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Jul 10, 2022
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thoughts full of ynbn in an already established relationship and thyvn crushing on both of them. and after a while, it’s no longer a crush, he has to admit to himself that he’s fallen for both of his friends. but they’re already dating and thyvn doesn’t want to trouble them.+

he doesn’t want them to know, doesn’t want them to treat him differently or worse, doesn’t want to threaten their relationship in any way. he tells himself he’s fine with watching them from afar, that he’s fine just being their friend, but he longs to be held, longs to be loved.+
and maybe after some time, he accidentally confesses to sbn what he feels, maybe he just blurts it out one night when he’s drunk and he’s in tears because he feels bad and he never wanted to say something but he just wants … just wants to be with them. and sbn doesn’t know what+
to say because thyvn isn’t even listening to him, he keeps on rambling in between his sobs, so he just lets him cry, tells him it’s okay and waits until thyvn is so exhausted that he falls asleep. and when thyvn wakes up the next morning, sbn and ynjvn sit down with him after+
breakfast, just the three of them. and thyvn is sure, this is it. they’re going to tell him that they don’t want to be his friends anymore. thyvn prepares himself for the worst but then sbn reaches out to him, holding his hand.
they like him too. they’ve liked him for a while but they didn’t want to overwhelm him. they both know that thyvn hasn’t liked anyone else before and they had wanted to respect that, had wanted thyvn to experience love on his own. but thyvn tells them that this is what he wants,+
that this is how he wants to experience all his firsts. and they don’t know how this is going to work out yet, but they’re going to try. they’re going to learn together.


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