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Jun 2, 2022
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#taekookau - rebound Jungkook is an all star basketball player, everyone either wants him or wants to be him. Then there's Taehyung, who wants Jungkook to leave him the fuck alone. Jungkook wants to court the male but Taehyung is having none of it.

– or an au where jungkook wants taehyung to be his boyfriend but taehyung refuses bc he doesn't want to be a rebound. except jungkook has never dated anyone before, taehyung just thinks he has
dedicated to my gorgeous mila who can't find a basketball jk au to read bc she's read them all 💀 also i know nothing about basketball, i tried out one time in school and i didn't even get past the "what's your name?" stage of the try outs so
- short to medium length - probably inconsistent updates - basketball player jk x top student th - enemies (one sided) to lovers - jk is a sweetheart but th doesn't see it - th acts like a jerk but he's also sweet (don't hate him) - taekoook endgame obviously
“Did you hear that our basketball team won again last night?” Jimin asked as soon as he sat down on the lunch table. Taehyung rolled his eyes before turning to his best friend who looked at him in confusion. “What?”
“Do you really have to talk about the basketball team as soon as you sit down? Some of us don't care about them.” Taehyung grumbled before focusing on his food. Jimin glanced over at Jihyo and Momo, who shrugged. “Is this because of Jungkook?”
Jimin asked and it made Taehyung groan as he pushed his lunch tray away. “Yes, he's so annoying.” “He's really not though.” Jihyo shrugged as she looked between the two before turning to Momo, who was nodding in agreement.
“See, you say that because you want him for yourself.” Jihyo rolled her eyes playfully before continuing to eat. Taehyung was about to add in something when there were loud cheers that erupted around them. They all turned to see the basketball team walk into the cafeteria,
Jeon Jungkook front and center. Taehyung once again rolled his eyes and turned back around, not wanting to give them any attention. Everyone else, including his friends, cheered and clapped as the team walked by. Jimin even made flirty eyes at one Min Yoongi,
who winked at Jimin as he walked by. Jimin blushed furiously before turning to a giggling Jihyo and Momo. Taehyung happened to look up and his eyes locked with Jungkook's, who smiled at him. But much to Jungkook’s luck, Taehyung looked away in annoyance.
Taehyung missed the way Namjoon patted Jungkook’s back and pushed him ahead. “Min Yoongi winked at you!” Jihyo laughed as Jimin covered his blushing cheeks. His best friend looked at him in annoyance before he got up, tray in hand, “I'm gonna go, see you all later.”
The three looked up as they watched Taehyung walk away to throw his food away then exit the cafeteria. Unaware of Jungkook’s eyes on him. “Do you think he really hates me?” Jungkook mumbled as he turned to look at his friends.
Yoongi, Seokjin and Hoseok all turned just in time to see Taehyung exit the cafeteria. Namjoon, however, shook his head, “I’m sure he doesn't hate you.” “But did you see the way he looked at me?” Jungkook mumbled, as he didn't want the rest of the team to hear him.
They were all sharing one large table, but he and the other four were on one end of the table. “Who knows, maybe he's having a bad day?” Hoseok shrugged, eyes focused on the food. “Pretty sure he can't have bad days everyday.-
He looks at Jungkook like he murdered his long lost puppy.” Seokjin added, making Namjoon look at him in horror. Jungkook sighed and decided to let it go. He wasn't sure what Taehyung could possibly hate about him, he had never done anything to the elder except be kind to him.
Taehyung always acted annoyed or upset though. Jungkook had the biggest crush on him and because of Taehyung’s clear dislike for him, Jungkook would never do anything about it. “Are you going to Jaehyun’s party tomorrow night?” Yoongi asked suddenly,
Jungkook looked up to see he was asking him specifically. “Ah, no. I’m not.” Jungkook shook his head, earning a few groans from his best friends. “Come on, Kook. You never got to the parties, it's time you did.” Hoseok said, making Jungkook frown.
“You do realize you're one of the most popular guys here and you have yet to go to a party?” Seokjin asked, mouth full of rice. Namjoon looked at him in disgust before turning to Jungkook, “Why don't you come to this one?” Jungkook smiled at him apologetically and said no.
“It's game night, I can't miss it.” Namjoon nodded in understanding and turned back around to scold Seokjin for stuffing his mouth with too much food. The elder reminded him he likes to feel like he's being choked.
“You would know, wouldn't you, Namjoon?” Yoongi snickered as he looked at the two before he was thrown a piece of kimchi at the face. Jungkook hummed as he kept to himself the rest of the lunch, his friends bickering here and there.
He enjoyed their company, don't get him wrong. But sometimes he felt like he was out of place. He then remembered he needed to get a book from the library, “Hey, I've got to go. See you guys later.”
He stood up and walked away, his friends giving him half-assed waves before they continued arguing whether or not Hoseok could bench lift Namjoon. Jungkook entered the library and greeted Mrs.Hwan before making his way toward the Greek mythology section of the library.
He looked through the shelves, looking for the specific book he needed. He had chosen to write about Apollo and he knew there was a specific book on him. “Aha!” He reached for the book but someone else beat him to it.
Jungkook looked toward the stranger with wide eyes, Taehyung looked from the book to him, frowning when he noticed it was Jungkook. “Did you want this?” The basketball player glanced at the book then at Taehyung, nodding his head.
“Well I need it too, so what are you going to do about it?” Taehyung knew he sounded like a fucking jerk, but he got the book first. He needed it, probably more than Jungkook. The male shook his head and took a step back, his hands in his pockets.
“You take it, I’m sure I can find another one.” Taehyung eyed him up and down before he walked off with the book. Jungkook turned to the books on the shelf and let out a small sigh, “I guess I can write about Dionysus.” He mumbled softly as he reached for a different book.
