve been courting, atleast,” Th continues. Ah, yes, Eunji. Yg finally takes out the last remaining cigarette in his breast pocket that he’d been itching to light. Lee Eunji was the youngest child and sole omega heir of the well known
gangster, Lee Daejung. Yg had always despised him for the lengths Lee would go to to quench his thirst for money and power. But he was shrewd and Yg’s father had worried for his legacy. And so, to avoid any conflict between the two families, Yg had been betrothed to marry Eunji
whenever the young couple deemed fit. In the few meeting he had had with her, Yg had learnt that Eunji was kind and obedient. And it had annoyed him. He didn’t want a mate who kept quiet and nodded at everything Yg said. He already paid enough people to do that.
But he had remained silent. The arrangement was too important for his father to calm his failing heart.
“Does he know you?,” he asks Th. “Who doesn’t know me, hyung. There are books upon books written on my bewitching beauty.” Yg rubs his palms on his face and groans. “What! It’s true, hyung,” he pouts. “Forget I asked.”
“Okay, fine! We’ve seen each other, yes.” “Go along with Jungkook today and bring him to the complex. He finishes work at 5.” “And what am i supposed to say to him?,” Th say dramatically. “Good evening, Jm-ssi, my big bad alpha brother would like to see you sprawled on his
sheets?” Yg glares at him. “I’m sure you can figure that out yourself, Tae.” “Whats the magic word, Hyungie?” Th raises his brows. “Please,” Yg concedes. Th giggles. “Now leave before I throw you out myself.”
Yg watches as Th gets up to leave. He doesnt doubt that Th will convince the nurse. He knows Th is clever, much too shrewd for his own good. Yg sighs. Breaking off the engagement with the Lees is going to cost him a lot money. Or lives. He isnt sure which one yet.
He picks up the phone and dials, knows he wont have to wait long. Two rings and his call is received. “Hoba, arrange a meeting with Lees. Make sure its in neutral territory.” ~•~
Yg arrives at his apartment complex situated right in the heart of the city. It was one of the first properties he had invested in, not being able to resist the view its roof top apartment had provided. His father had not approved of it, what with all the soot scarred chimneys
and water tanks, the roof top apartments were meant only for those who couldn't afford a decent living. So he had gone ahead and bought the whole complex out of spite. Now, as he walks towards the private meeting room where Th is waiting for him with the nurse, he wonders if
his old man would appreciate the changes he’s made to this place since then. “...won’t stay another minute!” he hears a low voice as he opens the door. Th stands up to retort when he notices Yg enter. “It’s rude to be late, hyungie,” Th sighs as he makes a move to leave.
Yg sees the nurse take a step back in his peripheral vision. “All yours,” Th leans in to whisper as he walks past him towards the door. Yg takes in a deep breath and turns to look at him then. Park Jimin. They're almost the same height, Yg notices, but the man seems much
smaller. Almost as if he makes himself to be. His tensed shoulders are curled in and fingers balled into fists by his side. And the scent, its strong and unwelcome, but there’s a soft heady layer underneath that Yg cant seem to put a finger on. Jm smells too alert for someone
whose eyes are lowered to the floor. Yg wants this to be over with already. “Have a seat, Jimin-ssi,” he says and walks towards the sofa on the opposite end once Jm is seated. Back straight, legs joined together and hands on his knees, Jm has somehow managed to make himself
even smaller. “I hope my brother wasn't much trouble.” Jm shakes his head no. There’s a heavy silence in the room and yg itches for the familiar weight of a cigarette on his lips.
His scent is loud, yg thinks, as he turns to look towards the windows, only to find them latched shut. He’s getting worried now, Yg can smell it. He doesn't understand how anyone could give off their scent so easily, make them self so vulnerable.
“Eomma was very grateful for your service,” he regards. “W-was?” Jm looks up but quickly averts his gaze as soon as yg turns back towards him. “Hm. She passed away the day we let you go. But that’s not why I wanted to see you.”
“Why am i here, then, Sir?” Jm breathes out shakily. Yg wouldve missed it if he wasnt paying attention. “Please call me Yoongi,” he sighs. Had he not even shown the basic courtesy to introduce himself? Yg is grateful the other man is still here, possibly willing to listen.
He doesn’t think it would last long, though. He doesn’t want to drag this anymore. The sooner he gets it over with, the sooner he can get out of this room where Jm’s scent is trying to suffocate him. “I would like for you to marry me, Jm-ssi.” he states.
He can see Jm close his eyes as his breath stutters and his scent turns sour. Yg doesnt want to be interrupted right now. “I understand its all too sudden, but I neither have the time nor interest to go about it in any other way. It was eomma’s wish that I espouse you.
I’ve gathered that you’re a single father, raising three pups with the modest salary of a nurse.” Pungent. Jm’s scent is turning pungent now. God, he wants to open those windows.
“I dont know what kind of life you dream of so i wont be able to give you that. But im sure you’d like to have the luxury of time, to send your pups to a private school and a live in a house they can call their own. I can provide you with all that, and much more.”
“Please. Stop” jm begs. Yg can see his fingers start trembling. “Its a fair deal Jm-ssi. I get to keep my oath and you, well, you can have anything you fancy.” “Please excuse me, Si-Yoongi ssi, but I’m already spoken for.” his voice breaks.
“By the alpha who already has a mate?” Jm cringes at that and, although, Yg has always been straightforward, he mentally berates himself for being so crude. “Its only a matter of time before my alpha takes me back. Please let me leave.” his voice breaks.
“He has a mate Jm.” Yg presses. “ A mate and a child. You think he -” Yg chokes at the spiked acrid scent that burns his throat. Why is his scent so damn loud? Jm finally matches his eyes then, his lower lip wobbling and Yg can see the tears threatening to fall.
“You-You’re lying,” he croaks out. Ah, shit. He didnt know. Yg gulps. Its getting difficult to breathe in here. “Look, Ji-” “No!,” he cries out, his whole body trembling with suppressed sobs. “No!”
“I-I want to go home,” he whines. “Please let me go home.” Yg’s alpha growls at the first sob that escapes Jm. ‘Mine,’ it demands. ~•~
When Th had come up to him as he was leaving the hospital, asking Jm with creased eyebrows and big eyes to accompany him urgently, he had feared for Mrs. Min’s well being and followed the omega without question. Later, when he’d been trapped inside the hall with a strange alpha,
he had realized how right his alpha had been all along: he was a foolish brailess mutt who had no one to blame but himself. But then the alpha, Yg, had dropped a bomb on him and Jm had felt the walls closing in on him, threatening to squeeze out whatever life had remained.
Jm didn't think it was impossible, that his alpha might have offsprings from his mate someday, leaving jm and their pups utterly destitute and hapless, but the thought was too terrifying for his omegaen upbringing to even entertain. He couldn't imagine how he would ever live
and raise his pups well without the protection and safety of his alpha’s house. So when he heard about this possibly being true, he had panicked and done the only thing he could think of: pack his bags, collect his pups and board the first bus back home.
Now, as he walks towards the place he’s spent most of his life in, with a duffle hanging on his right shoulder and his youngest sleeping on his left, the other two towing beside him, their hands scrunching the hem of his shirt, he wonders if his arrival would even be welcome
with the shame he keeps bringing along. He sees his omega mother first, sitting on the porch steps, eyebrows knotted as she shells peas on her lap, and Jm is overcome with a deep longing for his childhood where he’d spent his evenings right beside his eomma on those very steps.
“Eomma!” his eldest screams out, running towards the house, making her look up, noticing her only son and his pups. She smiles as his pup throws himself into her arms and scents him thoroughly. She proceeds to do the same with the other two and then its Jm’s turn. He smells it
first, she’s not too joyous about seeing him, her smile not reaching her eyes. “Minie,” she says combing her hands through his hair, voice low, hesitant, as if someone might hear her. “Eomma,” his voice breaks, “I’ve missed you,” he says as a lone tear escapes his left eye.
There’s a beat of silence, and then: “Why are you here, Minie?” And even if Jm hadn’t expected to be received with open arms, it still doesn’t help as he feels his heart drop. ~•~
She’d let them all in, probably worried about how dark it was outside, and quickly fixed up a light dinner for them. He’d sat there staring at his plate, unable to swallow a single morsel. His pups made a fuss as they ate, not quieting down for even a single moment as his eomma
coddled them. And yet Jm had felt the heavy silence in the room, weighing him down and making the air in the room too thick. “Where’s appa?” he asks once he had put the pups to bed in the singular room that his parents shared. “Yang-do,” she says simply, as Jm helps her spread
out the mat in the living area to prepare a bed for them. “Yang-do? Why?” It doesn't settle well with him. His father had never been one to travel, always preferring to return straight home after a tiring day at the farm. And with his age catching up on him, Jm thinks his father
would hate to even leave the house. “He works at a farm there.” With the bedding spread out, she moves outside to sit at the porch as Jm follows her. “He will return by tomorrow evening.” “But it's so far eomma. Didn't appa toil in Han-ssi’s farm here?”
She takes in a long shuddering breath and turns to look at Jm once before looking away. “News of your alpha rejecting you spread like wildfire in the village, Jm. And with his mate settled in with him, it couldn't be concealed from prying eyes no matter how much we tried, and
believe me we did. Nobody wanted to be associated with us, they said that the Gods had cursed us, that we’ll bring doom to their families, their omegas. And ever since your alpha’s mate started showing,-”
“So it is true then?” Jm says out loud before he can stop himself. “Do they have a pup together, eomma?” He feels his heartbeat quicken, not sure if he’d like his mother to confirm his suspicions.
She looks at him, eyes glistening with unshed tears and something else that Jm cant put a finger on. She nods her head a little, making Jm’s long held hopes that he had kept so close to him, to shatter. His throat constricts and Jm thinks it should kill him. Living a
nameless life without his alpha, it might as well be his own personal hell. It's sympathy Jm thinks, then. His mother’s eyes had shone with sympathy. “...-nie, Minie. Breathe. Baby, breathe,” he hears her call out to him, hands cupping his face as he feels something hot and wet
roll down his face. “Oh, my baby,” she says with such tenderness and it is all it takes for him to collapse into her arms as his body wrecks with violent sobs. “Bu-but its not fair, eomma,” he hiccups. “I did ev-everything I was supposed to d-do.”
“Life isn't meant to be fair for us omegas, Jiminie,” she says while combing through his hair, and then softly, “You should've done more.” “Eomma-eomma, i swear, i d-did everything. I-I gave my everything, eomma, i s-swear.”
“Okay, now, shush. Swollen eyes are not seemly on an omega. Stop crying,” she chides lightly. ~•~
Jm doesnt remember when he’d come to bed last night, or how. But his throbbing headache and stuffy nose is a painful reminder of how fate had decided to play an evil trick on him.
He spends the day cleaning his parents’ house, rubbing every nook and cranny, determined to make it pristine. He then gets down to prepare bossam, his father’s most favored meal after a tiring day spent tilling at the farm. By the time the sun sets, he starts to get fidgety,
inquiring his mother about father’s return continually. He doesn't know what to expect, how his father would react to seeing him here, and even drinking ginseng tea does nothing to calm his nerves. So he keeps himself busy, feeds his pups dinner and puts them to bed early.
Its 11 by the time he gets a whiff of his father’s thick, woodsy scent, and he goes to stand next to his mother in the kitchen, hands folded in front of him and heart leaping to his throat. His father enters with light steps, undoubtedly aware of Jm’s presence that his scent
must’ve given off. Jm’s body grows stiff as he does a ninety degree bow and feels his father’s eyes burning on his scalp. “Alpha,” he hears his mother’s reverent tone greet him from above. “I’ll set up dinner for you.” From where he’s bent, Jm can only see his father’s feet as
he moves towards the bedroom. “Jiminie’s pups are sleeping in there,” his mother cautions and he can hear his father huff. He straightens up once he hears the door click, ears burning hot as his sight gets blurry with the shame of his father not deigning to even acknowledge his
bow. By the time his father comes out, dressed in his pyjamas, Jm and his mother have already set the table, and once the alpha of the house has sat down on the floor, they each take their respective places: his mother diagonally on his father’s right and him on the left.
His father’s scent is dark and looming and it sends shivers down Jm’s spine and he has to forcefully swallow down every bite. His father doesn't initiate a conversation, the clanking of chopsticks on the bowls being the only sound in the room. He decides to wait until they’ve
all finished their meal. As his father moves to stand, done with his dinner, Jm concludes he needs to speak up now. “Aboji,” he says tentatively, eyes on his laps. He doesn't receive a reply but his father is not getting up anymore and Jm takes it as his cue to continue. He
slowly gets on all fours then, palms straight on the floor and forehead resting below them. “I’m sorry, Aboji. I couldn’t-”
// ⚠️Graphic descriptions of violence by a parents⚠️ Please skip if it’s uncomfortable or triggering for you in any way. You may continue after ‘~•~’//
He doesn't receive any warning before a harsh kick lands on his left shoulder, sending a jolt of pain through his entire body as he stumbles back from the impact. He hears his mother take in a sharp breath, but she has always been a good omega. And good omegas dont interfere
with their alphas. “Spare me the humiliation of being your aboji,” he hisses. And then, “How dare you step into /my/ house.” And before Jm knows it, his father is on his feet, dragging him outside by his hair. He tries to keep up, but his father is taking long and hurried
strides and Jm is bent at an uncomfortable angle. With how intensely his scalp burns, Jm fears it might not be just hair that will be pulled out. He tries to reach out with his hands, pleading with his father to forgive him, that he tried his best, that he’s sorry, so sorry.
But he realises its all to no avail as his father throws him with such violent force on the hard concrete that Jm feels his head might split open. He dares a look into his father’s eyes, they’re dark and unforgiving and its a nauseating realisation that his father’s rage knows
no bound. So he grits his teeth to prepare himself for what comes next, knows he shouldn't be too loud or he’ll wake up his pups. He has done this before, he’s practiced. But when the first kick lands on his stomach, the pain is so intense, he cannot help the ear piercing
scream that escapes him. He tries to crawl away, puts his arms up to protect himself, curls into a ball, begs his father, anything /anything/ to make him stop his unrelenting onslaught of fists and feets, accompanied with violent curses that Jm’s brain cannot process anymore.
Jm thinks he hears his pups call out to him, but his mind could be playing tricks on him. Until he sees his eldest running towards him through his blurred vision. “No, no, no, no,” he wants to scream but barely a rough whisper leaves his throat.
Jm thinks it is cruel how time slows down in moments you’d rather forget, making you live through it longer, engraving every second of it in your memory. Its sadistic, how, as he lies helpless, beaten within an inch of his life by his own father, he has to watch his pup, who
had come running to rescue his father, be smacked across the face. ~•~
Jm doesn't know how long he has lain there, on the cold hard concrete setting fire to his bruises every time he tries to move, but there is a hint of morning sun as he feels strong arms wrap around him, picking him up. He thinks he knows the scent from somewhere, strong, musky,
with a hint of tangerine, and warm, so warm. Jm wants to curl up and sleep. Wouldn't that be so relaxing? But then he feels a soft cold surface underneath him and the arms are gone, taking away the scent with them, making Jm whine.
He wants to have those arms back, wants to sleep, and oh-pups, where are his pups? But there’s a thick lump in his throat not letting him speak and Jm thinks it’d take him a lifetime to swallow it down. ~•~
Additional tags: -past sexual assault -morally gray characters (maybe?) -explicit language -violence -hurt/comfort
Yg had always kept his alpha in check, locked at the farthest end of his being behind hot, burning iron bars made of such strong will and determination that Yg would’ve believed he had successfully extinguished it, had it not been for his ruts that hit him twice every year. A
gnawing reminder of what he was, what he could do, what he had don- /No. no, he wouldn't think about it./ And if he shut his eyes tight enough that it made his head hurt from the pressure, and bit his lips until he tasted blood, then he could focus on the pain instead
and pretend that he had control. But then he had met /him/. JImin. Jimin, who had smelled of something soft, saccharine hidden underneath layers of pain and fear. Jimin, who wouldn't look him in the eye. Jimin, who had fucked it all up.
