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bry || aus šŸ“Œ

bry || aus šŸ“Œ

Jul 12, 2022
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a #mihyun short au ā€” 'wherein Mina just got back from Japan and was suddenly met by a situation that regards her girlfriend (Dahyun).'

notes: ā€” full english ā€” slightly not proofread ā€” reminder, this is only FICTION ā€” not angst i promise ^_^ ā€” enjoy !! ā™”
ā€” start.
ā€” 001.
ā€” 002.
ā€” 003.
ā€” 004.
ā€” 005.
ā€” end. ā™”
bry || aus šŸ“Œ

bry || aus šŸ“Œ

ā€” writerist for #twitzy || main : @loumincarts ā™”
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