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Brian Armstrong


Jul 15

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A number of people have asked me how Coinbase wins in this environment, and turns it into an opportunity for growth. Here's my answer:

1. Well capitalized. In past downturns we pulled ahead and consolidated share, staying focused while others got distracted. Downturns make the best companies even stronger, and this one will be no exception for us.

2. Integrated product suite There will be many winners in crypto, but Coinbase is one of the only places where you have one crypto account, and do every sort of crypto activity: trade, stake, pay, borrow, create etc.

With Coinbase One, you can do all your crypto activity with one flat fee.

3. Most trusted We've always taken a long term view on compliance and security. We don't always move the fastest, but we are the safest and most compliant.

Even with Coinbase Wallet, where we help you store your own funds, people trust us to build a wallet that won't lose their money.

4. Ease of use Crypto is still way too complex for the average person. As John Oliver famously quipped, crypto is "everything you don't understand about money, combined with everything you don't understand about computers".

With Coinbase, people can get the incredible utility of this technology, without having to understand the technical details.

This is what we'll do best over the long run: stay focused on shipping great crypto products that are the most trusted, easiest to use, and fully integrated, bringing more economic freedom to the world.

Brian Armstrong


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