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Jul 14, 2022
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Guns N Roses🌹 In a world of blood and crime, Yoongi saves a small boy from starvation. The grateful little omega makes an oath that day to repay the hero who saved his life, no matter how long it takes. Admiration turns into love & along with it comes pain. #yoonmin #yoonminau

A Dystopian Mafia Fic - ABO - NSFW content🔞 - Age Gap - Immoral themes, Morally grey characters - Angst, Hurt/Comfort - kind of slow burn - HAPPY ENDING I PROMISE More tags will be added later on! This is a proper mafia au so pls don't expect normal shit🥰💞#yoonmin #yoonminau
Before we start, this is something I always tell my readers: There are no good or bad characters in my stories. There are only people and your interpretation of them. For those who choose to proceed, don't be a ghost reader & share your thoughts with me in the Qrts or CC!❤️❤️❤️
Lynox was a victim state in a world of corruption, where mafia cartels ruled the land and people lived in fear every day. The rich became richer and the poor poorer. Noone dared to question it. Until one day, when a young alpha rose to challenge the authority and bring a change.
⚔️🔪⛓️🗡️ The first thing that the world had taught Yoongi was that love was never permanent. The young alpha learnt that at a very young age. After being forced to watch his parents get murdered at the hands of the mafia when he was five, Yoongi thought he had lost everything.
He still remembers hearing their desperate pleas from where they had hidden him in their closet, the deafening sound of bullets hitting innocent bodies and dark crimson blood staining their brand new carpet floor. It still haunted him.
His uncle eventually adopted him right before he was sent to an orphanage, after his relatives had passed him around, none of them wanting to take proper responsibility. Alfredo was a busy old alpha and the Yoongi had hardly ever met the man so he was a little scared.
Yoongi still remembered how his uncle had crouched down to his height, his eyes dead serious as he gazed at the boy, his brother's child, “Don’t worry, Yoongi. We will avenge your parents. I'll make sure of it." Those were his first words to him at was their first meeting.
Yoongi knew at that moment that his uncle had big plans for him. The alpha was a man of pride and loved his brother with all his heart. So after everything that happened, Alfredo yearned for revenge and a change in this twisted authority. Yoongi would be perfect for his dream.
Alfredo’s house was not as big as theirs but it became a home nonetheless. The alpha had thought that grooming Yoongi would be a hard task but he was proven to be wrong when he saw just how thirsty Yoongi was for revenge. To find the bastards who killed his parents and +
gut every single one of them. To kill the man who had destroyed Yoongi’s entire life with just a simple order. Vladimir Mikhailov was his name, the powerful leader of the cartel that tyranted Lynox for over 50 years now.
On his 9th birthday, Alfredo gifted Yoongi his very own gun for the first time, a black glock. Yoongi never went a day without it by his side, it was his closest companion. Such toys were usually considered dangerous for an eight year old but Yoongi was way past any reparation.
While all the other kids his age went to school, Yoongi trained under his uncle. By the age of 12, he was fluent in three languages, had mastered the art of driving, was strong enough to take down a grown man with his bare hands and was able to hit a bullseye from a 30m distance.
It was easy when his uncle kept a picture of John Pablo as the target. The bullet always landed in the middle of his forehead. The young alpha was a prodigy and his dreams and ambitions to change the world they lived in, only grew stronger.
Alfredo's plan was to make Yoongi join the mafia as a capable soldier at first, then gradually rising through the ranks until he had enough power and influence to kill Vladimir and take over the mafia. Yoongi's eyes were set on the throne and he was going to sit on it one day.
Yoongi would become rich enough to be able to drive a Lamborghini, own a huge mansion and even get a beautiful omega. But Alfredo made sure to not let greed take up any space in Yoongi’s mind. He wanted to create a revolutionary, not a monster like the ones who ruled them.
One day, Alfredo took Yoongi to the highest tower in Lynox and pointed at the land in front of them. They were so high that Yoongi could even see the outskirts of Erinth and Rybinsk. Yoongi stared in awe at the view as his uncle spoke, +
+ “This is yours, Yoongi. Remember to rule it tomorrow better than the dogs who rule it today. Let our omegas roam the streets without fear, let the innocent get the justice they deserve, let our people not live in danger of getting killed everyday. Make this city great again.”
