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Jul 13, 2022
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—a/n: •this is a work of fiction and has nothing to do with the idols real lives •there will be a lot of grammatical errors and typos so sorry in advance •don't read if any of the tag makes you uncomfortable ,but please don't spread hate 🥺 •likes,qts,rts are very appreciated

based on this drabble of mine :…
moni 🐾

moni 🐾

—kookvau (🔞), •ceo jk × secretary tae •blow job •praise kink •ignore the typos and mistakes please •short drabble (?) •please don't be a silent reader, rts, qts, likes are very much appreciated
—let's start 🦋.・。
jungkook still remember the day taehyung came in his office for the interview, fortunately or unfortunately he don't know, he was free for the day and took the interview himself that day.
unlike other candidates who had taken their time to throw some flirty remarks towards him during the interview which makes him annoy to the core yet satisfy his ego too, taehyung was different. which bothered him unknowingly.
taehyung had a serious look on his face and didn't uttered anything except for the answers to the questions he was asked. he was impressed. and when he told the male about him being selected for the job, taehyung offered him a soft smile with a bow and left from his office.
it's been a month taehyung joined the office and didn't made a single mistake till that day, he was really grateful to the other who handled all of his busy schedules and even brought coffee in between his work.will talk with him to ease tension when he's stressed over something
secretary kim is just so perfect , too good to be true. both stayed in their line, none of them ever tried to sneak a glance of their private lives too except for focusing on their respective works all these time.
but jungkook wants to know now when he noticed his so perfect secretary seemed to be gloomy from past one week, still maintaining his professionalism, taehyung would give him smile and will try to cheer him up despite of him going through something. it bothers him somehow.
“secretary kim?” he asked looking at the male sitting in front of him reading one of the files for their upcoming meeting. “ yes mr. jeon?” taehyung replied giving his full attention now to his boss.
“ are you upset about something? you seemed to be off these days” jungkook said pursing his lips together, propping his elbow on his desk while his chin rested on the back of his hand .
“ uh? i am sorry but did i do something wrong these days? please give me the files so i can re do them. i promise it won't happen again” taehyung replied, eyes wide a little as a frown etched across his face in panic.
ok jungkook didn't wanted this, he was just worried for his well being. taehyung has been nothing but a great secretary through out the month bringing profits to his company so when he found the other sad sometimes, he just wanted to show his gratitude towards the other.
“relax taehyung you did nothing wrong!i was just worried because you looked sad from past few days” jungkook said giving him a reassuring smile. and suddenly blood rushed through taehyung's whole face , he tried to avoid his boss's gaze on him.
jungkook has noticed that? he wonders really surprised. yeah he won't call jungkook like those workaholic rude båstards who would only make his workers work for hours and behave rudely feeding their self pride.
but jungkook sure is very strict in his works and won't spare anyone if they did any mistake. and he doesn't seem to be that type of boss too who could care less about anything except for the office and work. he specially doesn't like or like to be meddled in anyone's life.
though if someone ask for help and if it seems jungkook can do something about it then he surely helps otherwise he don't spare a glance at anyone , he would rather spend time with the stacks of files on his desk.
so it surely made him surprised when he noticed the younger's worry laced voice along with the reassurance he gave him, it was something new and he totally appreciates it.
jungkook on the other hand found himself in awe looking at the sudden shyness washed over his secretary sitting in front of him,it's a new side he got to see today apart from the all serious kim taehyung who only shows his actual emotions very rarely or maybe he never seen it.
it's fascinating , so a smile unknowingly spread on his lips and he continued, “ i am sorry secretary kim if my words seemed to be nosy. i will just hope whatever you're facing right now will be alright soon ”
and in return taehyung gave him an adorable nod with a pretty unique rectangular smile leaving him mesmerized again. taehyung is no doubt handsome,beautiful or whatever he can call the other but the soft side of him today surely left him speechless.
secretary Kim should smile more often seriously, it's beautiful, unique and very warming.
“ thank you mr.jeon ,don't worry you weren't seemed to be nosy and i think we should start gathering all this files because the kangs will come in 15 minutes so we should hurry up” jungkook smiled at that he obliged his secretary's words and both left the cabin for the meeting.
they for the first time crossed the line of a boss and secretary's relationship that day and maybe a tiny spark of the friendship started to bloom in between them. so when the next day jungkook found his secretary again like before not gloomy and all, he was happy too.
and today for sure is going to be a long day and he may even have to stay at the office for late, overworking too which includes taehyung can't go to his home too before he'll be finished .
he hoped the stress of the work won't make taehyung upset again.
jungkook frowned when he noticed taehyung taking longer than usual time returning from the washroom, they were almost over from the long working hours for today and jungkook thought he will tell other that he will be dropping him at home but the older is coming so late.
it slightly made him worried thinking what if something or someone came on the older on the way, he closed his laptop and started making his way towards the washroom in search of taehyung.
the frown on his face deepened when he felt he heard a muffled noise coming from the washroom and later he clearly heard a whimper.
“ what if something happened to him there?” he faintly wondered and was going to knock on the door but to his surprise he found the door open. he thought it was much better that he can now help taehyung faster .
he tugged on the door's knob and opened it completely making him stop on his tracks, his jaw dropped on the floor eyes going wide comically by the sight he was greeted with.
—[🔞tag: fingering ] taehyung, THE secretary kim has his pants down on the floor while his long delicate fingers going in and out between his thighs, eyes focused on his finger's motions while he tried to contain himself from making noises.
and jungkook had to double take for a moment if he has seen something wrong suddenly, when taehyung angled his body to his side a little,he was faced with a pretty flower in between the older's legs, slick glistening his fingers and inner thighs while he played with his fat clit
gulping down a big lump in his throat, jungkook's eyes darkened at the new found information he's witnessing right now, the expression taehyung had while fingering himself is so erotic that he could feel his own briefs tightening inside the pants he's wearing.
a throaty groan escaped from his lips making taehyung froze on his place.
taehyung looked at jungkook with his wide eyes, hands trying to cover his private parts which was basically useless because jungkook already has witnessed enough. “ i will be in my office ” with that voice raspy, jungkook left from there .
taehyung's cheeks flushed bright red in embarrassment, he for sure felt like jungkook is probably going to terminate him from the job, well who wouldn't if they find their employee like in this position. he broke the rule.
but he needs this job so much, the way he's suffering right now with money and his family problems. he should have thought twice before pulling out such act in office with having a strict boss like jungkook.
he has been feeling down lately and today when he and the younger was working, he noticed his boss's sleeves rolled up arm for the first time, the veiny hands and top of it was prettily painted with various tattoos, there's thing he has for tattoos for a long
+ which may or not many got him slightly tingly down there. and eventually brought him face with this trouble.
he tried to control himself knowing it's very unprofessional of him but he couldn't focus on the wok as his eyes kept folowing his boss's hands every movements while he explained some papers to him.
that's why he doesn't wanted to embarrass himself in front of jungkook with his aroused self and he excused himself and left for the washroom but guess everything went vain and his boss got to see the not so hidden filthy sight of him.
he sighed to himself biting down on his lower lip and fixed his clothes and washed his hands, he made his way back to jungkook's cabin.
he knocked on the door hesitantly already preparing himself for his boss's upcoming outburst which made him throatily whine imagining jungkook looking disappointed at him but he contained himself and entered inside hearing the other's curt reply , ‘come in secretary kim’
he took some slow steps towards the huge wooden table situated in the middle of his boss's room, head hanging low in shame.
“ i-i am sorry sir i won't repeat the mistake ever again please i need the job! please don't tell me to leave ” he said stammering on his words at first, his face has a faint blush due to controlling his tears and earlier activities .
“ kneel secretary kim” jungkook said out of blue, eyes fixed on taehyung. “ pardon?” taehyung uttered confused and slightly taken aback by the calm tone of his boss's instead of shouting.
“ i said kneel secretary kim, you know i don't like repeating my words”the mint haired said gritting through his teeth. taehyung did as he was told to feeling very embarrassed to be put in such a position in front of his boss who was looking at him with a mischievous glint.
jungkook got up from the chair and stood in front of him and muttered, “eyes up now”
taehyung bit on his bottom lip and did again as he was told to with his sharp yet doed eyes. jungkook let out a breathy chuckle and sat on his feet so he's now on the same level with the older's face.
he placed his finger underneath his chin and lifted up making him to look into his eyes with a hard yet gentle grip , “ you said a word today you usually don't, you know? ”
“ huh?” taehyung looked at him with confused expression painted across his face and jungkook continued licking his lip, “ yeah you called me 'sir' just now instead of mr.jeon ”
taehyung's face turned even redder than before making the mint hair smirk before he got up again along with his secretary making taehyung stand on his feet. taehyung looked down not knowing what to do and waited for jungkook's next words.
“secretary kim eyes on me when i speak” jungkook said and taehyung immediately looked at him with timid nod, ‘sorry’
“ you know from the first day i found you like a riddle, there's something mysterious about you, always perfect in your work and everything, a perfect secretary any boss can dream of but today i finally got to see another side of yours ”
—jungkook said taking a pause to notice his secretary's worry filled expression and he continued,
“ you wanted me not to terminate you right? then why not you work for it? i have an offer for you, choice is yours if you say 'yes' then this job will stay along with some additional new benefits and if you say 'no' then sorry bye bye to your job ”
“what is it mr.jeon? i will do anything” taehyung pleaded and jungkook hummed loving the desperate voice of his secretary's ,
“ sleep with me ! you will be /my personal stress reliever/ whenever wherever i want you for me and in return you will get triple more of your current salary along with some more benefits in future! you have 5 minutes to decide so choice is yours ”
taehyung looked at jungkook in shock, his head going completely blank , it took minutes for him to process what jungkook, his boss just want from him .
“ 2 more minutes for you to answer secretary kim” jungkook's voice brought him back from his reverie.
“ o-okay i agree” he replied in hurry, right now this is the best thing he can think of, the offer sounded much better for him, not only he will get extra money but also probably some good dicking ,
he was kind of tired of those occasional one night stands so he surely felt what he answered is right. his job position will be secured too.
the corner of jungkook's lips turned upward in a charming smirk , “ good decision, i knew it that you won't disappoint me secretary kim”
taehyung preens at the praise and he could only shyly avoid his gaze so jungkook continued, “our work for today is done here so we should leave now! pack your things you will leave tonight with me”
“o-okay give me a minute mr. jeon”taehyung was about to turn but jungkook caught him by his wrist and pulled him on his chest so taehyung's back is now pressed on his front and he muttered, “i will prefer to hear more ‘sir’ from your mouth from now instead of mr. jeon, doll”
taehyung's breath hitched at the pet name that slipped so easily from his boss's mouth, he looked to his side with puppy eyes and freed himself out of jungkook's grip to collect his things as fast as possible. he loves to be called with such sweet nicknames.
jungkook collected his things too and they left the cabin and made their way to the parking lot, jungkook took the key from the security guard and after unlocking, he went inside of his car.
