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Jul 13

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Haikyuu characters responding/reacting to you being a ✨single mother NOT original idea❌

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Mr. Crush me please 🫦💪🏼 1-3


(commercial break: brought to you by me not giving a fuck✨


<<End.>> NO REQUEST Pls give feedback 🙏🏾 Sorry for anything misspelled

Up coming list of characters Ushijima Tendou Kenma Astumu Asahi Bokuto ✅Iwa ✅Akaashi ✅Daichi If you wanna be tagged in the up coming threads comment {TAG 🏷} PLEASE ADD YOUR USERNAME it HELPS me out A LOT‼️‼️‼️

@‘ing everyone Took me like an hour so please save me time and just put your username down in the comments please and thank you

Tag/@ya @Leia @i_love_2D_ Men @Ivy Hultberg @Usagi Hananeko @Ssp🫶🏾💕 @Grace Draws @Caz🖤 @0.0Meiko0.0 @clara @Bella @moth-dylan @Blo Grace 🎗🐷 @Heather K @Isaac AKA Bokuto's Biggest Stan @Mary1611 @not y/n

@April Venegas @Rayy. @Anastasia @Kenn Is Tired @Eustass Célia @that one braincell that doesn't work @hita @Krystal Bailey @Hello. @Brie @justjulienothingmore @𝕭oo 𝑦𝐨u ᭙𝖍❤︎ 𝖗𝕖 @Asahi_babygirl @yu- nabi @alex Mandigo @Akira @Kei 🥱

If you’re already in the @ list you don’t have to put your username but if you’re no then pls still do



I’m in love with Bokuto and saiki k 🦉🛸🐙

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