It wasn’t hard for Yoongi to promise his uncle all these things, not when he dreamed of the same. On his 13th birthday, Yoongi joined the mafia. It had been hard, especially for a kid his age, but the men had been incredibly impressed by his skill and precision.
The men were a little skeptical to give such dangerous tasks to a child at first but after seeing Yoongi single handedly take down seven men during a mission, he was gladly accepted. Yoongi was slowly gaining the men's trust with each mission that he carried out successfully.
Yoongi thought that Alfredo would be there to see him ascend the throne but the world proved itself to be cruel once again. A few days after his first successful mission in the mafia, his dear uncle passed away due to a viral disease.
The disease was curable but due to the lack of proper healthcare in their town, his uncle had not been able to get the help he needed. Yoongi’s blood boiled, angry tears flooding his eyes as the mafia ripped another dear soul away from him due to their corruption and stupidity.
The young boy had become a soldier long ago but puberty made him a man. His scratchy voice turned into a deep baritone which sent chills down the back when aggravated. His muscles grew bigger and stronger, his shoulders broader and his body grew taller.
His scent lost the milkyness of a pup’s and bloomed into a wonderful petrichor. His face lost its chubbiness and his eyes grew sharp. Yoongi was now a proper alpha. All these changes only helped him prove himself better to his peers and he quickly became the best in his rank.
He could see the changes as omegas would stare at him, blushing shyly when he met their gaze. But he was not interested in omega's right now. Not when his focus lay elsewhere. He did find brothers however, good loyal friends who quickly became his closest confidants.
Yoongi soon learnt that Namjoon and Hoseok were just as eager to change their corrupt, hell bound society as him and supported Yoongi in his dream. He got a dragon tattooed on his back, a new symbol of strength which he preferred over the Lion and Ox emblem of the current mafia.
Yoongi got his first big promotion three months after his 15th birthday. His superior had clapped him on the shoulder and he’d even been acknowledged by Vladimir himself for his talent. It was the first time Yoongi was in the same room as his mortal enemy.
Yoongi stopped his truck on the way back home to buy a pack of cigarettes. He was standing against the counter as he paid for the cigarettes, when he noticed a little omega standing a few feet away from him, so small that his head did not even reach the top of the counter.
The child wore a white t-shirt and overalls with holes all over it, one of the straps torn and hanging. His hair was blonde and dirty and his soft pale skin was smeared with soot. The omega’s face was small, with sunken cheeks, disproportionately plump lips and +
+ eyes that were glued to the stacks of bread placed neatly on the counter. The omega was dirty and disheveled yet Yoongi couldn’t seem to take his eyes off him for some reason. It was like the boy had a halo, his aura seemed almost magnetic. And Yoongi really shouldn’t…
He’s been struggling since Alfredo passed away, barely being able to make ends meet. The promotion would help after a few weeks for sure but he didn’t have any money right now.
Yoongi should just turn around and walk away, he should forget the small omega with weirdly plump lips and large curious eyes. He had enough to worry about as it was. But then why was he taking the remaining money notes from his pocket?
He slammed the last of his money against the counter, pointing to the bread, buns, milk and some of the candy the omega had been eyeing earlier, “Give these to the baby, I’ll pay.” The small omega’s eyes widened in disbelief at the kindness of the stranger.
The child bowed so deeply, his head almost reached his knees, “Thank you sir.” Yoongi handed the boy the bag with a small smile and ruffled his hair, “Take care of yourself, angel.”
The boy nodded and bowed down in gratitude once more before running off in a hurry, as if he was scared that Yoongi might change his mind. The alpha chuckled as he lit his cigarette and made his way back to the car. He hoped the omega would reach home safely.
To Yoongi, it was a simple act of kindness but the young omega would remember this moment for the rest of his life. More importantly, he would remember the alpha because of whom he got to taste sweet yummy candy for the first time, the man who had saved his family.
The young omega had been starving to death, his ribs protruded under his clothes and his body was malnourished. Jimin closed his eyes as he memorized the face of his hero and in that moment, the small child made a promise to himself that he would repay the man for his kindness.
🌹🥀🌺🌹 The world never treated Jimin kindly. At six years old, Jimin never got the chance to experience things that a normal child his age would. Not when he had the crushing burden of an adult on his tiny shoulders.
His mama had died while giving birth to his younger brother, because they couldn’t afford to take her to a hospital. And their father was never home, always toiling away at the mines which covered half the city area, from the crack of dawn till the moon was high up in the sky.