“ get inside secretary kim ” jungkook said a little loudly when he found the older standing in front of his car a little lost.
taehyung immediately rushed to his car's side and came inside while buckling the seatbelt like a obedient good boy which jungkook liked about him so much. he for sure have a thing for obedient subs.
jungkook started the car, the whole ride was silent with jungkook driving peacefully and taehyung playing some games on his phone. taehyung switched off his phone and looked outside for a frown to decorate over his pretty face.
“ uhm mr.jeon i mean sir where are we going? it's not my home's route, you didn't asked about my address earlier too?” he said sounding unsure,he didn't argued with the younger earlier because he didn't know how to approach but now? and jungkook threw a smirk towards him.
“ you're not going to your home tonight taehyung, we'll reach my penthouse in a minute” jungkook said casually making taehyung's heart beat fastened. he chewed on his lip while playing with the rings on his fingers nervously till they reached the mint haird's penthouse.
taehyung looked at the house in awe finding the house very pretty as jungkook lead him inside the house. he turned around to the said male fidgeting on his spot slightly, “ uhm where should i go now?”
“ go upstairs and turn right, the room you will be staying tonight is there! also feel free to choose something from the wardrobe till i come ” jungkook said as he went to the kitchen and poured some water in a glass to quench his thirst.
taehyung went upstairs to the room, jungkook gave him instructions earlier. there's grey coloured walls, big wardrobes on the side and a king sized bed in the middle, then his eyes landed on the photo hanging broadly on the wall. so it's jungkook's bedroom.
[ the picture hanging on the wall ]
and the black satin sheets over the bed suddenly made him shiver for some reason .
he gulped and made his way to the wardrobe and with a low tug of the knob, he opened it to face with various kinds of suits, causual wears hanging inside. he choose one big t-shirt and a pant and went to the washroom to take a shower.
after taking the shower he felt refreshed again washing off his whole body with a satisfactory amount of time, and he changed into the clothes he has choosen earlier.
jungkook's pants seemed bigger for him so he decided not to wear it and went outside in that loose shirt only. though he was very thankful to himself that he carries extra panties with him so he's not fully exposed down there.
he found jungkook sitting on the bed checking him out from head to toe as he came out of the shower, his cheeks tinted red because of the stare and he muttered shyly, “ sir do you have any smaller size of pants? actually it's a little big for me”
“ no problem, just leave it and i like you better the way you're right now” jungkook said with a heavy gaze that lingered over taehyung's long plushy thighs a little longer than intended.
“ come and join me here on the bed. that's all i found in the kitchen for dinner hope you will like them” jungkook replied then motioning his finger towards the food on the table beside jungkook's bed.
looking at the food his stomach naturally made a grumbling noise, he was very tired and hungry today and he was very grateful towards jungkook that the younger thought arranging his dinner too.
he went to the bed and sat there comfortably covering his legs with the sheets while jungkook placed the food's tray in front of him. “ you eat till i change, i have done my dinner already downstairs” jungkook said getting up and taehyung nodded.
jungkook came out of the shower wearing a grey sweatpant and hoodie, he found the older still waiting for him on the bed when he could see taehyung was in a state of almost dozing off to sleep. he really appreciate the effort.
he collected the empty plates and placed them on the table which made taehyung snap out of his sleepiness and look at him.
“ hey! you can sleep. i am not a monster or something that i can't see how much tired you're. i am equally tired too so let's sleep. i may can cuddle with you too okay? ”
taehyung smiled gratefully at his words and nodded before he pulled one pillow from the pillow stacks and laid on the bed, the softness of the mattress and the pillow made his eyelilds almost closed with sleep immediately and a sigh of relief escaped from his mouth.
jungkook too laid beside him and pulled his body closer to his , spooning him. taehyung stayed like that clearly enjoying the warmth that radiates from the younger's body ready to doze off to sleep. but oh uh?
🔞: groping, nipple teasing, cõck warming
his eyes flew open when he felt one large palm groping his asscheeks, massaging and pinching him softly making him squeal at the sudden action. oh how can he forget about the deal he just agreed today . so it began already huh.
jungkook discarded the panty he was wearing to side and prods one finger inside his pussy raw making him moan in pain . jungkook kissed him underneath his ear and on nape feverishly while whispering sweet nothings in his ear making him slightly tremble in arousal.
“ we won't be doing anything much tonight so relax your muscles angel okay ? fvck baby you're so tight ” “ if i wasn't tired like this tonight, i would have ate you out first doll ,you're leaking so much ”
“ mhm” taehyung whimpered lowly and let the other finger him, he pushed his ass more on the finger as they swallowed all the loud squelching noises and their loud breathing echoed the whole room.
jungkook groaned feeling the older leaking more slick on his fingers as he added his middle finger in the tight heat, liking the way taehyung's whole body going pliant in his arms as he continued to prepare the other.
taehyung liked the way jungkook's fingers went places inside him where his fingers fails to go often, jungkook angled his fingers and they hitted his sweet spot with such an ease that he couldn't contain the loud moan he let out in pure bliss.
jungkook withdrew his now slick coated fingers out when he felt he can't take anymore, his cock is painfully hard so without further time he pulled down the secretary's panty till it reached taehyung's ankles along with his own pants.
he stroked his cock few times before guiding it towards the tight heat, clenching his teeth feeling as if all the prep did nothing in front of the tightness he was welcomed with. he can't move for a moment and let the other adjust .
on the other hand taehyung's mouth hung open in a silent scream due to the painful stretch, fvck jungkook is so hung, definitely the biggest cock he has taken till now.
he inhaled and exhaled loudly as jungkook continued to draw some patterns on his hips to distract him from the pain. he whimpered pathetically as fat tears rolled down from the corner of his eyes.
he for sure felt like a virgin again. jungkook thrusted slowly few times then stopped while his hands went inside the older's (his) shirt and cupped his tit earning few delish moans from the older.
taehyung thrashed his feet slightly as jungkook flickered on the nubs of his tits, pinching them continuously to tease him. his back arched as jungkook thrusted in and out lazily and stopped burying his cock deep inside, settling in between the older's warm walls.
he got the hint of what jungkook wants. he will be jungkook's cockwarmer tonight.
he mewled as jungkook continued squeeze his tits, kneading them as he pleases with sudden snap of his hips while he makes a mess on jungkook's length and the sheet with his slick.
jungkook finally stopped his movements and dropped one last kiss on taehyung's nape sending chill to his spine at the ghost of his lips lingered there while the younger muttered softly, “ good night! go back to sleep now my pretty angel hmm”
and taehyung closed his eyes sighing in content. they slept like that with jungkook's cock buried deep inside of him with one of his arm wrapped around his waist and another hand cupping his left tit . he hissed at the oversensitivity slightly but went to a peaceful slumber.
taehyung rolled over the bed sleepily with a whine leaving from his lips, he tried to blink his eyes few times hearing the annoying noise of his alarm ringing.
he yawned and got up stretching forward his limbs but winced feeling his lower region slightly swollen and a stinging pain shooting through his body.
his eyes snapped wide , eyes wandering to his sides as the realization sinks in, previous night's embarrassing incident of him getting caught by his boss at the office washroom then him agreeing to be the said male's personal whore from now. one night changed so many things.
and the place he's in right now, it's not his apartment. it's his boss 's pent house. he hurriedly took his phone and turned off the alarm, frowning at the realization that he's late.
‘gosh why haven't jungkook woke him up?’ he muttered few profanities under his breath, then his eyes went to the trolly standing beside the bed.
he went towards it and found there's a new toothbrush, toothpaste, towel and some formal clothes on the first row, then there's some food on the second row and on the third row, there's a tulip flower bouquet along with a file.
without wasting further time when he hurriedly went to the trolly he found there's three sticky notes on each row, he raised one brow at that. he took the first one and read it,
[ the first note ]
his cheeks slightly heated up , he checked the clothes and found there's lacy white panty, one plaid blue wide leg pant, navy blue coloured square neck tank top along with a white blazer, there's a golden chain and a black smart wrist watch too.
taehyung was in awe. he was truly amazed by jungkook's choice of clothes, so comfy and classy just like his taste. he hurriedly got up from the bed and decided to do his morning routine as soon as possible.
after wearing the clothes and everything, he again went to the trolly and took out the food's plate, then the note and read it,
[ the second note ]
taehyung squealed to himself looking at the strawberries, he hurriedly took the plate of the food and juice , sighing in content after munching on one strawberry. he carefully then finished his breakfast without ruining his clothes and hurriedly now went to the third row.
he inhaled the flower's fragrance and took the file and the note. he opened the file to face with some legal documents, so he decided to read the note first,
[ the third note ]
taehyung sighed and decided to read the file first, as he read more he found there's some rules written over there. the rules were simple that till he'll be working under the jungkook, he can't back up from the deal or else he'll face consequences in future,
he also have to remember that jungkook can call him at any moment and he needs to be prepared and can't say no to jungkook.
he took the pen which was already inside the file and signed it, he took it and the flowers in his hand went downstairs where he found his work bag laying on the sofa.
he put it inside and checked everything again before he left from there. he found a car was already waiting for him outside so he got in and the way to go to his office started
he checked his watch and continued to curse himself because there's a meeting from 10:30 am and the clock is already indicating 10:20 am,
he don't know if he will be able to reach the office on time. it's gonna be the first time he's late for office and he hates it. he likes to do everything punctually.
he bowed to the driver bidding his good bye before going inside. he could see how everyone were surprised too finding him coming late it makes him whine inwardly. he checked his clock once again and found 10:32 .
great he's 2 minutes late for the meeting. he doesn't even know what's jungkook doing now or the other even if remember about the meeting's time. with a heavy pant heaving out from his mouth he went in front of jungkook's cabin and knocked.
the reply of 'come in' came as reply and he went inside with a bow slightly avoiding the eye contact due to shyness and also because he's embarrassed he's late. he found one of his colleague present there discussing a file with jungkook. / oh so the clients still haven't came/
“ oh tae! you're late today! you're usually on time always are you okay?” his colleague hoseok asked . he gave him a soft smile, “ i am fine hyung ”
“ yes why were you late today secretary kim? are you feeling okay today?” joined another voice in their conversation, his head snapped towards his boss's direction who had a cocky smirk playing across his lips.
“ i am fine mr.jeon, uh the meeting with choi might be starting soon so i think we should be prepared for it , they're late but may can arrive at any moment ” taehyung replied , very proud of himself for not stuttering and going back to his professional attitude.
jhope shortly left the cabin after that and jungkook just hummed, “my secretary is late for the first time today! you should be careful with your schedules secretary kim! we don't want any loss for the company because of you coming late and not arranging the meetings now do we?”
taehyung shakes his head as no and muttered, “ it won't happen again ” “good! by the way did you bring the file with you that i left at home for you? signed it?”
—jungkook asked and taehyung nodded before taking out the file and placed it on jungkook's desk who took it and smiled in satisfaction after finding the signatures over the pages.
then jungkook's eyes trailed over taehyung's frame and taehyung did his best not to show any expression about his boss shamelessly checking him out.
