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🔞 Where Captain Jeon isn't ready to get married because of his work, but his parents are adamant to get him married. And Innocent village boy taehyung, also isn't ready to leave his father alone and get tied down with cold military man. But fate has already planned for them.

#taekookau #taekook #taekooknsfw [ Iᴛ ɪs ᴀɴ ᴀɴᴄɪᴇɴᴛ ᴀᴜ] 𝑅𝑒𝑞𝑢𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑑 𝑏𝑦 @gucciberry_07 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐚 𝐒𝐦𝐮𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭! 𝐌𝐃𝐈!
Tag- noncon, choking, rough sex,degrading, slapping kink,very dom mean jk,soft innocent tae.
- Jeon Jungkook is the most respected man in Busan being the first one to get the highest military rank in a such a young age. Making his parents utterly proud of him.
Everything was perfect about their son except he was stubborn about not wanting to get married and settle down. Always making his parents worry about him and their future generation.
According to kook getting married is not in his fate, he is in miltary, means he needs to leave anytime the duty calls and there are also chances of him not returning back, so he doesn't want to ruin someone's life because of his selfishness.
Also he can get his desire completed in brothel. Every woman there dies to sleep with him. Who don't want to be with someone hot-hunk like him. Also there are rumours of him being so rough that the person couldn't feel there legs for weeks.
But Jungkook's father doesn't want his son being solitary all his life.Also he is tired of his mother whining and crying all the time because of it.His wife was scared that,at this point jungkook might get one of the brothel lady pregnant and that will be nightmare for the Jeons.
Without wasting any time, The older Jeon send letter to his long term friend,who has beautiful son,who is also blessed and can give them the heir they desire the most.
The response they got from the other side was positive , making the old couple happiest and they decided to visit them day after tomorrow to discuss the further arrangements at their house in Daegu with their oblivion son. -
At the other side, Kim Daehyun was simple man livin'in small village 'Daegu' with his only son Kim Taehyung, who is bubbly and innocent, who loves nature and helps his father on their strawberry shop.
When he got the letter from his friend asking his son's hand-in marriage without thinking twice he agreed,who will be fool to refused such a great opportunity.Jeons belongs toa very wealthy and respected family and his son being married to their onlyson was an golden opportunity.
He loves taehyung so much and knows, his innocent son will never think of leaving him and he cares about him more than himself, but as a father it's his duty to look after his son,
He is old now and in year or so will pass away due being always sick. Before dying he wants his selfless son to get married and settle down in the city rather livin'a poor life with him here in village.
When taehyung heard the news, he was heartbroken and devasted, he was so angry at his father to decide it without his consent, but he understands his intentions but what about his life here?
Who will look after his father and work and cook for him, he is an old man he just can't be selfish and leave his poor father all by himself here. Thinking all sort of plans to shoo away his future in law's and worrying about his father the poor crys himself to sleep. -
- It was the day the Jeons were going to visit the Kims at Daegu, Jungkook drives the car with poker face. He don't know why his parents dragged him here with them, hiding the reason why they are visiting their old friend. And Because of it, his one leave got waste now.
He drops his parents in front of the house and goes to park the car. When he gets down, he sees two boys giggling and laughing while discussing something he can't hear, he goes little ahead to listen to them, he don't know why but he is just curious suddenly.
"Minnie! Stop don't put to much, he might die with heart attack after seeing me" "Haha-Tae that's the plan, after seeing you he will be scared and runaway from your house and we will celebrate eatting dumplings!"
The boys continue their thing without knowing their target already caught them red handed. Shaking his head after,hearing their conversation,jungkook walks away from their to enter the house inthe middle of forest,it is small and cozy, hedon't know but he gets homely vibe here.
He comes and sit beside his father who is talking to man same age as him, but his eyes brows furrows when he hears them talking about marriage... Wait! who's marriage? The hell! In a no way they are discussing his marriage. He fumes at that.
He didn't know how cunning his parents will get , he gives a look to his mother, who smiles sweetly at him. He needs to stop them. "Father..i need to talk to you"
"Jungkook i know what you are gonna say, we talked about it hundred times by now!" "So you know then, Why?" "Jungkook enough is enough, elders are talking now, we will talk at home" Jungkook sneers at that and gets up.
+ his mother following behind him, she hugs him and try to soothe his anger, after he calms down, she starts to emotional blackmails him until he agrees with her at the end. They both comes inside and sit down listening to both elders discussing about the date of their marriage.
"Daehyun-shi we will like to have wedding next week only !" "But.. that's to quick..we need to prepare for wedding atleast maybe it will take a month or so"
"I know but jungkook has limited leaves here and soon will be leave to borders that's why, we are hurrying and don't worry we already manage all the things" "Then..i-i don't have any problem"
Mr. Jeon laughs at that and gets up to hug the other man, Jungkook just rolls his eyes at the scenario, his mother gets the sweet and passes up to his father who feed his future father in-law,
he sees his father in-law also getting one sweet and coming towards him, to say this man simple and naive and his father is smart and made him agree his things. "Congratulations Son" Daehyun says He smiles and eat the sweet he feeds him and says in return "Thank you Abeonim"
His parents also hugs him, happy tears in their eyes And in all the chaos, he sees one of the boy he saw earlier coming and whispering something to Daehyun and leaves after that quickly. He sees him conflicted after that, so decides to ask him what happened.
"Um.. Taehyung wants to meet Jungkook alone..he wants to talk to him before..So.." Daehyun says awkwardly. "Hahaha Kids nowadays " Jungkook's mother laughs at that trying to ease the atmosphere.
To say the room is dead silent at after that, in their traditional family this things are not seen good and this was to demanding of taehyung according to his parents mindset, but jungkook loved it.
He nods at others and leaves the room, trailing behind the same boy who came before , taking him to his future husband room.
He enters the room to see the young boy sitting in the middle of the bed and in a very inappropriate way, one leg upon other,his face hiding with an cloth as he gesture him sit beside him.
Jungkook sits on the bed facing the boy, who is fidgeting his fingers on his silk shirt, he waits patiently to hear other. "Um..mister i don't think you will want to marry me after seeing my face..also i don't want to scam you by hiding it"  The boy sees in really deep voice.
"That is to me to decide" "Are you sure mister?" "Show me your face!"
And taehyung does, he removes the cloth over his face , showing his weird make-up face to jungkook also making his eyesballs looking at his nose making him look more mad infront of other.
+ In his head he is laughing loudly but after so many minutes still the person infront of him doesn't react so he slowly looks up, to see the most handsome man he ever saw.
The man infront of him looks mad a little jaw ticking still looking hot to him. suddenly he grabs tae's chin harshly making him look directly in to the other's eyes as the poor boy shiver because of the grip.
"I want you to wash your face in a minute and come back to me now!" Jungkook commands him in thick voice. Tae nods at that and gets going stumbling alittle to washroom.
After cleaning his face tae is back infront of cold man, sitting infront of him on the bed looking at him pointedly. He is fidgeting his fingers, his sign of nervousness. The room is dead silent. He decides to break it.
"I..i-dont want to marry you" he says in small voice. "What?" Jungkook questions as he stands up coming towards him to hear him clearly. He stops when he is to close to younger. Who got the goosebumps from the close proximity.
Jungkook heart drops a little at that, as he closes his eyes not to lose his calm, he keeps both hands either side of tae's head. As he stares at him, looking at this strange boy he don't know why but his not to get married to anybody rule got changed in second he saw this boy.