Taehyung looked back as he made his way to check the book out, watching Jungkook look through the rest of the books. He huffed before reading the front desk. “Hello Taehyung-ah, only this one today?” Taehyung smiled and nodded at the woman, Mrs.Hwan, always so kind and sweet.
She helped him check out the book before Taehyung waved goodbye to her. Jungkook walked toward the desk a few minutes later, handing his book to Mrs.Hwan. The woman looked at him unamused but Jungkook avoided looking at her. “Jungkook.”
The basketball player sighed and looked up and saw her looking at him in worry. “You had told me you needed a book on Apollo, specifically the one Taehyung took. What happened?” “Ah Mrs.Hwan… I decided to change my report. It's okay.”
The woman shook her head and proceeded to check the book out for him. Right before she handed it to him though, she gave him a gentle look. “Just because you like him doesn't mean you need to let him be mean to you. You couldn't stop talking to me about that book,-
and you let him have it, because you like him.” Jungkook pursed his lips as he stared down at the book in her hand, “It’s okay, Mrs.Hwan, no big deal.” She let out a soft sigh before handing the book to the boy.
“Just be careful, Jungkook. I’d hate to see you get hurt. Taehyung is a great boy but you could get hurt.” Jungkook nodded and smiled at her before leaving. “I will be.”
- “Are you sure you don't want to come?” Namjoon asked. He and Jungkook were walking home from school, being neighbors they’d walk home everyday. “I’m sure, it's game night, I can't miss it.” Jungkook replied and once again Namjoon nodded in understanding.
“Alright, well if you change your mind let me know.” Namjoon waved at Jungkook as he crossed the street to his house. Jungkook smiled as he entered his house, both his grandparents in the garden. “Nana, Papa, what are you doing out here?”
The couple looked up from the rose bush they were planting and smiled brightly at the boy. “We're just finishing up.” His nana said, Jungkook rushing over to help her up. “Your papa will finish up, let's get everything ready for game night.”
She said excitedly as Jungkook smiled at her. “Of course, Nana.” Yeah, game night consisted of Jungkook spending the afternoon playing board games with his grandparents. So, while everyone thought Jungkook wouldn't attend parties to go sleep around or meet someone else from
another school, Jungkook spent it playing UNO with his Nana and Papa. His grandparents would go to bed around 9 pm, and Jungkook would spend the rest of the night alone, either working on schoolwork or playing video games. He knew the rumors that were going around about him.
That he had slept with the entire cheer squad. That he had slept with half a dozen other male athletes. That Jungkook had a new partner every few weeks because he could never settle. That he'd reject everyone at school who wanted a relationship because
he liked sleeping around. He knew of these rumors but he paid them no mind. Why? Because they weren't true. He didn't care for them because he knew they weren't true. Just before his grandparents went to bed, he made sure to let them know he'd be going out
for a run before bed. “Make sure to be careful and come home safely.” His nana said. The basketball player changed into shorts and a tank top before grabbing his phone and headphones. He made sure his grandparents were in bed before making his way out of the house.
He ran down the sidewalk, music blasting in his ears as he focused on his steps and breathing. It was dark out already so he made sure to stay on lit streets. Jungkook had been running for about half an hour when he accidentally bumped into a girl who was turning the corner.
“Oh fuck.” He quickly removed his headphones to help the girl up from the ground. “I'm so sorry, are you okay?” He asked in worry, the girl was around his age. She nodded as she wiped herself clean. “I’m okay, no worries.” She smiled at him and Jungkook once again apologized,
feeling bad for having thrown her to the ground. She giggled and told him it was really okay. Jungkook and the girl, Mina, talked for a little more as she had said he had looked familiar. “Oh yeah, you're Mrs.Jeon’s grandkid! How is she?”
She asked, making Jungkook smile at the mention of his grandmother. “She's doing okay. She hasn't gone to the market in awhile because I started doing the groceries. I asked her to take it easy.” Jungkook explained, making Mina nod in understanding.
Mina was the daughter of one of the merchants in the market where his grandmother always bought groceries. It's where he recognized Jungkook, from one of the few times he'd gone with his grandmother.
“Well please tell her we miss her and that we hope she's doing well.” Mina smiled, placing her hand on Jungkook's arms. The male nodded and stepped aside to allow her to walk by. Jungkook however did not realize Taehyung and Jimin were across the street watching them.
“I told you he's a flirt. Guess this is why he didn't go to the party.” Taehyung mumbled as he walked away, almost upset. Jimin frowned as he watched Jungkook put his headphones back on and run back home. The male sighed before rushing to catch up with Taehyung.
“You know, it's not that hard to admit you have a crush on him?” Jimin said as he caught up with Taehyung. The taller of the two scoffed. “Please, I hate him. He thinks he's perfect and untouchable.” Taehyung replied and Jimin hummed softly.
“Is that why you took the book?” Taehyung turned to look at Jimin in slight confusion. “What book?” “The one on Apollo. You knew he was going to write about him and yet you have the book. Why?” Jimin asked, genuinely curious.
“I decided I wanted to write about him instead. I don't see how that's a problem?” Taehyung asked, almost defensive. “Did you decide that before or after you took the book from him? Because you had gone on and on about how you wanted to write about Aphrodite.”
Jimin stopped walking and it made Taehyung stop as well. “Before.” Jimin hummed, “Alright, but as your best friend I’m saying this as nicely as possible. He's not the person you think he is.” Taehyung rolled his eyes as they continued walking home.
When Taehyung got home after he and Jimin parted ways, he went straight to his room. He hadn't realized how teary eyed he had gotten. And all over Jungkook. Taehyung didn't hate the boy before, Jungkook had always been one of the sweetest people he had ever met.
And despite his talents and popularity, he was the most humble anyone could be. And Taehyung liked that about him, in fact, he liked it so much he decided to confess to Jungkook. It was their 8th grade dance, Taehyung had a letter he had written and everything.