“as i thought! the clothes are looking good on you!”jungkook said and taehyung muttered a quiet thank you before going outside towards his own cabin and came back in a minute with the file they need for the meeting,the reason he and jungkook stayed late at the office last night.
soon there was a knock on the door and they regained their posture, finding it was the chois who came for the meeting. taehyung as usual did his best in the meeting making the clients very happy with the presentation whereas jungkook's eyes kept following taehyung .
“ it will be my pleasure working with you! i loved the presentation ”choi minho, the ceo of the choi corporation said giving them a smile after signing the deal. jungkook and taehyung returned the smile . both were happy that the meeting was successful, their hardwork paid off.
“ there will be another meeting during the lunch time today!” taehyung informed with a bow and left the room, jungkook hummed to himself, deciding to focus on the work for now. his eyes again went to the file taehyung gave him this morning, the smirk on his face returned.
taehyung on the other hand wiped off the sweat from his face fanning himself with his hands. he can't believe jungkook seriously had the audacity to ask him why was he late in the morning in front of hoseok.
this cocky bastard, he muttered under his breath and took one file on which he can work. he pinched the bridge of his nose, it's gonna take time for him to finish. he probably have to stay the night awake today because of it if he won't start working on it from now.
jungkook set the deadline for the file tomorrow and his boss doesn't change his decision in these case even if there's a new addition of dynamic in his and his boss's relationship.
he already have seen how jungkook behaved so cocky and taunted him in the morning for coming late . so he'll do his best not to let the same thing happen again.
taehyung as usual went to jungkook's room with his lunch before the meeting . jungkook looked at his secretary and asked, “ what about your lunch? have you eaten something?” “ yes ” taehyung replied shortly slightly happy for getting asked about him and left the cabin .
the rest of the day's schedule went well with the meetings going well . taehyung sighedin relief going to his cabin and decided to work on the file he left earlier.
but it wasn't much late when taehyung was again called inside jungkook's office. he was slightly confused by the sudden call but he assumed it probably because of some new file.
🔞cw : -office s3x, duh -degrading -pussy slapping -spanking -dacryphilia -cunnilingus -squirting, multiple orgasm -overstimulation
when he went inside he was greeted with his boss saying, “take off the blazer and bent over my desk secretary kim ” “w-what?” came as surprised reply from the said secretary looking at jungkook with wide eyes .
“ don't repeat myself secretary kim! ” jungkook said getting up from his chair looking at taehyung intensely. “ but sir we're in the office ! it's unprofessional ” he tried to say and jungkook laughed sounded like a mock.
“ should have thought about professionalism when you couldn't control the wetness in your panty last night in the washroom secretary kim !” jungkook said then continued,
“ and i thought you read the agreement you signed properly secretary kim! i can ask you anytime anywhere and you shouldn't say no in reply! you will just be a good boy and take everything i will give you”
taehyung's cheeks flushed slightly, he gulped and nodded his head “sorry mr. jeon, it won't happen again” with that he went towards the desk and bent on it like he was told to. heat crawled against his neck and cheeks because of the lewd embarrassing position he was put in.
and he could feel a big hand soon going inside his pant teasing the pattern of his panty ,groping the globes of his asscheeks then a harsh slap landed on the left side making him whine.
“ i thought i told you yesterday to be used in calling me sir more often but here you're still stuck with mr. jeon! learn fast secretary kim” jungkook growled underneath taehyung's ear making the hair near his neck stand up .
taehyung tugged on his bottom lip harshly feeling jungkook's one finger go inside his panty massaging his clit and slipping one finger in between his pussy folds with such an ease.
then there comes another slap on the same place he received the previous spank. he whimpered as he started to leak more slick.
“ you surely doesn't care about professionalism secretary kim, look at you leaking so much already, pathetic!” jungkook muttered while he continued to curl his finger inside ,letting out a noise of 'tsk' feeling the tight muscle contracting around his finger .
taehyung's insides burnt with each of jungkook's, his eyes rolled back gripping on the desk tightly while jungkook continued toy with his clit.
jungkook pulled out his hand and hastily undone his secretary's pants leaving his lower part only in the white lace. his eyes trailed over the ass cheek where he left two spanks which had taken a shade of red making his breath hitch.
“ your skin looks so beautiful when it turns red ,red is a great colour on you” saying that he spanked him on his both cheeks five times more, loving the way they turned redder .
“ah~hnng sir” taehyung cried out, he couldn't control the moan that slipped out of his lips and those pearly tears that fell down on his cheeks, and it seems jungkook loved the way he stopped himself from holding back the moan.
taehyung's breath hitched when hot breath ghosted over his pussy sending a shiver to his spine. he closed his eyes shut as jungkook gripped on his thighs discarding the panty to a side
and his lips travelled from down to up leaving wet kisses on taehyung's inner thighs, his tongue darting out to taste the slick running over there with a soft hum.
“ such a pretty pussy you have secretary kim and so tasty” jungkook muttered low, he won't exaggerate taehyung tastes like chocolate or strawberries but he surely tastes heavenly and good on his tongue that he can taste it whole day.
and taehyung could feel himself leaking more slick at the sensation, squirming on the spot while whimpering softly. none of his previous hookups made him feel like that ever.
his back arched beautifully when jungkook's face came near to his cvnt, his pussy contracts around nothing in the air throbbing to feel something inside.
one kitten lick from jungkook on the labia and he's already gone. he tried to push his ass down more and earned a spank in return with a warning, “ patience kitten ”
so taehyung obliged his words again, his body laid flat on his boss's desk while the younger continued to devour his pussy like a starved man, kneading the soft flesh of his asscheeks in between.
jungkook nibbled on the clit teasingly while his middle finger prods inside the fat pussy lips, there's an embarrassing slurping noise echoing in the room.
leaving the clit jungkook took his time to leave few hickeys near taehyung's inner thighs, two fingers still fingering the other. taehyung's body was shaking due to the pleasure surging through his whole body.
jungkook on the other hand looked up at taehyung's shivering state and licked his own lips before moving his face forward more to the older's tight heat again, his tongue penetrating the vagina now and it's warm walls contracting around him throbbing.
“nggn~please there there g-good” taehyung mewled not caring the way he can feel the other smirking below him,all he can think about now is jungkook,his touches,his tongue, his lips.
and jungkook continued to go deeper thrusting his tongue further hitting the erogenous spot repeatedly sucking softly.
taehyung's muscle tightened feeling the familiar heat pooling up in the pit of his stomach, he let's out a shaky breath and without any warning squirted hard on jungkook's tongue letting out a loud moan.
realizing what taehyung has done, he immediately covered his mouth with his hand praying to god that no one heard him from outside .
and he looked below watching the filthy sight of his boss licking his pussy juice and when their eyes met the other intentionally licked the juice around his lip and raised a brow,the annoying smirk was playing on his lips.
jungkook is looking like a mess with sweat and cum sticking to his face, eyes dark hooded with lust . he surely looking like a mess but a hot mess in taehyung's eyes. that made his pussy throb more in need.
“ s-sorry for coming without warning sir ” he mumbled gulping down the lump in his throat because of the sight he was greeted with,
it does things to him, he can feel himself clenching around nothing again. he wants to be filled with something, more specially by his boss's long girthy cock.
jungkook seemed to be still not over playing with his pussy as the younger continued to pinch and twist his clit stimulating it continuously and he first slapped the surface softly then a harsh slap landed there. then two more.
taehyung sniffled at the stinging pain and he hates himself for leaking slick because of it, despite of coming few minutes ago he's again leaking like a open faucet.
— + tag : creampie
jungkook massaged his clit gently bringing a ticklish feeling in his body and with one last peck on his pussy folds jungkook got up.
“ taehyung are you on pills? ” jungkook asked voice deeper than his usual voice and taehyung nodded his head immediately. he always takes pills for safety purpose.
“ good for me then ” saying that jungkook undone his pants and boxer together making his erection sprung out free, already leaking precum. he stroked himself and decided to use the precum as lubricant.
he moved forward so he and taehyung is now connected to hips,he pushed aside the panty again,his erection pressed in between the asscheeks perfectly then gliding up and down in between the pussy folds , the head of his cock coating with slick.
taehyung whined at the tease breathing harshly and jungkook finally felt like pitying so he painfully slowly entered inside, he withdrew his cock and again thrusted back in with a low groan,
“ fvck so damn tight even after getting stuffed with my cock whole night and me eating you out! taehyung your hole deserves to be stuffed always with cock so it might will loose a little ”
taehyung whimpered moaning incoherent words as he drooled in both pain and pleasure by the way jungkook thrusted inside him, him clenching hard around the younger's throbbing cock .
jungkook's both hand found their way inside the tank top taehyung was wearing and cupped the tits in large palm, groping them, flickering the nubs of the nipples, massaging the globes .
the continuous stimulation on his nipples and the harsh thrusts made taehyung reach his second orgasm, he tried to warn jungkook this time but failed miserably when jungkook pushed his cock even deeper and he squirted around jungkook with a loud cry.
jungkook slowed down his pace then again picked up his pace chuckling behind taehyung. their movements halted for a moment when there was a knock on the door, taehyung's head snapped back at jungkook's direction with horrified expression
but jungkook remained unfazed and answered to the knock instead, “ don't disturb me right now!” his loud voice echoed the room along with the sloppy squealching noise. “ oh okay sorry mr. jeon ” the voice and footsteps went away like that.