His alpha had been agitated since then, clawing at whatever mental walls Yg had managed to build around it all these years, separating his own persona from what nature had deemed to be his reality. So, Yg had sat there with Lee and his sons, letting Hoseok do most of the
talking, as he tried to keep his scent in check, not letting it give away the internal turmoil he was going through. His alpha had kept screeching with a one track mind of its own chanting ‘mate, mate, mate’ as if it had never known anything else, making Yg grit his teeth and
try to hold on to whatever semblance of his will remained. Unfocussed as he was, he had thought the meeting had gone well, considering no one had grabbed their weapons even though it had reeked of how strongly every single one present was itching to reach for their holsters.
Unfocussed as he was, he had thought the meeting had gone well, considering no one had grabbed their weapons even though it had reeked of how strongly every single one present was itching to reach for their holsters.
But as Hs had driven them back to the apartment complex, waves of anger had rolled from him, masking his strong mint scent. Yg knew how volatile Hs was, could smell the electricity buzzing around him, and yet he had gone ahead and asked what had got him so bothered.
“Fucking Lee!,” Hs had scoffed, knuckles going white from how tightly he gripped the wheel. Yg lit a smoke, knew he would need it. “No. No! Fucking leech, hyung. Should’ve cut his tongue out and made the little Lees choke on it,” he seethed, his breath coming out heavy.
It made Yg huff a quiet laugh. “Thinks we’ll fucking give him The Roxy as payment. It /bleeds/ money, hyung. And it’s- fuck- its not even about that anymore.” It's about the message, Yg’s mind had supplied. The Roxy was one of their oldest businesses, an underground club
thriving on its popularity among both the crème de la crème of Seoul that seeked pleasure away from the prying eyes of the public, as well as those who aspired to be them. The whole empire was built up on the club’s foundation. It was an emblem to the clan, a testimony to
their strength and an epitaph to his ancestors. Giving it away only meant one thing: submission. “And what the fuck is up with you anyway? You smoked like a whole pack in there hyung. Smelled like a fucking crematorium in there.” “Crematorium? Really?” Yg cocked a brow.
“Ah, fuck, whatever hyung. Just tell me.” Hs’s scent had cooled down considerably, giving way to the mint that calmed Yg. “He’s my intended mate,” Yg said as he flicked his cigarette when he tasted the heavy stench of its filter in his throat.
“What?” Hs gasped as he turned to look towards Yg, his eyes bulging out and mouth forming an ‘o’. “Who?” Yg sensed an ugly spike in Hs’s scent before it quickly went away. “Pass me a smoke.” They drove in silence as Yg lit it up and took a long drag, the nicotine settling deep
in his lungs and making it easier for him to breathe. “Park Jimin,” he finally said, breaking the silence, tasting his intended’s name on his tongue. “Sweet, I guess. You had to marry him anyway,” Hs had shrugged and if Yg hadn’t known Hs for as long as he did, he might’ve
missed the bite in the alpha’s tone, accompanied with that ugly, rotting stench once again. Yg figured it was best to overlook it. But his alpha had /preened/ at the mention of Jm. Twirling around, giggling like a mad man. And in that moment, Yg had decided that he would hate Jm,
if only to spite his alpha. “I can't settle it, my alpha,” Yg gulped audibly. “You've already got his address, Yoongi. I can see one way to settle it.” ~•~
Yg was determined that he wouldn’t heed to Hs’s advice, wouldn't bow down to his alpha and go looking for its mate. That is until push had come to shove and Yg felt his insides burning on hot coal. His alpha had waged its own little war against Yg. It had felt like barbed wire,
sprinting around inside him, tightening and forming a noose around his organs, making everything it came in contact with, bleed. So he had finally given in, not because he had accepted defeat, but just so he could get this inconvenience of an alpha out of his way.
Although he had found his apartment latched shut, it hadn’t taken him long to figure out Jm’s whereabouts. What did take him long though, was calming his alpha after the state they’d found Jm in. Beaten up and battered, his body a canvas of colors: blue, purple, red all painted
on his petite body making him look so, so fragile. ~•~
\”Ple-Please Alph-Alpha. I’m s-sorry,” Jm begs as raw fear cripples down his spine, making his throat run dry and body feel too heavy to be his own. Kneeling between his alpha’s legs, with only a sheer linen jeogori covering his modesty, Jm knows none of his pleas for mercy will
deter the alpha from whatever punishment he has set his mind on. The alpha takes a long drag of his cigar before leaning forward, one arm resting on his thigh as he grabs Jm’s jaw in a vice grip with his other hand, tightening his hold until spit rolls out of the omega’s mouth.
“What exactly are you sorry for, huh, omega?” he spits as he loosened his grip just a little, signaling that Jm is allowed to speak. “I-I’m a di-disgraceful omega,” he hiccups. “A-A dunce, good-for-nothing omega.” He knows it, knows what would make his alpha calm even a bit
and show an ounce of mercy. “I ne-need alpha t-to teach m-me.” The alpha hums, disgust written all over his face as his cigar threatens to burn out. Jm has an inkling of what might come next. It was his fault anyway, with how careless he had been with his omega pups, letting
them run out while his alpha had had guests over. As his body shivers, he knows his pups are asleep in the room across the hallway now and if he is too loud he might risk waking them up. So he bites down on his tongue to ready himself as the alpha’s grip becomes firmer.
As the cigar is pressed right below his left nipple, burning through the cloth and imprinting its mark on Jm’s skin, he feels all the air rush out of his lungs, body squirming in the alpha’s hold and pained whimpers reaching his ear along with a metallic taste in his mouth,
“That’s the only fucking mark you deserve,” his alpha says.\
Jm wakes up with a jolt to a familiar face he had not wanted to see anytime soon a mere inches away from him, grinning with a boxy smile. “Welcome to the land of the living, Jiminie,” Th giggles as he moves away to allow Jm to take in his surroundings. The walls are painted a
pristine white, spotless and yet dull. On his left are thick gray curtains, drawn from one corner to the other, very likely concealing the windows behind them. On his right lies a side table made of steel and a chaise lounge on the opposite wall, flanked by a storage cabinet.
“Where-pups,” his voice comes out hoarse, only now making him realize how parched his throat is. “Oh, they’re in the hospital’s day care downstairs,” Th says as if it is the most obvious thing in the world, to take away his pups without his knowledge.
“No,” Jm croaks as he makes a move to get up, only to be held back down by the searing pain in his abdomen, making him cringe. Th is beside him in an instant, helping him lie back down. “It's quite bad Jiminie. Don't move too much.” “You’re lying,” Jm accuses. “You’re a liar.”
Th doesn't reply at first, going around the bed towards the curtains. “I’ve never lied to you, Jiminie,” he says with a forlorn look as he draws open the curtains, making Jm squint his eyes and bring up his arm to cover them. Every little movement hurts, a painful reminder of his
humiliation. But he doesn't have much time to dwell on it, his mind already running a mile a minute with how he ended up here, what is Th doing with him, and most importantly, where his pups are. “I might’ve kept the whole truth from you the last we saw each other, but I
didn't /lie/” he continues, lips curling and expressions getting cockier by the second. “Taehy-” “Jimin-ssi,” Th turns to look at him with sharp eyes. “They’re safe. Your pups are safe. I am not lying because if i was you would have smelled it on me by now. But you haven't,
have you?” Th pauses and Jm takes a sniff of the scent around him. Its apple and cinnamon and nothing seems off about it. When Jm makes no move to respond, Th continues, “See? Now that we have that settled, let's talk about more important things, shall we?”
Th moves towards the storage cabinet, pulling out a kettle from inside. “Can I interest you in some tea, Jiminie,” he smiles sweetly. It must be his evil smile, Jm thinks. “How did I get here?” Jm seethes, his patience running thin and anger boiling right beneath the first layer
of skin. “Hyung found you. Outside your family home, knocked out. Your pups sleeping beside you,” he hums as he plugs in the kettle. “Atleast that's what he told me,” he says, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly. As the water begins to boil, the bubbling filling in the
silence of the room, Jm’s mind wanders to his pups again. It's a sad picture, really, what Th just described and Jm can't help the heaviness forming in his eyes, blurring his vision. “Ho-how did he-your brother-know where I was?” Jm gulps.
“Its his city, Jiminie. Its his job to know,” Th says, coming over to the bed with two mugs in his hand. “Here,” he pushes a mug towards him, “I made you some too, even though you were so blatantly rude,” he pouts, lips jutting out and the edges upturning into a smile. Jm wants
to roll his eyes at that, shut him down, but a craving for the hot beverage wins over his annoyance. “So,” Th continues, settling down at the foot of the bed, “When are you and hyung getting married?” Jm chokes on his tea. It’s scalding hot and burns his tongue and then
throat as it rolls down. The coughs shake his body, reminding him of how injured he is. “I’d suggest waiting for a little bit. Your face is a mess right now, doesn't do justice to how pretty you are.” “Get out,” Jm hisses.
It doesn't deter Th one bit. “You’re quite ill-mannered, Jiminie. That's no way to treat your future brother-in-law now.” Th sips on his tea as he holds Jm’s eyes.
“You’re no one to me,” Jm spits, his breath coming out heavy and scent mixing with an angry red. “Min Yoongi is no one to me.” Th takes in a deep breath and moves to place his mug on the floor beside the bed before getting closer to Jm. “Listen Jm,” he starts, his voice low,
calm, calculated, and face almost blank, “let me lay down your cards before you. You’re an unmated omega, with a bunch of pups hanging off of you, living in a city that bleeds you dry before you could even snap your fingers. You might be married on paper, yes, but considering how
you’ve been cooped up in a one room apartment in that filthy alley for over a year now, it doesn't seem your alpha is too eager on having you back.” Jm wants Th to stop. He pricks on his pride and it takes all of Jm’s will to not look away in shame. And as his throat begins to
constrict and eyes start to prickle, he realizes that he’s being stripped off of his remaining shreds of dignity by a stranger he has only probably met twice and it stings. “And your parents,” he scoffs, “they love their little Jiminie so much, don't they, huh?”
“Please..,” Jm whispers, drawing his covers towards himself and finally looking away towards the window as thick tears burn his cheeks. “Let’s not live in our fantasies, Jm-ssi. You’re not sitting on a fortune either. And if hyung hadn't found you, you would've rotten at the
threshold of your own home. Hell, you can't even pay the bills here if you wanted to. So think, Jm, think long and hard about the choices you have. Or if you even have any choices.” Th looks away then, and Jm thanks the Gods for sparing him of his piercing gaze. “I’ll send your
pups here,” he says as he gets up to leave, allowing Jm to wallow in self-pity. It's quiet whimpers this time, he knows his bruised body will not take violent sobs well. The sun sets outside the window, immersing the room in its orange hues and it gives Jm a moment of
distraction. He knows it won’t last long, he’s spent too much time wound up in hopes, false hope. As he struggles to lie down again, Jm thinks Th is like a snowflake. Beautiful and yet cold. So cold. ~•~
Its almost ten when Yg enters the hospital room, and the first thing that hits him is the scent. Its sweet, with a thin layer of something rotten spread over it, almost as if protecting the omega’s saccharine scent even as he sleeps, with his youngest tucked beside him.
Vanilla, Yg thinks. Rose, his alpha supplies, making Yg roll his eyes. Jm looks small, tucked under the covers with only his bed hair and puffy eyes peeking out. Walking through the entryway, Yg sees the other two pups animatedly whispering among themselves. As Yg clears his
throat, they turn to take note of him. “Uncle Yoonie,” Dahie, Jm’s middle child, as she had introduced herself, comes running towards him. “Hi,” Yg says as he crouches down to her level, a ghost of a smile on his face. “Chocolates?” he offers, holding out the box he had
bought from the grocery store right in front of the hospital. Dahie squeals, nodding her head frantically. “Dahie,” comes a whisper yell from the chaise. “Appa’s sleeping. You will wake him up,” chides Hanuel as he looks away from Dahie to glare at Yg with a heavy pout on
his face. Yg thinks the eldest resembles Jm the most, cold and reserved. Yg was not too fond of the way he had met Jm’s pups for the first time. As much as his line of work required him to be witness to blood and gore and helplessness, he didn't find it fair to ever involve
children (or even omegas for that matter). Jm had lain unconscious on the ground, his two youngest sound asleep next to him as the eldest had sat there, whimpering as thick tears had rolled down his face. “Appa’s hurt,” is all the youngling had said as his lips wobbled with
an ugly purple bruise set on his face. The ride to the hospital had been a little awkward. Hanuel had kept staring at Yg in the rear view mirror until Yg had turned around and muttered a curt ‘what’, making the pup look away outside the window for the rest of the ride. Frankly,
it had made Yg feel a little guilty, he was a little pup anyway, but he had much on his mind to worry about it too. So he tried to make conversation with the girl, the only one awake apart from the two of them, and it had come quite easy to him.
A shuffling noise makes Yg break away from his thoughts as he turns around to look at Jm, stirring in his bed. He sees him sniff the air, half asleep, and his eyes snap open, looking at Yg momentarily before quickly looking away.
“Appa,” Hanuel gets up and moves towards the bed, offering a glass of water to Jm from the bedside table and Dahie follows behind him. Jm groans, quietly, as he tries to sit up. “Appa,” she smiles with all her teeth as she pulls the box of chocolates over her head. “Uncle
Yoonie bring choco,” she giggles. The air gets thicker then, the rotten scent taking over slowly, and Yg isn't sure how to interpret it. “It’s just chocolates,” he says. Jm nods slightly, looking down at the glass he’s holding as his fingers fidget around it. “Sorry,” he
mutters, before he bends down slowly, muttering something in Haneul’s ear. Haneul looks at him once before taking his sister by her wrist towards the chaise at the farther end of the room. Yg thinks Jm must be a commendable father with how the pups obey him.
Seeing as Jm must have sent the pups away so the two could talk, Yg moves closer to the bed, halting at its foot. Yet, Jm does not look up, the only sign of him acknowledging Yg’s presence being the spike in his scent as he shifts a little away.
“I didn't mean to disturb your sleep, but I needed to clear certain things with you,” Yg starts, keeping his voice low to not disturb the youngest pup still soundly asleep, unaware of the thick tension developing in the room. When Jm makes no move to respond, still looking at his
glass and body frozen in place, Yg continues. “I know its not my place yet and Ido have my own suspicions, but i wanted to ask who did this to you.” If it was even possible, Jm stiffens up more, as his shoulders curl in on himself and scent turns sour. “Aboji,” he murmurs
as his throat bobs. Yg knows omegas are not the most sought after offsprings in remote villages and towns even to this day, no matter how different the society is in the city, only a few hundred miles away. Even then, it’s still too cruel to leave one’s own son in the way
Yg had found him. But he doesn't allow himself to feel sorry for Jm, only replying with a noncommittal hum. Yg turns to look towards the window. The private room he had booked for Jm is on the 21st floor, making him look down at the city which is only beginning to come alive.
Jm hasn’t looked at him yet, hasnt said a proper word to him since he came in, and it makes Yg want to reach for a smoke. He puts his hands in his pockets before he continues. “Our first meeting didn't pan out very well,” he clears his throat before looking back at Jm, “so I
would like to tell you my offer still stands.” Yg thinks it's weird how his alpha feels the calmest it has been since the last couple of days. It sits at the back, silently observing every little move its mate makes, almost like how a predator would examine its prey, except
that the predator is tame, sitting on its hind legs, holding its breath. Almost as if Yg is in control, almost. He thinks he wouldn't mind being around Jm if it gives him even a pretentious command over his alpha. “Do you understand, jm-ssi?” Yg askes when Jm doesn't respond,
its not as if Yg had expected him too, anyway. “Y-yes,” he says meekly. “Take a couple of weeks and think about it. I’ll leave one of my men outside, in case you need anything.” Jm’s scent starts picking up at that and before Yg even knows it, his alpha is releasing soft
calming pheromones into the air, pacifying the omega. So much control, Yg scoffs. “He’s trustworthy,” Yg says, making Jm nod his head before he mumbles out another “sorry.”
He hears the pups whispering behind him, making Jm look up towards the chaise. It makes Yg shift his weight uncomfortably as he thinks the pups might’ve heard him. He should probably leave. “I can keep you safe, Jimin,” he says instead to convince Jm and it’s embarrassing when
it comes out like a plea instead, voice quieting down towards the end. He should fucking leave. “I’ll see you in two weeks, then, Jm-ssi,” he says before turning to smile at the pups as he goes around the bed towards the door.