The alpha worked way harder than the few pennies he was paid a month, but that was all that the world decided that they deserved. And that left Jimin to take care of himself and Jungkook all on his own.
He’d watch sadly as kids would wear colorful outfits while he wore the same torn clothes over and over again, holes growing bigger with each wear. He’d see kids laughing and playing around while he had to put a crying Jungkook to bed, desperately begging the baby to stop crying.
He’d watch kids suck on sweet candy while his family survived on baked potatoes & water. He’d always wondered how they taste, envy tugging at his heart. He’d see kids go to school every day while he stayed at home, dying to learn about the world yet not having the means to do so.
And like any other child would, Jimin cried. He cried everyday wondering why he lived like this when others lived differently. He’d never been bad so why? He never lied, never stole and never hurt anyone. So why was he doomed to live like this when he did nothing wrong?
Young Jimin was angry with the card he'd been dealt and his father didn't have an answer for any of his questions. “That’s just the way of the world.” his papa would tell him, heart clenching at the sight of crying his son, yet having no way to soothe him.
Jimin cried about it so much that he ran out of tears, all he could do was accept it. He realized that fighting against a world that didn’t play fair meant that you were bound to fail. And no matter how many tears he shed, things weren’t going to change. Not for people like him.
Jimin had to face all twisted realities on his own. All when he was no more than a baby himself. Jimin quickly realized that people like him couldn't afford to have dreams and hopes. That’s just how the world was. Even if he couldn’t understand it, he was forced to accept it.
The world had never shown him kindness but that stranger had. Jimin’s family had run out of money & had to wait a few more days for his father’s earnings. They had been starving for the past three days and Jimin had given every last scrap of food he’d managed to get to the baby.
But today, that alpha had saved his family even though he didn’t need to. Jimin looked at the bread, buns and milk he’d placed carefully on their shelf with wide eyes. And for the first time, Jimin dared to have a dream. To find the man and repay him.
For the first time, Jimin was shown kindness even if he didn't deserve it and he will never forget it. Jungkook started to wail from his crib and Jimin was broken away from his thoughts, quickly rushing to tend to the baby. The candy remained untouched, stored for a special day.
Okay I'm going to take a break now. Promise to update either later tonight or after hobi's comeback tomorrow :) How are you liking the story so far? Share your thoughts with me! Thank you for reading❤️❤️❤️ #yoonmin #yoonminau
TW for this update: - Manipulation - Death - Organ Trafficking I listened to Rockabye by anne marie while writing this update and it fits Jimin so much!🥺 Hope you like it! Don't be a silent reader and please interact with me!🥰💞 #yoonmin #yoonminau
🌹🥀🌺💝 The deafening sound of the loud alarms ringing near the mines was never a good sign. They would only ring it when there had been a huge accident and people had died. Normally, Jimin wouldn’t be too worried, he’s grown up used to hearing that sound every now and then.
And his papa was strong and always stayed safe for the sake of his children. But today, as he heard the alarm ringing wildly, Jimin's stomach dropped in a strange way and goosebumps erupted all over his skin. He had a weird feeling in his gut that something had gone very wrong.
But he brushed it off and waited because that’s all they could do for now. He couldn't eat lunch that day, anxiety eating away at his heart as he waited for his father to return. He stood in the middle of their small house, looking around at the traces of his papa’s presence.
His woody scent, the half empty bottle of rum that he mixed with water to save up, the thin mattress he slept on that lay rolled up near Jungkook’s crib, his favorite rocking chair on top which he’d sit at night with Jimin in his lap, telling him stories of fairies and princes.
Jimin sighed, hoping that the night would arrive soon so that his father could return home. Jungkook cried non stop, Jimin’s worried scent no doubt affecting him as well. After many hours of waiting, there was finally a knock on their door.
Relief filled his body & Jimin sprang up from the bed, sprinting to open the door & greet his father. But his smile quickly disappeared when he saw who stood on the other side. It wasn't his papa who stood there. It was one of his co-workers whose wife had died a few months ago.
His face was ashen and grim, eyes dull and lips pursed. The man crouched down to Jimin's height, looking regretful, “I’m sorry.” is all he said and Jimin’s entire world tilted upside down. It was all he needed to know. And just like that, at age 11, Jimin became an orphan.