“ tsk! taehyung you have been working for me for a whole damn month yet you don't know that my room is sound proof? also doesn't it excites you thinking what if maybe someone walked on us like this and watch us in this position ”
—jungkook whispered underneath taehyung's ear and continued, “ me and you like this, their THE secretary kim bent over my desk so pliant like this and taking their boss's cock so well like a cockslvt! tits hanging in the air and you drooling and moaning incoherently ”
taehyung only whimpered in return cheeks turning scarlet red from embarrassment and jungkook laughed , “ you're so damn pathetic, the way you just clenched around me just because of the words! fvck ”
the skin slapping noise was loud in their ear. jungkook fully stopped moving and pulled out making taehyung whine at the emptiness. jungkook turned around his body so they're now facing each other. jungkook stroked himself few times and entered again inside.
taehyung face was flushed red, dried tear stains over cheeks and more fresh tears falling from his eyes, drool dripping from the corner of his lips, hair sticking to his forehead with sweat, his cherry plump lips parted , moans and sharp pants escaping from them.
his tits bouncing with each thrust made jungkook to move forward his face and latched his mouth on them, tongue swirling around it, teeth biting making taehyung hiss loudly. he ignored the hissing noises and continued to grope the soft fleshes, suck and bite onto them.
each sniffling noise coming from taehyung's mouth and the tears decorated on his face infuriated the arousal in jungkook's stomach. he only thrusted faster and harder making taehyung sob brokenly. he loves the look over his secretary's face, it's all because of him.
the way the head of jungkook's cock continued to stimulate his cervix it made taehyung reach his another orgasm and he's squirting hard around jungkook again ,
coating his cock with his juice who slowed down his pace for a moment and changed his angle a little and again started to thrust in a steady speed .
jungkook's eyes dropped on his secretary's lips, those are looking so welcoming that without wasting further time he leaned in and captured those soft pillowy lips with his.
taehyung gasped inaudibly at that and soon melting in the kiss and started moving his lips against jungkook's rhythmically with same hunger , their lips locking like two puzzle pieces and their tongues dancing together on their own rhythm.
sucking and biting onto the soft flesh of their lips, breathy moans and groans were exchanged in between.
taehyung's hands find their way around jungkook's neck, fisting the short mullet slightly, his long finger carded through jungkook's locks as they kissed like there's no tomorrow, and jungkook's hands fondling his tits .
jungkook broke the kiss and moved the sleeve of taehyung's top, his lips trailing wet kisses there and teeth grazing. and soon beautiful red purplish marks blooming on the skin.
satisfied with his work, jungkook gripped on the sobbing male's chin and kissed him sloppily muttering a quiet, “ so beautiful, all for me ”
taehyung's back ached staying like that so he moved back and he's laying on his back on the glass surface of the desk right now, the cold surface felt soothing to his warm body.
he pulled jungkook over him by the tie and they continued to make out. not really getting enough of their lips.
taehyung mewled in between the kiss when the cock brushed his g-spot. him soon turning into a whimpering sobbing mess because of jungkook continuing to jab the same place with the head of his cock
earning more beautiful cries, moaning continuously “sir ” and “ so good” over and over , and oh those felt like heaven in jungkook's ears.
taehyung was blabbing incoherent words due to the overstimulation , jungkook was still chasing his own release fingers flickering taehyung's clit in between and his tongue latched onto his secretary's now swollen tits .
taehyung's inner thighs burn, he wasn't able to hold up anymore as he could feel himself nearing another orgasm, his pussy is so sensitive right now .
jungkook though didn't care and thrusted fast and harder, he can finally feel himself nearing to his climax too. his thrusts start to become very sloppy yet they were still deeper to make taehyung see stars.
with few more thrusts jungkook released a ribbon of cum filling taehyung's womb with his hot semen with a loud growl and taehyung in return squirted gim again whining lowly and sighing in content with the feeling of getting stuffed with cum.
jungkook thrusted back his cum inside sloppily and stayed like that, sucking onto taehyung's tits like a kid. taehyung whimpered loudly when jungkook finally pulled out and both of their cum mixed together rolled down from the side of his inner thighs in a line .
jungkook licked his bottom lip and entered his cock into taehyung's heat again thrusting their cum sloppily and taehyung cried out loudly when he could feel jungkook getting erected inside him once again.
another hell round of sëx went like that, it ended with taehyung fvcking himself onto jungkook's cock desperately and him getting again stuffed with the younger's cum.
his body went limp against jungkook's who only chuckled in return and ripped off the panty, throwing it in the dustbin.
by the time they were finished, he could see the outside has turned from orangy blue sky to dark sky and no more noise of employees outside.
taehyung's body was still resting on the younger's who left a peck on his forehead and and slowly pulled himself out. he made the older laid on the sofa in his cabin while went to his personal washroom to clean himself and then returned with a wet towel and cleaned taehyung too.
he changed their clothes, him wearing a white sweatshirt and blue sweatpant while he made taehyung wear one of his grey hoodie and sweatpant.
he looked at taehyung's face ,pink dusted cheeks,long thick eyelashes resting over there,his swollen lips and muttered a quiet ‘ beautiful ’ to himself, not loud enough for taehyung's ears.
he shakes the older's body gently who slowly blinked his eyes and tried to sit up but failed miserably wincing in pain. jubgkook cleared his throat and gave him a glass of water and a pill, “ have it, it's a pain killer it may can help”
taehyung took it with a bow and swallowed the pill muttering a thank you to the other. jungkook nodded, “ let's go, it's already late”
“ oh so he remembers it's late after fvcking me like a bunny in heat for hours " taehyung thought looking at jungkook in disbelief , he cleared his throat and said voice hoarse from all crying and moaning earlier, “ i will go to my apartment ”
jungkook looked at him for some minutes then nodded, “ okay ” . he got up and extended his hand forward to taehyung who gratefully took it and got up with few struggles. jungkook watched it in amusement.
taehyung tried to find his phone which jungkook helped him in and they finally left the cabin. on their way taehyung collected a file from his desk and they went out with jungkook's one arm wrapped around his waist and guiding him gently.
for some reason it made taehyung's heart flutter watching how jungkook clearly doesn't care if someone notices them like this, the guard was shocked too finding them like that making his cheeks warm.
jungkook went inside the car along with taehyung and they went towards the older's apartment with a comfortable silence,
taehyung's eyelids heavy with sleep so he was just leaning his head back on the seat whereas jungkook continued to drive with sneaking few glances of his sleepy secretary in between.
when they finally reached the apartment, taehyung was surprised when jungkook bade him good night with a soft peck on his lips and warm hug.
a warm feeling surged inside his heart because of the gesture, he just ducked his head and left from there with replying hurriedly, ‘ same to you’
and he may or not may had heard a faint chuckle behind him muttering, ‘ cute’ making his ears turning red.
he decided to just take a warm bath for the night and made some ramen hurriedly for the dinner. he couldn't control himself from dozing off the moment his back touched the soft surface of his bed,
he sighed in content and decided to sleep and he'll work on the file he brought next day morning before going to office, there isn't much work left.
on the other hand , when jungkook reached his penthouse, he freshen up again and heated up the dinner his maid has left. he went to his room and pulled the covers over his body, nose nuzzling over the fabric inhaling. there's still trace of taehyung's smell.
he bite on his bottom lip as recalled the incidents occurred in his room a few hours ago which immediately brought a smile on his face.
he took his phone from the table beside his bed and send one text to a person then dialed a number, “ jimin hyung! send a truck tomorrow to the address i am sending! make sure it reaches before 8 am ”
the next morning came and taehyung woke up by his annoying alarm clock ringing again like usual, him wincing in between because of the sore ass , he decided to start working on the file to finish the last parts.
he was typing something on his laptop when he heard the loud noise of horn from outside. he ignored thinking someone from neighborhood brought the truck for some reason this early in the morning but then he heard his calling bell ringing.
he went to the door lazily and after opening it he was greeted with a staffboy giving him a tulip bouquet and wishing him good morning.
he took the flowers dumbfoundedly and greeted him back, “ may i know who are you and why are you giving me these flowers? ” he questioned.
“ oh i am here because of mr. jeon jungkook! he told me to give you the flowers” the staffboy replied and taehyung looked at him surprised and said thank you a little shyly.
“ uh anything else?” he asked when he saw the boy wasn't still going and standing there, the boy nodded and asked, “ which furniture and bags should i take first can you please show me? if you still time for packing that's fine too” “ PARDON???!!”
+ [ additional tag before you read further: mpreg ]
jungkook looked at the clock and took his phone in his hand finding his secretary still hasn't checked the messages he sent last night.
he immediately called the male's number because he was sure by now the truck he sent must have gone to his secretary's apartment. the rings ended and the call got hung up on itself but no one took it.
he huffed, frustrated and again called, this time after few rings he could hear his secretary's rather surprised voice, “ mr. jeon you sent a truck to my apartment? and what's this boy talking about?what's going on?”
“ well well good morning to you too secretary kim and do as the other is saying! if you had checked your messages then you wouldn't have been this surprised!” jungkook replied.
“ hold on what lemme check” with that jungkook waited for a minute till he heard the other speaking again, “ but why? why do i have to shift to your penthouse mr.jeon?”
“ secretary kim did you seriously read the whole contact clearly? it was clearly mentioned there that you're going to shift to my house right after the contract starts! also what have i told you to call me? you're such a bad boy doll ”
jungkook said voice low and he could clearly hear the other gulping , “ please i-i am sorry sir! i was in hurry yesterday that's why i didn't noticed”
“ hmm okay then now pack your things hurriedly, no need to bring much except for your essential things, i'll send give you a copy of the contract so you can memorize all the rules, see you later at office secretary kim” jungkook said and cut the call.
taehyung sighed in disbelief, did he really missed the rule? and gosh the way jungkook talks to him, the disappointed tone makes him whine, he doesn't want to see the disappointed look on the other's face.
he sighed and immediately went inside to his room to pack his two bags of clothes and important documents and he also decided to take some of his plushies, he gave them to the staffboy .
“ taehyung-ah? you're shifting? we didn't knew ” one of his neighbors asked and he muttered under his breath, “ i myself didn't know too” he looked the person and gave a nervous smile, “ this isn't permanent, I'll be back ” “ oh ” the neighbor said and went inside.
he saw the truck leaving soon and a car was waiting beside it, the driver he assumed was coming outside. but his jaw dropped on the floor when he saw jungkook coming out of the car dressed in his office suit.
“ sir you're here?” he asked still can't believe his eyes and jungkook eyed him head to toe before nodding “ let's go inside, i came here to take you with me. we'll go office together today”
taehyung nodded his head dumbfounded and went inside his apartment with jungkook . jungkook eyed the apartment and raised a brow thinking, ‘ his apartment really beautiful. the interior designs ,the furnitures , they're all looking expensive where did he get the money from?’
he was curious but nonethelessly he now decided to look at taehyung who was looking slightly lost. “ please sit on the sofa , i'll get changed quickly. also it's your first time in my apartment, what can i offer you sir?”
taehyung asked politely already making his way to the kitchen. “ you ” jungkook said and a smirk forming on his lips finding the other's wide eyes and the blush decorating on the face. he really likes to tease the older.
“ s-sir i mean coffee, water or any juice?” taehyung replied and jungkook got up from the sofa before making his way to the kitchen standing behind taehyung.
he wrapped his one arm around the other's waist and nibbled onto the shell of his ear softly, hot breath ghosting over the skin making goosebumps rising up on taehyung's skin with a shiver, “ my answer is still ‘ you’ doll, remember how i tasted you yesterday?i am addicted”
with that the younger's hands travelled down to taehyung's ass and squeezed them softly earning a whine from the older.
taehyung's neck and cheeks started to heat up because of the younger's words, he closed his eyes when jungkook's lips travelled from his ear to jaw leaving few kisses, hand going inside his shirt tracing over the soft unblemished skin.
“ nngm…sir we have to go to the office. i have to get ready” taehyung said whimpering slightly as jungkook was cupping one of his tits right now and fondling it .
jungkook hummed retracting his hands and turned the other around pushing his hips to the kitchen counter. and before taehyung could talk anything there was a pair of familiar lips on his,two arms trapping him in the place.
taehyung returned the kiss soon after calming down , placing his hands on either shoulder of the younger. within a minute the kiss turned into a heated make out session, teeth clashing together, tongue fighting for dominance and hands groping places.
taehyung patted the other on the shoulder when he felt he needs some air and jungkook obliged breaking the kiss. sharp pants escaping from red swollen lips glistening with spit.
