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I don’t get offended that people don’t like astrology bc I already know their background story is their parents told them what they wanted to be was unreasonable and they mentally spiraled and pursued something else to get away from the trauma of pursuing said field and failing.

Ofc astrology going to be mental illness. Your parents bullied you. You’re still reeling from that. You’re still hurt that time you wanted to be *this* and they laughed, told you to get a real job, and you did. You wonder if you could’ve changed history in your field.
When stuff isn’t reasonable to other people they think you’re not normal or whatever but before pursuing what I wanted to I was in such a terrible place mentally and this was my outlet. It healed a good majority of my mental problems bc I was doing what I liked.
I really think we would evolve a lot quicker if we let people be who they wanna be. There’s people out here who have really nice solutions to problems but we will never know because we are too stuck on what people should be based on centralized labor.
For a bunch of creatives that are supposed to be on this app it’s a lot of astrology dunking when you use the very concept of delusion to escape your crippling reality. At least mine has math to it.
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