Only once he is outside, he releases the breath he didn’t even know he was holding. ~•~
“Tae. Hyung, no,” Jk’s pants, breath coming out heavy from the dizzying scent of sweet apples and his own arousal thickening the room. Th hums as he continues sucking on Jk’s scent gland. The sound of fabrics rubbing against each other fills the room as Th grinds down on Jk’s
clothes crotch, straddling the alpha. “It’ll swell, baby,” Jk croaks out, voice so low it sends shivers down Th’s spine, making his legs close in and tighten around the younger’s hips, making his breath stutter.
“Wear a scarf, then,” he says as lips detach from the alpha’s neck, only to capture his lips in a bruising kiss. He bites down on his lower lip, drawing out a moan from the alpha. Jk’s hands tighten on his waist and Th knows it will leave marks that he’ll cherish until he finally
gets to feel the other again under his touch. The alpha pushes him back a little with a firm hand against his chest after a few moments, “It’s thirty degrees outside, hyung,” he heaves. “And I need to go pick up Jimin-ssi’s pups from school. Can't risk myself smelling of you,
Taetae.” The alpha’s eyes are round, pleading as he lands a soft peck on Th’s lips. “Stop,” he whispers, “I need to leave.” “But I’ve missed you, Kookie,” Th whines, ducking his head in the crook of the alpha’s neck, drowning in his scent. “I want you,” he rasps, continuing to
grind down on the alpha. “It’s been so long.” “I want you too, hyungie.” “Liar,” Th pouts, halting his movements. “If you wanted me, we would’ve been mated by now,” he complains, pulling back to look at the alpha with knitted eyebrows. “And then your brother would’ve killed
me and left you a widow.” “No, he wouldn't.” “Yes, he would and you know it, my baby bear,” Jk says as he brings up his palm to tuck away a loose strand of hair behind the omega’s ear.
Th looks away, taking in a lungful of air to calm himself. His arousal is killed anyway, with annoyance bubbling up and taking its place. “It’ll get better soon. Hyung will be married and won’t have much time to keep tabs on me anyway.” He looks back at the alpha who’s hand
is still stuck in his hair, gently combing it down. “Atleast I could see you more.” “/If/ he gets married,” Jk corrects. “Jm-ssi hasnt agreed yet, has he?” “No. But he will,” Th asserts, expressions hardening. “You can’t be sure.”
Taking a long hard look at the alpha, Th moves to get up from the alpha’s lap to move towards his dresser. “Hyung.” Jk’s voice comes out firmer. Th chooses to ignore him as he looks at himself in the mirror and brushes through his hair. “Hyung, what did you do?”
“Nothing.” Th shrugs. “Taehyung,” Jk voice is louder this time as his scent starts getting thick with frustration. Jk scurries towards him, stopping right behind the omega. It makes anger boil within Th as he turns to look at the alpha. “I’ve done nothing,” he hisses, “yet.”
“Tae, baby,” Jk starts, trying to calm the omega. “Liste-“ “No. You listen Jungkook,” Th yells, no longer holding in his anger. “I’m /sick/ of waiting for you like a fucking house omega. Meeting you in fucking hotel rooms. It makes me feel /dirty/. /Unwanted/. Like-like
you’re ashamed of me. So fuck me if I’m trying to do something about it unlike you,” he presses his index finger at the alphas chest, “you, who-“ “I’m sorry,” Jk pleads, holding on to Th’s shoulders and releasing calming pheromones for him. And as his vision starts getting
blurry, jk asks,”let me hug you.” Th cries in the alpha’s arms for as long as fate would allow him too. They settle down on the bed. Jk keeps running circles with his thumb at the omegas back and holding him tight so he doesn’t break apart. “I’m sorry, Tae.” Jk’s breath
feels hot on his ears and it makes Th long for the void in his heart to be filled. “My love. Baby. My precious. I’m sorry. But baby, please, /please/ don’t do anything rash.” Jk’s voice is soft and along with his pheromones it makes Th fight off sleep. “I’ll handle it. I promise,
baby.” “I hate it when you settle me,” Th murmurs. “You were hurting, sweetheart. I had to.” Jk leaves after a while, kissing Th deeply and muttering another apology.
Once the air is left is no traces of the alpha, Th’s own rotten apples reaching his nose, he picks up the phone and dials. His call is received after a couple of rings. “Hobi hyungie,” Th forces out a smile. “Do me a favour?” ~•~
Two weeks. Two weeks is what the alpha had given Jm to decide the fate of his pups and himself. Mere two weeks to a simple-minded omega who hadn’t been raised to make such huge decisions on his own.
It wasn't an omega’s place to be entrusted with such matters. And yet, the alpha had stood there, for the second time in a span of two days, giving Jm a choice. A choice that didn't seem like one, leaving Jm stranded between the Devil and the deep sea. Jm knew it was a
farce choice, even the alpha’s brother could see it. He’d spent a couple of days at the hospital, wary of the alpha standing guard outside his door who would knock time and again, asking if he could assist with anything and Jm had shook his head no everytime.
But he had needed his help eventually once he was discharged. It was easier, convenient. And yet it had once again rubbed his wound raw. The fear of not having a protector, the helplessness of not belonging, the gaping void in his omega begging to be filled.
“I’m Jungkook,” he’d said, eyeing Jm through the rear view mirror as he put the keys in the ignition to drive Jm and his pups to his home. Jm had nodded his head slightly and the ride had been silent. His head throbbed and his chest still ached. The doctor had informed him it
would take a while for the bruising to go away. Jm had wished there were a cure for the ailments of his heart as well, for how worthless he felt, and how he could no longer go through the day without being reminded of the fate that awaited him.
The alpha, Jk, hadn’t left even after dropping them home. He’d stay parked outside their apartment, in the narrow alleyway, and get food for Jm and his pups twice a day. Jm had rejected it at first, it wasnt proper for him to accept such things from an alpha like that. “It’s
hyung-nim’s order, Jm-ssi. Please don't kill the messenger,” Jk had said. It had seemed the both of them were at the older alpha’s mercy and so Jm hadnt retaliated much after that. It was easier, convenient.
And so, slowly, Jk had eased Jm into letting him take the pups to and from school, but only on the condition that Jm would accompany them as well. Jk hadnt been too fond of the idea, considering how Jm had hissed everytime he tried to move, straining his muscles in places he had
received injuries. But there was no way that Jm would let his pups leave the house unchaperoned, that too with an alpha he barely knew. Jk had caved in, letting Jm ride along, mumbling things under his breath about how the omega needed rest.
Jm thought he didnt mind having Jk around. ~•~
No matter how desperately Jm tried to hold on to every passing moment, days passed on too quickly for his liking. The stress was eating Jm up. The situation weighed heavily on his shoulders and he felt as if his body was made of steel.
He knew what it meant to be married, what roles he’d have to play, and the punishments he’d have to bear. It didn't matter to him much though, he knew he could handle the beatings and a few broken bones, the searing pain in his back that always came after presenting for an alpha,
the violent insults that he knew he deserved. He /could/ handle all of that. If he couldn't, there was probably something wrong with /him/. Omegas were meant for this, his eomma had taught him, naturally suited to bear their alpha’s offsprings and serve them with whatever they
required, without question or complaint. ‘Time heals everything, Minie,’ she had advised, ‘learn to be patient.’ And so, Jm could bear everything. Everything, if it meant his pups would be safe. The alpha had promised safety for him /and/ the pups but could Jm risk trusting
him? He didnt know what would happen to his pups, how the alpha would treat them, if he’d even keep them in his house or make Jm part with them. After all, they didnt belong to him, they weren't /his/ blood.
Worry kept him up most nights and even when he did fall asleep, an uninvited nightmare would sneakily find its way home through the narrow cracks of his sleep muddled brain. On such nights, he would lay awake until the break of dawn, looking over at his pups peacefully sleeping
on the bed, from where he lied on the mattress on the floor. He already carried a life’s worth of guilt on his shoulders for uprooting them from their alpha father’s home and not being able to provide enough for the three of them. He worried if the pups could handle it again.
“Do you miss home, kids?” He’d slipped into conversation during dinner one day. He hadn't been able to sleep a blink the night before, what with the two weeks almost coming to an end. It felt like a sword hanging over his head, held only by a delicate thread.
“But-but isn’t this our home, Appa?” Hanuel had asked, genuine concern marring his soft features. Jm shook his head. “No, no, of course it is, Hani. Appa just-no, dont worry. Eat,” he forced a smile, gesturing towards the young one’s plate. The topic had shut down there, with
his pups starting to bicker among themselves and Jm was glad for the distraction. ~•~
Jm had been nursing his injuries when he’d heard a knock on the door, making him jerk from the sudden noise and rubbing on a wound the wrong way. It had been Jk, with their lunch and an envelope addressed to Jm, surprisingly.
It was unlikely anyone would send him a mail and his heart had leaped out of his chest when he saw who it was from: his alpha. He hadn’t had a single communication with the man since he had thrown him and his pups out on a particularly stormy day and as much as he had wished
and prayed for it, he now dreaded what it would contain. He’d avoided opening it, hidden it away from his eyes, under the bedding and gone back to nursing his wounds. Until he couldn’t ignore it anymore. His breath stuck in his throat as he opened the brown cover to papers
bringing his worst nightmare come true. Words like ‘divorce’ and ‘husband’ popping out as his vision blurred and knees gave up. Along with that however, came a puny sense of relief that Jm squashed down as quickly as it came up. That night, as he muffled his sobs in his
pillow once the pups had slept, he made his decision. There was no point in being married again. ~•~
“Hyung-nim wants to see you today,” Jk had informed him in the car, as he drove Jm’s pups to school. He had known this was coming, was counting down the days, and yet Jk’s words had filled him with dread. He knew he couldnt avoid it and yet wished the earth would swallow
him whole so he didn’t have to go see the alpha. “We can go after we drop them off,” Jm had croaked out as he gestured towards his pups. Now, as he walks through the ornate halls of the apartment complex he had first met the alpha in, his palms sweaty, he worries if he has
made the right choice. “Here, Jm-ssi,” Jk points towards the elevator. “He’s in his office right now,” he continues as they enter and Jk presses the button marked ‘25’. “He doesnt usually work out of here though, its mostly from Gangnam,” he informs. “Although, he lives
on the floor above his office here.” jm merely nods in acknowledgement, head too muddled with anxiety. When the lift doors finally open and Jk moves out, waiting for Jm to follow, he realizes he can't move. His legs are frozen where he stands, too heavy for him to lift.
Gravity, he thinks, it must be gravity. “Jm-ssi,” JK prods, voice giving away hints of concern. But the younger sounds too far away fro Jm to be sure. “Are you afraid?”
Is Jm afraid? Why wouldnt he be afraid? He /should/ be afraid because he’s weak. He’s weak and anyone who smells his omegan scent will know it. He /needs/ to be afraid.
“Jm-ssi?” Jk asks again and this time Jm is sure its concern. The alpha steps closer with light steps. “I’m not supposed to know about this but,” he clears his throat before continuing in the same soft voice, “even if you reject hyung-nim’s proposal, he’s not going to hurt you.
He might have a reputation, but he isnt like that. I promise.” Jm isnt certain what ‘reputation’ the alpha speaks of and even though his concern is a little misplaced, his words still manage to calm him a bit.
He finally walks out the lift and motions for Jk to lead the way. The alpha stops at one of the many doors lining the corridor and raises his hand, whispering a “ready?” to Jm before knocking thrice.
A faint “come in” is heard from behind the door, muffled by the walls. Jk pushes down the handle, revealing a faintly lit room, curtains drawn on the windows. Once Jm is a few feet inside, Jk stiffly bows to him, quite unlike how he has been the past week, and closes the door
behind him as he leaves. The alpha’s musky scent is heavy in the room, accompanied with a strong stench of cigarette smoke, and Jm tries his best to focus on anything and everything else. There’s a vintage-looking teakwood desk lying a couple of meters from him. The room is
quite big, extending towards his left where an arch divides the office into two. Concrete finish walls adorn the other part where a few bookshelves and a single L couch lies in one corner, the alpha sitting on it. As his eyes travel upwards, he finds the alpha already looking at
him, making Jm instantly look back towards the carpeted floor. “Morning, Jm-ssi,” the alpha addresses. “Coffee?” “No, thank you,” Jm mumbles. Yg hums. “Alright, then. Why don't you come over here.” Jm nods slightly before he walks towards the other side of the room on his
left, halting at a respectable distance from the alpha. Only now he notices the coffee table placed in front of the alpha, strewn with various envelopes, an empty coffee mug and an ashtray requiring immediate cleaning.
“You can sit here, you know,” Yg speaks after a long pause, patting the sofa. “Its alright. Thank you.” He decides to focus on the ashtray, counting the burnt filters to keep him grounded. /One./
“Okay.” Jm wishes Yg would address the issue thats been making his stomach churn the past the couple of weeks. He wants it to be over quickly, ripped off like a band-aid. Dragging it only makes the knot in his stomach tighten, the urge to run away taking over as the moments pass.
He cant initiate the topic himself, it isnt proper for an omega to speak so openly to an alpha. /Two./ He hears Yg clear his throat then. “Have you given my offer any thought, Jm-ssi?” If jm werent so caught up with his nerves, he’d actually find the question quite funny,
considering how he hadnt given a single thought to /anything/ else except this. “Yes,” he says, without missing a beat. /Three./ “And?”
Jm’s breath gets a little heavier then, the practiced words failing him now. When he doesnt say anything, the alpha asks, “Do you have any questions for me, Jm?” He nods hid head frantically at that. /Four./ “Go ahead.” /Five./
“I- I want to-,” he gulps audibly. “Wi-Will alpha m-mark me?” He feels the alpha’s scent whirl around him then, caging the omega in its strength. And jm regrets it instantly. Foolish, so foolish. What did he think would happen? Which alpha in their right mind would ever mate an
omega already bled and bred by another? /Six./ What if the alpha gets aggressive? What if an omega asking for a bite mark hurts the alpha’s pride? /Seven./ What if Jm doesn’t make it out of this room? What if his pups never see him again? No. No! He needs to leave. He needs
to run out like the pathetic excuse of an omega he is. /Eight./ His fear spikes with the change in the alpha’s scent, Yg’s silence making him shudder where he stands. He takes a step back, eyes the door he came in through with his peripheral vision. /Nine./
“Come here,” Yg orders, shifting back on the couch as he spreads his legs further apart and pats the space between them. Its not a command and yet his voice drips with authority. Jm knows better than to question him, to simply comply to the alpha. And yet, “W-why,” he
breathes out, voice a little hoarse. “Dont you want alpha’s mark?” “Ri-Right n-now?” Out of all the scenarios he had imagined, somehow this seems the most nerve wracking, sending shivers to his spine as his knees threaten to buckle in. “Yeah,” Yg says simply.
Jm doesnt understand. He doesnt understand how the alpha could agree to mark him, claim him. He doesnt understand how the thing he has wanted for most of his life suddenly feels like its caging his heart, making it hard to breathe. He doesnt understand and yet, before he
knows it he’s already moving towards the alpha, their knees almost brushing before he steadies himself and turns around to sit at the edge of the couch between the alpha’s legs.
The alpha hooks an arm around his torso, pulling him back flush against his chest. It makes Jm let out a low whine as his palms clutch each other even tighter, threatening to tear the soft skin. The alpha must notice it because both his hands come forward then, engulfing each of
Jm’s. His thumbs run warm, soothing circles at the back of his hands before he breaks them apart and rests each of Jm’s palm on either of his own knees. Jm cannot grab at them, he shouldnt. So he lets them rest where the alpha kept them.
The alpha hooks his head at the right crook of Jm’s neck as he sniffs his hair. “It’s going to hurt,” he says in his ear, voice hoarse but gentle and Jm finally gives in as he tightens his hold on the alphas knees, fingers digging in. The alpha’s hands caress his arms before
coming up to tilt his face towards him. “Look at me, Jm,” he whispers delicately. And when Jm’s gaze travels up to rest on the alpha’s cheek-bones, he hears the alpha sigh.