The year that followed his father’s death was the hardest for him and Jungkook. They starved a lot and everyday was hell for them. Jungkook was getting older each day and all they had was their small dilapidated house, full of leaks and mold. Their days passed like nightmares.
They usually ate what they found in the dumpsters every now and then but with the viral disease that was spreading around at that time, they were forced to resort to other means. Jimin had tried looking for jobs that might hire him, begging shop owners to let him work for them.
He’d do any work they gave, he was a quick learner, he promised! But they all refused saying that he was far too young and would be of no help to their business. Desperation brings out the worst in people and Jimin realized that when he stole for the first time in his life.
It had been a loaf of bread from an old lady's shop and Jimin felt terrible about it. He had cried into his pillow that night, because he knew that it was a bad thing to do. Especially when those people worked hard to earn money themselves.
But that guilt quickly turned into bitterness. Because why was he expected to play fair when the world never did? Did this make him a bad person? Jimin no longer knew. All he knew was that he would do whatever was needed to give Jungkook a good life.
Jimin still saw his hero a few times around town after their first incident. The man was collecting debt from a vegetable shop Jimin usually stole from. The small omega stood in the shadows as he watched the alpha threaten the owner to pay back the money he had borrowed.
The owner dropped to his knees, crying & begging the alpha to give him a few more days. He shouldn't have gotten involved with the mafia then. The alpha looked conflicted for a few seconds before turning around & marching off. Jimin's heart swelled with admiration at the sight.
Jimin never stole from that shop again. The omega still did not know the alpha's name though but was too nervous and scared to talk to the man again. So he just admired him from afar, trying to control the butterflies in his stomach and blush in his cheeks.
After Jungkook’s 6th birthday, the boy started whining that he also wanted to go to school like the other kids. And Jimin didn’t know what to do. On one hand, he wanted to give Jungkook everything he couldn’t have as a child but on the other, they didn't have the means for that.
The food he stole was hardly enough for both of them & there was no way he could pay for years of school tuition on top of that. Some would say that these were concerns that only adults dealt with but they had no parents so Jimin decided that he would be everything for him.
His papa, his mama, his brother, his friend. He'd take care of Jungkook the way their papa did. He’d sing the baby to sleep on stormy nights when water leaked into their shed. He would give most of the food he stole to Jungkook while keeping the stale, expired stuff for himself.
He would kiss his wounds when the child fell down while playing and hurt himself. He would be there to make him laugh and forget the tears that came along with it. And who would take care of Jimin? Noone. But thoughts like that made him cry so he preferred to not think about it.
One summer day on his way back home, a sleek black car that looked it did not belong in that part of town, pulled up next to him. Jimin had never seen such a beautiful car, much less rode on one before so he stopped to stare and admire it.
Suddenly the car door opened and a tall omega lady walked out. She looked like one of those omegas on the magazine covers that Jimin would stare at in the stores, wearing a long green coat and black sunglasses. She had long blonde hair and thick lips bright red with lipstick.
Jimin watched in shock as she stopped in front of him, crouching a little as she gave a sweet kind smile. She smelt like pomegranates. “Hi little one, what’s your name?” she asked kindly. “J-jimin.” the small omega stuttered in disbelief at having gotten addressed.
“Hi Jimin. My name is Maria. You see my son over there?”, she pointed to a small boy at the back of the car, “His name is Aleksei and today is his birthday but he is sick and has no one to play with. And when I saw you, I just couldn’t help but stop and talk to you.”
“T-to me?” Jimin pointed to himself in shock and confusion. Maria nodded, “Yes you! Would you like to come over to our house for a few hours to celebrate? We have yummy snacks and a big TV on which you can watch cartoons. What do you think?”
Jimin frowned. He knew better than to follow strangers but the lady was being so kind and he didn’t want the boy to be lonely on his birthday. He knew how that felt. And Jungkook was staying over at his friend’s house for the night so he didn’t have to worry about him either.
Jimin had always wanted to watch TV, he’d never seen one before in real life. The promise of yummy food and fun car ride was tugging at the baby’s heart and he slowly found himself nodding even though he was a little skeptical, “Okay but I will have to go back home by tonight.”
The lady smiled widely, clapping her hands together excitedly, “That’s no problem at all! I’ll ask our driver to drop you off at home so you don't need to worry.” Jimin was elated and couldn't wait to tell Jungkook all about his day tonight!