“ i will go and get ready or we might get late ” taehyung said in between and jungkook nodded before going back to the sofa.
it took about thirty minutes or so before taehyung came back to the living room dressed in a black suit , his work bag slinging over his shoulder , “ we can go now ”
jungkook eyed him up and down and sighed to himself, taehyung never really fails to amaze him with his beauty. although he decided not to praise it out, not want to be shown as a whipped puppy for his secretary, he doesn't want other to underestimate him.
so he got up from the couch instead and told him, “ there's party in the evening i hope you remember you're going with me” “ of course sir, i even took an extra pair of cloth with me for it ”
taehyung informed and jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, “ you're already looking very good i don't think you need to change, it's gonna be a boring business party not like you are trying to impress someone or anything”
“ uh that's because i just got ready that's why i am still looking all tidy but later they may can look a little messy from work and i don't want to show up in a party like that” taehyung replied.
“ you know you look even better being all messy but never mind i understand what you meant, let's go”saying that jungkook started walking to the entrance. and taehyung flushed a little and rolled his eyes following the other, “ can he stop thinking with his dick a little”
truly taehyung never thought his boss can be so shameless,the time he agreed to the deal was because he didn't want to lose the job because he has his personal reasons then again his boss surely is beast when it comes to sex, his toe curls everytime he remember how good he felt
but now he's shifting with the other and then at office, one minute jungkook is behaving all bossy and professional and then in a second he doesn't care for professionalism at all, just like what happened yesterday.
he only used to know the professional strict boss jungkook but now the arrangement they share apart from work has his mind race places.
when they reached the office they can see there wasn't much employees ,only few. hoseok looked at him wide eyed, “ wow you and boss came at the same time today”
“ uh yeah, my cab and his car reached at the same time hehe” taehyung lied throwing a nervous smile at his colleague who nodded understanding and went back to his work.
jungkook raised a brow but didn't said anything, he just went straight to his cabin. taehyung sighed in relief and went to his desk too before checking all the schedules for today again. he nodded to himself finding there isn't many meetings, only one during the lunch.
he opened his computer and checked the mails, there wasn't anything special too. so he just nodded and decided to give jungkook the file he was working in the morning.
there's this thing again jungkook told him not to knock from now on whenever he enters his cabin after yesterday. so he without knocking entered and cleared his throat, “ here's the file you gave me last day! ”
“ taehyung was it really necessary to tell hoseok that we came in different vehicle? i believe sometimes ignoring few questions do not do any harm ” jungkook asked instead and taehyung can clearly pinpoint anger in his voice.
he's confused genuinely, he thought if someone will know about being them coming together more importantly the intimacy they shares it may can harm the younger's image but here jungkook seemed to be doesn't care of anything.
“ uh i will remember that from now on sir ” he awkwardly replied not knowing what else he should say .
jungkook squinted his eyes but didn't said anything before tossing a new file to the other and saying, “ tell others to submit their files too, they should know better about the deadlines i set for everyone! they're here for work not gossiping”
taehyung nodded taking the file and left the office praying for the next person who's going to jungkook's cabin because he knows the younger's sour mood and the reason may or not maybe he himself.
“ sir told you all to submit the files he has given to y'all! please hurry ” he said and noticed hoseok was the one first coming forward with a wide grin. taehyung immediately paled, oh no.
“ hobi hyung i need to talk something to you ” taehyung said clearly doesn't want the other to get scolded. “ yeah we can talk tae let me first submit the file, i have worked really hard on it ” hoseok said proudly .
“ but i need to talk about it this urgently please hyung” taehyung said and hoseok frowned but nodded before going with him. taehyung sighed in relief to himself and side eyed hoping someone else to go inside. “ taehyung?”
taehyung came out from his thoughts and nodded at him awkwardly, “ oh yeah so hyung?” oh god what's he supposed to say now, his mind is totally blank. “ uh so what do you think about was it chicken came first or the egg?”
he hurriedly asked mentally cringing at his question, how old is he? chicken? egg?? ridiculously childish! he just want to smash his head somewhere on the wall in embarrassment.
“ what?” hoseok looked at him weirdly and taehyung saw sana, another colleague going inside jungkook's cabin. he sighed in relief and nodded, “ uh yeah i have been thinking about it a lot hyung ”
“ oh secretary kim you're so adorable, you still think about these questions ” hoseok saying cooing and they both flinched when they heard jungkook yelling angrily from his cabin and sana coming out as if she's about to cry.
taehyung pitied the other and hoseok is suddenly looking nervous, “ i should go now, hopefully it will go well” before taehyung could do anything hoseok already left.
“ very good mr. jung! i liked your idea, it's good ” jungkook said closing the file and hoseok smiled at that happily before taking his file. he was about to turn around when he looked at jungkook, “ mr. jeon ?”
“ yes? ” jungkook said looking up from his laptop. “ what do you think who came first chicken or egg?” hoseok asked. “ what the fuck mr . jung? are you kidding me? ” jungkook asked his calm demeanour again turning tense.
“ no no secretary kim was asking me about it and i don't know the answer so i thought i can ask you because you're smart intelligent ” hoseok said nervously and sweating.
jungkook raised a brow at the mention of his secretary, “ you can leave now mr . jung and go back to your work ” hoseok immediately bowed and left room thanking god that jungkook didn't said anything else.
🔞 cw: dry humping
it was before lunch when taehyung went to jungkook's cabin like usual with the other's lunch. he saw jungkook closing the laptop and looking at him intensely making him squirm slightly.
“ secretary kim close the door ” jungkook said and taehyung widened his eyes visibly gulping thinking if jungkook is going to repeat the same thing happened yesterday, no no it can't happened they have a meeting to attend.
“ sir?” he uttered voice uncertain and jungkook just hummed keeping his gaze on him and taehyung found himself unable to deny the other because of the heavy gaze boring on him and maybe he suddenly was reminded that he has signed a contact and can't say no to the other.
placing the lunch on the table beside the couch in the room, he closed the door and stood still waiting for jungkook to say something.
“ now take off the blazer you're wearing and sit down here” jungkook said tapping on his lap. taehyung gulped and did as he was told to, now sitting on the younger's thighs feeling those thick flesh underneath him.
there was a satisfactory glint in jungkook's eyes . the ceo's hands trailed over the secretary's chest stopping right above the first button of the shirt. taehyung gasped watching jungkook undoing the buttons one by one.
“ oh you're wearing a bralette today ” jungkook uttered voice husky and eyes hooded with lust. taehyung tugged on his lower lip and answered, “ i—uh they were aching a little yesterday because uh you biting too much so i thought about wearing it ”
his cheeks turned scarlet red when he noticed a cocky smirk on his boss's lips. jungkook immediately pulled the bralette down making the two soft globes coming out free in the air immediately.
jungkook licked his lips taking one in his hand and groping it softly eliciting few soft gasps and whimpers from his secretary. jungkook looked at the other's face for once and latched his mouth onto the nipple , sucking them like a child.
taehyung covered his mouth with his hands as the other continued to suck on his tits with occasional nibbles . he could feel himself tingling in between his thighs, he's wet. no sh!t sherlock.
jungkook's one hand kept roaming over his body. jungkook detached his mouth from the nipple and removed taehyung's hands from his mouth thereafter.
taehyung looked at him with his big eyes, curious. jungkook chuckled lowly tugging onto the other's lower lip with his teeth before licking and capturing them in a kiss hungrily.
taehyung hissed at first but didn't waste much time to kiss the other back with same hunger. his fingers threading with the back of jungkook's hair moaning and whimpering lowly as much possible when the younger continued to tease his nipples flickering the nubs.
taehyung chocked on a moan when jungkook suddenly moved his hips, thrusting upward making their lower halves brushing together, creating a sweet friction.
despite the clothes being a barrier, taehyung's toe curled in pleasure as his panty stuck in his pussy along with jungkook's semi hard dick brushing over them.
the white shirt he was wearing is now dangling at the edges of his each shoulder, jungkook's fingers tracing patterns on his back when taehyung started moving his hips up and down over his boss's abdominal area and sometimes just on his thick thighs.
fvck! taehyung would love it if jungkook will let him fvck himself on the younger's thighs, he'll surely ask the other sometime when he'll collect enough courage to do it.
jungkook was still fully clothed while taehyung was half naked and humping on his boss's clothed cock desperately seeking for pleasure. he could feel his inner thighs burning and a familiar heat pooling up at the pit of his stomach.
taehyung broke the kiss to take some breath, the drool from the corner of his lips landing on chest making the mint haired's eyes darkening more.
“ remember what you told me this morning? you were right! you should have seen yourself in the mirror secretary kim, drooling and sweating with flushed cheeks,your eyes hazy from holding tears, your hair disheveled. you're looking so messy right now ”
jungkook said with a low chuckle holding him by the waist and one hand kept pinching his nipples, before taking them back in his mouth.
taehyung kept his eyes shut loosing himself completely because of the way jungkook's mouth works. “ c-close” he muttered and jungkook nodded laying his face down on his tit voice muffling, “ me too”
“ oh god ” taehyung hissed loudly when jungkook squeezed one of his tit a little harshly making him cry in pain.
jungkook just watched him amusedly feeling himself getting closer and he grunted, “ secretary kim i heard something about you today” he started and taehyung looked at him curiously.
“ you were apparently asking about chicken and eggs?” jungkook said and taehyung looked at him eyes widening and face turning red in embarrassment.
jungkook chuckled at his reaction and gripped onto the other's chin , face leaning forward, “ don't know about them but what about i fill you up with my seeds ,how does it sound hm?”
taehyung melted at the sweet tone, he would love to be filled by the other but they're running late, they have a meeting to attend.
“ i would have loved that sir but you have an important meeting in ten minutes if i remind you” he said in between his moans and jungkook grunted in disappointment nodding and kissed the other again.
with few more minutes of rutting against each other they both came in unison, moaning together in the kiss holding each other close. when they calmed down, they broke the kiss chest heaving up and down.
“ i-i should go and change ” taehyung said despite wanting nothing but to rest for awhile. jungkook hummed before pecking him one last time and taehyung got up from his lap.
” secretary Kim wait a little” jungkook said and taehyung did before noticing the younger taking the bag from the couch and gave it to him, “ wear them, i know you told me you have your spare clothes but i want you to wear these ”
“ uh okay thank you very much, you didn't had to ” taehyung said taking the bag and jungkook shakes his head, “ it's nothing remember the contract? i will be spoiling you whenever and however i want to ”
taehyung flushed a little and nodded his head, “ uh please have the lunch after changing, don't skip it there after we can start the meeting” “ okay”
jungkook said smiling and taehyung nodded ignoring the way his heart beat races suddenly because of the smile. he just turned around and left the cabin shrugging off.
later after finishing the meeting they left for the party . when taehyung went to change in the washroom he literally had his jaw dropping on the floor because jungkook literally gifted him one of brand new collection of gucci's.
he immediately had called the younger asking if he had given him the wrong bag but to his surprise jungkook declined saying it is for /him/
and now taehyung is watching jungkook talking to other business men while he did his best to talk to everyone politely who came to talk to him.
taehyung was sipping from his juice, non alcoholic of course because he knows better about his alcohol tolerance and he wouldn't make a fool out of himself in front of these high society elite people.
he flinched slightly when an arm wrapped around his waist making him squirm as they groped his butt giving it a light smack. taehyung immediately turned around with a frown.
