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Aug 10

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How Cortisol F***s With Your Testosterone There is a direct inverse relationship between these two. And usually, cortisol reduction comes FIRST on your journey to High T, out of necessity. An Important Thread ⬇️

1) Chronic Stress Quite Literally Blocks Testosterone Testosterone tends to be produced after many hours of rest, and low cortisol. When your body is permanently on "alert mode", there's no time for rest. Thus, no time for Testosterone secretion.

2) Cortisol Raises Blood Sugar Sugar raises cortisol. Cortisol raises blood sugar. And you very quickly get an addictive, T-crushing cycle going. Keeping the two "S's" down is critical - stress and sugar.

3) Cortisol Increases The Likelihood Of Insulin Resistance Again, this is a trap. The higher your blood levels of insulin get, the lower your T production becomes. Then add a little extra stress, and it continues the cycle, and you need more & more insulin in response to meals

Fellas, the (chronic) cortisol needs to go. You need a little bit in the morning. But when your levels are high ALL DAY LONG, you're murdering your ability to achieve High T Status. Say hello to: -Sex drive issues -Confidence issues -Low energy -Zero ambition And much more.

I show you how to do this, inside Cortisol Control. Until you do this, you're going to struggle to get to 800-1200 T. Make sure you get in before the price shoots up to $37 on Sunday:…

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I will get you to 800-1200 testosterone faster than anyone else, without using TRT.

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