“I wont hurt you.” And Jm must be delusional because he thinks he hears a plea in the alpha’s voice. And then: “You want this, right?” A shiver travels down his spine, finding home in his gut as he pulls his legs even closer. Jm falls short on words, head too muddled with the
alpha’s scent. So instead he tilts his neck, presenting his left gland to the alpha.
It feels like a thousand needles prickling his body all at once when the alpha brings his jaw down on the omega’s neck. The pain is fierce, making him burn all over as he starts to squirm. The alpha tightens his hold on him: one hand grabbing his arm while the other burns his
scalp. The alpha lets go just as quickly as he’d bitten down. He licks at the droplets of blood oozing out of Jm’s skin, closing the wound he’d engraved on the omega’s skin. Jm feels nauseous as the pain begins to subside, his soft whimpers the only sound in the room apart
from the alpha’s sloppy licking noise. He shifts on the alpha’s lap, only now noticing the his clothed manliness poking hard at his behind. And it makes him panic, the ghosts of his past trying to find their way in as his brain begins to shut down.
His body trembles, a sob building its way to his throat. He thinks he might actually puke but he doesnt have the strength to warn the alpha.
He sees the alpha bend down before bringing Jm’s legs up on the couch, laying them across the alpha’s own legs. He feels his fingers relax as the alpha unhooks them from his trousers. And before Jm knows it, his head is resting in the crook of the alpha’s neck, letting him
breathe in his scent, the tangerine strong this close. Maybe its the after effects of being bitten, or a fever building up inside him, but Jm feels warm, so warm as he drifts off, numbness taking over his brain.
/Ten. A whole pack./ “Sleep, my little pup.” ~•~
[A/N: Major thanks to Zad for this!! Also, check out her AUs, she’s a gem of a writer!!]
\Jm is floating. There are soft, bouncy clouds underneath him, engulfing him in a milky white haze and he's floating. It feels like being cradled in a mother’s arms. And there's the sun, on his right. So, so close. He panics for a second, thinking it would burn him, but it
doesn't. Instead, it feels warm on his skin. It's inviting, like sunshine on a winter night. And Jm, Jm has always been weak for warmth. He’d looked for it in the depths of his despair, in nights that didn't let him have peace. So he reaches out, stretching his arm, desperate to
grab at the sun and keep its warmth within himself. He doesn't feel it when it happens, but he can see his fingers turn to ash where he touches the sun. It was supposed to be warm, he thinks. He walks further, wanting to see his hands from up close. But its…its gone, the whole
limb, turned to dust, vanished from sight. It keeps burning and burning until there's nothing left of Jm. Until he’s reduced to mere specks of dust, blown apart, forgotten. And the only thing he can do is whisper to the wind.\
His body feels like it's on fire when he wakes up, burned from inside out, and his hand rushes to his neck. The skin there is rough, contoured and it stings when his nail accidentally scratches it. It settles in yet again. He’s mated. He belongs. Finally.
But there's an unsettling feeling in his chest. It's heavy and constant and it feels wrong. He doesn't fit in this body, it's a different skin and he wants to tear out of it, shed it, abandon it. Is this how it feels to be claimed? Is this what his mother had continually
told him would make his life as an omega worth living? Is this what he had begged for silently day in and day out as the days passed by in his alpha’s home. Is this what it feels like? Does belonging to an alpha mean losing oneself?
He shuts his eyes close tightly, desperate to will his thoughts away. He can't be ungrateful now that he has his heart's desire fulfilled, no matter how uneasy it feels. The sun is high up in the sky, bleeding its blinding yellow in from somewhere behind Jm. He cranes his neck
a little to see the huge floor to ceiling windows behind him, behind which extends a lengthy well maintained garden. He can see the sky from where he lies and it reminds him of his home back in the village. His eyes burn.
He looks away to finally take in where he lies. The first thing he notices is how huge the room is. Almost double the size of his basement floor apartment. His hands tighten on the sheets. It feels like he's being mocked and yet there is no one but him, his own thoughts the only
company. On the farther end is another room. A study, it seems, separated by a framed glass partition. An embellished lamp hangs over the table and Jm thinks there's a familiar touch to it. He likes it.
He turns to look away. The clock on the bedside table on the other end says 1:43. The pups must be home soon. He should get up, prepare their- Wait. Where is he?
His eyes snap open as he rolls to get out of bed. He falls to the floor in his fright but quickly gets up to run towards the first door he sees. He turns the knob, half expecting to be locked in, but it opens up easily to his surprise. He rushes through the hallway that overlooks
what must be the living area until he finds the stairs. He knows he’s distressed, his own bitter smell clawing at the sensitive inner lining of his nose. He needs to get out. He needs to find his pups. There's a small, insignificant voice inside him, telling him they must be
alright, that he has an alpha who’s vowed to keep them safe, but he squashes it down as he runs through the vast space, trying every door to find a way out. The house doesn't seem to ever end and Jm feels as if he's running around in circles, deluded out of his mind. Until he
opens another door, that he's so sure he's opened before, and he sees them. All three of them, sitting on a bed. His youngest two have their faces almost covered in ice cream, spoons in their hands as Hanuel sits in a corner and watches them.
“Get away from them,” he yells at the man standing beside his pups. It's a beta, he can sense it. A serene scent. “Young master, my apologies,” he says, raising his hands in defense before he backs towards a corner. There is no immediate danger, Jm knows it and yet he can't
help fighting the antsy feeling inside of him. Jm stumbles to his pups, breath panting as finally takes their sight in. He caresses their faces, alternating between them as he kisses them all over, mumbling a litany of ‘you're okay, you're okay’. “Appa was so worried, hani,”
he whispers, not wanting to alarm the little ones even more than what they must be smelling their father’s rotting stench.
“Uncle Yg got us here from the middle of class, appa,” Hanuel says with eyes so big Jm almost worries they would pop out. “He said Appa is sick. Then Joonie started crying and he,” he says pointing towards the stranger, “gave us ice cream. Hani told them to not eat but they
didn't listen to me, appa.” his lips wobble at the end. Jm’s heart sinks. “Its alright, Hani,” he combs his fingers through his hair. “Appa will-” “Appa!” Dahyun squeals, making Jm jerk where he sits. “You got a boo-boo,” she says, pointing towards Jm’s neck and as if on cue,
all air leaves his lungs. ~•~
Yg craves control. It keeps him sane, keeps him functioning. He needs it, even. To grasp at opportunities before anyone else can, be one step ahead of others. So when Jm had asked him for a mark, yg had known he wouldn't be able to fight his alpha for its mate for long, would
have to give in eventually. And so, he thought, if the time and place were on his will, it would mean he had had the upper hand. He had told Hs as such, only for the younger to scoff at him and Yg had decided to not listen to him anymore as he had sat in front of him and spewed
curses about the ‘Little Lees’ wanting to “dig their own fucking graves.” “Send them a wedding invite, hyung,” he’d smirked, “they’ll fucking lose their shit.” And if Yg could ignore the restless alpha inside of him, he would actually find it quite funny. But Jm brought along
with him three pure, untainted lives as well and Yg hadn't been too pleased with exposing them to the ways of the world just yet. Yg hummed, dragging the smoke into his lungs. “Hoba, make sure they don't get a whiff of the boy.” “The boy? You call your mate ‘the boy’?” Hs had
laughed. Clapping his hands and all and Yg had barely suppressed the urge to flick his cigarette towards him. “Ah, hyung, youre fucking adorable honestly.” “Shut up.” “Why don't you want them to know, though. Dont fucking tell me youre scared.” “We’ll let them know when /I/
want them to know. And I don’t fucking want to deal with them right now.” ~•~
“You’re still here?” Hs asks as steps inside the office. Yg merely answers with a hum as he continues to go over the files Jk had left for him earlier. “Hyung.” “What?” there's a bite to his tone he hadnt meant for. “Fucking go home Yg. You’ve literally been here ever since
he moved in. Go home. Or fucking put it in his name. The fuck do i care.” His shoulders slump as he feels something akin to guilt creep up his spine. “I did go home.” And he had. In the whole week Jm and the pups had moved in, Yg had been there some five-odd times.
The first time he’d gone back was the day after they had shifted in. He’d heard the soft padding noises of feet running in the hallway, as the lift doors had slid open, the pups’ laughs rising and falling. And then, he had heard him, Jm, giggle. Soft, velvety, the intonations so
perfect it had sounded like a melody. It made his alpha coo. But as soon as he had stepped out of the elevator, about to walk in, all the voices had died down and he was only welcomed with the sight of Jm and the pups, nestled close to each other as they bowed in unison. And just
like that, Yg had wished for the walls of his house to echo their unbidden carefree laughter back in the room. He had told Jm it was fine, that he didn't need to be so formal with him, and yet, he was met with a cold air every time he went up to the penthouse. Jm would barely
speak to him, answering only when Yg asked something. And Yg had tried, he really had, to start a conversation with the younger, only to be shut down with curt answers and a slight nod of his head. The pups were never in sight after that first encounter. He would either walk
in to Jm shutting the door behind the pups as he rushed them in or the door shut closed already. He felt like an intruder, an unwelcome guest in his own home and it didn't settle well with him. It was uneasy at best and daunting at worst to go in there and Yg had done whatever
he could to avoid being in a space that smelled thick and poisonous. “I have work,” he adds defeatedly. “That you could easily have your men do,” Hs rolls his eyes. “Its a fucking excuse.” “It's not.”
“Hyung. When was the last time you slept in there?” Yg takes in a lungful of air. He doesn't want a lecture from Hs of all people right now. “How long are you planning to be holed up in here? Its your fucking house, hyung. Get your ass up there.”
Hs had always been an itch Yg couldn’t scratch. ~•~
It's almost 11 when Yg finally decides he should head home. He might have a questionable sleep schedule himself but he wouldn't impose that on Jm and the pups. There's still some reports he needs to go over so he gathers them in a file and takes along with him.
The house is completely silent when the lift doors open to the penthouse and he feels a familiar intrusive feeling rise within him. /It's my home/ he tells himself weakly.
As he had expected, there's no one in sight. Jm is probably in one of the rooms and he doesn't want to know which. He’s pulled himself enough to come in here. He makes himself comfortable on the pillow-back sofa in the living area, opening up the file he had brought with him.
He’s soon immersed in them with the house so silent, scentless, it almost makes him feel as if it's /before/. That is, until he hears him. “Alpha.” His voice is soft, careful. Yg turns his head around then, taking in Jm’s bowed posture, shoulders hunched and hands clasped at
the front. He wants to look away. “Jimin-ssi,” he says instead. Jm stands straight at that, eyes still avoiding him in favor of whatever he’s fixed at on the carpet. “Shall I set the dinner?” he asks. “Have you eaten?” He shakes his head no. “It’s quite late.”
“I-I was waiting for alpha.” “Jm, i haven't eaten here even once. Why would you wa-” “Appa~.” Jm alerts at once at the sound of Dahyun’s voice calling him from the room at the end of the hallway. “I-Please forgive me alpha,” Jm panics. It's clear in the way his body goes
taut and he rushes out his words. “I’ll just- I’m sorry- please excuse me.” he says before turning away and walking in hurried steps down the hallway. It annoys Yg, this habit of Jm punctuating all his sentences with a ‘sorry’. He chooses to get back to the papers in his hands.
It's a little while later when he feels his alpha stir at the first hint of Jm’s vanilla scent. It's sweet, sickeningly so, and it makes Yg go lax where he sits. His hands fall at his sides, almost as if tied to a thread and swayed by a puppeteer. “Alpha.” it's Jm. Jm and
his soft, saccharine voice, standing at the edge of the sofa before he starts walking with light steps towards Yg, hips swaying to the sound of bare feet as they brush the carpet. Yg gulps heavily.
And when Jm settles himself between Yg’s legs, kneeling in front of him, his breath catches in his throat. Jm’s face glows in the yellow from the lamp beside him, his delicate strands falling in waves over his smooth skin, meeting his eyelashes where they end. And all Yg can do,
all he's capable of doing is stare at the omega, doing nothing and yet looking breath-takingly gorgeous. If only Yg could- “May I please you, alpha.” “Yes,” Yg croaks out without missing a beat.
Yg settles even deeper into the sofa at the first touch of Jm’s hands on his trousers as he struggles to unbutton it. Once he’s done, his hands cruelly pause a thread of a distance above Yg’s briefs. “May I?” he whispers, gaze fixed on where his own hands hover. “/Please/.”
It's when Jm pulls the last remaining piece covering his manhood that the back of his hand finally makes contact with his skin and maybe the shiver that runs down Yg’s spine is not because of the pleasure, but the coldness he feels emanating from the younger’s brush against him.
Jm pulls out his c0ck then, already half hard ever since Yg had smelled him, as his other hand holds down his underwear, pulling it down as much as he can with Yg sitting.
His hand wraps around the base, fingers barely meeting each other. He strokes it lightly before standing up on his knees to reach further. His other hand too comes up to hold Yg’s now shamefully hard erection before he brings his lips closer and gives his head a kitten lick. Yg’s
body jerks at the pleasure and he feels heat creep up his neck in embarrassment. Jm hasn’t even done anything yet. The house is quiet, too quiet, as if listening in to when Yg would finally lose control. Yg swallows as Jm continues to lightly jerk him off with his small hands,
combined with his soft yet practiced licks at Yg’s tip, often landing open mouthed kisses at his length. And if that wasnt torturous enough, Jm ducks his head low before he wets Yg’s base as well, licking a hot stripe up towards the tip, the curve of his nose marking the path
before his tongue follows right after. And when Jm finally takes him whole inside his mouth, all at once, it makes Yg /moan/. “Ngh. Ji-Jiminah.” His legs feel numb, weightless, as Jm continues to bob his head around him, his tongue moving in agonizingly inside his mouth.
Yg’s hands flex, only now realizing one of them stuck in Jm’s hair, pulling slightly, and a sudden overwhelming urge hits him: he wants to push him deeper, wants to see his indentations on Jm’s long thick neck and the mere mental image of it has his fingers tightening his hold on
the omega’s locks. His veins constrict, threatening to burst. /But what if it hurts Jm?/ Jm whines low in his throat, sending vibrations of pleasure through Yg’s vessels. It feels so, so good. Jm’s mouth is hot and wet and trained around him, dragging out gratification from
every single part of his being. /It won’t. It won't hurt him, Yg thinks./ And right when Yg is about to jerk his hips forward, Jm hollows his cheeks around him and Yg feels his gut tighten for a fleeting moment before he comes without any prior warning.
Yg finally looks away from the top of Jm’s head, his head falling back at the sofa and eyes rolling to his head. Jm feels nice, he decides, as the younger suckles his tip, cleaning up every last drop of the alpha’s seed.
By the time Yg calms his breathing and comes down from the high Jm had provided him with, the younger already has Yg’s d!ck back where it belongs, tucked inside his clothes. Yg catches sight of him right when he's buttoning him back, his fingers fumbling.
Yg’s eyes land on his own hands next, still grabbing at the omega’s hair. But as soon as he lets them go, he notices them standing out at places, messed up courtesy of Yg. And it's only fair that Yg combs them down, back to where they belong, maybe as a way to pay him back.
Jm settles back on his heels then as Yg pats down his hair. His knees opened up slightly, settling his palms face down in the space between them. Jm hiccups as Yg continues brushing through his hair, occasionally bringing his hand back to cup Jm’s face, thumb caressing his glossy
lips, stained at places with Yg’s drying cum. Jm arches his back a little, baring his neck as his face tilts upwards, eyes resting on Yg’s chest. He lays his head on Yg’s thigh then, his hot breath seeping in to tease Yg’s skin.
Yg is vaguely aware that he’s petting Jm but he can't bring himself to stop. It calms him. It calms his alpha and Yg doesn't have to fight it anymore. “Pup,” he rasps, “look at me.” Jm tilts his head up slowly, head still on the elder’s thigh as he gulps down and angles his
face towards Yg. And then finally, /finally/ he looks up and- /Oh./ Blue. They're ice blue. His eyes. His omega in full force, at the fore-front. And it should repulse Yg, it really should. And yet, he sits there, petting the omega who’s on all fours.