The boy looks so ethereal and beautiful for his own good and he don't want anyone rather than him touching this masterpiece. Once Jeon has his eyes on something they don't back away without getting it.
And Jeon Jungkook is going to marry this person only, Kim Taehyung is made for him and him only. "And why is that?" Jungkook asks this softly not wanting poor boy to hate him already.
"That's it? Don't worry if you want we can keep a worker here for your father who look after him and help him in shop and maid who will clean and cook and you come here when ever you want when i am on duty huh? I'm sorry but I know I'm little selfish but I want you"
Jungkook says the last three words in his ears who got blushed hearing that. he knows, now he don't have any reason to not to get married but he still give it try.
"But i--" before he completes he hears his father calling out for jungkook. "Enough of this bull shit! I will see you on wedding day" Jungkook spats out harshly than expected and gets out of the room, leaving him is misery to cry onto the bed tonight.
- Days passed away like a wind, it was the wedding day, the most awaited wedding of Busan, everybody were curious to catch of glimpse of a person who stole the cold bachelor heart.
They are having traditional Korean wedding as per the elder's wish. The wedding is luxurious, everything is on the point, jungkook's cousin Jin made sure of it.
And then came the highlight of the wedding 'second groom', wearing rich silk silver hanbok. Taehyung looks so elegant and alluring in it, everybody gapes at his beauty as he walks aisle, walking towards his to-be-husband.
There was melodic music of harp, but taehyung could barely hear it above his heart beat. Half way through the aisle he finally got the courage to look ahead at jungkook. And he thinks world stop around them when their eyes met. Just like the movies he often watch.
He is finally getting married. - As jungkook waited for taehyung to appear at other end of the aisle,his heart was thundering inside for the moment he get to see the boy,he has been restless whole week ,waiting for the day wedding to finally claim the beautiful boy he saw there.
And when he saw the first glimpse of the beauty, he swears he forget to breathe there for a second. Suddenly he felt heavy with emotions, he knew the moment saw him that day, this was not ordinary, he was deep into him.
With eyes still locked, taehyung walks towards jungkook and stand beside him.
Jungkook hands held the torch flame along with taehyung, their fingertips brushing as they together dropped it into the bigger pit as per the tradition, the small flames sprouting into the larger,signalling starting of the ceremony.
The elder's chanted their prayers as the ceremony went for an hour as per the jeon traditions. And they were finally declared married couple. -
The celebration of new addition in the jeon family went for hours until the late in night. The newly married couple were swarmed with people congratulating them and showering them with gifts.
By the time crowd disappear, and a very crying taehyung bidding his father and Jimin goodbye, it was midnight. Taehyung was beyond tired after the ceremony but still jittery from all the fun and laugh. He never experienced.
Jeon family was bigger than his small one. All the family members returned to Jeon hanok. Taehyung was in the awe looking at house. Jin showed taehyung around the house while other went to their respective rooms already tired.
He was lastly took to Jungkook's room, which was the biggest one in the house, it was now on from his room to, he stroll around a bit looking at expensive things in the room, which he never saw before. After awhile Jin teased him about his first night and left from there.
To say taehyung was afraid of it, he was not ready for it yet. maybe he will try to make his hot-headed husband understand him. With this thoughts tae goes to take shower. Using his favourite strawberry bodywash to smell nice, he don't want to smell bad beside jungkook.
- Jungkook was talking with his father, when namjoon came running with Sh-100 phone is hand, signalling jungkook, it is chief of the army on the call. "Hello?"
"Firstly, congratulations on your wedding Captain Jeon! Secondly I'm really sorry to inform you that your leave are cancelled due to urgent situation here at border and we need you to come back tomorrow morning so we can discuss the matter further here in-person "
"Sir Bu--" "I'm really sorry But Duty and Nation comes first Captain Jeon"
With that Chief cuts the call, leaving jungkook very furious at that. He grips the phone tightly. Looking at ground solely. Before marriage it didn't matter to him when he has returned, but now he has someone. What will he say to him now?
Namjoon reads the situation and says, "Jungkook, i think you should calm down and go to taehyung, he might be waiting for you. You guys should rest its late,and also you have to inform him about you leaving in morning" he pats his back and leaves from their with his father.
Jungkook grips his hair in frustration, as he decides to smoke for bit in the balcony and goes to his room to meet his sweet husband who might be the only one who will make his mind calm.
He enters to see nobody in there, it makes him more livid, he was going to shout his name when he hears soft hum coming from bathroom as he relaxes. He removes his heavy hanbok and wears flimsy robe, getting ready for the bed waiting for taehyung to join.
Fuck his duty,if and only if he got that call tommorow he wouldn't be that upset. All his mood is ruined to celebrate his first night, how many times he did imagined to wreck the other in these days, today was the finally the day. Only to get it snatched away.
Looking at the clock on the wall, he has 5 more hours to spend with his newly wedded husband, who is oblivious to all this and taking his all in the world time to bath. Jungkook huffs at that, why he has to take this much time when they have only bounded time left.
It slowly started to get on his nerves now, it has been more than 10 min he came in the room.Should he just brag in and kiss the hell out of other,which he has been waiting for ages to do.
But decides to give him some more time after few minutes he will brag in ,he don't care if that is indecent move,they are married anyway. He goes into room's balcony and sits down and takes some fresh air.
Taehyung on the other hand is having time of his life,their bathroom has little pool in it,he doesn't feel to get out of there anytime soon.he wishes jungkook is asleep by now. After he is done ,he decides to wear his clothes and get out if the shower only to find his nightwear-
- were left out and are on top of his bag,he scolds himself for being excited to take bath. He finds a shirt hanging on the side of the bathroom and decides to wear it for now ,by the smell its his hubby's as he blushes while wearing, this is too big for him.
He is getting more shy now, as the shirt is stuckin on his skin because of the water droplets. He slowly opens the door checking if anyone is inside or is jungkook already sleeping, he gives out a relief sigh when he sees no one is in the room and quickly goes out -
- grabs his clothes. And suddenly the balcony door opens making tae shock and bewildered. Jungkook sitting in the balcony hears some ruffling in the room and decides to check it. Only to get the biggest boner of his life .
A/n:That's it for the day , will update rest tomorrow night! I'm sorry for keeping you guys hanging but i need to write our meaty smut fully concerted. And i forgot to tag-this is bptae+tits story and dacryphilia tag too😭. Well how is it going until now? What will jk do next?
At that moment, everything felt like going in slow motion to jungkook, he just can't believe his innocent husband tae decided to surprise him with wearing his only sheer white shirt,
from which he can clearly see other's figure, his shirt sticking perfectly to his wet body making his ass and tits stand out the most.
Jungkook licks his lips at thought of devouring that fat ass and sucking his tits, as he steps forward his all dreams get shattered as the other flinches and backs away from him.
But does that stop him? No. He steps forward more as tae backs away slowly,he looks like predotor preying his prey. When tae finally clashes against the sliding glass door he gasps.
jungkook smirks at that, coming closer till their just breath apart. The first thing he does is dipping his head into other's neck, inhaling the intoxicating scent of his leaf like shaking husband and hums in satisfaction.
Slowly he starts kissing the same spot on the neck. "You made me wait so much..But i liked the surprise baby"
Tae's eyes widened hearing that, is jungkook thinking that he wore this for him? Fuck his fate, how naive of him to think that his husband wouldn't be in room before getting out, he should have been more careful
But by the look on the jungkook face, he don't think he will listen to him. And he is well aware of his temper too, their last meeting wasn't pleasant enough. But still he needs to try, being a virgin makes him more nervous to do and he is tired from today's event.
