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Jul 13

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ic interest check β€’ prices on pic β€’ will lapag if maraming inch bukod sa sana fs signed and lamesana sets β€’ some has marks so not for sensitive collectors πŸ”– ic interest check twice ph sana lamesa sana fs signed momo barbie chae jjirit sana specs momo signed

πŸŽπ“‚ƒ other details . . . 𓏔 no rush shipping 𓏔 loc : tarlac 𓏔 mod : direct jnt (80 sf) 𓏔 mod : gcash

help rt po, ty! @eu ! πŸ₯― | help rt bentables 🫢🏻 @meili πŸ“| ia uni @β˜† @β„οΈŽ @leo @dubux | nayeonie day!! @Alagad Ni Juwita | ia: school @torii @namiπŸ’« @Jan Santi | Decluttering... @nini πŸ¦‹ @joiz @kd @β˜… πŸ©°β” @Tofuism #YESTOLOVENOTOHATE @P @𝑐 𝑒 𝑠 @❦ @belle⁷ | jk day ! @Pat ✯ @Ω‹ris

help rt po @gian ✿ @jn @brie πŸ₯ | busy w classes @bon(β€’~β€’) Buzy! @Rai IA || QUITTING @rim | inactive @awi nagbebenta ng relx @Ω‹ris @Twice Market PH πŸ’ @TAG US - Twice @sha | iaπŸ“š @PumpkinCartPh 🧑 @aries @elle γƒƒπŸ°

can remove momo red bg sa set C!

once may mga inch na sa jjirit sets will post a claiming tweet na

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for twice mainly MoTzu πŸ’˜

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