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Jul 31, 2022
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#taekookau where Newly converted vampire Jungkook is undergoing a lot of different changes and only his sire, Taehyung, can handle such mood swings affiliated with his conversion.

please read.
added notes. — there’s a lot of cussing — may depict emotional outbursts — may contain 🔞 parts (harmless)
tw // 🔞
“Feel better, vamp?” Taehyung while playing with Jungkook’s hair. They’re both naked under the sheets after what they did /unholy/. “Mhm, so much.” Jungkook replied and nuzzled into Taehyung’s chest.
tw // semi 🔞
tw // mentions of 🔞
“Thank you, hyung.” Jungkook replied as he’s sniffing from all the crying he just made. Taehyung made sure that he’s there the whole time Jungkook feels sad so he doesn’t feel much sadder.
“Can you change into a human again, Gguk? Let me give you some medicine first.” Taehyung asked at the slightly sleppy Jungkook. Jungkook just nodded and turned into a human without problems.
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