He wasn't the type to want to go to school dances but that was a special occasion. He fixed his shirt and took a few deep breaths, and pushed the door open to the locker room, where he had been told Jungkook was in.
When he entered however, he saw Jungkook with a girl, he didn't know which girl because her back was to him. But they were kissing. Taehyung felt his heart break. He rushed out of the locker room and to his best friend in tears. Jimin tried his best to calm him down,
it took him awhile but he was able to do it. Taehyung didn't tell Jimin what happened, too embarrassed to do so. Taehyung was hurt, he never had the chance to begin with. But what upset him like never before was that Jungkook went up to him the
following week asking him out on a date. It infuriated Taehyung because how could Jungkook ask him out after what he saw. Clearly Jungkook was with someone and then had the audacity to ask Taehyung out on a date.
Taehyung rejected him, told him to leave him alone. Jungkook was sad but he also knew that if Taehyung didn't want him then he should respect that. Jungkook and Taehyung left the 8th grade, both heartbroken for different reasons.
And when they entered high school and Jungkook had a summer glow up, the rumors started. Rumors Taehyung knew were probably true based on his own experience with Jungkook. Therefore, it's why he sat on the edge of his bed crying his eyes out.
It was so stupid for him to still be so upset over something that happened four years prior. Did he hate Jungkook? Yes. But had he moved on from him? Absolutely not.
After every new rumor about Jungkook that surfaced Taehyung would cry in anger at night in his bedroom. Because he wanted more than anything to solemnly hate Jungkook, but instead he hated that he loved him so much.
Come Monday morning, a new rumor had started. Jeon Jungkook had skipped out on the party the previous Friday because he met up with a girl to have sex in her backyard. Namjoon had his jaw clenched as he listened to the rest of the basketball players go on and on about how
Jungkook liked to sleep around. Seokjin had to gently squeeze his bicep to get him to calm down. Yoongi and Hoseok looked at the male in worry, because everyone knew that they were all protective of Jungkook. Yet, Namjoon was the most protective.
Jungkook walked into the locker room and the talking stopped. “Good morning, Cap.” The team said in unison, and Namjoon had to resist the urge to roll his eyes at the hypocrisy.
“Good morning!” Jungkook smiled before he went to change into his practice clothes. The four others looked at each other before walking toward Jungkook. “How was game night?” Namjoon asked, sitting down on the bench next to Jungkook’s locker. Jungkook smiled at his neighbor.
“Was good, my Papa won twice and my Nana won three times.” Jungkook explained making the four chuckle, knowing he lost on purpose. There was nothing Jungkook couldn't do or win at, UNO is no exception. “Hey Cap, how was your weekend?” Minho asked, making Jungkook turn and look
at him with a sweet smile. “It was great, yours?” “Oh I bet it was. Mine was okay.” Minho chuckled, making a few others join in. Jungkook looked at him in confusion but never stopped smiling. He turned to his friends who shrugged and pretended not to know, for Jungkook’s sake.
They all ran out of the locker room to go to practice. Jungkook noticed a few people sitting in the bleachers. Specifically, Park Jimin and Park Jihyo. He watched the way Jimin waved at someone so Jungkook turned around just in time to catch Yoongi wave at the male.
Jungkook giggled as he ran toward his hyung wanting to tease him. “Yoongi hyung!” Jungkook gasped, a huge smile on his face. The younger one held the other’s shoulders as Yoongi groaned in fake annoyance. “You like him?” Jungkook asked, looking over at Jimin who was now
busy talking to Jihyo. “Maybe, but don't say shit.” Jungkook laughed as he looked at his hyung in amusement, “I won't, but you weren't exactly subtle either.” The captain asked the team to start warming up when he remembered he needed to ask Jihyo about their math exam
in a few days. He ran over to the girl, Jimin wasn't with her anymore. “Hey Jihyo!” Jungkook smiled as soon as he reached her, “How are you?” “Hey Jungkook, I’m good, how are you?” Jihyo set her phone down to give the male her entire focus.
“Ah, I was wondering if you were going to have another study group? For the math exam.” He asked, making Jihyo giggle. “Yeah, I will, want me to sign you up for it?” She asked, making the basketball player nod. “Yes please, could you let me know when it will be?”
“Of course! Here give me your phone number so I can add you to the list and text you the details.” Jungkook recited his number to Jihyo who nodded along as she typed it into her phone. “Okay great, more than likely it will be on Friday is that okay with you?”
Jungkook hummed, Fridays were game nights but he really needed to study for the exam. “Yeah that's okay. See you on Friday?” Jungkook said as he began to walk backwards to the court. Jihyo smiled, “Yeah, see you Friday.”
Taehyung looked at Jimin in disbelief as they heard the last part of Jihyo and Jungkook’s conversation. Jimin turned to his best friend in sympathy. “Taehyung..” He mumbled before Taehyung walked out of the gym in anger. Jimin sighed and ran after him,
everyone looking at them as Taehyung had slammed the door open rather loudly. “What's with them?” Namjoon mumbled as he walked over to Yoongi and Jungkook. Yoongi shrugged and jogged off to continue warming up, leaving Namjoon and Jungkook staring at the doors.
“Taehyung!” Jimin grabbed his arm and turned the male around, “Please stop.” Taehyung turned around and looked at Jimin with tears in his eyes. “Taehyung?” The taller male broke down in tears as Jimin hugged him tightly. Taehyung poured his heart out to his best friend,
finally telling him the reason behind his so-called hatred for Jungkook. Jimin was able to understand Taehyung, but he still believed there had to be something more. However, for the sake of Taehyung and his feelings he kept it to himself.
