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Aug 12, 2022
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thinking of baby vamp koo who loves dressing up and looking pretty for his hyungie, not intending for his taehyungie to come to a screeching halt when he walks into the room and curse so loud it woke the baby bats. “What are those!??” “Fishnets, hyungie.” “Why are they—so-so

“Pretty?” Koo sighs dreamily. “No, what—they’re glowing!” “yeah aren’t they so sexy?” “I cant even see your face!” Tae throws up his hands Jungkook huffs, “what, your vampire sight not working anymore? And are u saying that you need to see my face to tell me I look sexy?”
“My thick thighs and ass aren’t enough for you??” Tae fish mouths, “ah-no baby, what, I /always/ find you sexy! You don’t need these to look like the loveliest, sexiest, most nom-able vamp.” He regains composure and closes the distance, hands sliding down to grab a handful of
- the round, bouncy ass that belongs to his husband. It makes Jungkook giggle cutely, and hide his face in his hands. “You’re getting shy on me now? You’re basically naked baby.” Taehyung dips his head, lips trailing down Jungkook’s slender neck.
do we want smut or nah
since majority of you are wanting some smut, pls vote on this. it may or may not affect what I ultimately choose to do 😇
hi 🥹 I see a lot of u are here so I made one of these if anyone has anything to ask or tell me 🫶🏻
okay before we continue I need to stress that this is not for minors. I made those 4tweets not thinking of developing them into an au so I didn’t tag them, so minors out please 🥰 🔞‼️ also you’ve been warned here first that this is full on crack some smut so pls enjoy 😂
“Hyungieeeee,” jungkook whines desperately into Tae’s ear. Taehyung playfully slaps his asscheeks, one after another in succession — left and right, squeeze, and repeat — pulls them apart, and then squishing them close together again, and when his hands slow down, Jungkook
- makes a soft, questioning noise. “Hnn?” He peers up only to find Tae’s eyes trained on his pretty peach ass in fascination. “You know, they kinda remind me of those things they used to wrap veggies in at supermarkets.” Tae blurts.
Jungkook gasps loudly, sits up instantly removing Tae’s hands from his body, “WHAT did you say??” “Your butt kinda looks like squash, babe.” Tae continues, smirking. Jungkook goes to reach for a pillow but Tae is faster, grabbing both his wrists and pinning them down above
- his head, body moving to cover jungkook’s. It leaves him breathless, almost distracting him. Almost. “You really have a smart mouth on you, don’t you?” Jungkook huffs, making his baby hairs flare up slightly.
Tae coos at the cute sight, sweeping koo’s bangs back his forehead, “How else could I have seduced you? Now you’re stuck with me for an eternity.” He grins, letting his fangs peak out, slowly leaning down till their noses brush against each other.
Jungkook harumphs, “Wouldn’t be an eternity if you don’t fuck me anytime soon, husband.” Eyes challenging, unwavering. Petulant.
Taehyung leans back, “Alright, alright my demanding husband, let me just turn on a light.” Reaching over to turn on one of Koo’s strawberry mood lamp.
Jungkook grabs onto Tae’s collar and jerks him back, “No! These are glow-in-the-dark fishnets hyungie! They need to be /in the dark/ to be fully appreciated!” He slaps Tae’s shoulder, and it sends Tae flying off the bed with his vampire strength. Oops.
Tae is unfazed though, merely swipes his hair back and crawls back up the bed slowly like a hungry predator, “Why’d you even buy these, babe?” Tae fingers the fishnets on his thigh, “You know vampires have excellent night vision. These are just like a beacon in the dark to us.”
Jungkook shrinks under Tae’s solid gaze. “Um. Well.” He fidgets, feet rubbing together, hands fiddling with his sweater paws because he’s cute like that even when he’s terribly shy and embarrassed.
Jungkook takes a deep breath — not that he /needs/ to — but for dramatic effect, okay — “ImayhaveforgottenthatyouareavampirewhenIorderedthem.” He says in one go, peering at Tae from under his lashes to /hopefully/ soften the blow.
Taehyung narrows his eyes. “Forgotten I’m a vampire huh.” He says, voice low and taking a dark tone that makes Jungkook shrink further into his oversized sweater, pulling the sleeves up.
“Well my darling vampy, when I’m done with you, you’ll never forget for a moment just /what/ I am.” Taehyung pushes his legs apart, settling himself in between them, hand gripping his jaw forcing Jungkook not to look away. Jungkook lets out a little moan at that.
“A vampire.” Taehyung whispers into his ear, “who has super strength,” he licks a stripe up Jungkook’s earlobe, “super speed,” takes the flesh in between his lips, “night vision,” suckles lightly, “and accelerated healing.” Tae releases his earlobe, lips trailing down
-to his neck and pressing a kiss there. “Do you think you can remember that?” Tae grazes his teeth over the skin of his neck, and Jungkook arches slightly, exposing his neck, craving for more.
Jungkook is a /mess/.
“Yeah”, he responds airily, nodding like a good vampy.
They’re making out, tasting each other’s saliva, tongues clashing when Tae pulls away and looks down at Koo’s thighs, “Yeah they really didn’t make these things for vampires.”
And Jungkook groans, eyelids flying open. “Gosh you’re so annoying! Stop thinking of the target audience for the fishnets and go back to vamp daddy-domming me and eat me out right this instant!”
“They’re like a net of glow worms!” “They’re glow-in-the-dark fishnets,” Jungkook hisses, “Now you better eat me out so good I forget my name or I’m not letting you anywhere near this ass for a whole year!” Crosses his arms for full effect.
Tae leans over to mock-bite his cheek, “Yes my baby highness, your humble servant will get to work right now,” he says solemnly.
He’s facing Jungkook’s ass, legs spread open by his hands when he says, “Baby, if I stuff them inside…your ass would /literally/ glow.”
“KIM TAEHYUNG!” And off he flies, back hitting the wall as Jungkook’s foot kicks him hard in the shoulder.
He laughs it off, “Alright, alright babe. No more teasing or jokes.” Climbs back on. Lifts one of Jungkook’s leg onto his shoulder and turns his head to kiss the meaty thigh. The fishnets make his thighs fleshier, meatier, and it drives Taehyung crazy.
🤎 stopping here for now, i have it all written, there’s 25 screenshots of smut oml 💀🙃💀 pls interact by likes or qrts if you want the rest of it 🥹 don’t be a silent reader pls thankie 👍🏼
updating now, please bear with me the smut is very long 💀 so minors, this isn’t a space for you 🔞🔞🔞 and readers if you are reading pls interact because I made a poll and there were 1.5k votes so I wrote the smut for the 1.5k people but none of y’all are here when I update
and it’s pretty discouraging tbh, but I already finished the whole thing so I may as well post it for the few people who are still reading and interacting with me, thank you sm for your support, I see you 💙
the screenshot tweets will be numbered so I don’t miss out on any, unlike last time 🙃 tags 🔞 - multiple orgasms - overstimulation - vampire feeding 1.
3. pain kink, bruise kink..? if u squint..
5. I think of him eating that corn ice cream…
6. cw : blood (should’ve done this a few screenshots back too 🫠) 🔞 fangwarming
7. wow the last update tweet being a number 7 … 😖😖😖
— fin. 🖤
now on ao3! my contribution for koo day 🫶🏻 ignore any mistakes bc I edited it while watching Jungkook’s VLIVE ⭐️
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