Jm’s lips move in what Yg deciphers as an ‘alpha’. Yg’s finger’s slide lower, down to the wound on Jm’s neck that is yet to fully heal. He presses his thumb down softly, right in the centre of where his teeth imprints lie, making Jm shudder where he rests on the elder’s thigh.
“Alpha,” he voices this time, a soft plea. His eyes are hooded. He tries to keep them open but keeps failing. Yg bends down, hooking one arm behind Jm’s back, lifting him up a little to slide his other arm behind his knees. He carries him up the stairs towards his- /their/-
room. It seems covered with a layer of Jm’s scent, snuggled in every corner. Fresh roses. Yg sniffs, trying to figure out which side of the bed Jm lies on, but he cant quite catch it. It unsettles him. He chooses to put him on the left, carefully laying him down to not
disturb as the omega sleeps. Jm’s lips are slightly parted, giving delicate sounds to his breath. Beautiful. So fucking beautiful. Yg should probably check on the pups before he joins Jm on the bed. Jm would like that, wouldnt he. Maybe he could check on them for Jm every
night. Yes. Jm would like that. Theres a small tug on his sleeve accompanied with a needy whine as he turn to leave. “Don’t-dont leave me” An order. “I’ll be right back, pup.” A request. “Th-thirsty,” Jm demands.
“I’ll get water for you. Wait for me,” he says before quietly getting up and slipping out of the room. The pups are sound asleep when Yg unlocks their door to check on them. The three of them only taking up a part of the bed, huddled close. And Yg feels an intense urge to
just…drown them in his scent. He moves closer, taking in their sleeping form, their bellies rising and falling with every breath. They're his, the pups, arent they? Yg leaves the room soon after scenting them only lightly, though, he knows Jm is waiting for him. He walks with
hurried steps to the kitchen, eager to quench Jm’s thirst as he grabs a bottle from the refrigerator. He sees it then, in the reflection of the fridge door, staring right back at him, bold and brazen. His orbs glowing a burning gold, his alpha engulfing him, holding him down.
He stands breathless, willing his alpha into submission as his own hazel cracks into embers of golden, seeping in, settling down, until they take over completely. Its only then that he allows himself to breathe. It scares him, sends shivers down his spine, the hair on his skin
standing taught. How did he not know? How did he let the monster get so far? When had he lost himself? /What did it do?/ He swallows down his horror. He cant stay here. He cant risk it. He needs to get out. /Now/.
Once he’s in his car, locked inside, his fingers trembling as he reaches for the lighter, he thinks its Jm. its Jm who had lured his alpha out, enticed him, charmed him with his scent and his sensuality. Jm made him lose control. Jm is to blame. ~•~
A particularly exhausted omega fights sleep in the silence of the night, parched throat looking for respite, as he patiently waits to keep his end of the promise.
A quickly condensing bottle stands forgotten in the middle of the kitchen counter, too far from its rightful recipient. ~•~
In all the years Jm had spent with his previous alpha, he had learned the little tips and tricks to survive in peace with him. The slight heaviness in his sighs when his temper would threaten to rise, the flex of his jaw when something would annoy him, the twitch in his fingers
before it would leave red, glaring marks on Jm’s skin. He had memorized it all, kept in at the forefront in his mind so he wouldn’t be caught unawares. As the years had passed by, he had also learned the things that ticked his alpha the wrong way and how a content alpha meant
a calmer household and way less bruises on his skin. He had honed himself in the skills to satisfy the alpha. It had taken him quite some time and he had to bear the elder’s anger, but it had been the most effective solution to avoid a swollen cheek or a purple eye.
So Jm had only done what he had learnt all those years spent in the house of his previous alpha. He knew the pups’ interruption would have done nothing but annoy the alpha who must’ve come home tired from the day’s work. Jm had panicked at first. It had only been a week since
their mating and Jm did not want the alpha to be disappointed in him this early on and resort to punishing him. He wanted to push his luck, try, atleast, to calm the alpha’s irritation. Jm had slightly shivered at the sight of Yg’s bare c0ck. He was bigger, girthier than his
last alpha and jm had been reminded of how long it had taken for him to adjust to its size. He did not want to suffer through that once again. But it was inevitable and Jm knew he had no choice in it. Taking the alpha in his mouth had not been as daunting as he had expected it
to be. His mouth had opened around him easily, his muscle memory still intact, and even when Jm had feared for losing his voice for a few days when the alpha gripped his hair tight, his anxiety had come to naught. Yg had let Jm go at his own pace and he had been so, so grateful
for that. And then, to Jm’s utter surprise, Yg had petted him. He had petted him and Jm hadn't even been able to give it a single thought before his body had decided to present itself. Jm didn't mind it, though, he would've done it anyway. It was the right thing. Yg was his
alpha and Jm belonged to him. It was natural and he had only reacted in accordance with it. As Yg had continued to caress him, his hands big enough to cup Jm’s face whole, his body had felt weightless, weak, only held together from shattering by the alpha’s feather-light
touches. Jm hadn’t felt like this in years. The last he remembered, was his eomma petting him, right before he had left for his previous alpha’s home. And even then, Jm hasn’t felt the all-consuming calm he felt now. The alpha’s fingers had felt like the touch of cold breeze on
a hot summer day and Jm had reveled in it. Maybe he had finally done something right. He had decided to be good, then. He would be good for his alpha. There wasnt really any other option for him, but still, he had decided. He would make Yg proud of him.
His happy-high was short-lived, though. He had waited for the alpha until the treacherous rays of dawn had seeped in through the slight openings in the curtain along with the realization that he had been left with nothing but a broken promise to hold on to. His pillow had
been too wet by then and he had finally decided to exchange it with the cold one that probably belonged to the alpha. As his own salty tears provided some respite to his parched throat, he had thought, begrudgingly, that maybe this was how the alpha had chosen to punish him. An
ugly feeling creeped up on him, unbidden. What had Mrs. Min said? Ah, yes, ‘abandoned’.
“Are you trying to scrub off the silver from it?” Jm jerks at the voice, the dish he was washing falling with a clang in the basin. “You’ve been at it for ten minutes now. And as much as you hate me inside the kitchen, I really can't have you destroying my beloved silverware
like that,” the man scoffs. “They’re my babies, Jm-ssi.” The beta Jm had met on the first day, who had given ice cream to his pups, had turned out to be the in house chef who had introduced himself as Kim Seokjin. He was a few years older than him and Jm had found it weird
every time he addressed him as ‘young master’. Jm was no one’s master. And after much insistence, the cook had finally settled on addressing him by name. “They’re fine,” Jm drawls, keeping the dish away. Jm had not minded his presence much in the house, he anyway kept himself
locked away in the room with his pups most of the day. And what could he have done anyway, he wasn't sure if he had the right to command any of his alpha’s employees and he sure as hell did not want to push his luck.
But he had still been wary of the man, and had found himself hovering over him all the time, until the cook had finally given up his control of the kitchen. Jm had felt at ease then, having the one place in the house to himself. A part of him couldn't trust the man with his pups’
food and in a week, the cook’s only job left was to sit on the other side of the counter and entertain Jm. And, really, the house felt too big for even him and the pups together and Jin had proved to be a much needed distraction from his own thoughts. The man was quite
expressive, and always managed to ease a smile out of Jm, no matter how gloomy the day had been. But today was different. Jm felt empty. There was nothing tugging at his heart, nothing making his chest constrict. There was only a dark, bottomless void and Jm had decided to stay
there for a while. “Penny for your thoughts?” Jm shrugs, cleaning the counter of the mess he had made. “It must be daunting living alone here,” he thinks out loud. Jin smirks. “Jm-ssi, are you asking if Yg ever had someone over?” “What? That-No I-”
“In all the years I’ve worked for him, I haven't seen anyone apart from his circle step foot in here.” Somehow, Jm feels strangely calm at that. He hadn't wanted to ask but the knowledge made him feel lighter. And he shouldn't pry but still- He turns away, busying himself with
stirring the pot of broth. “Not even during his ruts?” “No.” Jm feels weirdly giddy. “He doesn't spend his ruts here.” the steel ladle falls from his hands, missing the rim of the pot and sliding into the boiling broth. Jm gasps. “Jm-ssi, are you alright,” Jn enquires, rushing
up to Jm and fetching out the ladle with another one. Jm’s brain rushes to the last week, where the alpha had been mostly away, only coming in for short durations before heading out again. And, even last night, when the alpha hadn't slept in his own house, choosing to stay
away, probably with some other omega warming his bed. And yesterday, he had been given one chance, one opportunity to make the alpha happy, to please him, to make him see Jm. Had he failed at that too? Was Yg not satisfied?
It's quiet between them for a while, until Jn breaks the silence. “Jm, i hope you wouldn't think too much about it. It was before you, anyway, right. It was before you were in his bond. There’s nothing to worry ab-” The sound of the bell interrupts them. It's Jk, Jm knows it. No
one else ever comes here. Not even his own alpha, his mind supplies. “I-I should get ready. Jk must be here to take me to pick up the kids,” he says before hurriedly walking past a concerned Jin towards his bedroom. ~•~
The pups have grown accustomed to Jk’s scent too. They cling to his arms, and unknowingly scent him whenever they meet. And as much as Hanuel glares at him, he too melts at the starry-eyed smile the alpha gives him, nudging him and whining at the little pup to give ‘Uncle Kookie’
a hug. Jm should mind it, this growing closeness of his pups to an alpha, but they haven't presented yet and he decides to let them be coddled by Jk for a few more years, hopefully. “Appa,” Dahyun squeals from the back-seat. “Dahie got star,” she says, extending her arms
to show the little shiny sticker on the back of her hand. The five of them are on their way back to the apartment, after picking up the pups. “Wah~” Jk exclaims before Jm can react, eyeing the girl through the rear-view mirror. “Dahie must be the teacher’s pet,” he giggles.
“Jk-ssi,” Jm starts. “You shouldn't-” “Appa, what’s teacher pet?” she asks. “Baby, its-” “It means you’re boring,” Hanuel cuts in, hands folded in front of him, looking outside the window in all seriousness. It makes Jm’s lips twitch up in a small smile.
“Nooo,” Dahie pouts, smacking Hanuel’s arms. Jk laughs from beside him and Jm catches him fist-bumping his youngest who’s perched on Jm’s laps. “You’re not even strong,” Hanuel snaps back. Jm sighs. He’s in for a long ride. Once Jm has, somehow, managed to calm all four of them
down, his mind drifts back to last night. He can't seem to shake his intrusive thoughts and wonders how it would be like to have his own alpha, instead of Jk, bond with the pups. “Oh, Jm-ssi,” Jk cuts in suddenly. “Hyung-nim told me to let you know that he’ll be having dinner
at the penthouse today.” Jm gulps. He should be grateful of his alpha eating with him but he can't help but dread what might happen. What if he doesn't prepare to the alpha’s expectations and disappoints him, yet again. “And Th would be joining too.”
Jm closes his eyes, trying to calm his scent from spiking. “Jm-ssi?” Jk turns towards him. “You alright?” Jm nods. “Can you tell me what Yg-ssi’s brother likes to eat?” “Ah, Th-ssi?” Jk’s voice sounds small. “H-how would i know?”
“You talk about him like you might.” it's far from the truth. Jk’s has stars in his eyes and a silly smile on his lips every time he mentions the man. “And more often than not, you refer to him without honorifics.” he sees Jk’s hands tighten on the wheel but his scent remains
mostly suppressed. “He’s not picky,” he says finally and somehow Jm can't imagine Th being anything but not-picky. “But he really likes bulgogi.” “Ok. Alright. Thank you, Jk-ssi.” it seems to calm Jm’s nerves a bit. At least one thing on the menu for tonight is final. ~•~
Once Jm has put his pups to sleep for an afternoon nap, he rushes towards the kitchen, fretting over what to prepare for dinner. He keeps eyeing the clock in the living room. Only once he has finalized the menu can he look for the ingredients. He probably has four hours, at best.
And he shouldn’t fret over it too much, he has done this countless times for his alpha’s guests. But he can't stop thinking about that one time he had messed up, burning the dinner and having a full blown panic attack on the kitchen floor at the thought of embarrassing his alpha
in front of his guests that he were to bring in that day. And that’s where his alpha had found him too, pathetically sobbing as his brain had refused to function under such stress. It had been humiliating, to say the least, when his alpha had bent him over the counter roughly and
smacked him in the presence of company. The memory sends chills down his spine and he forcefully swallows down the heaviness in his throat. It would be his first time serving food for his mated alpha and he cannot mess this up. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply.
One. Two. three. He opens his eyes, with a strong determination to finally get to work. He knows what his alpha likes, has asked Jn numerous times before starting dinner in the past week and yet, he needs to know once again, just to be sure.
“Jn-ssi,” he calls out and the cook emerges from the back-kitchen. ~•~
No matter how much he tries, he cannot seem to stop his thoughts from running to places he’d much rather avoid. He knows it's not worth it, worrying about what might happen once his alpha is home when he can do absolutely nothing to change it. Maybe he should’ve let Jin cook
instead. Yg is used to his cooking, isn't he? What if he hates what jm has prepared? It's almost a quarter past seven when Jm is finally done with setting the dining table. Jn had insisted on helping throughout and yet Jm had not been able to bring himself to accept it. His mind
had been running haywire, going from adding the spices to one dish to sauce to the other. But as long as he had cooked, atleast he hadn't had the time to worry about anything other than what the right amount of ingredients were to be added nd it had proved a welcome distraction.
Now, as he stands in front of the table, his body begins to feel tired, and all he wants to do is lie down and sleep and never wake up again. How nice it would be, to not have a single worry in the world and be able to breathe without it feeling like a task.
“Just eat if you’re hungry, Jm-ssi,” he hears Jn call. “I’m sure your alpha wouldn't mind.” “Hm? I'm not hungry.” Jm turns to face him. “No? With the way you’ve been ogling the food, I couldn't have guessed.”
Jm wants to smile, if only to humor the beta, but it seems too much of a work. So instead, he goes back to the kitchen and calls out his pups to feed them. It's too early for dinner but he knows they need to eat. And maybe, if Jm is lucky enough, he can put them to bed before the
guest arrives. He can't have them running around in the house when he knows it could very well annoy the alpha. It isn't easy to feed them, especially Dahyun, who keeps pulling at Jm’s cheeks and running laps around the sofa after every bite. Jm can't help looking at the wall
clock every now and then. He needs to go and change as well, make himself presentable before they arrive. Time passes by too quickly for his liking. Once he’s rushed through the pups’ dinner and readied himself, he takes one last look in the mirror. He had decided on a white
blouse, tucked inside his cream colored breezy pants and covered up with a pink cut-sleeved hanbok that reached his mid thighs. It had been in one of the cupboards that Jn had told him were his, along with the contents inside, and Jm had just looked at the cook as if he were
insane. “Mine?” he had asked once again for a confirmation and Jn had merely nodded with a slight hum. “Why?” “Why? You’re his mate, arent you?”
Jm hadnt said much after that. The clothes were anyway better than what he had come along with and a tiny uninvited voice in his head had said that the alpha was probably ashamed to have his omega dressed in clothes that could only be called shabby infront of what hung in the
closet. He had gulped and moved along with Jn who continued showing him around the house. But his eyes had been too blurry and brain too foggy to register anything after that. But he had made sure to thank the alpha for it during one of those times when he’d just stopped by the
house, probably to make sure that Jm and the pups were behaving well. Yg hadnt paid much heed to him though, only told him to stand back up from his bow and then left soon after that and Jm had only wished that the alpha had noticed how he was properly dressed in the clothes he
had left for him. A slight commotion from the hall makes Jm jerk, his lip balm falling off his hands. He hastily picks it up and rushes towards the door. His hand stills at the knob and he forces himself to take a long, deep breath before opening his eyes and stepping out.
He’s greeted by the alpha’s eyes on him and he quickly averts his gaze, well aware of how the other’s stay on him for a while. He flushes and reminds himself to be proper, walking out towards the hall and bowing in greeting first to the alpha and then to his brother, standing
next to him. “Jiminie,” Th comes and engulfs him in a hug and Jm’s eyes once again finds the alpha’s staring right back at him. It sends a shiver down his spine as Th pulls back to look at him. “You look so pretty,” he compliments, a huge smile plastered on his face.