Jimin helped him wipe his tears, “It's okay, Taehyung. Listen, I think you need to move on. Not because you don't have a chance, because I think everyone can see how Jungkook probably has a crush on you-” Taehyung cut him off with a humorless chuckle.
“But because this isn't right, you hating him so much for something that happened almost four years ago isn't right. He probably doesn't even know this is why you hate him so much.” Jimin explained as Taehyung nodded slowly, sniffling quietly.
“However, you probably may want to talk to him about it. The poor boy doesn't even know what he did for you to hate him so much.” Jimin added and Taehyung shook his head. “No, I- I can't.” Jimin hugged him then, “Okay, that's fine. Take your time.”
Taehyung and Jimin made their way back to the gym, as Jimin still wanted to see the team practice. They slowly made their way over to where Jihyo was sitting, watching the team. “Hey, you okay?” She asked worriedly as she watched Taehyung and Jimin make their way over.
Taehyung smiled at her and sat next to her. “Yeah, I’m okay.” She gave him a hug and he knew better than to be upset with her. She was a sweetheart so he hugged her back. His eyes locked on Jungkook who was looking at the two. The male smiled at
Taehyung but the latter looked away. “Give it up, Kook.” Seokjin mumbled as he walked by. “Yeah..” Jungkook replied before walking after him, unaware of Taehyung’s eyes on him then.
tw// mentions of death and car accident Jungkook had been with his grandparents since he was 10. His parents and older brother tragically passed away in a car accident. They were on their way to pick up Jungkook from his after school tutoring session to then go to dinner.
They never showed up, so little Jungkook found himself walking toward his grandparents house around six in the afternoon. He arrived at their house around 7:30 and he watched his Nana run toward him with tears running down her cheeks.
He was very confused by the police officers at his grandparents’ house. But also extremely tired from all the walking he had done. His grandparents didn't tell him about his parents and brother until the following morning.
Jungkook missed a week of classes, and students wondered why, but no one really ever found out. No one but his best friends, Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi and Seokjin. And they only ever found out a year later. Namjoon however, knew right away, they're neighbors after all.
So no one knows that Jungkook is basically an orphan and he spends as much time as he can with his grandparents. The week went by fast, it was Friday and while most of the students were pumped for whatever party was going on, Jungkook was ready for the study group.
Jihyo had texted him the details early on in the week so that way he'd be able to let his grandparents know. His Nana was more than okay with him going to a study group, his Papa however told him he couldn't fool him.
The old man spent the entire dinner on Wednesday talking about how he knew what Jungkook was up to. That he was young once too and the study group excuse is old school. Jungkook would just laugh at his Papa’s words, his Nana would just roll her eyes with a smile.
He loved them so much, taking him in when he had nothing else. Granted, his parents left him with a lot. Money, properties and more. Jungkook, of course, wouldn't see anything of that until he graduated high school, which conveniently enough was soon.
“Nana!” He yelled out as soon as he entered the home, rushing to his room to grab anything he may need to study. His Nana walked into his room, a frown on her face and hands on her hips. “I'm sorry, Nana.” Jungkook smiled at her apologetically.
He knew better than to yell in her house. “It's okay, baby. What is it?” She asked, her voice always so gentle and soft. “I'm heading out to the study group now but is there anything you need me to get you or help you with before I leave?”
He asked while grabbing his backpack off the bed. She smiled at him and shook her head, “No, baby. Go on, you’ll be late. Study hard, okay?” Jungkook grinned and placed a kiss on her forehead, “I will Nana, I love you!” He dashed out of his bedroom and out the front door.
He arrived at the cafe around 15 minutes later, the only one there was Jihyo. He walked in and waved at her before walking toward her. “Hey, where is everyone?” He asked while setting his things down on one of the chairs. “Running late, they’ll be here though don't worry.”
She smiled and began pulling out her things. Jungkook nodded and looked over at the menu. “Do you want me to get you anything?” He asked, turning to her. Jihyo looked up at him with wide eyes and shook her head. “Oh, no! It's okay!”
Jungkook rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, “Come on, it's the least I can do. You organized this study group, what do you want? I’ll buy it.” Jihyo laughed and shook her head, “Anything is fine really, I like everything on their menu.”
Jungkook nodded and walked off to stand in line. Taehyung walked in just as Jungkook was walking toward the table with their order. He couldn't help the horrible feeling in his stomach as he watched Jungkook set two drinks on the table.
And he couldn't help the way he felt angry at the way Jihyo looked up at Jungkook with a smile. He cleared his throat and walked over, startling Jihyo. “Hey Ji.” Jungkook turned to Taehyung and then to Jihyo. “Oh, hey Taehyung. What brings you here?”
Taehyung glanced over at Jungkook before answering, “Came to get something for Jimin and I.” Jihyo nodded, noticing how tense the atmosphere had gotten. “Oh, is he here?” She asked, looking around but Taehyung shook his head. “No, I’m heading over to his right now.”
Jungkook felt awkward so he looked over at Jihyo and excused himself. He walked off to the restroom, and once he was gone Jihyo glared at Taehyung. “Why are you being rude?” “I’m not being rude.” Taehyung countered and it only annoyed her.
“You didn't even acknowledge him. That's rude, Taehyung.” She said and looked down at the table, almost disappointed. “You know I don't like him, yet you still chose to go on a date with him.”
Jihyo looked up at him with wide eyes, just as Momo, Nayeon, Jaehyun and Chan walked toward them. They were all laughing as they greeted the two and set their things down on the table.
“Sorry we're late, you haven't started studying yet right?” Momo asked, completely missing the way the tension was. Jihyo stared at Taehyung as she replied. “No, it's a study group, we all have to be here to be considered a group.”
Jungkook arrived then and greeted everyone else, ignoring Taehyung that time. And the male could not help but feel so stupid. “We have to get to studying, I’ll see you later, Taehyung-ssi.”
