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Jul 13

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1/4. “CONTEXT MATTERS!” is a phrase I’ve heard a lot in (social) psychology over the years. There are things I like about that phrase—it captures something that I think is important for the field to pay attention to. BUT…whenever I’ve asked people what they mean by it…

2/4. I rarely get a satisfying answer. Which features of context matter, and how do they operate? Where in our theories is that information specified? And if it’s not specified, what does that mean for our ability to use our theories to speak to pressing issues in society?

3/4. @Mina Cikara, @jem, and I have been thinking about these issues, and how to address them. We put our heads together to write “Moving beyond social categories by incorporating context in social psychological theory,” now available in @Nature Reviews Psychology:…

Nature Reviews Psychology - Social psychology often emphasizes social categories as the unit of explanation. In this Perspective, Cikara et al. argue that the primacy of categories leads to neglect...…

Moving beyond social categories by incorporating context in social psychological theory

4/4. It was incredibly rewarding to work with Mina & Joel on this ❤️; and we’re so grateful for our amazing editor @Jenn Richler and the team of reviewers who provided tremendously helpful feedback. 🙏🏿

Neil Lewis, Jr., PhD


Assistant Prof @Cornell & @WeillCornell researching the equity implications of social interventions and policies. Member @commhsp. 📝 @FiveThirtyEight. (he/him)

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