"Jung-kook..please no" "Shush" he don't like denials, no one has ever rejected him and taehyung is his husband, it's his martial right.
Jungkook just unheards him and continue marking his collar bone, sucking his sweet spot making taehyung to hold on his becipe tightly.
When jungkook is satisfied with the marks, he grabs tae's waist pulling him towards himself, their bodies are now flushed together as jungkook stare at tae's eyes then lips, when tae sense what will be his next move he quickly keeps his hand on his lips when jungkook leans in.
That's makes jungkook leave a frustrated sigh at that. It is slowly ticking his patience, as he trys to remove the hand on the lips, but then tae speaks up
"J-ust not today.. I'm-i'm tired please" he says in such vulnerable voice, making jungkook think for second but then he gets a flash back of the call he got,how he needs to leave in the morning and he can't waste any more time. He has 4 and half hour more.
Jungkook bangs his hand on the glass wall loudly making tae flinch at that. “Do you think it’s fair that a husband can’t fuck his wife on his wedding night huh?” jungkook says grabbing tae's cheeks.
Hearing jungkook raising his voice on him, tae whimpers and unknowingly tears starts to form in his eyes "Why are you being so difficult? Fuck " jungkook spats, grabbing his own hairs in frustration looking at other crying before he even started.
"I'm vir-gin" tae says in quivering voice hoping the other would understand him and they will sleep without further arguing.
“Don’t you think I already know that?” He says taking off the second layer of his robe,as his upper body is fully naked to tae to stare on. Tae knows he is so lucky to have him as husband. But think this is not right time for him, he still so young.
Tae noticed several scars across his chest and abs, but he tried his best not to stare. He was so sculpted, so strong. Tae knows he wouldn’t be able to fend him off if he tried anything with him even if he don't want it.
Jungkook notice tae staring at his abs,as he grabs his hand bringing it near his abs, making him touch it. Tae close his eyes hoping jungkook would stop, this is making him feel funny in his stomach.
Tae jerks his hand away and starts walking ahead, but jungkook is quick on pushing him on the glass door pining his hands above his head, tae is slowly getting on jungkook nerves now. He isn't patient man.
"It’s going to hurt more if you fight it,” he said. Jungkook came closer to and leaned down, his lips about an inch away from tae's. He moved in and pressed his lips onto other's
+ his tongue gently forcing its way past his lips and into his mouth in an exotic dance with tae's. Taehyung smelled good, like his shower soap and something else
This was tae's first kiss. He placed his palms up against his chest trying to push the other away, Tae felt him place his hands on his hips, one of them moving to the small of his back to pull him closer.
The hand that was on his  hip moved upwards to his shirt, tugging it down and exposing his untouched breasts. Tae broke away from the kiss and covered himself with his arms, avoiding eye contact with him.
Just as he was going retract others hand away from his meal, there was little knock on the glass door. Jungkook glance out to see their manservant standing there cheeks red.
Jungkook sees red for second when he got the reason the servant cheeks were red due to he saw taehyung in such clothes and saw their intimate moment.
He is quick to grab a blanket and put it on the tae. "Don't come out" he says before going out. Tae sees jungkook grabbing the servant collar dragging him away, Oh no is he going to kill him for this, he needs to stop it.
He wraps the blanket around him neatly and goes out to stop his angry husband, when he arrives he see jungkook grabbing the servant hair harshly while asking questions.
"Manim- i swear i come to give you herb tea Madam Jeon gave me please-please tell Master not kill me, biyane" the servant pleads taehyung. tae blushes at mention of herb tea, it is to clean his womb and make pregnant soon as per jimin said him.
Tae is quick on his action, grabbing jungkook and pulling him away from there and going inside the their room telling servant to take leave for some days and drinks the herb tea infront of him so he can go tell old lady about it.
Jungkook jerks him away harshly after getting inside. "Who told you to come outside?" When tae doesn't say anything at that. "Answer me goddamit! Is he any how related to you to save him? Or do you wanted him see you like th---" there was loud slap echoed in the room.
"How dare you to say this jungkook? I-i don't even know him!" "Did..did you just slapped me?" Jungkook says and chuckles after that. "You know i was being good with you until now but I don't think i can continue that anymore "kook says and pulls tae closer by grabbing his hair
"You just bring out the devil in me, don't blame me after this" jungkook says as he tears the shirt taehyung is wearing in the one go making the other shaken at the action.
Taehyung is full naked now standing in front of his horny husband, who is eye fucking him from head to toe. He feel his nipples harden due to cold air in the room. him.
Tears gather in his eyes as he stares at jungkook and then at his underwear which is not even hiding his harden bulge. He feels so humiliated and helpless infront of him.
Still he trys out an pathetic attempt to cover his breast and pussy by his hands.“Don’t”, jungkook whispered, pulling his arms down on the sides and holding them there.
His hand made towards tae's ass as gives a firm squeeze pulling the cheeks apart and tsk saying "no panties huh? You are really naughty and expects me to spare you"
As he gives a harsh slap next making cheek sting,then massaging it,he does twice thrice until he is satisfied enough. Tae endures it all tears falling down as he feels humiliated.
“Lay down on the bed,” he commanded, palming his cock over his pants. Tae sees the single mattress in the middle of the room but didn't budge. "Don't check my patience doll, get your ass moving"jungkook says as he spuns the other around pushing him further little.
Tae walked over to the bed slowly, feeling kook's eyes on his ass the entire time. He sat down on the edge and waited for his next order.
Jungkook goes and grabs some oil and blows away rooms candles and keeps the one on, near the mattress. tae is watching him closely as he takes in jungkook's apperance, him in manbun looks extra hot on him as he brings his knees closer,being shameful at his own thoughts.
Jungkook keeps the oil beside the mattress as he grabs tae's legs pulling him down, hovering over him and spreading his legs apart. "I just can't wait to taste you,fuck you, claim you" jungkook says in deep voice, and chill runs down on tae hearing that.
He pours a little onto his hands, rub it properly and the first thing he does is cupping the untouched pussy. Then spreads the lips apart watching the pink glistening pussy of his husband. "You have such a pretty pussy to hide doll"
Massaging it slowly, tae flinches at the touch first but soon relaxes, feeling so ecstasy just by this, he shouldn't like this but he can't control his body which is now spilling out some juices.
When jungkook roughly starts rubbing his pussy, taehyung trys to grab his hand which jungkook pins quickly, and gives a tight slap because of that action. Tae whimpers out loudly at the sting he felt on his pussy.
Jungkook loved the moan he got out of him as he continues slapping at the same area making it sore red. Tae crys out to him to stop but the military man just keeps torching now red cunt. As huge about of slick gushes out.
"You sure are liking this, fuck see how bad your leaking like a slut" Jungkook says as he leans down to kiss the other, the kiss is lewd with tougue involved and them exchanging their Saliva. And in between the kiss he sleeps his fore finger inside.
Tae's gasp is swallowed in the kiss, as the tear runs down at the first time feeling of any intrusion, jungkook groans at tightness as he can't wait ruined this pussy.he starts slowly finger fucking the other.
"Look at how good your taking my finger..your gonna take me so good right baby ugh--" jungkook says grabbing tae's cheek making him look at him while saying it. And tae shakes his head at that.