“ sir what if someone notice , keep your hands to yourself ” taehyung said with a pout and jungkook had a urge to kiss it right in front of everyone's eyes.
“ what about we go to the washroom ” jungkook said patting him on his bum two times and left with a pointed look. taehyung sighed placing the glass he was holding on a table and followed the other.
taehyung surely doesn't want his boss to be on newspaper headlines with, “ young bachelor ceo jeon jungkook found banging his secretary in the park corporate's party washroom” that's too scandalous.
🔞 cw: blowjob + cum swallowing
when he went in front of the washroom he was pulled inside by an iron grip pulling his wrist. taehyung shivered feeling the younger pressing his front on his back and an arm circling around his waist.
his breath hitching when jungkook dropped his face into the crook of his neck and started nosing his collarbones sending an electrifying spark to his spine, “ you're looking so beautiful secretary kim”
the low voice had taehyung shudder, his tummy fluttering in anticipation as he uttered, “ thank you, you're looking very handsome too sir ”
he could feel the other smiling on his skin before detaching his face and turned him around to peck him on lips. these sudden pecks from jungkook surely does things to taehyung's poor heart, they makes him feel wanted and an weirdly pleasant feeling rise up in his chest.
“sir there's so many people outside what if someone come here, there's many who must be looking for you ,you know” taehyung said licking his lips after jungkook retracted his lips.
“ well poor them then because i have no interest in the party, had entertained them enough by fake smiling and talking” jungkook said rolling his eyes before pulling the other close on his body by snaking his arms around his secretary's waist, hands travelling on the butt.
“ i have something more interesting here in front of me” jungkook continued staring at taehyung intently.
and that's how taehyung found himself kneeling in front of his boss , gagging and choking on his cock as jungkook fvcked his mouth relentlessly. the base of the cock hitting the back of his throat. the soft noise of groans echoing the whole washroom.
taehyung purred on the younger's length when jungkook threaded his fingers back in his hair caressing them a little before pushing his hips forward harshly .
“ god damn taehyung you're doing so good doll! your lips look so beautiful around my cock like this ! ” jungkook praised making the other suck him even more eagerly.
the occasional nibbles on the slit he takes as much he can the other hollowing his cheeks, vision blurry with tears prickling at the corner of his eyes. he moaned feeling himself leaking in his panty so much.
“ y-yeah just like that baby~ you're taking me so well. keep going like that i am close ” jungkook moaned out.
taehyung whined at the praises and sucking harshly, licking to the sides as drool dribbled from the corner of his mouth. jungkook again started fvcking his mouth and came in his secretary's mouth with a satisfied groan when he watched the other swallowing every drop of his cum.
he pulled him up and kissed him feverishly, “ what a good boy you're! let's leave the party so i can reward you at home , my pretty doll ”
jungkook said leaving one last peck on his cheeks . they fixed themselves looking in the mirror and left the washroom with excitement buzzing in their veins.
🔞cw : • shower sex kinda • mirror kink • squirting ; multiple orgasm • creampie
the moment they entered jungkook's penthouse, jungkook hurriedly locked the door and indicated the other to jump which taehyung did wrapping his legs around the other's waist and his arms around the neck.
jungkook carried the other without any effort and grip tightening on the other's waist as their lips got locked like two puzzle pieces again.
when they reached jungkook's room, they hastily threw their blazers on the floor along with their pants leaving them both in a white sheer shirts and boxers/panty. jungkook kissed the other before muttering, “ let's go to washroom ”
and as they went inside the mint haird's washroom, taehyung's back was pressed against the glass, jungkook turning on the tap to let the shower fall over their bodies.
taehyung shivered at the cold , eyes closing for a minute whereas jungkook took his time in stripping the other's panty and undoing his boxers. he let out a noise of 'tsk' watching how wet the other is and him despite cumming few minutes back, he's already leaking precum.
they're both so needy for each other. taehyung whined gripping on jungkook's shoulder when a cold finger ghost over his pussy folds, massaging the clit before slipping the middle finger inside. “ ngnnh ~ uh ” taehyung whimpered clenching around the finger .
jungkook retracted his finger and parted the other's thighs before taking one on his shoulder while guiding the head of his cock to taehyung's tight heat.
taehyung's grip on jungkook's shoulder tightened, nails digging on the soft flesh and eyes shut tightly when jungkook aligned himself with his entrance and pushed in earning groans from both of them.
jungkook withdrew his cock and pushed back in and let his cock settle between the warm walls while giving some time for taehyung to adjust.
taehyung dropped his head on jungkook's shoulder when the younger started moving slowly. soft moans continued escape from his lips when jungkook started picking up his pace.
scratching on jungkook's back he sniffled as the younger's cock penetrated him deeper making his knees weak. taehyung kept whining blabbing incoherently almost hugging the younger.
jungkook cooed looking at the other's expressions and kissed him softly, their groans and moans mingling together. taehyung's one hand traveled down to his clit and massaged them pinching it to let the other enter even more inside him.
jungkook broke the kiss turning off the shower and pulled himself out making the other whine , his pussy is clenching around nothing and very much needy to be stuffed with the younger's cock.
jungkook left a peck on his nose and pulled him in front of mirror and taehyung instinctively gripped on the counter moaning out a loud ‘ sir ’ when jungkook re-entered with a harsh thrust.
taehyung shivered when jungkook trailed wet kisses on his back and hands groping the flesh of his butt cheeks, parting them aside moving his hips further with a low growl thrusting faster and harder.
and taehyung watched himself being touched like that vulnerably in the mirror, arousal fueling in the stomach more as he watched jungkook's expression while fvcking him relentlessly like a toy, jaw clenched, eyes dark with hunger, wet disheveled hair sticking to his forehead.
taehyung tugged on his lips pushing his ass further on jungkook's length receiving two spanks on each butt cheeks while the thrusts going deeper. and taehyung's eyes rolled when the younger's cock brushed the particular spot inside making his toe curl.
“ fvck right there! there! ” taehyung moaned earning another two spanks before the other thrusting in a steady pace , “ you don't order me around doll! ”
“ s-sorry ” taehyung apologized already drowning in the pleasure as jungkook continued to hit the spot over and over. “ i am close c-can i c-can i…OH ah~” taehyung couldn't even finish the sentence, chocking on his words because of one particular harsh thrust on his g-spot.
jungkook grazed his teeth on taehyung's shoulder sucking there making sure to leave red purplish hickeys while patting him on the bum, “ come! come for me baby doll ”
and taehyung didn't had to be told twice as he squirted hard around the other moaning loudly eyes rolling back and jungkook placed some wet kisses on his shoulder and cheeks, “ good boy!”
taehyung purred at the praise benting more on the counter and spreading legs so jungkook can chase his own orgasm fvcking him even deeper if possible.
he whimpered though when he could feel his knees are at the verge of giving up and the way jungkook throbbed inside him at his eager move.
jungkook's hand found themselves again onto the familiar globes fondling them with low grunts because of the way taehyung's muscles contacting around his cock holding him tight in between them.
taehyung could feel himself reaching to his another orgasm because of overstimulation because of the way the head of jungkook's cock kept stimulate his erogenous spots .
“ oh are you close again?” jungkook asked and taehyung nodded making the younger chuckle, “ my sensitive puppy ”
taehyung whined sniffling softly and cheeks reddening making jungkook laugh more finding the other cute and moved his face down, hand gripping on his chin to turn his face around and kissed him sloppily tongues invading in each other's throat.
taehyung came like that again arching his back, clenching hard around the younger's cock. and soon jungkook found himself reaching his climax and his thrusts turning sloppy too but were deeper enough to make taehyung's mind crazy.
“ i am coming sweet cheeks” with few more thrusts jungkook came deep inside taehyung filling him to the brim like he promised during the lunch and pulling out before coming the rest over the pussy and in between the ass cheeks.
he loved the way the thin white line dripping from between taehyung's inner thighs and reaching down to his ankles. pussy agape and some of his cum coming out.
taehyung released a long breath eyes droopy from tiredness and jungkook carried him to the bathtub, filling up the tub with lukewarm water.
they found themselves sitting comfortably in the tub, jungkook washing taehyung's body tenderly with his body wash,shampooing his hair. and taehyung resting his head on jungkook's shoulder while the younger's cock buried inside him again.
with another quick round in the bathtub, jungkook carried taehyung to his bed and dried his hair, body wearing him a bathrobe then going to his wardrobe and returning with one of his shirt and pants.
taehyung wore them with the help of jungkook and later watched the other changing into a tee and boxers too. “ why did you gave me a shirt instead of a tee like you?” he asked not like he mind but still asked.curious.
jungkook looked at him with a small smirk, “ so i can unbutton them quickly and play with your tits whenever i want easily ” the apples of taehyung's cheeks immediately dusting pink, “ you're so shameless mr. jeon! sometimes think without your dick gosh”
and jungkook laughed sitting beside the older on the bed and pulled the other in a hug leaving kisses on his sides making the room echo with taehyung's adorable giggles.
taehyung's face suddenly turned to his side and jungkook's face came right in front of his, there's a soft fond look over the younger's face that made his heart pick up few beats. jungkook leaned in and captured his lips, both of them humming in content before breaking it.
“mr. jeon uh no sir uh i guess i should go now,in which room i am staying?”taehyung asked and jungkook furrowed his eyebrows,
“the room across mine and where are you going? you will stay with me and you can you know call me jungkook outside the office and when we're not doing it ”
taehyung's lips form an ‘o’ nodding. jungkook laid down and patted the place beside him.
taehyung laid beside him after setting an alarm on his phone because he had learned his lesson last time, there isn't any ensurance that jungkook will wake him up and that may can lead him to go to the office late again.
jungkook covered them with the duvet arms secured around his waist. taehyung melting in the other's warm touch. then taehyung suddenly wondered if it's really needed for them to cuddle like this at night or kissing each other at times tenderely like jungkook initiates.
to taehyung's surprise jungkook actually woke him up pecking him on his whole face, taehyung was greeted with the younger's handsome face and a cute bunny smile.
taehyung was surprised when he went to the room across jungkook's for changing and found the room decorated with many soft toys, wardrobe literally filled with all the brands new designing clothes, expensive perfumes and jewelleries.
he literally had to confirm from the younger if it's really his room where he would be staying and jungkook just laughed looking at his surprised reaction and said yes . it's gonna take some time for taehyung to register everything.