Taehyung looked around the table before walking off, he even walked out of the cafe without ordering anything. Jungkook watched him walk away and he wanted more than anything to run after him and ask him if he was okay.
But he now knew Taehyung didn't like him and that would only make things worse. “Shall we get started?” Jihyo asked, Jungkook nodded and took a seat as they all opened up their notebooks and notes to begin studying for the exam.
Taehyung ran to Jimin’s house, knocking rapidly and desperately. Jimin opened the door in shock, looking at Taehyung in what looked like horror. Taehyung rushed in pushing past Jimin. “Taehyung?” Jimin closed the door and turned to his best friend
who looked like he was about to have a panic attack any second. “Hey, listen to me.” Taehyung was breathing heavily and his hands were shaking, not to mention his eyes were teary. Jimin reached for his hands and gripped them tightly, “Breathe with me, okay?”
Jimin took a deep breath and motioned for Taehyung to do the same. He struggled at first but they were both able to take deep breaths and calm Taehyung down. Once Taehyung had calmed down, Jimin led him toward the living room.
His parents had stayed there once they noticed Taehyung’s state. “Taehyung, sweetie, are you okay?” Mrs.Park asked, taking the boy’s hands in her own. Taehyung looked at her with wide and red eyes, nodding slightly. “Jimin, bring him some water.”
Jimin rushed to the kitchen while his parents sat Taehyung on the couch. “Son, what happened?” Mr.Park asked, and Taehyung sniffled softly before he turned to him, a pout on his lips. “I messed up, uncle.”
The man looked at him in sympathy and rubbed his back while Mrs.Park rubbed the back of his hands. The couple looked at him in worry as Jimin walked in with a glass of water. Taehyung thanked his best friend and took a few sips, Jimin sat on the coffee table across Taehyung.
“What happened?” He asked as Taehyung set the glass down, letting out a deep sigh. Taehyung explained to them how he had confronted Jihyo about going on a date with Jungkook, knowing how he felt about the basketball player.
Only to find out it was a study date and not only did Taehyung treat Ihto badly but he made a fool of himself. Jimin sighed and moved to sit next to his best friend, “Taehyung, I think you need to talk to Jungkook. I know you said you didn't want to, but this seems one sided.”
Taehyung shook his head in protest but Jimin continued, “This is not a choice. You will talk to him, because you can't keep letting this dictate your life and those in it. You're going to lose everyone you care for if you keep this one sided hate on Jungkook.”
The male sighed and looked down at his lap, “Okay.” Jimin nodded and gave his best friend a hug, pressing a kiss to his temple. “It will be okay.” However, Taehyung expected things to go the way they did. Monday morning he walked toward Jungkook who was getting his things
from his locker. “Jungkook?” The basketball player looked at Taehyung and frowned, “Yes?” “Can we talk?” Jungkook stared at Taehyung before shaking his head, focusing back on getting his things. “Please Jungkook, I need to talk to you.”
“I don't want to.” Jungkook said, voice firm. He closed his locker and turned to face Taehyung. “If you're here to insult me more, or say horrible things about me to me, then please save it. I've had enough. I don't know what I did to you,-
but I doubt it was big enough for you to be so rude to me all these years.” Taehyung opened his mouth to speak but Jungkook didn't let him, “You know, I kept being nice to you because I thought it was all in my head. I thought maybe you didn't actually hate me-
and it was just me being insecure. But I heard you talk to Jihyo on Friday.” The basketball player placed his bag on his back and looked around the hallway, a few people looking over at the two. “I guess everyone knew but me.”
Jungkook looked back at Taehyung and let out a small hurt chuckle. “I’ll stay out of your way, you stay out of mine.” Jungkook shrugged and didn't wait for Taehyung to reply before he turned and walked away.
Taehyung however, wasn't going to let it go to waste. So he ran after Jungkook, placing himself in front of the boy to stop him from walking away. “No. Please let me explain.” Jungkook sighed and shook his head.
“No, Taehyung-ssi. Let things be, we should just stay away from one another. It's better that way. At least now you’ll get me to leave you alone.” Jungkook walked past Taehyung. The boy sighed and watched Jungkook walk down toward the direction of the gym.
It's when he got an incredible idea. “You're going to what now?” Jimin stared at him in disbelief, Momo was sitting next to him trying to hold in her laughter. “I'm trying out for the basketball team.” Taehyung repeated and it caused Jimin and Momo to glance at each other
before bursting out in laughter. Taehyung frowned and sat down in front of them, “Why are you laughing?!” “Taehyung, they are mid-season and not holding tryouts. Not to mention you don't even know how to play basketball.” Jimin explained through his laughter.
“Then what do you suggest I do? He told me that we would just stay away from each other.” He mumbled and looked at his friends with a small pout. “Well based off what Jihyo told me, you did fuck up.” Moon replied, shrugging her shoulders. “It was messed up, Tae.”
“She told you?” Mono hummed and sipped her drink, “Yeah, after the study group. She cried because she never thought you'd think so badly of her.”
Taehyung groaned and ran his hands through his hair, “I need to apologize to her too.” Momo and Jimin nodded in agreement. The male sighed and nodded before he looked over at the cafeteria entrance, spotting Jungkook talking to none other than Jihyo.
And it was very obvious what they were talking about because they looked over at Taehyung at the same time, but looked back at each other when they noticed him looking at them. “Should I do it now?”
Momo followed his gaze and shook her head, “No, I say you do it privately. Like go to her house or something.” “Yeah. But how are you going to fix things with Jungkook?” Jimin asked, looking up from his tray.
“I don't know. I can't get past what he did years ago, especially with his reputation. But I did mess up big time and I need to make it better. I just don't know how.” Taehyung mumbled looking away from the pair to look at his hands. “You forgot your hoodie in my car, babe.”