Jimin hopped into the car and watched the world move through the window screen. He tried talking to Aleksei but the boy refused to reply to him, had even flinched and had given him a disgusted look when he tried touching him. So Jimin just shrugged & enjoyed the ride by himself.
Maybe the boy was shy and didn't know how to act around new people. Maria seemed unfazed by her son's reactions, simple texting away on her phone as they drove. Jimin enjoyed every second of the ride, not knowing when he'd get a chance like this next.
The car finally pulled to a stop and they got off, Jimin’s jaw dropping wide open at the mansion in front of them. It was humongous with a large lawn decorated with water fountains and freshly cut grass. The house was white and had 3 storeys & Jimin felt like he was in a palace.
The interior of the house looked even better with sparkling floors & expensive furniture. Jimin couldn't believe his eyes. Maria let him sit in the living room and watch TV & Jimin loved every minute of it. The cartoons were colorful and funny, this was the best day of his life!
Strangely though, Aleksei didn’t talk to him at all, he’d just gone off into his own room without a word. Isn't that why he was here? But Maria told him not to worry and Jimin didn't let it bother him, not when there were all these chocolates and candies in front of him.
He even put a few in his pocket to take back to Jungkook. After a few hours of fun time, Jimin was famished and sat down to have dinner with Maria in their fancy dining room with pretty chinaware and fragile glass. The spread of food in front of him looked absolutely delicious.
There was smoked salmon, corn soup, sausages, pies and even cake. Jimin ate until he could no longer move. He finished the meal with the juice that they offered to him and sighed in content. He imagined how it must be to live like this everyday & envied Aleksei for his life.
A few minutes passed and Jimin started to feel drowsy, like he could no longer move his legs and arms. He blinked, trying to stay awake but his body suddenly felt exhausted. His limbs fell loose & Jimin finally blacked out. That was the last night he slept with both his kidneys.
He woke up the next morning in a strange bed. Jimin panicked when he realized that he wasn’t at home and tried to move when he felt excruciating pain run through his abdomen. He looked down in horror to see his body bandaged up thoroughly. What had they done to him?!?!
But all he could do was wait, unable to even move from the pain. Tears sprang to the child's eyes when Maria entered the room an hour later, quietly sitting by Jimin’s bed to explain everything. But Jimin was numb to her words, feeling completely violated and used.
The small helpless omega cried as she told him that Aleksei was very sick and that Jimin was the only one who could save him. So they had no choice but to take one of Jimin’s kidneys & give it to the other boy. Aleksei would be safe now. But Jimin didn't care about him anymore.
Jimin cried and cried his lungs out, feeling disgusted and helpless. He was about to fight and put up a fuss when she opened up the suitcase she'd brought with her. She harshly grabbed him by the cheeks with her manicured fingers, forcing him to look at the suitcase, eyes sharp.
Money. It was full of money. “As a thank you for your kindness, I’d like to give you this Jimin. Things at home are hard, aren’t they?” she asked in mockingly sympathetic tone and Jimin could only nod, not taking his eyes off the money.
Maria chuckled, “Well, if you promise to not tell /anyone/ about what happened here last night then all this money is yours.” Jimin was silent as he stared at the suitcase full of money, feeling conflicted. He was at war with himself. On one hand, he felt like complete filth.
They had manipulated & used him without his consent, just because they knew that he didn't have the power to do anything. Moreover, they offered him money as if that would make up for everything they did to him. What was even crueler was that they were so sure that he'd take it.
Jimin wanted nothing more than to make a ruckus but his mind wandered to his young baby brother. Yes it would mean he was a coward, an omega who couldn’t fight for himself. But If he took the money, Jungkook would get everything he wanted. He’d get to go to school for god'ssake.
They’d have enough money to fix the leaks in the house, for food that would last them months, for better clothes and toys that Jungkook so dearly wanted. Jimin was angry with the cards he’d been dealt but his answer had been decided long ago.
He had two kidneys and one brother, he knew which one to choose. So Jimin took the money and left, stopping on the way home to buy cake for Jungkook and cigarettes for himself. If they were going violate his body, he might as well join. Something inside his chest broke that day.
That was the end of today's update!! Are you also sympathizing with Jiminie? Shout at me in the quotes or CC!💝💝💝💝 Thank you for reading and have a nice day!! #yoonmin #yoonminau
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