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Jul 13

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As part of my focused fitness reset, I completely revamped my diet starting July 4th. It is hard to convey just how much MORE I am eating now in an attempt to hit nutrition targets. It’s actually work to eat enough vs my old terrible diet. 1/

Before, I’d grab a couple of breakfast biscuits when I woke up. Then I’d have nothing until late aft/eve when I often had a few Guinness and some unhealthy pub meal. I ate little else. One meal of something like a fried chicken sandwich or a cheesesteak or something. That’s it.

I was doing just about everything wrong nutritionally. Eating, really, once a day. Getting far too little of all the things you need and getting too much of all the ones you don’t. High fat, high carbs, low protein. 3/

I ditched that entire model and instead am targeting healthy daily totals in calories, carbs, protein, fat, and sodium, That means eating A LOT more often than I was and A LOT more total food. 4/

Listen to what I ate today: Yogurt A banana Granola A tasty chocolate protein shake A southwest-style chicken “burrito bowl” A ton of baby carrots Green grapes Some seasoned tuna Another protein shake Steamed chicken Steamed broccoli Another yogurt Seriously. 5/

And I was STILL under my targets in calories, carbs, protein, fat and sodium. Some of those are good misses. Too little sodium is great. Too few calories and not enough protein is not. It’s a woooooork in progress. 6/

All I’m saying is that when people talk about “dieting” they usually mean “just eating less”. I can’t remember ever eating this much, this often in my adult life. Right now, TBH, it’s starting to grate on me because I don’t know what to eat yet… 7/

But soon, I will likely be largely loving it. I feel great. I have magnitudes more energy. My digestion is better. I love all of the fruit, yogurt, etc.. It’s just amazing how much you can eat in place of beer and fried food. I’m so not used to this. 8/

I’m nine days into what I planned to be a focused 30 days. I’m already wowed by the impact. It’s an evolution though. The goal is to reach sustainable healthy eating and fitness. Pressing myself to get there fast. I like a challenge. So far, so good. //

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