The three looked up to see Yoongi standing next to the table, hoodie in hand. Momo and Taehyung looked at each other before they turned to Jimin. Jimin was blushing a deep pink as he reached over and took the hoodie. “Thanks, see you after school?”
Yoongi hummed, “Yeah, I’ll take you home. See you, doll.” The basketball player walked off leaving the two stunned while Jimin tried his best to hide his face. “I’m sorry, but what was that?!” Monk gasped, smiling widely as she turned to face Jimin entirely.
“Park Jimin, what is going on with you and Yoongi?” Jimin whined and looked around, noticing a few people looking their way. “I’ll tell you everything but not here.” He whispered, earning a nod from the two. “Jihyo’s coming.” Taehyung mumbled, the two quieted down as
Jihyo reached their table and sat next to Taehyung, across from Momo. “Why's your face so red?” She asked as soon as she sat down, looking at Jimin in amusement. “Yeah, Jimin, tell us why your face is so red.” Momo teased, earning a glare from the male.
The girl giggled and leaned her head on his shoulder. Jihyo smiled at them before she turned to look at Taehyung, who was looking at her with a guilty expression. “It's fine, Taehyung.” “It's not, I shouldn't have done that.” He replied, Momo and Jimin looked between the two.
“You're right, you shouldn't have. But I feel like there's way more to it than you're leading on. More than you've told us about, so I understand to an extent why you did what you did. It wasn't right but I also know there's a reason why” Jihyo explained, shrugging her shoulders.
“There is, do you think we can meet up after school and talk about it? I'd like to apologize properly.” Taehyung said softly, Jihyo smiled at him and nodded. The four continued on with their lunch, trying to get Jimin to spill his secret but he wouldn't budge.
They continued on, unaware of the five sets of eyes on them from a few tables away. “Are you really not going to talk to him?” Seokjin asked, turning to look at the youngest. Jungkook looked down at his tray and shook his head.
“Haven’t I made myself a fool enough? I've spent Valentine’s days, Christmases, his birthdays sending him presents and cards and they all get returned to me. I thought it was maybe he didn't know how to accept them.”
Jungkook looked at his hyung's, “Turns out he really just doesn't like me.” The hyungs looked at each other before glancing over at the table Taehyung was at. The male was looking over at them with curious eyes before focusing on Jungkook who kept his gaze on his tray.
They looked away, but Taehyung kept looking at them. At Jungkook. He watched how Jungkook stood up with his tray, still full of food, threw it away and walked out of the cafeteria. “Aren't you going?” He turned to Jihyo who looked at him expectantly.
“After him. Aren't you going after him?” Taehyung hesitated for a few seconds before he stood up and ran after Jungkook.
“You know something, don't you?” Jimin asked, making the girl look at him. She shrugged and looked down at her food hiding a small smile. Momo and Jimin shared a look before turning back to Jihyo.
“Jungkook!” Taehyung called out, making the male turn to look at him in confusion. “Please wait.” Jungkook sighed and looked at Taehyung with slight annoyance. “What did I do now?” Taehyung shook his head and stopped right in front of him,
“Nothing, I just really want to talk to you.” “About what? Didn't I make it clear we'd go our separate ways?” Jungkook crossed his arms over his chest and looked away. It made Taehyung guilty.
Jungkook had always been super smiley and warm with him despite Taehyung being such an asshole. Now he wasn't and it made the male feel bad. He didn't like it. “Listen, I’m sorry. I truly am, there's- there's a reason why I've always been so mean to you.-
A reason I’m not ready to talk about just yet, but I wanted to apologize nonetheless.” Jungkook frowned and looked at him in confusion. “Please just give me a chance to make this right?” “Make what right, Taehyung?” Jungkook asked, shaking his head,
“There is nothing to make right. I've just gotten it all wrong from the start.” “No, please. Let us start over, I promise it will be different.” Taehyung knew he was pleading, but he wanted to make things right.
Jungkook pursed his lips and took a step toward Taehyung, “Want to make things right then? Fine. Meet me at the basketball court, every morning. 7 am. If you're late or don't show up, you can forget about whatever this is.”
Taehyung nodded quickly and looked at Jungkook with wide eyes, “Yeah, of course.” “Hope you've got basketball shorts.” Jungkook hummed before he turned and walked away. Taehyung couldn't help but smile and maybe even do a little dance once Jungkook was gone.
He was excited to be able to fix the huge problem between him and Jungkook. Until he abruptly stopped dancing and stared down the hallway in shock. “Oh my god, I suck at basketball.”
Taehyung was at the basketball court at 6:50, worried he would be late so he got up super early. And his friends, being supportive (or rather wanting to see him make a fool of himself) were there too.
Taehyung stood in the middle of the basketball court, wearing some shorts Jimin he'd lent him as he didn't have any, not appropriate ones at least. Jimin, Momo and Jihyo were on the bleachers.
They wanted nothing more than to make fun of him but they were also sleepy as they weren't used to being out of the house so early. Jungkook walked onto the basketball court at exactly 7:00. Taehyung straightened up when he saw the younger one.
He was in a white tank and red basketball shorts, he looked over at Taehyung then at the three trying to stay up awake the bleachers. He chuckled to himself as he set his bag down and pulled out his basketball. “Are you ready, Kim?” “What for?” Taehyung mumbled as he watched
Jungkook walk toward him, dribbling the ball. Moving it from one hand to the other. “We're going to play basketball. What else did you think we were going to be doing at the court so early?” Jungkook looked at him in curiosity and Taehyung shook his head.
“I don't know how to play basketball.” Jungkook shrugged and ran toward him, dribbling the ball. Taehyung gasped and moved out of the way as Jungkook ran past him and threw the ball to the basket. The ball went in with ease and he turned to look at Taehyung.