Soon he other hands travel to attention seeking nubs, as he grabs the tit and pulls the bud alittle. "Ah-dont sensitive there" "Yeah?"
Jungkook hums and leans down to lick at erected nub, slowly licking it watching tae shiver from the sensation and finally latches on it. He sucks onto it till the nub is sore red until he is satisfied of playing with his newtoy.
Taehyung on the other hand, jolts and shakes from pleasure and just gives up his body to let jungkook do whatever he whats.
Still two fingers inside the sloppy cunt, working in-out as the squelching sounds of tae's fluid and overwhelmed boy's crys are heard in silence room. "Jungkook please!" "Please what?"
"Ah-ah please make me cum" "Uh-huh you ain't cumming without my will" "Jung-kook Ah"
Taehyung moans out when jungkook flicks his clit and pinches it, drewing out some more pleasured tears from him. "Your Mine! Nobody can you see except me, Do you understood that?" Jungkook asks hand still on his clit pinching it lightly as he pressure it.
"" "Yes?" "Yes-Sir" With that taehyung squirts hard, chanting his husband's name.and his filthy husbands gathers his cum and taste it humming in joy and trys to make him taste it to but tae denys taking his fingers in. Jungkook is to filthy for his innocent soul.
Hearing that jungkook might just cum, he can't control himself anymore as he removes his robe and underwear, sprung out his monstrous cock, standing proud with red tip. Tae's see in with hooded eyes and panics seeing it was first time seeing someone main part rather his.
He just had his first organisms, he wasn't even over it, "I don’t want to do this.” he was in panic mode, not really thinking before speaking. “Shut the fuck up and Lay on your back and spread your legs.”
Tae blinks at him at that jungkook gets up and pushes him down on ge mattress and he climbed on top of him, elbows on both sides of your face, his legs spreading the other's knees further apart. Tae felt his cock brush up against his pussy.
He felt a little bit of shame at how pleasurable the contact felt. He held his breath, squeezed his eyes shut and waited for him to take his innocence. “I’m not a rapist, Doll. Don’t turn me into one tonight,”he whispered huskily into his ear, his breath warm against his skin.
Tae placed both of his hands on his solid chest and looked into his dark, puppy dog eyes. “Just go slow. Please.” "I can't promise that" jungkook says chuckling.
"And don't ever deny me,i don't like it..i will fuck your cunt whenever i want and you will obey me! Like good doll your" jungkook says suddenly grabbing tae's neck and choking him a little, the sudden change in his eyes, makes tae fear as he nods his head like a puppy.
He don't know how his further married life is going to be, is he going to have any say in anything, by the nature of his hot-tempered husband, he knows he don't have any say in their sex life.
He pour some oil onto his dick as he doesn't want hurt him more, and align it near the opening not before rubbing his dick between the soft folds torturing the person underneath him.
He cried out in pain jungkook entered his tip inside him. “It’s just the tip, Princess. I’m not even in. We’ve got a long way to go.” He spoke softly, his lips grazing tae's as he spoke.
“Fuck,” tae cursed.  He already felt so stretched and full. “Can we just stay like this for a little while?” “I can’t,” he said, and pushed himself all the way inside of him. Tae cried out again, and he put his hand over  his mouth quickly to stifle your scream.
“Shhhhhh,” he said. Tae stared straight at him, eyes wide and pleading at the sudden and unwelcome intrusion and violation of trust. His eyes were filled with tears. But it is such turn on for Jungkook, Kim Taehyung is a sight to look at even if he is crying.
"The walls here aren't that thick here, if you want others hear how hard i fucked you , you can scream all your heart out i don't mind"
Tae feels blush creept on his cheeks listening that, his in-laws might hear them doing nasty but it is still turning him on more, from when did he got this dirty, it's all jungkook's fault.
Jungkook hand was still placed over his mouth to stifle his cries. Tae instinctively tried to push him off him with his palms on his chest. He removed his hand from his mouth and took both tae's wrists in his hand and held them above his head.
“Don’t push me away,Baby or the consequences won't be good for you” He continued to move in and out of tae's pussy, picking up his pace. “Please stop,” tae whimpered, turning his head to the side so he wouldn’t see his tears.
“Fuck, your pussy is so tight.”
Tae closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip. After several minutes, some of the pain he felt started to give way to pleasure. Every so often he’d angle himself in a higher position, so he would feel the top of his cock rub against tae's clit.
“I know you like that,” jungkook whispered through heavy breathing and moans. “Who does this pussy belong to?” he asked, slowing down his pace and looking into tae's eyes. He lifted himself off his elbows, his palms flat on the mattress on either side of his face.
“Tell me who this pussy belongs to,” he said more forcefully. “It’s yours,” tae said in between breaths, focusing on taking his large cock and trying to block out the remainder of the pain he felt.
“What is?” he demanded. “My pussy’s yours,” tae said breathlessly. “That’s right. No one else is going to have this pussy because it belongs to me.”
He dropped back onto his elbows and picked up the pace again, plowing into his pussy. Several strands of sweaty hair clung to the sides of his face, and several droplets of sweat fell from his chest onto his big tits. He had quite the look of concentration on his face.
As he fucks into him , taehyung thinks his pussy is going to tear at this point if jungkook keeps thrusting like that, he is sensitive from last organisms but here he is squirting nonstop.
There is pud of his cum below his ass,it makes him feel so dirty but at the same time he feels on the cloud nine by all of his high organisms, his first time is worth it to remember even if he wasn't ready at start.
“You look so beautiful taking my cock, Doll.”His movements inside him grew quicker, his breathing became faster, right before he released.With his face buried in tae's neck,he cried out in pleasure, filling him with his warm seed. "Your gonna take all in-ah and give me babies?"
Tae felt his cock pulsate inside his pussy, and the warmth of his come filling him up from deep inside. He stayed on top of him like this for several moments before pulling himself out of his pussy. Tae winced at the last remnants of pain as he did this.
"We ain't done yet if you think that" And like that jungkook keeps fucking him and change the position through out the night and filling him till brim whole night until the poor boy passed out due to exhaustion.
When jungkook was done with him it 6 in the morning, he needs shower and get going in a hour. He do wants to wake him up before he leaves but he looks so good and relax while sleeping. So slips away without disturbing taehyung and freshes up.
Jungkook come backs from shower to see taehyung still slipping but the blanket is thrown away . So he goes to put it on him but instead gets boner at the sight. How happy would he be see this sight every morning.
Taehyung naked in his bed sleeping, his tits and pussy swollen and cum falling down his pussylips,and body full marked with jungkook's hickey. So without wasting anytime jungkook removes his underwear and strokes his cock to fully harden it andpushes in-1go inside the tight heat
He groans at the feeling of taehyung cluching his cock tightly in sleep. And fucks him in missionary, devouring his body for the last before he goes to his duty. He finally cums his load inside tae's already bloated tummy and locks it inside by cloth beside mattress.
As he hugs him tightly,tears gathering in his eyes, it was the first time in his life he don't want to leave for his duty. But now he has reason to look forward to come back home. After awhile He hears Namjoon calling for him.
He gives a last kiss onto his lips and unknowingly tae kiss backs in hin sleep. He smiles happily and grabs his bag, leaving his oblivious husband to serve the country. He informs every one in the house that no one will go into his room and wake tae up.