“Thank you. You look handsome yourself.” “Ah! He’s sweet too,” Th turns to address the alpha with a smirk on his face. The three of them settle down for dinner soon. Jm finds himself seated next to Yg, with Th sitting diagonally from him, right in front of Yg. Th marvels at
the amount of food, uncovering lids and gasping out a ‘whoa’ after smelling each one and it only makes Jm’s anxiety work up even more as he tightens his fingers at the edge of the table.
“You alright?” the alpha asks lowly all of a sudden, making Jm jerk a little before he leans in on himself and frantically nods his head in an attempt to not alarm the alpha. Yg’s question also reminds him he needs to serve but just as he makes a move to get up, the alpha’s rough
hands on his wrist make him stop dead in his tracks. “Sit,” he says. Jm is horrified at what happens next. Yg begins to fill Jm’s plate with food, before he serves his brother and lastly, himself. It's not the norm, it's blasphemous even, but Jm knows best to hold his tongue.
“Mm,” Th moans around the food. “When did Jn hyung’s cooking get this good, hyung?” “I dont think it's his,” Yg responds simply and Jm’s hands freeze, his heart thumping loudly in his chest. “Did you cook all of this?”
It takes Jm a moment to realize it's him Yg addressed and he only manages out a meek “Y-yes”. The alpha goes back to eating, and as much as Th compliments the food, Jm’s heart cannot believe a word of it. He feels Th’s praises as the basic courtesy one might extend to a host,
without an ounce of truth in them. He picks around at his food, swallowing down small bites with water as he keeps thinking Yg’s words, or the lack of them, over and over again. The two brothers converse casually next to him, and as much as Jm tries to catch on to their
conversation, he keeps losing focus. “Stop eating like a bird,” the alpha says without a even a hint of bite in his tone as he puts a few more pieces of meat on his plate and much as the sight of food he had cooked makes him nauseous, he can't do much except nod slightly in the
alpha’s direction and finish the servings. Jm doesn't know what to think anymore. The alpha had barely said anything about the food, only asking Jm if he’d been the one to prepare it and all Jm could think of was Yg being disappointed in him, yet again, since he had refrained
from commenting anything else. And in the few days he has spent here, he’s learnt that the alpha isn't too vocal about his dislikes. He ignores them instead, as if they’re not even worthy of his attention. He chooses to be quiet. He leaves instead.
It's in his silence that Yg punishes. And Jm wonders if its better than being thrown around like a rag doll, beaten until every cell in his body is made aware of his flaw, than not knowing what the alpha expects of him. Atleast it doesn't hurt, he thinks.
It's later, when they’re seated in the living room, sipping on some wine Th had brought with him, that the younger asks about Jm’s pups. “They’re asleep,” Jm says but Th continues to ask about them. “Haneul’s the eldest, then Dahyun, and my youngest, Jihun,” Jm indulges him.
“They’re all expected to present as omegas,” he adds at the end. It's more to inform the alpha, than Th, as Jm isn't sure he’s aware of it. He stiffens for a bit, not knowing how the alpha might react, but he only feels his gaze on him from his left as Th begins to coo about the
pups. The hours pass easily for the brothers and once Jm and Yg see Th off, it's almost past midnight. Jm slightly bows to the alpha before he heads to the kitchen to clean up. Yg follows soon after him, carrying the dishes from the dinner table and Jm rushes to get it from his
hands. “It's okay. I-I’ll do it, alpha.” “Stop calling me that.” “What?” “Alpha.” Alpha? It is nothing if not respectful and the correct way to address him. “You know my name, don't you?” “I- I can't call you b-by your name, alph- I mean- I cant. Its wrong.”
Jm feels his skin burn under the alpha’s gaze as he takes a moment to respond. “Call me hyung, then.” Unable to fully comprehend what the alpha wants from him, Jm quickly nods and gets back to work and everytime Yg comes back with plates from the dining room, Jm’s heart bursts
in his ears. Yg goes into their bedroom first and once Jm is done, he feels dread creep up on him. Yg is on his phone, walking up and down in the adjacent study when Jm enters. The rooms smells warmer and Jm is immediately reminded of his exhaustion. Yg spares a glance at
him through the glass partition and Jm takes his cue to go and change in his pajamas. He takes extra time, calming himself down first and then doing as much as he can to make himself presentable in his night clothes. Jm sits on the edge of the bed once he’s out of the bathroom
“Jm,” Yg says from where he leans against the door frame that separates the bedroom and the study. “I expect you to tell me if you need something.” “Yes, alph-hyung.” “Then why is it that Jk tells me you need money?” The alpha asks calmly. So calmly that it makes Jm’s eyes blow
wide as panic sets in and he stands up. “N-No, alpha, I did-didn't say anything. I sw-swear. Dahyun said some-something on the w-way to school and Jk-Jkssi must’ve thought th-that-” “It's alright, Jm. calm down.” He shakes his head. “Alpha. Please. I-I didn't say-”
“Alright.” Jm feels the alpha’s scent engulf him and pull away at the fear in his nerves. “Tell me, then. What do you need?” “I just-,” Jm feels his eyes sting. “My savings are all exhausted and I- the pups they nee-needed some supplies for school.” his voice is barely above a
whisper, the thick lump in his throat making it difficult to talk. The alpha walks into the room then. Jm’s knees wobble slightly as he closes the distance between them. “Here,” he says, offering Jm a sleek blue card. “I should've known better and given it to you already.”
Jm gulps, swallowing down the tears. “I just- just need a little for their supplies-” “Take it,” Yg insists, taking the back of Jm’s hand in his and putting the card there himself. “It's yours. I’m not going to ask you how you spend it.” Jm stills for a moment, registering
the alpha’s touch on him. Warm against the cold of the card. It frustrates him, the alpha’s behavior. His previous alpha had been well-off as well, in Jm’s opinion. They had had food on the table, a roof over their head, and enough for them to get by and Jm had never felt
lacking. He knew he wasn't supposed to be demanding and had never asked for much, had never needed it. And even if he did at the beginning of their marriage, as the years had passed by, it had all died down. So he had never asked, and as expected had never received money from his
alpha, apart from when it was absolutely necessary and even then, he had justified his spending to him. So when Yg gives him this, he can't help the slight panic rise within him. “Okay,” he says instead, closing his palm around it. Jm stands frozen as Yg moves away, back
towards the study, pocketing his wallet and walks towards the door. It's just as Yg’s hands reach the knob that Jm speaks. “Alph-Hyung.” ‘Alphas are fickle-minded, Minie,’ his mother had said when Jm had been unable to bear the hurt and cried to her about how he thought his
alpha was bedding someone else. ‘Like a goldfish. You need to keep them close, make them see you, or you’ll be forgotten.’ “Wont alpha stay the night?” he says slowly as he releases his sweet, honeyed scent in the air to lure him in. He hears a little gasp, a whispered ‘stop’
before the alpha is rushing towards him, grabbing his shoulders roughly, pulling at them. “Stop it.” it's a little louder this time and then he’s yelling. “I said f/ucking stop it Jm!” Jm steals a glance at the alpha, only to find hints of gold cracking in from the edge’s of the
elders pupils and he quickly looks away. It's too much. He feels too weak. Too afraid. Too overwhelmed. Stupid. Stupid. He’s so stupid. His face is hot, wet and Jm realizes he’s pathetically crying. “Hey. hey Jm. its okay. Its okay.” The alpha’s hand comes up behind his
head and when Jm comes to rest his head on the alpha’s chest, sobbing on his shirt, he blames the subtle pressure at the back of his head. His hands bunch up the alpha’s clothes and Yg holds him tighter by his waist, running circles on his back with one hand while the other
cards through his hair. “I-Im so-sorry,” he chokes out. “Its alright-its-Im sorry Jm. Shit. Jm, please. Please, don' cry. Jm.” Jm tries, god he tries so hard to calm himself. Yg pulls back a little, holding Jm face in both his hands and forces him to look up. Jm eyes rest on
the alpha’s neck. “Pup.” its whispered so softly, so gently, it makes Jm let out another sob. “Hey. I’ll stay, alright. I'm sorry.” The next thing jm knows, is he’s being lifted up one second and being put down on the bed the next. “I’ll just go change,” he hears the alpha.
By the time he feels the bed dip next to him, Jm is already on the brink of unconsciousness, the alpha’s warm scent around him a welcome respite. ~•~
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Jm wakes up to a searing pain in his lower back. It feels as if his spine is on fire, spreading torturously slow throughout his body. He shuts his eyes tightly, bringing his hand to grab at his shirt. Its completely drenched in sweat and a low whine escapes him as he realizes
what’s happening. He can't believe how careless he had been, forgetting about his heat and not preparing for it in advance. Who’s going to take care of his pups now? Who’s going to feed them? And how had his heat hit all of a sudden, without any prior indication? Could it be
the side effect of the heat suppressants he had stopped taking all of a sudden once he got mated? He turns on his side to make sure his distress hasn't woken up the alpha, only to find his side empty and cold to the touch. It makes him let out another whine unintentionally.
He presses his back even deeper into the mattress, looking for some respite to the pain but it only keeps spreading inside him, eating up whatever self control he has left. He reaches for the water on the side table, throat hurting from how dry it is. It's only when he picks up
the jug that he realizes how weak his limbs have become, the water spills over on the bed as his hands tremble with the jug’s weight that falls to the floor with a loud clang. His breath shakes a little as tears well up in his eyes, frustrated at how his body refuses to
co-operate on top of the sharp pain that keeps hitting him in his lower spine. “Alpha,” he whispers, tears falling free from his eyes. And Jm is afraid of how much worse it would get if Yg doesn't come back soon.
Jm had always had his previous alpha with him for his heats and even then, the pain in those days had made daily chores a task. So, once the alpha had thrown him out, Jm had shown quick wit in stocking up on heat suppressants until they had run out and then Dr. Kim had been kind
enough to lend him from the hospital stock. But then, he had been mated, and he knew it was wrong to be on suppressants anymore and it could very well anger the alpha. But now, as his body writhes in pain, already weak and desperate for the alpha who’s nowhere in sight, he
wonders if he should have continued taking them. Why had he left? He must've smelled Jm. There was no way he couldn't have, given the fact that they had shared a bed last night. Jm had had warmth around him as he slept. Warmth that hadn't been there for days. Or maybe it was
just another dream, a nightmare dressed as a day-dream that prefaced what Jm was about to go through. Had his scent disgusted Yg that much? Yg had even yelled at him the previous night when Jm had released his pheromones into the air in a weak attempt to make him stay. And
he had, Yg /had/ stayed, but at what cost? Jm had been so sure at that moment when the alpha had yelled at him that Yg would finally punish him. Show him his place, as his last alpha used to say. And his already exhausted body had stiffened up and readied itself for what might
come. But Yg had merely screamed at him. Nothing more. And Jm had been relieved at that. But his overwhelming fears had flowed out of him in the form of tears before he had even realized it was happening and Yg had…held him. And then Yg had stayed. Only for him to leave once
again. Did Jm’s scent reek? Or were Jm’s initial fears about Yg already having another omega true? But Jn had told him Yg had never had anyone over. Could it be that Yg did not like having anyone in his home? He was aware of the existence of lone alphas. The ones who kept to
themselves, not wanting the intrusion of anyone in their own space. Was Jm’s presence a nuisance to Yg? Or maybe Yg did have someone else and had kept it secret from Jn. Or maybe Jn had known and intentionally lied to Jm.
Jm lets out a low sob before he turns over, pressing his face into the pillow. His thoughts are too loud and suffocating in his head and the pain is getting unbearable by the minute. And there seems to be only one thing he can do to breathe a little easier.
He gulps down forcefully to wet his parched throat a before he pushes his crotch down on to the comforter that’s gathered around his middle. His breath stutters a bit, and then he’s rolling down his hips, desperate for at least a bit of release from his misery. ~•~
“Who the fuck?” Hs mumbles, getting up from the couch and leaning over to grab the pistol from the center-table. There’s another impatient knock on his door. Then the sounds of the door-bell ringing over and over. “Fuck you!” he screams, stumbling over a beer bottle on his way
to the door. Once he reaches his front door, he closes his eyes for a moment to settle his dizzying head that won't stop going around in circles. Shit. How much did he even drink? And there goes the bell again. Fuck. He’s going to shoot whoever the hell it is.
He swings open his apartment door with a low growl. And standing in front of him is the one person he had least expected /here/ at this hour. What time is it even? “Yoongi?” Has he started hallucinating now? Was Yg right when he said that Hs might have a drinking problem?
Yg merely hums as he walks past him and settles on the couch. Huh, it is Yg after-all. Hs /doesnt/ have a drinking problem. He has everything under control. Yg picks up a smoke from the pack lying on the table and lights it up, taking a long deep drag. “When’s the last time you
cleaned up, hoba?”, he blows out, eyes running around and examining Hs’s apartment. Hs feels a little conscious before the feeling quickly fades away and he scoffs at Yg. “Clean up yourself if it bothers you,” he says, closing the door behind him. One look at the wall clock
hanging on the wall opposite him tells him it's almost 4 in the morning. “The fuck are you doing here?” “Didn't know i needed a reason,” Yg comments and it makes Hs squint his eyes at him. “Aish…” Hs walks over to him, stumbling once again over the same bottle and cursing out
low before he settles on the couch next to Yg, placing the pistol next to him. “Hyung,” his voice is low. He thinks he’ll give himself a headache if he speaks any louder. “Why the fuck wont you go to your own home, hm?”
He sees Yg gulp, eyes wavering, darting from one place to the other in the room and never settling on Hs. And no matter how drunk he is, Hs can tell Yg’s feeling guilty about something. He’s known the man for way too long to be wrong about his tells. And it's not often Yg feels
regret and it makes Hs sober a bit. He can't even get a day’s rest, can he? Yg mumbles something, too quiet for Hs to hear. “What?” “Jm’s going in heat.”
“Okay. F/uck this, hyung,” Hs shrugs, getting up from where he’s sitting as he comes to stand in front of Yg and starts pulling him by his sleeves. It's a shame he doesn't have too much strength, he should probably catch up on his lost sleep. “Hyung. Leave.” Yg doesn't budge a
bit, only pulling Hs back to himself. “Yg,” Hs stills, holding on to his collar with his free hand as the other one grips the bottle. “Go. Back. Right. Now.” He punctuates every word with a slight pull of Yg’s collar with whatever strength he can muster.
“Hoba-” “Hyung. You can't leave your mate in heat like that. Shit. What is wrong with you?” Hs slurs at the end. “Why the fuck should /he/ be the one to suffer because /you/ cant get over your f/ucking past? This is bull, Yg. You shouldn't have mated him if you were gonna be
like this. Or did you really think an /omega/ wouldn't go into /heat/, huh? How mess-” “Sit back down,” Yg mumbles, detangling his fingers from his collars and pushing him back slightly. Hs stands back up and scoffs before he takes a step back and seats himself on the
center-table, right in front of Yg. He feels his nose tingling, the first signs of anger rising up inside him. He doesn't have much control over it anyway, he’s always been a little too temperamental. Yg used to call him a wild bull, before that one time he actually went berserk
and tortured three men to death with his bare hands. Later on, when Yg found him after a day and a half, it was the first time he had seen guilt in those eyes but he had been too tired to make any sense of it. Yg never teased him after that day.
He brings the bottle to his lips and downs it completely in one go. Its probably for the best if he’s not too present for however he’ll manage to send Yg back home. He sees Yg go for his second smoke. His eyes are gaunt and jaw slightly stiff. He looks tired, exhausted even and
its probably not fair to Yg either. He hadn’t asked to be mated. Sure, he had had a choice, but knowing Yg, it probably didn't mean anything when his eomma had wished for it. Yg would never have denied it, no matter what. And the omega had come into Yg’s life with his own set of
burden. Not one, not two, but three whole pups. Shit. Wasn’t Jm too young to have already borne three pups? And it must’ve been tough for Yg. But life wasn’t fair, was it? It wasn't fair for anyone. Not Yg, not Jm, not for Hs either.