“Guess it's time you start learning.” Jungkook grabbed the ball and ran toward Taehyung again and the elder gasped before covering his face. Jungkook bumped into him, sending him onto the floor as he scored another point.
“Come on now, you were so quick to be mean and rude to me, how are you not quick to take the ball from me?” Jungkook asked, bell in hand. Taehyung looked up at him from the ground, “Because I don't know how.”
“Oh, so being an asshole to me came naturally to you then?” Jungkook asked, and Taehyung deserved that. Jungkook then held his hand out to Taehyung, helping him up. "I'm sorry." "You've said that. I haven't forgiven you." Jungkook replied as he ran off with the ball.
Taehyung sighed as he turned around to see Jungkook make another shot, he looked over at his friends who looked at him in worry. He shook his head and ran toward Jungkook, the basketball player sensing him and immediately moving out of the way.
Taehyung groaned as he watched him score yet again. It went on like that for thirty minutes. Jungkook would score after Taehyung would truly and miserably fail in taking the ball from him.
Taehyung was tired and he was sweating and he hated every single second of it. Jungkook however, looked okay. He didn't look tired at all. But it was expected, he was used to it all. “Ready to give up?” Jungkook asked and Taehyung shook his head.
He looked at Jungkook before the player smirked and ran toward him. Taehyung tried once again to retrieve the ball but the most he was able to do was hit Jungkook's hand. The ball went flying and the two ran toward it.
Jungkook was the one to grab it and shoot it toward the basket from the side of the court. It went in. Of course it did. “Hey! I don't want to come in between whatever this is, but we've got to get to school!” Jimin yelled out, Jungkook hummed and turned to a panting Taehyung.
“Hope you brought a change of clothes. See you, Kim.” Jungkook jogged toward his bag, picking it up and making his way toward the locker room. Of course he was going to shower and change, Taehyung hadn't thought about that.
He slowly made his way toward his friends who patted his back, only to make disgusted noises when they realized his back was covered in sweat. “You did good, tomorrow will be better.” Momo encouraged and it made Taehyung groan. “Or you know, you could talk to him.” Jihyo added.
The two had met up after school the day before. Taehyung explained everything to her and Jihyo was able to understand why Taehyung acted like he had. But she also made sure to tell him he needed to talk to Jungkook, because it might have been a huge misunderstanding.
Taehyung didn't think so, so he said he'd think about it. “Nope, I’m gonna do this because it's what he asked. I've been horrible to him, it's the least I could do.” They stood up and slowly made their way toward the main building.
“So, if he asks you to jump off a bridge will you?” Jihyo asked and Taehyung shook his head. “No. But-” “Talk to him, Taehyung.” The three replied and it made Taehyung sigh.
Taehyung had to spend the rest of the day in his sweaty clothes, and he hated it. Because he was worried people would think he smelt bad. Jungkook walked around in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, looking really good.
“Do you think there's a reason behind him having you meet him at the court?” Jimin asked as they walked out of the building after school. “Maybe to humiliate me? I'm not sure.” Taehyung shrugged and continued walking with Jimin toward their homes.
“I still think you should talk to him.” Jimin replied and Taehyung shook his head. “I'm scared to, I’d have to admit my feelings for him to him and I'm not ready for that.” Taehyung mumbled as he looked at his best friend who shook his head.
“I did not skip on a hot make out session with my boyfriend for you to be stupid. I came here to try to convince you to talk to Jungkook.” Taehyung rolled his eyes and focused on the ground as he walked, “Well go back to him I’m not going to talk to Jungkook.”
Jimin shoved him playfully and it made Taehyung smile, “Just think about it, yeah?” Taehyung hummed, the two looked ahead and found themselves witnessing Jungkook, along with Yoongi, Namjoon, Seokjin and Hoseok drive past them.
Too fast for it to be legal. Jimin frowned as the one driving had been Yoongi, he would recognize that car anywhere. “Jimin?” The male looked at his best friend as he pulled his phone out, “Hold on.” He dialed his boyfriend’s number, it rang twice before the call was answered.
“Uh, hey Jimin-ssi, Yoongi hyung is driving and asked me to answer” It was Namjoon, Jimin expected someone else to answer as Yoongi never does while driving. “Hey, we saw you drive by really fast, why is he driving so fast? He knows he's not meant to do that.”
Jimin replied as they continued walking. “Ah well that's because there's been an emergency and we need to get there quickly! He's not doing it for fun.” Namjoon said in a rush and it made Jimin stop walking. “Did something happen?”
Namjoon went quiet and he heard hushed talking before he replied, “Uh, yeah. We need to get Jungkook home.” “Did something happen to Jungkook?” Jimin asked, eyes on Taehyung whose head snapped over to him. “Kinda?”
“What happened to Jungkook?” Jimin asked, and Taehyung was quickly to press his ear agaisnt the phone to try to listen too. “I don't think I can say, but don't worry! I’ll have Yoongi hyung call you back!” Taehyung frowned and took the phone away from Jimin,
“Kim Namjoon, give me Jungkook’s address now.” “Taehyung?” The other three, aside from Yoongi, looked at Namjoon as he spoke. “You want his address? What for?” Jungkook frowned and shook his head, he had other things to worry about.
He heard Namjoon talking but his mind was too focused on getting home he didn't pay attention any further. Yoongi’s car came to a halt and Jungkook was the first one to run out of the car. His best friends followed, Jungkook ran into the home, looking around frantically.
“Nana??” He called out, and he heard a faint “Over here.” from his grandparents’ room. He ran in and saw his Papa laying on the bed with his Nana sitting next to him. “Papa, what happened? Namjoon’s mother called him to let him know there had been paramedics here.”
Jungkook walked further into the room, kneeling next to their bed. His nana sighed and looked at her husband before turning to her grandson, “He felt dizzy and stumbled down the hallway, I caught him in time. If I hadn't he'd have fallen and hit his head on one of the tables.”