**** taehyung furrowed his eyebrows when jungkook called him in the cabin suddenly. nonethelessly he went with his iPad. “do i have any more important meeting today?” jungkook asked and taehyung shakes his head as no, “i would have informed you in the morning if you had one”
“ perfect then! we're going outside for lunch today ” jungkook said . “ huh?” taehyung uttered in confusion, jungkook chuckled at that, “ we're going out for lunch today secretary kim and maybe for shopping too ”
and taehyung's mind suddenly went blank with one particular thought, ‘ is it a date?’
——— that's all for today's update 💗 btw who do you think is gonna catch feelings first?
“ are you listening secretary kim? ” jungkook's voice snapped him out of the train of thoughts and taehyung just gave him a timid nod.
“ okay then you may can go now , i will message you when we'll be leaving and if you want you can change into something casual too because we'll return home together from there ” jungkook said and taehyung just nodded before going outside. ‘home’
taehyung just shook his head at his own thought of earlier then again his mind races, “ what was i thinking, mr. jeon i mean sir didn't think like that. it must be included in one of those benefits he talked when i agreed to his deal.
+ i seriously should just stop overthinking and start enjoying what i am getting instead ” “ also even if he has any intention about dating which i highly doubt , i don't have any. everything should just stay in the line so nothing will get messed up at the end ”
*** just like jungkook mentioned earlier, the younger has messaged him and he took his time to change into something casual in the washroom along with touching up his make up.
when he was finally ready he made his way to the entrance of their company bowing and greeting some of his colleagues on the way.
he found jungkook's car was already outside of the parking area and was probably waiting for him. he immediately went to it and tapped on the glass window. the door got unlocked along with the familiar voice breaking the silence,
“ come in secretary kim, i have been waiting here for ten minutes ” “ sorry ” taehyung muttered and put on the seat belt.
“oh wow ” he heard from his side and turned around to find the younger checking him out from head to toe but what caught his attention was the way his boss is currently dressed up.
jungkook was wearing a black tee along with a black leather jacket accompanied by black ripped jeans. there's a black cap on his head too making the younger look even more younger than he actually is, giving a college boyfriend vibe. [ jungkook's look ]
his cheeks burnt red when he noticed he was staring at the other too much with his mouth hung open and then another realization sinked in his head,
that he's wearing a black tshirt which was ripped in a line one sided around his neck along with a pair of black ripped jeans, he was wearing his glasses and a black cap was on his head too. how in the world are they matching almost??? [ taehyung's look ]
jungkook noticed the other's bewildered expression so he moved his face forward and sneakily planted a peck on taehyung's lips making the later flush bright looking at him with surprised wide eyes. jungkook smiled to himself at that and started the car.
“ sir ” taehyung started and jungkook hummed so he continued, “ don't you feel scared what if someone notice us, uh you pecking me in the car like that and they start gossip about it?”
“ well i don't care, it's people's nature to gossip about others even if you are just breathing. and i believe me being a young ceo made tons of topics of gossip for them already so if something adds with them i don't care.
+ it's my life, i am at the control of my life decisions not them ” jungkook said then side glanced at taehyung with a smirk, “maybe someday i should kiss you in front of them what do you say?”
and taehyung had to pretend he didn't felt the fluttering feeling in his heart because of the younger's words. the younger didn't stopped after that sentence though.
“ you look very pretty in black taehyung, we must be looking like some emo boyfriends with our matching outfits ” jungkook said with a chuckle eyes focused on the road.
ok jungkook needs to stop this instant , first with that college boyfriend look and the chuckles are making him insane. taehyung momentarily froze because his heart beat picked up a little when jungkook mentioned the 'b' word.
“ yeah i was surprised too finding we're actually matching today unintentionally ” taehyung decided to reply. “must be our fate ” jungkook replied and taehyung didn't had anything to reply this time.
deep in thoughts like that taehyung dozed off in his seat, unknown of the eyes lingered over his frame with a fond smile.
** “ we're here, taehyung wake up ” jungkook said shaking the other gently. taehyung stirred in his sleep eyes opening slowly while blinking repeatedly to clear his vision. a soft yawn made their way on his face .
and he nodded taking off his seat belt and came out of the car adjusting his hair with the cap.
jungkook after parking the car joined the the other and they went inside the shopping mall. “i thought we first finish doing the shopping then have our lunch ” jungkook said and taehyung nodded, “ i too think that would be better”
“ so what are you shopping today?” taehyung then asked and jungkook shrugged, “ not for me but for you, so choose anything you like ”
“ what but you already bought enough things for me sir” taehyung immediately protested, okay he of course like to be spoiled and all but jungkook was being too much now. the younger has already brought plenty new collection clothes for him and he genuinely don't need anymore now
“ don't tell me you got tired just by some small gifts already taehyung , oh and you can call me jungkook now that we're outside of the office, just choose anything ” jungkook replied.
“ do you usually always spend so much money on people who's your fvck buddy?” taehyung couldn't help but asked with his stomach twisting with tension too curious to know the answer for some reason.
“ that shouldn't concern your pretty head taehyung, just focus on what you're receiving instead of making theories in your head ” jungkook had then replied before continuing,
“ i see that you don't know what to choose so why don't we follow with what i want to buy for you instead?”
taehyung just nodded his head timidly, jungkook of course doesn't want to share about his private life with him , ‘ who's he to him anyways ’and he knew this yet he couldn't control the slight pang surged through his heart.
clearing his head for now he decided to follow the younger like the way the later mentioned. and just like that he found himself entering the victoria's secret soon.
his eyes immediately went to the beautiful outfits there, he probably had once or twice wore these transparent fits before just for himself to look pretty and admire himself .
“ taehyung will you try these? it's okay though if you are uncomfortable with wearing them,we can choose something else” jungkook said showing the beautiful sets of white and black lingeries along with a transparent black long dress with bikini underneath it.
taehyung was excited to try them on specifically that dress. so he immediately nodded his head giving a reassuring nod to the other and made their way to the changing room.
taehyung taking off his glasses and cap and handed them to jungkook who took them and gave him the lingeries instead.
taehyung first changed into the black lingerie loving the way the outfit hugging his curves . opening the door, “ what do you think?” he asked the younger voice shy. jungkook looked up from his phone and his eyes trailed over his lithe frame and nodded, “good”
to say taehyung was disappointed a little with the reply would be understand as the older pouted locking the door again and wore the white one this time. he without expecting much opened the door and looked at jungkook with a puppy like gaze.
“ nice ” jungkook had replied shortly and it took all of taehyung's restraining energy for him not to stomp his feet like a kid in front of the younger . he let out a soft ‘hmph’ noise before turning back and closing the door of the changing room's a little bit of harshly.
he now looked at the dress and wore it this time, there's a permanent pout on his lips now. after completely tying the knots on his side he looked at the mirror. he liked the way he's looking now, the fabric felt amazing on his skin.
he liked the other two outfits too but the lack of words in reply he got from jungkook made him doubt himself now. [ the dress he's wearing now btw ]
taking a long sigh he opened the door with a scowl only for his body to move backwards the room and his back hitting the wall with his hands pinned above his head in a second, jungkook towering over him and eyes sharp
despite having almost same height, maybe taehyung himself being taller than the younger by few centimeters found himself feeling tiny, caged in the younger's hold.
an audible gasp bubbled out of taehyung's throat because of the sudden way jungkook reacted. the younger with his shoes closed the door behind and pinned the other's hands with his left hand now while his right hand travelled over the older's body groping him on the sides.
—cw : • short 🔞 smut • mirror kink • dirty talk • a little degrading + praising • squirting + creampie
without wasting further time jungkook crashed both of their lips together eliciting a whine from the other. their tongues entangled and mouth moving against each other sloppily.
teeth teasing the soft flesh of the familiar lips with licking in between till both of their lips became swollen red and they ran out of breath.
sharp pants escaped from both of their lips, taehyung looking at the younger with a tiny glare frowning, “ did you liked this dress this much that you had to pin and kiss me like this unlike the other two time?”
“ was controlling to do from the start when you came out wearing that black lingerie, didn't wanted to loose control but damn you won, you surely know how to lure me doll ” jungkook replied with a breathy chuckle.
“ oh do i? ” taehyung asked while batting his long eyelashes innocently, his two front teeth tugging on his lower lip with a small smirk.
a shiver travelled down to his spine with a muffled noise building up in his throat when jungkook lowered his face in front of his tits. the warm breath fanning over there through the thin fabric and taehyung could feel his buds hardening under the bikini top.
jungkook from there made an eye contact with the other before bite onto one of his nipple through the cloth earning a surprised gasp from the other, the younger smirked against his skin before retracting his face .
“ turn around ” jungkook said and taehyung obliged before facing the large mirror in the changing room hands gripping onto the frame.
jungkook's hands found their way on the supple flesh of his butt cheeks and untying the knots of the bikini panty's which landed on the floor soon.
jungkook wets his fingers with his spit first and ran a finger over the pussy teasingly which soon started producing slick because of the ticklish feeling brought by both the finger and sudden cold breeze on his bare cvnt.
“ j-jungkook they'll get dirty and someone can walk on us ” taehyung said along with some muffled moans trying to stiffle his voice as much as possible.
“ shhh we'll be quick, just focus on me now babydoll” jungkook rasped behind taehyung's ear biting on his lower lip and intentionally touching the shell of the older's ear with his lips to leave a soft peck there before fixing the black cap on his head with a throaty groan.
taehyung's cheeks flushed bright red and stomach fluttering with a weirdly pleasant feeling. / is it what people call butterflies?/ he wondered faintly.
jungkook's fingers probed in between the labias , rubbing his thumb with the slippery liquid before entering one of his fingers completely inside .
the warm walls immediately clenched around him making it difficult at the beginning to move but eventually he started moving them with soon adding more fingers one by one at times.
taehyung's back arched beautifully and knees felt weak when jungkook started leaving open mouthed kiss all over his neck, biting and sucking there eliciting those sweet sweet noises from the older's mouth.
“ can't prep you more sweetheart i am getting impatient now ” jungkook muttered behind him pulling down his boxers and pants together mindlessly kicking them to the side before continuing,
“ besides the way i am fvcking you almost everyday, i am sure your pussy is ready for my cock already ”
taehyung whined at his words , jungkook put back the mask on his face so that only his eyes could be seen from his face before gripping onto his secretary's hip tight.
taehyung's grip on the mirror frame tightened body bending forward more with his face smashed against the mirror glass, the cold sensation emitted from the surface felt pleasant against his burning skin.
jungkook pushed aside the dress and aligned his cock with his entrance, slowly entering inside while gritting his teeth, “ still so fvcking tight ,can you feel it how your pussy is securing my cock between your tight muscles huh? as if it belongs to be here always ”
“ sh-shameless asshole, just say you're horny and want to fvck me always like a sëx doll ” taehyung mewled out ,
when the younger completely slid inside him and jungkook let out a breathy chuckle, “ so what if i want that, what are you going to do taehyung? doll, yes you're doll but 𝑜𝑛𝑙𝑦 𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒆 ”
goosebumps emitted on his skin and his mouth fell wide open only to let out a series of ” uh uh" and ” ah~ ” . jungkook's hands went onto his tits and slid under the top he was wearing groping the soft flesh immediately, pulling the perky buds in between his fingers.
the steady and increased pace of the thrusts made his whole body shook vigorously , muscle contracting and throbbing around the long girthy meaty flesh hitting all the right spots inside had his knees weak and inner thighs burning.
retracting his hands from taehyung's nipples, jungkook placed them either side of the older's hips putting little pressure there to balance the other,
pinching the sides and smacking the thick butt cheeks that had left the later whimpering mess and rolling his body desperately to match the younger's rhythm only to earn few more spanks on the previous place. the skin taking a beautiful shade of red.
their movements stopped for a brief moment hearing some footsteps coming closer to the changing room, the thrusts never stopped though they only became deeper and harder making it impossible for taehyung to control his voice.
the noise of ‘ tsk!’ echoed the room and jungkook's fingers travelled over the clitoris twisting and pinching them in a teasing manner.