His eyes dart to the last unopened bottle lying next to him. He opens and gulps it down without a single thought. He sees Yg give him a cocked eyebrow and he chooses to ignore it. It's silent between them, the only sound that of the television that he’d set to some shitty reality
show where they all kept fighting amongst themselves for reasons Hs keeps losing track off. Its white noise. It keeps him focussed on whatever else he needs to plan out. He turns back to look at Yg, only to find him already staring at him. Gazing, his alcohol ridden mind
supplies, but the word has too many connotations for Hs to accept it. He sighs before pushing forward until their knees touch. He gives it a moment. Then another. Then he’s bringing both his hands forward, elbows supported on his knees. His free hand grabs at Yg’s thigh first,
before he brings his other hand with the glass bottle forward too. He rests the base of the bottle on Yg’s crotch, testing for his reaction. Hs feels him grow slightly stiff under him, still holding his gaze unwaveringly.
Yg takes a deep, stuttering breath and that is all the cue Hs needs as he starts moving the base of the bottle up and down Yg’s length torturously slow. Hs smirks when he feels Yg hardening underneath him. “What,” he scoffs, “you in heat too?”
“Fuck you,” Yg bites out. “No.” Hs increases the pressure for a moment before decreasing it again. He feels Yg’s muscles flex where his other hand is holding his thigh. “Fuck /you/, Yg,” he spits out. He knows he’s riling up Yg way too much for his own good and he’d probably be
manhandled off his ass and filled with Yg in a while if he keeps it up, but he can already feel his heart rate quickening. Too late to worry about the logistics now. Yg wraps his hand around Hs’s wrist that holds the bottle and it only makes Hs press down deeper. “Hs, I dont-
fuck.” “Are you still going to spend your ruts here, with me, hyung?” Hs whispers. “While your omega rots in your own f/ucking bed, begging for alpha’s knot, hm?” Hs’s movements become a little frantic as Yg’s breathing becomes heavier. The room gets thicker with both their
dominating alpha scents mixing together, forcing their way over each other and Hs thinks he could get high on just that. Yg’s grip tightens around his wrist, nothing he isn’t used to. But then his grasp stiffens and all of a sudden Yg’s pushing him away and Hs loses his balance,
the glass bottle falling out of his hands as he steadies himself. “What the-” “We can't, Hs. Shit.” Yg’s breathing is ragged. He looks away, running both his palms through his hair before he buries his face in them and groans out a curse.
Yg’s right. Hs knows he’s right. He has a mate now and no matter the how and the why, they shouldn't be doing this. /Hs/ shouldn't be doing this. And it isn't as if not fucking around with Yg would affect Hs in any way either. He doesnt have f/ucking feelings for Yg, for f/ucks
sake. All that they had was an unsaid agreement, a mutual understanding between the two for years that made things easier for Yg and Hs didn’t mind it either. It had started with Yg nearing his second rut, confiding in Hs about not wanting an omega while also being anxious of
how he would spend it alone. And in the innocence of friendship and the recklessness of youth, Hs had stuttered out an offer to help. Yg hadn't said a thing to that, merely glanced at Hs with those kohl lined eyes for a moment and gone back to shooting hoops. But he had come
knocking like a mad man on Hs’s door the next day, and then again six months later, and every time his rut had hit after that and Hs had only done what he felt was right. Yg was his friend after all, it was only fair if Hs helped.
But life wasn’t f/ucking fair. And Hs? Hs was only human. And half wolf. Bound to develop habits and salivate at the thought of them. Muscle memory, right? What was that shit called, anyway? Pal- Palov- Pavlov. Ah, yes. The Pavlovian theory. Wasn’t it Yg who had taught him
that? Did he remember it now himself? But in all honesty, his and Yg’s bond wasn't defined by those couple of weeks they spent letting their wolves run feral over each other. It was a moment of rough, raw weakness. Done out of convenience. “Why not?”
“Fcuk, Hs. Do i need it spell it out for you now?” Yg eyes squint in annoyance, understandably so. It makes Hs grit his teeth. Was Yg putting all of this on him now when he had conveniently chosen to overlook everything else once Jm came into his life? It wasn't entirely Hs’s
fault, was it? Yg had enabled him too, right? “So you gonna go back to him?” Hs cocks a brow in question. Now this, what he was going to say next, was probably his fault. Entirely. It wasnt true and Yg didnt deserve it. And Hs would probably regret it too. But he itched to let
it out, his tongue burning with the words it held. He rolled them over, testing their acridity, measuring their weight, and they only cut him deeper. So he didn't really have a choice but to spit them out. He would apologise to Yg later, tell him truthfully how he didn't mean any
of it. And he hoped Yg would forgive him, otherwise who would Hs even be then if it wasn’t for Yg? He leans into Yg’s space, fully aware how much the extent of his regret would be once he sobered up, and holds his eyes. “Is Min Yg going to break another pretty little doll, hm?”
Yg gulps audibly, a slight gasp leaving his lips as his eyes wander away from Hs and around to room to settle on something, anything. Hs sees his mouth open and close several times, as if unsure about what to say. And then Yg is pulling back, getting up and putting the pack of
cigarettes in his pocket before walking away. He hears his apartment door shut behind him, only then releasing the breath he had held to avoid smelling whatever Yg had felt once Hs had spit out the words he really, /really/ shouldn’t have.
He leans forward, resting his palms on the edge of the couch before he climbs on top of it, lying down face first. His eyes prickle. He forces them shut before his vision could get blurry. And he hopes to whatever God Yg belives in that the man forgives him. ~•~
Jm thinks there’s a knock on his door, but he cant be sure with the constant ringing in his ears. His body feels like its being dragged on hot coals, every nerve ending screaming in blinding pain. He feels something soft rub against his face. Even the slightest action of
opening his eyes feels like it’ll drain him of the last bits of strength he can muster. “Jm-ssi.” Its Jn. Its Jn who’s touching him right now and it makes a sudden panic rise within him. It feels wrong, immoral and Jm ducks even further into his pillow, pushing himself away
from whoevers trying to invade his pathetic excuse of a nest. “No,” he whispers, lips wobbling as his breathing gets frantic. “Please. No.” “Its just me, Jm. Its Jn.” “No…Alpha. Please…pl-please.” ~•~
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“Is Uncle Kookie also sick like Appa?” Yg steals a glance through the rearview mirror at Dahyun who’s looking at him with big, unblinking eyes. “Yeah,” he nods, eyebrows raised in feigned concern. “Sure.” All three of them sit at the backseat in the car, with the youngest,
Jihun, in the middle and the other two on either side of him, as Yg drives them to school. The thought of the pups had been at the back of his mind ever since he had left the apartment yesterday. He’d been worried about them, unsure of how they would deal with Jm being in heat.
It would take Jm atleast a couple of days before he could even clear the fog in his head. What would the pups do until then? How had Jm managed it before? Jk had asked him if he should take them to school and somehow it had annoyed his alpha. The thought of sending his mate’s
pups, and by extension /his/ pups, with some other alpha. He had felt his alpha turn possessive at the thought of Jm feeling safe with another alpha and not him, and Yg had learnt that the easiest way to deal with the monster was to give in when it came to Jm.
He had wondered if he should ask Jm once, but the thought had died an instant death at the reminder of how Jm had always locked the pups inside whenever Yg was around, not wanting Yg anywhere near his pups. And Yg hadnt had the courage to ask him the why or how, afraid of
what Jm’s answer might be. So Yg had decided he would let Jm know later that he was the one driving the pups to and from their school. And maybe, he thought longingly, the pups could feel comfortable around him too. After all, he had to spend the rest of his life with them.
“How long is Uncle Kookie going to be sick?” Dahyun asks again. “Long.” “Four days?” She asks, bringing as many fingers up. “No. Longer.” “Why?” “I…” “Did he eat lot of ice cream?” “Yeah. A lot. Hanuel, pup, dont lean on the door too much.”
“But Uncle kookie dont like ice cream.” “What?” “He told Dahie its not nice.” “Ah! Did he now? He must’ve lied, then,” Yg chuckles. Its fun annoying these little dumplings, he thinks. “No!” The girl’s pitch gets a little higher all of a sudden, making Yg turn around to look
at her. Her lips are jutted out in a slight frown, eyebrows knotted and- oh. Oh no. She’s crying. “Dahie, no. Listen here, hey.” Yg parks the car near the sidewalk in a hurry and turns around to look at little Dahyun who now has such a massive pout on her lips, it could even
put Jm’s to shame. “Uncle Kookie didnt lie to Dahie,” she whines. “Yes, Dahie, he didnt,” Yg says frantically, hands grabbing at the air around Dahyun’s face, unsure of what to do with them. “You misundersta- No. I mean, he didnt okay. I was wrong. Hey. Look at me baby.”
“Noona,” he hears Jihun call out in a small voice, his arms coming up to wrap around the girl. “Dont cry.” Does Yg need to get a baby seat for him? Till what age do pups need it? He should probably ask Jm. He looks next to him then, only to find Haneul staring daggers at him
with a frown on his face. “I’m going to tell Appa.” “Sorry,” he murmurs without thinking. Wait. Did he just apologize to a seven year old? How did he get himself into this mess? “Hey, Dahie? You wanna have chocolates?” Dahyun shakes her head no, wiping at her eyes forcefully
“No?” “Uh huh. Ice cream,” she mutters. “You wanna have ice cream? Okay, okay. Lets go have ice cream, then.” And all of a sudden, there's a huge smile on her face, all signs of a tantrum vanished in one go. It was this easy? Yg smiles to himself, proud of handling it so well-
“We have to go to school,” Hanuel deadpans. It takes all of Yg’s willpower to not roll his eyes at that. He can't believe it's only the first day and his patience is being tested like this. “Yeah, yeah, we do. We’ll go after school, Dahie, alright?”
“Okay,” she says with a huge grin, making a big heart over her head and it is probably the most heart warming sight Yg has seen in days. It makes him let out a low chuckle as he turns around to continue driving. ~•~
[ before I continue, I just wanted to apologise to anyone I’ve disappointed with last nights update. sorry. really. ]
“Are you our new abonim?” Yg chokes on the ice-cream. What even is this flavor that Dahyun ordered for him? And since when did ice creams start having cherries in them? And why is there a rolled pink wafer staring at him? And what is this multi-coloured sprinkly shit on it? This
is atrocious. No wonder Jm told the pups that ice cream makes them sick. “Abonim?” Dahyun shakes her head frantically. “Appa said you're abonim.” Jihun is busy smearing his spoon all over his face. How many times is Yg supposed to wipe it off for him? He's already done it
thirteen or so times in the last three minutes. And Hanuel? Why is Hanuel staring at the ice cream like its making him mad? Is this one still pissed about what happened this morning? Shit. What’s he gonna tell Jm? “Ah,” he says, stuffing his mouth with ice cream and nodding his
head, anything to avoid the conversation. He stares at the minute scratch on the table they are seated at. How is he supposed to respond to that? Abonim? His alpha had been quick to decide that the pups were his, then how did he forget that he belonged to them too?
He takes in a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “Dont…not abonim,” he says. He looks up at the three of them, one by one. Now that he thinks about it, he can see Jm in each of them. He’ll need to look at Jm more closely, though, to place which of their features belong to his
mate. No, his alpha’s mate. They're all already looking at him with big, glittery eyes. And it somehow scares Yg. He has been looked at all his life with disgust, hatred, fear, sometimes adoration and even…even love. Parental, but love nonetheless. But not this. Not hope. The
pups look at him with hope in their eyes and it sends a shivering chill down his spine. It hits him then, the consequences of his action, the weight of his responsibilities. And somehow, it doesn't crush him down like it should. Somehow, it makes him feel lighter. It feels as
if he’s accomplished something. “Call me dad,” he smiles genuinely, sniffling a little. “Abonim is so…boring. So…Uncool. Don't you think?” He picks up another napkin to wipe off Jihun’s face. He lets out a sound in annoyance and Yg makes his movements softer. “Dad?” “Um
hm. Aera also had a dad. And a daddy. They have red car,” Dahyun talks around the wafers. Yg picks up his spoon again as Dahyun continues talking animatedly. He has a mate now. And pups to call his own. A family. Yg has a family. And its all because of Jm. He should probably
sit him down one day and thank him for it. Maybe once his heat is over. He takes another bite without thinking. God, it tastes awful. ~•~
“Jm, Jm, Jm,” Th hisses, throwing his phone on the bed. “All i seem to hear these days is just Jm. ‘Jk take Jm’s pups to school.’ ‘‘Th go see Jm at the hospital.’ Even Jn hyung stays in the house for almost the whole day. And now I'm supposed to help him through his heat? It's…
It's as if the whole world revolves around him.” He paces around the room. “Hyung. Jn hyung said it's really bad,” Jk tries to reason. “And? What the hell am /I/ supposed to do about it, Kook? Am /I/ his mate? No. Hyung is. He’s supposed to be in there with him. Fuck it better
or whatever. What am I going to do, Jk?” Jk brings his hands up to cradle Th’s face in his palms. “I'm sure my baby could help Jmssi somehow. Atleast make him eat something or-” “No, Jk. I canno-”
Jk shuts him with a kiss and Th melts into it instantly. Jk tongues his lips, asking for permission to be let in. Th knows that the alpha is trying to distract him from the argument that was moments away from brewing up between them. But he also wants Jk desperately, needs him
like a dying man begging for water. So he parts his lips a little, letting Jk do the work after that. It's messy and sloppy and way too wet and Th wouldn't have it another way. Jk pulls away after what only feels like mere seconds to Th. He rests his against the elder, the two
breathing in each other's scent as they come down from the high. “Let's go, alright?” Jk whispers. “Kook.” “Hm.” “I dont want you to drive him or his pups around anymore.” “Tae-” “Please. It- It makes me uncomfortable. You being around another omega” Th stutters out as his
vision gets blurry. “Hyung,” Jk pulls away to look into his eyes. “He’s mated, hyung. He’s mated to your own brother.” Th feels Jk’s scent get heavier, but he needs to get this out of his system. “I don't care, Kookie. No means no. You're not going around with him anymo-”
“Im not ‘going around’ with him, Tae.” Jk’s voice gets louder. “Im doing my fuckign job!” “Then don't do it! Lets just-lets just leave. Go away somewhere, kook,” he pleads, balling his fists in Jk’s shirt.” You and I. Jus-just us two.” “Th,” Jk says stiffly and it makes the
omega freeze in his spot. “Enough. I’m going to get the car out front. Come out in two. We’re going to your brother’s place.”
The ride to Yg’s place is silent. None of them speak a word and it only makes Th’s mind go back to their fight earlier. He…he doesnt mind Jm, honestly. Jm is quiet, naive and his brother-in-law. Why would he have a problem with him anyway?
It's only once they’re parked outside the apartment complex that Th’s thoughts get too loud in his head and he can't help the lone tear that escapes him. He can't go like this. Jk and him don't part ways without making up and Th wouldn't change that for the world.
“I'm sorry,” he whispers, looking down at his clasped hands in his lap. “I'm sorry, too.” “Kook. You know i trust you, right?” Jk nods slightly at that. “I- I didn't mean what I said earlier. I really, really don't mind Jm or- or the pups.” “I know, hyung.”
“I just- Kookie,”Th does his best to hold back the sob threatening to burst out. “Kookie, he-he has /everything/.” “Hey, hyung.” Jk cards his fingers through the omega’s hair, trying to calm him down. “He- he has a mark, Kook. He has pups. A home with his mate. He- he has a
family, kook. I look at him and it makes me wish for-for everything he has. Makes-makes me feel lesser, Kookie. I wanna ha-have it all too.” Th hiccups. “Is it selfish, hm? Does it make me selfish to wish for happiness for myself? For us?” “No. No, my love. Come here,”Jk leans
forward to wrap his arms around the elder. He rubs circles on his back and lands kisses on the top of his head. “I didn't know you felt like that, baby. I'm so sorry for earlier. I'm sorry for hurting you like that.” Th cries in his arms, the alpha’s words work like a balm on
his wounds. “I’ll- I’ll give you all that you want and more, pup. I promise you. You’ll never feel lesser than anyone, I swear.” Jk cradles him in his arms, whispering sweet nothings in Th’s ear and the omega wishes he could stay like this forever. Safe in Jk’s arms. “I lo-love
you, Kookie.” No matter how many times he says it, it never feels enough. “I love you too, my pup.” ~•~
Four days after he left, Yg finds himself in his apartment complex, pacing around in the lobby. He had made it till here in a rush of anxiety, fueled by Hs’s words. ‘You can't hurt him even if you wanted to, hyung. It's impossible for someone to hurt their intended mate.’ And
Yg had believed him, of course he had. It was Hs after all. Hs, who he trusted with all his life. Hs, who had stuck by him like a second skin no matter what. Hs, who had awkwardly apologized to Yg for something Yg felt he hadn't really needed to be sorry for. There was
nothing wrong with what Hs had said. He had only reminded Yg of what he really was. How he had no control over his own alpha. And maybe Yg had needed that wakeup call after he’d almost slipped when he’d first smelled Jm in pre-heat. It had taken all of his strength to not slip
inside the younger still asleep and leave his apartment instead. So no, Hs had nothing to apologize for. And after all, Yg knew they needed to have that talk someday, anyway. Yg had done his best to avoid confrontation as much as he could and it had only made things worse.