- Taehyung wakes up in noon, and is in shock because he never slept this much before, but then understand it because of yesterday night's activities. As he blushes grabbing the blanket tightly,which is now started smelling of sex.
He looks around to find jungkook but no one is there in the room, and he don't know why jungkook didn't woke him up it is so late. He tries to get up but moans in pain and sit down back.He removes the blanket over him and sees filth underneath him with little blood stains on it.
But then his eyes goes onto the paper kept beside mattress. As he reads the line and chokes on the sob. Did he..did he really left without informing him or saying his bye.
Taehyung crys and curses jungkook for betraying him and not telling about his leave. He should have woke him up atleast. But then he sees cloth plugging up inside him. As he slowly removes it and moans when the cums flows out of him, messing up their bedsheet again.
It is fresh cum, so jungkook did had him before leaving. Taehyung blushes at that. As he curse him more for it. -
It was after month of their wedding night, Jeon's discovered taehyung's pregnancy and were overjoyed hearing the news. Except taehyung himself as he wants to share this happy news with his husband and is patiently for him to return back.
A/n: The End!!! I'm so attached to this fic suddenly and I'm thinking of making part 2 where jungkook finds out about the news and some fluff with their kid. And some more filth of captain jeon and innocent tae. Do you want to read further in to their life??
Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and the day jungkook awaited the most finally come, After 6 months he is finally going home.
Jungkook let's out a relief sigh when he set's his foot in Busan, just a few minutes and he will be in arms of his beloved, who's picture he spent his days looking at in the military dorms.
All of his fellow teammates were jealous after looking at their wedding photo, which makes him more smug about it. -
He removes his bags from the car as he walks to the house, seeing him Namjin's son shouts "Uncle! uncle" and everybody comes out to greet him,
his mom starts sobbing while hugging him and his dad patting his back, in all this chaos his eyes were searching for certain someone who he expected to see the first foremost.
He asks his mom right away about him, but they all just brush up his question and drags him to the dinning area. And Jeon Jungkook isn't a patient man, he smacks his hand on the table loudly.
"Where is taehyung?..Taehyung! Taehyung come out" he starts calling out for him loudly. "Your taehyung is not here" "What?"
"He is at his father's from months now, and is really stubborn boy, not ready to return back, we literally Begged him to come back here but still he didn't listen to us son" +
his mother says manipulating the situation little. Making her son believe that they tried to bring him back which wasn't true at all. The old hag is happy , if tae would be here he would be no use because of his pregnancy he wouldn't do anything to help her
"Cut that bullshit what's the reason?" "After we found out that he is--"Mrs Jeon was cutoff by her husband . "I think you should you ask that to him only. Jungkook, Let's eat you must be tired after travelling alot" Mr Jeon says after sitting on chair gesturing him to sit down.
Seeing his family so ease without any care of his husband makes him enraged, he fists his hand holding his backpack and
+ turns back from them and starts to walk out of the house, his mother calls him and runs after him but he just ignores and keeps his back pack in the car again ready for his journey to Daegu. -
After an hour or so of driving he finally parks his car near tae's house, leaving his luggage in the car, he marched towards their house.
"Thank you Abeonim" As he opens the door, he sees something that makes body run on fire as he marches forward to grab the onto top of his husband and throws him away from. It all happened really fast that the said man was shocked too with utterly clueless taehyung.
When Taehyung's eyes land on jungkook, he lets out surprise gasp, so the man who made his life misery is finally here, after so fucking long. He closes his and slowly opens them again to check if he is really there.
Jungkook grabs the man again by collar and slams him on wall, that's when tae grasp the situation as he shouts at jungkook. "Jungkook! Leave Yoongi, Stop..Appa..Appa"
Yoongi is equally enraged now as he too was going to attack the psycho husband of his friend. How infracting man he is, without asking what really happened he is directly attacking him.
But he sees taehyung stressing and shouting, so he just pushed the hulk man and got out of the tense room. While getting out tae's father apologies to him.
- "Fuck!..So that's why you ain't returning back huh?" Jungkook shouts.
Taehyung doesn't respond back, cause he knows one thing will led other and they will start arguing which he doesn't want. And if jungkook really think him this cheap then let him be, he is tired of this drama, first his mom and then now him to.
"Answer me!" *Silence* "Oh now you don't even want to talk to me, but you were just shouting at me to stop beating your---"
"Stop talking for godsake jungkook! Enough is enough" "Now you can talk huh"
" You know everything already right? So do whatever you want to do and leave me alone, i don't want to see your face " taehyung says as he turns his head to other side. Not want break down infront of his cold husband.
Jungkook backs away alittle, numerous thoughts running in his mind as single tear cast down from his eyes as he turns around and opens the door and slams it to loud, making the fragile boy flinch under his blanket.
As he rubs his belly assuring the flesh inside that everything will be alright when he isn't even sure about it too. Slowly tears starts to fall from his eyes as he can't help it, he takes the sewing material and start sewing baby clothes to avoid the stress.
( Few minutes ago..) "Taehyung-ah, you should not take stress it will affect our little angel too" "Hyung..i-i can't help it, its been six months now..what if he came but his mom didn't let him visit us"
"He will not do that, no husband can leave their partner when they got to know their pregnant.. you should stop thinking to much, okay?" "O-k hyung but--"
"Shush jimine is worried for you too, you have to be strong and happy for your baby and for us tae, now you should rest, As your doc and hyung I'm ordering you to rest and be stress free for upcoming months". Yoongi says as he chuckles at last part.
Taehyung smiles softly at that, he so blessed with his friend and his husband, they took good care of him and his father, who is always there for him if only jungkook was here everything would be perfect.
Suddenly he starts coughing and yoongi panics and hovers over him to get the water jug behind his head, but suddenly the door opens and then....
I'll back with more tonight!! Dw we need to have angst first to get beautiful fluff💜 Just choose anything it is for me to see if anyone is reading this.
'Present' Jungkook gets out of the house ,gets in his car but didn't pull over,he just sits there for long staring at nothing,he just can't lose the person who makes him feel home,should he talk to him?But what if hedo have something withhim,he isn't strong enough to take that.
Its been only 7 hours he had returned but he couldn't even stand to be away from him for a minute and now if he will return that will waste his one leave which he won't let it happen, how he spent this days away only he knows.
Just as he was getting out of the car, he sees the man from earlier running behind someone who is angryly walking inside tae's house but the man is quick to make him calm and they start returning back when the boy turns he sees tae's friend Jimin, he remembers him from wedding.
Did he connected the dots correct? He lets out a relief sigh as he doesn't waste anytime and gets inside the hut like house. He goes straight to tae's room and sees the boys still had blanket over him as he sits and sews some small clothes.
When their eyes met, tae groans in frustration as he grabs the pillow beside him and throws at his annoyingly handsome husband's face. Jungkook wince when it exactly hit at his face.
"Go away! Don't come any closer.. I'm warning you" "What will you do huh? " Jungkook says devilishly smiling taking step ahead.
Taehyung heart races when he sees him smile as he took a deep breath and throws another pillow at him but misses the target and pouts unconsciously.
Jungkook slowly avoids all his lovely enemy's attack doing extra acting while crawling, which makes the other giggle at him. He finally made it near tae, sitting on his knees before him. Who suddenly stop giggling and is now back to his cold demenor.
He is looking so soft wrapped in the blanket only his head can be seen, jungkook just wants to devour the soft being, his cheeks got more chubby then usual making him look more cute in his eyes.
