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Jul 13, 2022
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We have lift-off from Launch Complex 1 for @NRO! #WiseOneLooksAhead

Electron has cleared Max-Q.
Main engine cut-off on Electron's first stage confirmed, and first and second stage separation complete. Onward for #WiseOneLooksAhead
Electron's fairing has been jettisoned as Stage 2 continues towards payload deployment.
Next up is battery hot swap on Electron's second stage to continue powering the mission the orbit for @NRO
And battery hot swap is successful! Second stage propulsion is continuing nominally.
Our next mission milestone is SECO (second engine cut off) then final stage separation between Electron's 2nd stage and our Kick Stage carrying the @NRO payload.
Second stage propulsion remains nominal.
Separation of Electron's second stage and Kick Stage confirmed, with a perfect transfer orbit achieved for @NRO! Payload deployment will mark the final milestone for this mission.
The Kick Stage will now complete its first pass of Earth in its transfer orbit ahead of payload deployment for @NRO. Stand by for updates.
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