But they had talked it out later once Yg wasn't drunk on Jm’s scent and Hs on whatever beer he’d found in the first aisle of the store. And they were fine now. At Least that’s what Yg believed because Hs was his pillar, his strength.
And Yg was somewhat grateful to the man, too, for drilling some sense into him. For making him realize that he couldn't avoid his own mate forever. He hadn't expected Hs dripping honey with his words anyway. Hs was one for tough love. He was rough around the edges that cut just
right to bleed out the poison. But his words had not left him. They'd found a home at the forefront of his mind. He had lost them for a while, when Th had called him up, full of anger, yelling at Yg about how Jm needed him.
Jn had called him up several times too, informing him about Jm’s deteriorating state and Yg had had to convince himself that it’d get better soon. That Jm probably had his heats a little too painful. After all, it wasn't the same for everyone. Jm would get better soon. He had to.
So he had sent Th instead, and asked him to take care of his mate for a few days. Just until Yg could ‘find some time’ and return back. Th had questioned him at first about how busy he had to be to leave his mate in heat and Yg had merely sighed and slipped in a little ‘please’.
But even Th had repeatedly asked him to come back in the two days he’d spent there. And on the third, he had finally snapped. “Yg hyung I don't care whatever it is that you need to do. You better be here within the next hour!” He yelled.
“Tae-” “No. No, hyung. I'm done listening to whatever excuse you've come up with this time. He’s your mate, hyung! And trust me, hyung, i've never heard of anyone having it this rough. He’s delirious, hyung! His fever isn't going down and he wont let any of us touch him! And he
barely eats anything so i don't know what he keeps vomiting out. Just- shit- just come home, hyung.” So he had rushed over to his home, worried sick about his mate, only to find his steps faltering as he stepped inside the building.
He’d been here for ten minutes now when his phone rang again. One look at the caller ID displaying Th’s name and he found himself walking towards the lift to the penthouse. ~•~
“Took you long enough,” Th deadpans as Yg steps foot into the apartment. “Where is he?” “In his room. Hasn't left once,” Jn says. Appearing from behind Th. “Keeps calling for you Yg-ah.” Jn’s voice is soft towards him and Yg wonders if he’s even deserving of this.
“How bad is it?” Yg addresses Jn as he walks inside his apartment with Th tagging behind. Jn sighs deeply before he continues talking. “It's..bad, Yg.” “How bad?” He gulps. “You mated him out of his heat, Yg. And it's his first one since and he’s had to spend it /without/ his
mate,” he says, gesturing with both hands towards Yg. “I can't even imagine how difficult it must've been for him,” Th supplies from across the hall. Yg feels it again. The pathetic thing he’d felt with Hs the other day. Its guilt, he’s sure of it. He’s been feeling it way
too often since Jm entered his life. “I mean, the worst of his ‘heat’ seems to be over but he’s still very sick,” Jn continues. “Probably needs a change of clothes and something down his throat, apart from your dick-”
“Eugh,” Th blanches. “Thanks for the mental image of my brother and brother-in-law, Jn hyung.” It makes Yg chuckle despite the way he can feel his alpha thrum with excitement at the thought of being near Jm. Jn rolls his eyes at Th. “As I was saying,” he turns back to Yg. “You
should probably give him a nice warm bath, Yg. The kid flinches and thrashes around at our slightest touches. And he doesn't even have the strength for that. I’ll prepare some stew by the time you’re done.”
Yg hums, nodding his head. He can smell the faint whiff of vanilla in the air and he feels his alpha stir at that. He doesn't know how he’ll handle being in the same room with Jm if he’s already unsettled. “And Yg,” Jn says, walking towards him. His hand comes to rest on his
shoulder as he looks at Yg. “You’ll be fine.” There’s so much conviction in Jn’s voice that Yg believes him for a second until he remembers that Jn knows nothing but kindness. “Yeah,” he breathes out. “I hope so.” ~•~
Yg enters the study, glad to find the door that divides his bedroom from the study locked shut. He doesn't see Jm at first, running his eyes throughout the whole room, thankful for the glass partition that provides a full view of the room.
But then he notices the steady rise and fall of the covers on his side of the bed and it doesnt come as a surprise to him that he had missed it at first. He can't see a trace of Jm from where he stands. He’s drowned himself in the covers, almost becoming one with it with how
small his figure is. Yg steadies himself and takes in a lungful of air, holding it in before pressing down on the door handle and walking inside. “Jm,” he croaks out, voice a little rough with how his throat has dried up all of a sudden.
The covers lying on top of Jm still for a moment before their rise and fall gets frantic very quickly. Jm whimpers, a series of whines escaping him without pause. “Jm.” Yg gulps, pushing his back at the door. “I need you to- to hold your scent in, pup. Try controlling it a
little, yeah.” Jm quirms on the bed. Yg knows he cant hold his breath much longer and decides to take in shallow breaths through his mouth. The taste of Jm’s scent tingles on his tongue. “Can you do it for hyung, Jm?”
Yg forces his eyes shut and rests the back of his head on the door. He hopes to God Jm can reign in his scent even a little or he’s afraid of how crazy it would drive his alpha. He can already feel Jm’s distress mixed with a thick saccharine undertone and his alpha is getting
impatient. Jm’s whimpers quiet down after what seems like hours to Yg. He closes his mouth and right before he breathes in through his nose, he releases his own pheromones into the air. Partly to calm Jm down but mostly so that his scent can overpower Jm’s. The omega gets
restless again at that, whimpering like a puppy who’s hurt his tail. Yg gets closer, walking towards the edge of his side of the bed where Jm keeps squirming with as much strength as he can gather.
He sees his fingers first, peeking out from under the blankets and grabbing at the sheets. A tuft of greasy unwashed hair lies splayed on Yg’s pillow, only Jm’s eyes squeezed shut visible behind them. The rest of him is hidden under the blankets.
“Jm,” Yg starts with a hushed voice, afraid of startling Jm, although he’s sure Jm knows how close he is. He kneels down next to the bed and sits on his haunches. Jm curls in on himself even more, and Yg sees a stray tear escape his eyes.
Jm doesn't respond, only managing to mewl pathetically at the strong scent of Yg that engulfs him. Yg feels helpless. He doesn't understand how to calm Jm, how to make him feel better when even his scent fails at doing so.
He rests his hands on the edge of the bed and hesitatingly brings one of them closer to where Jm’s rest. He balls it into a fist on second thought and when Jm’s whine gets higher, he doesn't think before he’s moving them forward until the back of his fingers brush against Jm’s.
The omega’s fingers are wet and sticky and Yg pushes the next thought away as quickly as it comes up. “Pup,” he whispers, brushing his fingers up and down against Jm’s. The younger’s whimpers quiet down to sniffling and Yg feels his fingers relax against his own. Jm uncurls
them from around the covers and then, slowly, opens them up to entwine around Yg’s. Jm grabs him by his middle finger, wrapping his palm around it in a strong grip and pulls it closer to himself, until both their hands are nestled under the covers.
Yg relaxes his fingers too, fitting them between the valleys of Jm’s and tightening them together. The fact that they’re hidden from view makes him a little bolder. He’s grateful to have to see to, to not have the implications of his action stare right back at him. Its easier
this way. Jm ducks his head lower, resting it right infront of Yg as an invitation. The blanket slips a little off of Jm in the process, revealing his bare neck. Yg’s breath stutters at what he sees. The omega’s neck is pink and slightly swollen, covered in both fresh and days
old nail scratches. He fears the condition of the other side of his neck where the mark he gave the omega lies. It can only be worse. “What have you done,” he pleads softly. He’s aware of how he himself should be the one answering that.
Jm’s lower lip wobbles, eyes still squeezed shut making a deep frown appear on his forehead. He closes in on himself, pressing his shoulders closer and bringing his knees against his chest. Yg’s hand strains at the uncomfortable position he finds it buried in. But that’s the
last thing he can seem to care about when his mate lies bruised right in front of his eyes. He brings his free hand up to brush Jm’s hair out of his eyes and as soon as his fingers brush against the omega, a curse leaves his mouth. Jm is burning, his temperature way too high for
Yg to be sitting casually like this. He makes a move to get up, to get Jm some medication, or call a doctor, or force feed him. Something, anything to make it better, to lessen his guilt. But he’s pulled back as he’s getting up as Jm tightens his hand around Yg’s.
“Alpha,” he breathes out hoarsely. “Jm, baby. Youre- you need a doctor. Let me just- let me call someone over, yeah.” Yg combs out Jm’s hair away from his face that looks even smaller than the last time Yg remembers it.
The omega shakes his head, shifting his body towards Yg. “No. Alpha, pl- please.” “Ji-” “Need- need alpha,” he says, pushing his body deeper into the mattress for whatever friction he can get. Yg’s hand stills in Jm’s hair. Jn had told him his heat was almost over. No, not
over. Just the worst of it. Maybe Yg could help Jm in some way, lessen his distress somehow. Yg gulps, sitting back down and continuing to caress Jm’s face. His thumb accidentally brushes against Jm’s lower lip and as Jm’s lips part slightly, he feels the omega’s hot,
stuttering breath fan over it. He slips his other four fingers under Jm’s chin, rubbing slow, lazy circles under it and he feels Jm shiver at that, a gasp leaving his lips, making his mouth open even further. And in a moment of rash high, Yg’s thumb slips from the plump of Jm’s
lips to the heat of his mouth. Jm latches on it in an instant, sucking around his thumb, rolling his tongue around as a muffled moan escapes him. Yg can make out from above the covers how Jm squeezes his thighs together over and over again.
The wrinkles on his forehead smoothen out themselves slowly as Jm relaxes his eyes, opening them only slightly. He tilts his head upwards, his hair tickling against Yg’s skin and Jm nestles his head against the alpha’s chest.
Yg presses his thumb down lightly on Jm’s tongue, making the omega gasp out a choked noise. Jm’s free hand comes to grab at Yg’s shirt and the younger whines around his thumb, body squirming underneath the blanket.
It must be uncomfortable for Jm, stretching his neck like that with one his hands intertwined with Yg and the other with his shirt. Yg pulls back his thumb, leaving Jm’s mouth with a ‘plop’ and the omega whines instantly at its loss, both his hands coming up to grab at Yg’s
frantically, like a little pup who’s favorite toy has been taken away from him. Yg shushes him as he gets up to remove the layers of blankets covering up Jm, only to find the omega looking so small and vulnerable, wearing only one of Yg’s shirts that almost reaches his mid
thighs. Good God, Yg thinks, how is he going to tame his alpha. Another whine out of Jm’s mouth has him come back to his senses. He places one knee on the bed, picking up the omega easily with all the weight he seems to have lost. Jm is quick to wrap his arms around Yg’s neck,
rubbing his nose along the alpha’s neck in a frenzy. It feels as if Jm is marking his territory and it goes straight to Yg’s groin. Yg settles with his back to the headboard, making Jm straddle him in the process. “Alpha,” Jm babbles. “Wh-where were y-you?” Yg feels his neck
getting wet where Jm’s cheeks make contact with it and he mentally berates himself for making the omega cry. It makes his alpha mad seeing its mate in such distress and a growl starts building in his chest.
Jm whimpers at that and instinctively Yg’s hold tightens on Jm where his hands have come to rest on his hips, in order to calm the younger. Jm breathes in sharply at that and before Yg knows it, the omega is rolling his hips against Yg’s.
“Shit,” Yg breathes. “Pup. hey.” Yg feels himself get hard with every frantic movement of Jm on top of him. Jm is desperate and way too exhausted to get himself off with the way his thighs have already started trembling.
Yg’s hand travels up to Jm’s lower spine, putting a subtle pressure there. “Jm,” He says a little louder this time to get through the fog in Jm’s head. “Stop.” The omega’s movement stutters as he brings his hands forward to grab at Yg’s shirt once more and grinds his crotch
pathetically down against Yg’s. Yg brings up a hand under Jm’s chin, making him look up at him but the omega’s eyes rest on his neck even with his face tilted up. “I told you to stop,” Yg says firmly.
Jm freezes at that, eyes dropping down to lap as Yg sees his lips wobble. The elder’s other hand comes up to stroke Jm’s waist under the shirt he’s wearing that is way too big for him. Jm shivers as Yg’s cold hand draws sensual paths on his body and jerks forwards when it
comes to graze against Jm’s nipple. “Ah-ah. Alpha,” he squeals. He places his head in the crook of Yg’s neck, breathing in desperately. “Shh…Let hyung help you, pup.” Yg keeps drawing circles around Jm’s nipple as he brings his other hand downward, squeezing Jm’s hips. His
pants are already soaked with the copious amounts of slick Jm keeps leaking.
[ 🔞 , mdni ]
“Hyung..please please please,” he chants like a prayer and Yg fears slipping off, giving in to Jm, both literally and figuratively. So he decides to slip in two of his fingers at once, he knows Jm would be loose enough. He pinches at his nub simultaneously and the dual
stimulation makes Jm cry out, hands flailing on both sides of Yg’s head. Shit, Yg thinks, so f/ucking sensitive. Yg knows he wouldn't be able to control his alpha for long if Jm keeps squirming on his lap like that, whining out a series of pleas with a tear stained face,
without really asking for anything. Yg prods his fingers inside Jm, rolling them around his walls and Jm gasps at every little flick that Yg makes. He’s already too wet, making the glide easy as lewd squelching noise fills the room.
He slides a little higher on the bed in hopes of getting Jm subtly away from his c0ck that’s aching for attention but soon realizes it's of no use when Jm only pushes his heated body flush against him.
Yg’s breathing is erratic too by the time he inserts a third finger. He pushes in a little deeper this time, desperately trying to reach Jm’s prostate as his self control threatens to shatter. He can't hurt Jm. Not Jm. Never Jm.
Jm clenches around his fingers with a high pitched moan as soon as Yg brushes against his prostate. He’s close, Yg can tell by the way he arches his back and his pleas turn into desperate incoherent babbling.
Yg speeds up his movements and Jm pushes back, f/uckign himself on the alpha’s fingers. It only takes several seconds before Jm is coming all over Yg’s shirt. Yg caresses his back and fingers him slowly as Jm shivers throughout his orgams, coming several times before he finally
calms down a bit. “Mad-made a m-mess,” he croaks out next to Yg’s ear. “Sorry.” “No, Jm. You did so well,” he whispers. “There’s nothing you need to be sorry for, alright, little pup?” When Jm doesnt respond, Yg combs through his hair and pulls back to look at him, only to
find the omega already passed out from exhaustion. Head resting on Yg’s shoulder, mouth slightly agape, the omega snores lightly and Yg is overcome with a sudden urge to hold him even closer and never let go.
But there’s something important he needs to take care of and even cleaning up Jm would have to wait. He lays Jm down, careful not to disturb his sleep and rushes to the bathroom. And when he starts jerking himself off to the thought of Jm being so pliant for him along with
his sweet, honeyed moans that keep ringing in his ears, he fears that no one else would ever be able to get him so worked up anymore. ~•~
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i thought jinmin was a thing too when he came into the room and then you didn't explain why jin was there or what… — Aah ok. In my head it was clear that jn merely came to help Jm in non-sexual ways and Jm didn’t let him and that’……
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