"Baby.. I'm sorry" The nickname makes tae's heart skip a beat, but he is not that easy, he need show that to jeon jungkook as he turn around.
"Baby look at me" jungkook says trying grab his hands which the latter jerk off. "Taehyung.. I'm bad at this things please" "Go away then "
"Are you going to behave like this after meeting me after so many months?" " Who told you to meet me then!" Tae snaps. Jungkook pinches his nose bridge calming himself down.
"Why are you so angry with me? I'm the one who should be angry at you..when i came back home you were not there to greet me first also for making me travel this long here and now your being childish..
i don't have time for this stupid things of yours..get up pack your bags we are leaving for busan in 15 minutes" Jungkook says furiously as he gets up.
"I'm going nowhere..And your right i shouldn't be angry at you all, especially when you just vanish away without informing me, like it was just a dream, also you not writing me any letters, there was no clue of how were you, just nothing and your family they are used to it
but I'm new i can't help but be worried..can u imagine how i felt when i didn't found you by my side in morning? I was so sore that i couldn't even get up and how awkward i felt with your family jungkook" taehyung ends up tearing up while pouring out his heart.
Jungkook heart clenches seeing taehyung cry because of him, he knew it this will happen, that's why he wasn't even ready to get married to anyone but because of his selfishness he might have ruin someone's life,
taehyung is so gorgeous he deserves to be loved all the time but jungkook has duty he is committed to but he loves the other from bottom of heart, no one has ever shaken his heartbeats like taehyung did.
"I know sorry is not enough but I'm sorry taehyung and if you want yo-you can back out from this marriage, i will handle my family don't--" jungkook says lowly and gets cut off by tae, their heart thumping inside.
By look of it tae can say jungkook is hurt but he didn't thought he might give up, does he wants to see him happy that much that he sacrifice his own too, but tae has to share the news with him anyhow. He is not that cruel.
"Come here" "What?" "I said come and sit here " And jungkook obeys without any further questions, taehyung grabs his shirt collars tightly looking at him with teary eyes as he says.
"How easy it is you to say jungkook..i-i *hiccup* you should-you should have think that before*hiccup*before making me preg-nant" he said ot finally, the weight fell of tae's heart, how relief he felt when he said it to him.
And jungkook felt overwhelmed with emotions washed over him when he heard tae said that..did he heard correct? pregnant, for second he thought he is imaginating this but then his hands instinctly went to remove the blanket over tae's body and there..
there he sees it, the big 5 months baby bump. His baby is carrying baby now!..he is gonna be father now , which he never in his dreams imagined.
Just when he was going to touch the bump, tae slaps him on his face, he is not mad at him he understands what the other must have felt.
Instead he grabs others hand and bring to his face and tae does slaps few more times until he is satisfied as he crys out loudly and start kissing jungkook on his red cheeks and his forehead, he did miss him so much.
"I'm pregnant jung-kook *hiccup*with your is our flesh..*hiccup*We-we are pregnant kook"
Tae says their forehead joined together as he grabs jungkook's trembling hand and puts on his bump and sighing in content when his veiny hands touches his bump he feels so protected, the moment he waited for so long
Jungkook is tearing up, this feeling is home and undescribable as he strokes the bump gently, he has responsibilities now and his own family to comeback, he need more strong and comeback to them safe sound,
he see tae shaking as he grabs tae's nape and pulls him onto his chest letting him cry his heart content.
"Please-please don't leave us jungkook" "I'm so sorry baby, i am not going anywhere shush" jungkook says kissing the crown of his head. As he inhales the sweet strawberry-milky scent of him.
"I love you both so much, more than myself" jungkook says confessing his hidden feelings and assuring tae. Who hugs him tightly not ready to let go now that he can have him finally.
Daehyun sees the whole scenario and tears up too, finally he felt relief wash over his chest seeing the both of them together, he can go to heaven peacefully now and tell tae's eomma he is in safe hands. -
Taehyung was just standing and watching jungkook making their bed joining one more mattress to make more space for them to roll on. He smiles when he realises he is not alone in these, just like he started feeling, this caused him to stress.
Just when he is done, jungkook lays down opening his arms to tae to jump onto, which tae does but slowly goes into his arms, he can't jump with big bump, he is already started to walk penguin like as jimin describes him.
Jungkook feels little rough as he still in his miltary shirt, and taehyung is quick to undo it and throw it somewhere in the room. As he comes in contact with bare skin. He hugs him tightly trying to sit on his lap but failing again and jungkoon chuckles and his attempts.
And jungkook finally grabs him by his soft globes making him sit properly on to him. And tae smiles at him shyly before tucking his head in his neck. Pecking there.
"Feels good kook" tae says grabbing his face in his hand as they stare at each. " What feels good baby?" " everything" "I feel good too,with you in my arms"
"Please stay with me me and our little babies..i know it will be difficult ahead.. I'm hot headed but only you can calm me down please baby" jungkook says vulnerably, if it was past jungkook he wouldn't believe he will plead someone to stay in his life.
But with time, life and circumstances changes,what you never thought you started to do that just to see your loved happy. "We will i don't know what i would do if you left me here today,i was so angry and furious but it just vanished when i heard the hurt in yourvoice" tae says
"Baby..your so strong for everything, thank you" And taehyung feels all the pain he bear was worth it to hear this as he doesn't know how to respond back.
But jungkook do know, he is waiting for this moment for months as he grabs the boys face and pulls him in lavish kiss. They both sigh in content at that, jungkook is the one who is dominanting it but tae is also responding back ferociously .
Tae moans when jungkook bites his lower lip harshly as he enters his tongue in to his carvern. Jungkook hands wondering all over his body as he kisses and devours his lips as his last meal. Tae whine ehen his lips starts to hurt because of the abuse but his husband is not done.
As he tilts tae's head aside marking the milky skin there. And creating the bloches, he starts to undo the button of tae's loose shirt but tae doesn't let him, looking at him pleadingly as he pulls kook for another kiss.
Suddenly there is loud knock on the door making tae startled and push kook who doesn't give fuck about it. Tae his lightly hitting at his chest to leave him but he doesn't even budge. When knocking get to loud tae pulls away and gets up, gesturing his husband to open the door.
Jungkook annoyingly groans and gets to see who is at the door forgetting he is shirt less. "Oh- Abeonim your here, it's pretty late.. we thought you slept?" Daehyun scans him from head to toe and sees tae inside sitting on bed blushing. He shakes his head.
"I thought you might need the blanket,tae has only one in his room so i came over to hand over it to you" "That's so kind of you Abeonim " jungkook says as he takes the blanket from him.
" Good night both of you" "Good night Appa-abeonim" Jungkook closes the door and comes to see tae lying down comfortablely, when he goes for another kiss, he pushes him away saying enough.
- Daehyun gives jungkook an extra blanket but it was no use has the couple were snuggle together in one bedsheet,just talking and playing footsie,taehyung was sharing everything from the start to jungkook, about his mother then him coming here then scolding him about yoongi too.
Also tae shares him the fact that people here in daegu thought that his husband kicked him out after making him pregnant. That made jungkook feel utterly guilable.
The night was long so did their talks , it was pretty late but taehyung was not ready to sleep but jungkook scolds him and makes him sleep. But little did he know he manhood that slept for long time had awaken after his husband ass little brushing over it in sleep.
He feels so dirty but nothingless he ruts over it as the only thing he can do in this situation to go away as tae his hugging his hand tight, his movement will wake him up. When he finally dirty his pants with imagining his husband pussy is brutally getting abused by him.
