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Jul 13

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For artists using procreate to doodle our new Fatui Harbinger friends, I have some brushes you are welcome to use! Link ⬇️#procreate #genshinimpact #Harbingers

You do not have to pay for these brushes. Just type $0 and hit the red “Get Now” button!

Included are brushes for Procreate to assist you in drawing the new Fatui Harbinger outfits! For non-commercial use only, please! Update July 14th,...

[Procreate] Genshin Impact Harbinger Brushes - .illu.'s Ko-fi Shop

Addtional statement about the other post going around. Also a recommendation to create brushes/stamps for yourself if you find yourself needing to draw things over and over again!…



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Alright, since I happened to see the other Harbinger brush post is blowing up, I want to at least clearly state that I did not take this person's idea despite their post gaining more traction. Yes, this person mostly likely stole the idea from me, since they posted 9hrs after-

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Updated brushes to behave more like stamps!



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