Jungkook’s eyes widened and turned to look at his papa, who gave him a small smile. “I’m okay, I just got up from the bed too fast” “If the paramedics were here why didn't they take you to the hospital? You need to get checked out papa.” Jungkook asked, looking between the two.
His best friends were in the living room, wanting to give the youngest one time with his grandparents. “Are Jimin and Taehyung coming over?” Namjoon looked over at Seokjin and shrugged, “I don't know. Taehyung asked for the address but I’m not sure they’ll be here?”
Yoongi was texting on his phone, probably with Jimin, and he looked up to look at his friends. “They're on their way, something about Taehyung getting worried.” “Why is he so worried?” Hoseok asked, frowning as he shook his head. “Doesn't make sense?”
“I mean, he did try to fix things. Maybe he's genuinely worried.” Seokjin shrugged and leaned his head against Namjoon’s shoulder. Jungkook looked at his grandparents waiting for an answer, “We can't afford a hospital bill right now, champ.”
Jungkook stared at his papa, tears filling his eyes. “I’ll be okay, I promise it was just because I got up too quickly.” The male shook his head and took each of their hands in his, “I think, you've taken care of me long enough. It's time I take care of you.”
His grandparents began to shake their heads in protest but Jungkook stopped them. “I want to do this, please let me.” “You have school.” His nana replied and Jungkook smiled at her, “I can handle it, Nana.”
"Besides, my parents left me an inheritance, this can only be temporary." He added, making his Nana tear up. “What about basketball?” His papa asked and Jungkook let out a small watery chuckle, “You’re more important than basketball.”
His grandparents looked at him sadly, he got up and pressed a kiss to both their foreheads. “It's okay. Get some rest.” The boy walked out of the bedroom and slowly made his way toward the living room, not realizing a few tears were running down his cheeks.
His best friends stood up immediately at the sight of him and rushed over. “Hey, is he okay? Why are you crying?” Hoseok asked, cupping Jungkook’s cheeks. The youngest sniffled and looked at his hyungs, giving them the smallest of smiles.
“I-” The doorbell rang and Jungkook frowned. He pulled away from his hyung to open the door, surprised to see Taehyung and Jimin on his doorstep. “Taehyung?” The elder took in his appearance and without thinking, he stepped forward and hugged Jungkook tightly.
The action made Jungkook tear up once again and a choked sob escaped his lips. He wrapped his arms around Taehyung’s waist and pressed his face against the male's neck. The other five watched how Jungkook cried against Taehyung’s neck and how Taehyung held him so protectively.
“Are you sure about this, Jungkook?” The coach looked at him in both surprise and disappointment. Jungkook stared at the jersey in his coach’s hands before slowly nodding. “I'm sure.” The elder sighed and placed his jersey on his desk before standing up and giving him a hug.
“Well, you'll always be welcome back into the team. Don't forget that.” Jungkook felt himself tear up as he hugged the coach back and nodded, “Thanks, coach.” The male walked out of his coach’s office, the entire team waiting outside.
They all looked at him expectedly before Jungkook gave them a small sad smile. He shrugged and slowly walked away, leaving his team mates behind. Jungkook walked down the hallway and accidentally bumped into Taehyung, “Hey, sorry.” He mumbled and Taehyung waved him off.
“Don't be. Are you okay?” Jungkook hummed as he looked at the male. After Taehyung had hugged him while Jungkook cried back at his house they didn't talk. Taehyung and Jimin had excused themselves as they felt they shouldn't be around when it looked like it was a family matter.
Jungkook's best friends didn't bring up the small interaction between the two and he was thankful. “I wasn't sure if we'd be meeting up at the court today or not.” Jungkook shook his head and looked around. “Nah. I don't think you need to worry about that anymore.-
It didn't last long but yeah, you're off the hook now.” Jungkook replied and Taehyung frowned. “Why?” Jungkook looked at him and chuckled humorlessly, “You'll find out along with the rest of the school.”
The basketball player, or former player, walked away patting Taehyung’s shoulder. The elder however followed him, and it surprised Jungkook. “Alright, what's your plan then?” “What do you mean?” The two of them walked toward their first class, which they happen to share.
“Well if we're not going to meet at the court, what are we gonna do now?” Jungkook glanced at him and shook his head. “Why do you want to do something?” “Because I want to show you I am truly sorry for being so rude. And hopefully with time I can tell you why.”
Taehyung explained and the other nodded slowly. “I don't know. I need to find a part time job and I don't know if I’ll have time anymore. Don't worry about it, all is forgiven.” Jungkook mumbled before he walked into the classroom.
Taehyung couldn't stop thinking about how Jungkook forgave him so easily. He knew the male had other plans but life got in the way of that. And Taehyung felt as though he still needed to earn said forgiveness.
When the rest of the school learned Jungkook had left the basketball team it came as a shock. As Jungkook had always been so passionate about it, yet no one knew why he'd left.
The only people to know were his best friends and the coach. Taehyung figured it had something to do with family but he didn't want to ask. A week later, Taehyung, Jimin, Momo and Jihyo walked into a small restaurant.
They had been craving ramen, and decided to meet up on the weekend. When they entered they sat down at one of the empty tables, only to be surprised that their waiter was none other than Jungkook. “Jungkook? Hey, what are you doing here?” Jihyo asked, glancing at the other
three before looking at their classmate. Jungkook gave her a small smile, “Have to earn money somehow, are you guys ready to order or do you need a few more minutes?” Taehyung couldn't help but stare at him as the other three let him know they needed more time.
Jungkook smiled at them as he excused himself and went on to attend other tables. “So you think this is why he left the team? To get a job?” Momo whispered as she looked over at Jungkook.
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