He slowly gets up and cleans the did and changes in new shorts. Just how he sneakly come out he sneakly goes in too. And hugs the sleeping bear and strokes his bump as slowly sleep engulfs him too. That night was the best sleep he ever got in this 6 months.
A/n: So that's it today's update! See you on weekends with more! Also do you want some pregnant sex or just fluff with their baby and end?
Jeon Jungkook for the first time in his life feels helpless, Yes you read right helpless, Because of his husband cute tantics he feels so helpless and frustrated.
All the husband feels same when their partners are 6 months pregnant and having mood swings and tantrums every second of the day.
But jeon jungkook feels different, he gets awfully turned on by the his pregnant husband only to get turn down by him. Sometime sweetly while sometimes bitterly.
Also the urge to fuck him raw and hard get high day by day, especially when he whines for the strawberry with cream and devours it in front of him like he is sucking him off. Its been just an week and here he can't control himself.
His days goes by helping his father in law in their shop then coming back to whiny taehyung who demands him to fulfill his weird cravings, and ofcourse who is he to deny him.
But at night it gets hards to control his hormones around tae, cause he usually wears a very flimsy robe from which has his big tits spill out and they are sight to stare on.
He feels sudden urge  to grab and suckle on them all night but jeon jungkook is our strong soldier as he surpass his lust for the sake of their baby. But will he?
Also don't forget he is just a minutes away to break down his sheilded wall. Being starved for months without any physical contact with anyone isn't like him.
But he did manage, just to get his prized adorable sexy husband. only to know he is pregnant and he needs to be careful. All his sex fantasies went out of the window that day. He needs to wait till their baby is safely out and then pounce on the baby's momma.
He never knew taehyung will look so sexy in pregnancy,that chubby cheeks with pot like stomach especially his tits that gotten more larger than last time he had his hands on them. To see him like this always, jungkook thinks he needs to knock him up again again.
But the only thing he doesn't like in this pregnancy is tae's mood swings, sometimes he doesn't even let him come near him by saying him he smells stincky or when he tries to kiss him he avoids it saying he is not in mood, Making horny captain groan in frustration. -
This is the another night in Captain Jeon Struggling hormones and dick story. Where the vixen kim taehyung enters the room wearing his usual silk robe one hand on his baby bump as he joins him in the bed, whining when jungkook doesn't pay attention to him.
He comes near him and starts pecking his face lastly landing his lips on jungkook, kissing him slow in rhythm and jungkook keeps the document he was reading aside as he holds him properly just as he was going to kiss him back tae pulls away and rests his head on his chest.
"Good now hold me, I'm sleepy. Good night kook" he murmurs as he drifts off to sleep. Jungkook groans at that but nothingless kisses his forehead as he lets him sleep on him.
- It's midnight, Jungkook is panting and sweating profusely. As he thinks he is getting another wet dream of his husband. But wave of pleasure is more intense then the dreams he ever had as he opens his eyes and light up the lamp beside him.
His first instinct is to check tae beside him, who is not on his place as he sats up only to see his pregnant husband under his blanket and is between in his legs.
When tae's realises jungkook is up, he gasp as he fix his robe as he stare at him poutingly. From his side, tae knew jungkook isn't a patient man and it's been week and they didn't had sex and he is confused. Jungkook is never a patient man. Does he got any other problem?.
Also his pregnancy hormones aren't even helping him from the moment he came back they are always on high mode, and his mood changes in minutes, it makes him cry and overwhelmed because its his first time in this things.
Also he is shy to ask jungkook himself and tonight he is leaking more slick then he usually did. So he was just wanted to get off himself with his fingers first but that wasn't enough for him. So he decided to check if his husband dick is alive or not by sucking him off while -
He was sleeping. Tae was surprised when his dick gotten full hard just by few strokes, it's also his first time doing this but he knows all the did, cause his bestie jimin had informed him about his sex adventures. And tae's wants explore it too.
"Wha-t were you doing just now baby?" "I-i don't know, because of pregnancy hormones.. I'm feeling so horny suddenly " tae says hands fidgeting his robe as he doesn't look at jungkook.
"And?" "I..want to suck you off" "Then what are you waiting for?"
Tae looks at him surprised at that but suddenly he feels nervous cause jungkook is awake now and aware what if he doesn't like his virgin mouth with no experience. He knows jungkook is lot more experience in this things. And feels jealous of it too.
But he needs to show him how champ he is than anyone he had been with before.
He pushes the blanket aside settling himself properly between his legs and grabs his groin, thumb teasing his slit as he stares at his husband seductively while biting his lips.
As his cock was getting hard slowly tae was sure it won't fit in his one hand only as he started creating friction by both of his hands. He wonders will it even fit in his mouth, no wonder this thing made his pussy sore and lose for week.
"You don't know how many time i have imagined this scenerios in my dream. you sucking me off" Jungkook says eyes closed.
Tae squeezed his cock harder, his wedding ring feeling cold on his warm cock and unable to wrap his fingers around full girth. Pumping it by both hands.
he retracted his foreskin, kissing the mushroom-like head before popping it into his warm, wet mouth. Jungkook groaned in pleasure as he gripped the back of his head, he coated his cock with saliva, able to swallow his thick cock only halfway inside his mouth.
But tae being tae, determined to suck his cock deeper, relaxed his jaw and slowly swallowed the tip of his cock into the back of is throat, where he gaged and struggled.
Jungkook pushed his head further down his shaft and Taehyung slid his tongue underneath the tip, whimpering and fighting the urge to repel the invading monster.
Taehyung knows deepthroating will make jungkook lose his mind bring him on the edge sooner as he pulled his head back and started taking more of him in, another inch each time.
His throat raw with pain, his lips finally sank all the way to his root. Jungkook's balls slapped against his chin.he bobbed several times until he felt his balls tighten against his face.
Taehyung knew he was about to cum. As jungkook grabs his hairs roughly and shoves his throat more hard onto his cock moaning in pleasure before pulling him back and stroking his dick and cumming on his face, seeing the lewd site of his life.
Taehyung's face covered full with his cum , little bit on his cleavage as tae licks the cum on his lips,also while playing with his own tits.
Jungkook doesn't waste time as he grabs his face and pulls him in fierce kiss. Pouring a weeks frustration in it. The kiss was full of desires as tae moans in pain as kook devours his lower lip bruising it fully.
"You are so hot baby, I'm never gonna get over it" jungkook murmurs over his lips as his hands slowly goes to grope the big tit and tae winces at the cold touch.
Jungkook pulls away from the kiss and removes the robe fully to see white droplets near the areola of his nipples. In more curiousity he pinches the little bud to see more droplets. That makes tae's eyes filled with tears because of the pain and pleasure.
Just then it clicks to jungkook that he is lactating. His throat drys at the thought of it. And his rough hands starts fiddling and groping the D size tits more firmly. As tae tries push his hands away.
Jungkook grabs his both hands and pins it above his head, tae looks at him so innocently while still having his cum on his face makes jungkook dick hard again .
Without wasting anytime jungkook latched his mouth to the pink areola to taste his husband's milk. Sucking like a infant and moaning in pleasure when he finally tastes it. All while tae shakes and whimper in pleasure. His panties are damp wet by now.
Ah! Stop," Tae moaned, squirming under his husband.
