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Jul 13

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Metalwork Colossus won the Store Championship at Hareruya Sapporo in Pioneer.🌶️…

For Explorer, I swapped Sanctum of Ugin for Radiant Fountain, Alchemist's Vial for Wedding Invitation, and Grafdigger's Cage for Weathered Runestone. Import:…

Here's a couple other versions I've seen floating around.…

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Went to play pioneer at the LGS for the 1st time in years with the chunky boys, and it went pretty ok (2-2), super glad that the events are launching. Also highly recommend this deck to anyone, it's legit and insanely cheap! I'm missing 2 tomes rn, only expensive card is Spear.

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Some post ban ideas/ old capenna lists Ub Delver Bant Vann Fable Phoenix Gw Metalwork Colossus

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.@Tommy Ashton suggests adding Jegantha as companion. It's castable off the top list with Prophetic Prism, Skyclave Relic, Gilded Pinion's treasure, and Spire of Industry. If you're playing bo1 Explorer, you probably can't give up the wishboard space though.

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I post Magic decklists and metagame info. He/him

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