“ just by few footsteps you grew even wetter, your pussy is throbbing around me profusely. what a dirty baby i have got here, getting aroused at the thought of getting caught in such compromising position ”
—jungkook purred out the words under his mask and untied the knot of the bikini top the older was wearing completely .
the two soft globes immediately spilling out from the top and hanging loose in the air. running his fingers over the soft unblemished skin,
jungkook withdrew his cock and re-entered changing his angle earning a quite loud moan from the later knocking all the air from his chest almost.
the previous footsteps outside became even clear now, someone was coming towards the changing room but both jungkook and taehyung were far way drowned in pleasure to be bothered because of it.
instead the noise of skin slapping against skin became louder , the squealching noise of the pussy stretched open with each thrusts passing, mingling with it making the atmosphere even more sensual.
a whimper was threatening to fall from taehyung's lips when his eyes caught the figure fvcking him behind relentlessly in the mirror, his eyes then locking with the piercing gaze fixed on his lithe frame that he felt he can melt under it at any moment.
the hungry desire glinting in those big round bambi eyes boring holes into his skull and he can imagine the other clenching his jaw under the mask . he found himself close to his climax just because of the powerful stare.
feeling the younger's eyes on him, only 𝒉𝒊𝒎 brings an euphoric feeling in his chest making him feel light headed.
“ i am close ” jungkook announced thrusts becoming sloppy and taehyung nodded looking through the mirror clenching around the other as the familiar heat started pooling up in the pit of his stomach.
with few more thrusts jungkook was filling the other with his cum to the brim and taehyung squirting hard around the other's length, their cum mixing together and landing on the floor messily. both heaved out a deep sigh of content.
their chests rose up and down in a sync, the noise of heavy breathing engulfing the room. jungkook finally pulled out making more white liquid dropping on the floor but he could care less about it.
taking out the tissues he took earlier from one staff , he cleaned taehyung as much he can leaving pecks on his temple and cheeks while muttering in a soft gentle voice, “ you did so well angel ”
taehyung preened at the praises and let the other clean and change his clothes. taking the dress and lingeries in his hand with a chuckle , the younger opened the door finally.
jungkook could see a staff already standing there whom he immediately shoved the items he was carrying, “ make the bill please, we're taking these ”
the staff squinted his eyes sniffing the air a little and scrunched his nose but didn't said anything when jungkook stood there like a log to cover the door completely .
after the staff boy left, jungkook turned around and helped the older to stand up who at this moment wants nothing but to sleep, legs feeling like jelly to walk .
“ sir you have paid the wrong amount, here take the change ” the cashier said and jungkook just shook his head, “ keep it you might need it later ” saying that jungkook and taehyung left from there leaving a dumbfounded cashier behind.
taehyung took off his mask and cap again after they both reached jungkook's car. jungkook glanced at taehyung who was fixing the seat belt .
“ taehyung ” “yes—mmph!” the words remained in his mouth when taehyung turned around his face to answer only for his lips to be captured by the very familiar lips.
no tongues were involved as they kissed passionately, lips moving synchronizedly against each other and eyes closed savouring the feeling at the moment.taehyung could literally hear his racing heart beat in the ear . / that weird giddy feeling is back in his heart /
at the end of the kiss when their mouth started parting slowly inhaling and exhaling , they opened their eyes , droopy gazes locking and their lips colliding against each other once again.
spending some time more like that, they finally detached themselves and jungkook started the car coughing a little. “ do you feel any back pain? i have meds with me or you can sit on my lap too you know” the younger suggested and taehyung rolled his eyes playfully,
“ the pain is bearable don't worry and taking pain k!llers very often isn't good for our health. and sitting on your lap? no thanks i don't really want cause any accidents to happen now”
“ hmm noted sir ” jungkook replied with equal playfulness and they reached to a restaurant like that in a comfortable silence or very often with playful bickering.
jungkook had reserved their seats already so they didn't had to wait anywhere and straight went to their table. after ordering the dishes, jungkook started asking some questions about the other like his hobbies, likes and dislikes.
taehyung squinted his eyes at first but nonethelessly answered them as much he could. the lunch was going well still with small talks and them eating the delicious foods.
after talking both found they surprisingly have many similarities. maybe on their free day they can arrange a gaming night or paint things sometimes in future.
they were almost finished with their lunch now both were drinking wine when taehyung decided to say, “ i have been thinking about it from the past one hour ”
“ yeah and what is it? your head should be occupied with my thoughts when i am with you sweetheart, i am jealous but nevermind so what's bothering you?” jungkook replied and taehyung rolled his eyes, “ haha very funny and i was actually thinking about you ”
“ wow i am honoured and much more interested to listen now ” jungkook immediately replied the a goofy smile still visible on his face.
“ anyways so why did you bought only black and white coloured dress and lingeries, i mean no offence i love black and white too but isn't it usually people prefer red when it comes to these types of clothes?”
taehyung asked and the goofy smile immediately got replaced with a smirk as jungkook replied, “ red seems really overrated to me, however i prefer red on you only when they're my marks”
“ red hand prints after i grip on your skin somewhere with a little pressure or when i spank your ass, my teeth marks hickeys to be specifically looks like red ruby embroidered perfectly on your beautiful honey skin, doesn't red really looks good on you then secretary kim?”
the beautiful dazed smile of the younger's sent a chill to the older's spine making him avert his gaze immediately somewhere else when the familiar heat crawled against his cheeks.
‘was jungkook always been a flirt like this? if that day jungkook hadn't caught him like that, would he have gotten a chance to see this side of the younger?
maybeno,he would have been seeing the usual strict boss jeon jungkook all this time when the real jeon jungkook is far more interesting and is like a riddle book.the more time passes the more taehyung is becoming impatient to solve all the riddles and identify every shade of him
“ cat got your tongue?” jungkook's voice snapped him out of the reverie and truth to be told he really don't know what to answer after jungkook described how he likes red on him.
“ then i might like the red colour from now too, specially when i bite marks and leave scratches on your back and body, sir~” taehyung replied almost purring while taking a sip from his glass, the sudden adrenaline rush had him spill out the words boldly.
“ we might be soul twins then ” jungkook said with a mischievous glint in his eyes and taehyung nodded with equally mischievousness, “ maybe we are ”
after the lunch they had spent together, their relationship has gotten a lot closer than before. them discussing about their work files together or randomly reading out a book of their choices to
—each other or maybe just spending time with playing games, watching movies or going out for lunch and dinner .
both of their calculated steps become incalculable when they're together, one moment they're giggling and all serious about works and the next moment they are fvcking each other like no tomorrow on every surface they can find nearby.
them making out or stealing kisses here and there when no one is seeing has become a new habit, both of them no longer use honorifics like co workers anymore, their relationship has become more than that. five months had changed a lot both of them.
the adrenaline rushes, heart beat picking up and the fuzzy feeling in the stomach became another regular thing that taehyung feels whenever he's around the younger.
taehyung had found himself staring at the other without blinking multiple times with a grin on his face like an idiot when jungkook is just smiling or talking about something to him.
and when the younger would caught his stare, his bunny like smile will widen at that before he leaned forward to boop his nose or steal a kiss from him playfully .
taehyung is aware what he's getting himself into, and truth to be told he's scared. the rule he once made was slowly crumbling in front of his eyes and he's unable to do anything except for enjoying the moment he's being gifted with right now.
[ 큰거시기 🤒💗🙈 messaged ]
taehyung had vomited today at the office during the lunch time feeling slightly dizzy which made the younger worried sick who had send him home immediately even after taehyung's numerous protests.
so after reaching 'home' or should he address it as jungkook's penthouse, he immediately changed into a pair of comfortable clothes and decided to take a nap. the previous nausea has fully gone by now.
he immediately took his laptop and decided to check the file jungkook had send him, he furrowed his eyebrows after reading the company's name, he had a feeling that he had heard the name before somewhere .
nonethelessly brushing off the feeling he decided to focus on the work for now so he can finish making a presentation quickly and later he can cuddle with the younger as much he wants.
* jungkook from the morning has asked the older few times if his health is really okay.they can reschedule the meeting for other day and the younger can take a day off too when he noticed taehyung having trouble with the breakfast and after not so long the later has vomited again
jungkook was really getting worried now but taehyung had protested already, there's no need to take a day off because of him. and the meetings are important to maintain their schedule so they won't overlap or affect the company later in future.
jungkook had sighed in defeat and went to office with taehyung, always checking on the older through texts or coming out from his cabin for bringing coffees which he rarely does because it's usually taehyung who takes those for him.
taehyung was truly grateful for the affection he had received from his boss he almost became emotional when jungkook brought him his favourite pastry from the canteen. his mood remained good throughout the day except for his upset stomach .
it was after the lunch , time for the meeting they were talking about the previous night. jungkook had fingers rubbing circles subtly on taehyung's back till everyone come for the meeting.
taehyung tried to reassure the with a gentle squeeze on the thigh that he's okay and they should focus on the meeting now instead of stressing over him making the younger grumble.
and after some few more minutes, the clients started coming in the room. the ceo's face oddly felt familiar to taehyung but he brushed off the feeling again instead gave his polite smile to the other.
“ my business partner will be here in few minutes ,he's stuck in traffic jam so if you don't mind can we start the meeting a little late? ” mr. min had asked . taehyung and jungkook shared a look and nodded their heads, “ sure ”.
jungkook and taehyung were holding hands under the table, with one hand locked with each other, taehyung pretended to review the file and jungkook pretended to be busy on his phone with other hand.
thinking about the older continuously , jungkook really can't keep his hands to himself.
“ sorry for being late gentlemen and thank you for waiting for me! please start the meeting ” a new voice bloomed in the room gaining everyone's attention. jungkook and taehyung stood up from their chairs .jungkook shaking his hands with the other muttering a soft it's okay .
but he furrowed his eyebrows when he found the person's eyes somewhere else, if he had to specify then on his side where his secretary is possibly standing right now.
he retracted his hands and turned his face to the side to find his secretary mirroring the same expression with the person standing in front of gim, face pale wide eyed in surprise and sorrow flashing across their faces ,eyes unable to take from each other.
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