Jungkook smirked and continued to torture Taehyung sweet little nipple. Tae's nipples had always been sensitive. Slight touches would make him squirm and Jungkook took advantage of that sensitivity ruthlessly.
He lavish them with attention. With his fingers, with his tongue, with his entire mouth.
By the time he was done torturing the buds and they stop lactating more milk for him. Taehyung was so gone and shaking like leaf. Jungkook laid him down properly and hovered over him.
He smirked seeing the bruises all over his skin made by him especially his nipples were sore red and bruised by constant attention.
Just when he was going to turn off the lamp , tae slowly starting humpin and rubbing his clothed pussylips on his thighs. " Please "
"Please what my love?" " Please fuck me jungkook I'm so wet" tae chokes out.
Who is he to deny this delicious offer, he was just waiting for this day , as he is quick to remove tae's soaked panties and parting his pussylips to take a good look at. He collects some of his white milky substance and brings it to his lips tasting it with a teasing smile.
Tae gushes more slick watching him eat his cum, jungkook is so filthy for that. He slowly goes between his legs and noises the outer area smelling the intoxicating musky sex scent of his pregnant husband.
Who can't see him because of his baby bump and has his hands cleching on the bedsheets while he dives into his pussy and eats him out so good untill all he sees is white and squirting all over the messsed bedsheets.
Jungkook still has his fingers curling up inside tae's as he stimulate his clit with his thumb and tae's has drool coming out from his mouth. He swears nobody can beat his husband in this things making him squirt in thrice row.
The squelching sounds are so loud that it makes him shy that his father might have heard them by now, he doesn't know how he will face him tommorow.
Just his thoughts were running on, jungkook pulls out his long slender finger and rubs his hot red cock in between his pussylips as tae's eyes rolls back at the sensation. He just can't wait to feel it inside him.only he knows how much he craved it.
"In--please-ngh" Jungkook takes the last look at tae's cunt twitching and clenching around nothing desperately,calling for him to be filled.
He pecks tae's lips as he slowly aligns himself at the entrance and enters it and groans at the satisfaction, when the tight heat ungulfs his shaft. Suffocating it as it was supposed too.
Maybe he didn't loosen it enough last time as it still this tight, don't worry he will do it now. As this pussy will always belongs to him, it should learn who his master is too. Moulding it to his cock size doesn't sound bad to him.
Without any further thoughts, he starts thrusting into the tight pussyhole.Their body tangles together and shakes with each thrust. Tae's one hand on his big belly and other into jungkook locks as he see him thrusting inside him. Moans and pleasure tears are coming out from him.
"You feels so good around me" "Ah-jung-kook" "You are made for me right? For me to ruin and use your useless holes" "Such a sneaky slut your"
Tae clenches around him tightly hearing the praises and dirty words,as teh tension in room increases with jungkook thrusts turning deep slow and passionate with him murmuring dirty filthy words in tae's ears. As he shoots him cum into him before sharing a salavatin kiss with him.
Tae pushes him away and gets up, all the slick and cum mixed dripping out from his hole brusied to his thighs, as he makes jungkook lay under him and grabs the soft shaft and puts it back inside him.
He waits till it is harden fully and starts moving. Jungkook doesn't take long to get an hard on at the sight of tae riding him with big baby bump between them making it more hot then it already was.
Tae starts slowly riding him, his tits open for jungkook to stare and suckle on whenever he wants while he struggles to fuck himself onto him.
Soon jungkook takes the control by grabbing his asscheek and hips and moves it according to him. Making him bounce like a ting ting ball. As they kiss in between time to time.
Jungkook is to close to cum again but before that he changes their position to the doggy style for the better and deeper penetration which makes it hit his dick into tae's cervix as he crys out in pleasure at that and squirts again onto his dick.
As he falls onto the cushion panting hard calming down from his high but still jungkook is fucking into him even if his pussy is so sore and sensitive right now. Within few more deep hard thrusts he finally cums inside him.
With the long night they forget about how many times they cum and squirted, they stopped when jungkook got exhausted and -
Panting and sweating , he lays beside tae tired, still the soft dick inside tae. As he pecks tae's forehead wishing him good night.
Tae smiles at him softly before snuggling into his chest more comfortably, he winces a little when jungkook moves but he doesn't mind cockwarming him all night. As always he doesn't mind switching the positions for Jeon Jungkook.
Afterall he loves him too,his husband and the father of his baby..
A/n Stopping here will update some afterwards. The fluff with their baby. Please choose anything.
It was again the hardest time of Taekook's life, Jungkook's leaves came to end and he was packing his stuff in the their room. While tae was sobbing with his hand protectively on his nearly 7 months belly.
"Baby i told u i will be back before our angel see's the daylight" "No-but why are you leaving! I don't want to be alone again jungkook please"
"Tae please understand we had talked this out before don't make it hard now, And Be good now and take care of both of you while I'm gone" "Why*sobs*are*sobs*you saying*like*that?"
Jungkook sighs and comes to sooth his pregnant emo husband and hugs him tightly while drawing circles on his back while murmuring good things "Take care until i came back toyou both, safe and sound" That makes him calm, "Okay.. please take care of yourself for me and our baby"
"i love you both so much" "We love you too" -
Time flies jungkook is back after 2 months, he begged his superiors to let him go as his husband is going into labour soon. And they were kind enough to let him go with more leaves this time as he never took leaves in his duty.
When jungkook reached daegu and got near tae's cottage,he saw their neighbour 'jung hoseok ' standing there, while the door is locked. When the man saw him he came running to him. "Are you perhaps Captain Jeon? Our taehyungie's husband" "Yes"
"Mister taehyung has taken to the labour, i was waiting for you as per tae said to bring you to him if you came back". And without further discussion they both started walking to the hospital where all jeon and kim family is waiting for their next linage.
Jungkook reached at the time when the newborn babies crys were heard as his own eyes filled with tears. After sometime doctor let jungkook in, who brags in instant to see their angel and his husband.
The nurse comes towards him with the infant in her hand. And The other nurse shows the newly dad how to carry her properly. While the brave captain's hands were shaking while holding her finally in his arms safe and sound.
Yes, it's a girl. She has chubby red cheek with small mouth yawning at her dad cutely while she finally drifts off to sleep in her father's wramth. Half an hour later tae wakes up and first thing he sees. Is most beautiful sight to ever wake at, jungkook holding their daughter.
As happy tears forms in his eyes, their family is united after 2 months again. He is back as he promised before their angel see's the daylight. -
Tae is back at busan with their baby, he forgived everyone light heartedly as he wants to start new and doesn't want to take their daughter away from her other grandparents too.
Everything is going joyous in the Jeon house hold, With the new addition's happy giggles and cute tantics . Jeon Ari.
She is everyone's sunshine but her fav is already chosen. she is jungkook's princess, can't sleep without her dada.
But also she always craves for her papa's attention. Who is the one teaches her everything as she grows.
They both cried whole heartedly when she took her first steps, especially jungkook who was the one taught her.
Upbringing of a child wasn't easy , as it took lot of time and patience of person. Not having time for anyone else. But still they managed to grow their family more , maybe in the night when ari's asleep.
And Jeon Jungkook can't be more happier then he already, all thanks to his husband Kim Taehyung who came and changed his perspective on marriage. And thought the meaning of it by giving him chance to have his own family. Everything happens for the reason in life....
A/N i can't beleive we came to end but we have too, as we need to move on for other more exciting stories but this will be always have my heart. Thank you everyone for reading it till the end. I 💜 you.
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