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Aug 15, 2022
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#ynkkau where jkk is a seven hundred year old vampire who’s lived too many lives, and he finds min yg in every one of them. 🔞

it’s a difficult task, to live enough to know what death looks like. jungkook doesn’t think he has it in him to give his lover back this time. (so he runs, or he tries, and he falls).
warnings: angst (with happy ending), mentions of yoongi’s past deaths, bloodplay, sub jk.
this time, when he finds him in the crowd of the subway station surrounded by strangers, it’s the one that makes his non-beating heart ache the most.
it’s been thirty years since the last time he saw him. yg doesn’t look much different except for the long locks that hang over his nape and the baggy clothes that adapt to this moment in time they are living in;
it is the smell that gives him away, as that’s the one thing that never changes in any of his lifetimes, sweet like pure honey that he almost feels sticking his fingers, his fangs pull out at the sudden craving.
he feels hungry as if he hadn’t eaten a thing since the last time he got the last drop of yg’s blood.
in real terms, the last time he ate was a week ago as he doesn’t like feeding, he always leaves the victim alive with a trace of guilt at the damage, but eating animals makes him even sicker and the pomegranate just helps on the first days of starvation.
so jk feels the hungriest he’s ever felt in the last thirty years, yg was always his favourite meal, the only one that didn’t turn him nauseous, but this yoongi doesn’t remember him, doesn’t know who he is or /what/ he is.
and suddenly it hits him all back again, once his mind clears away from the heavenly sense as someone passes right in between them, blocking his view of the boy that’s cluelessly waiting for the train to come without knowing the monster that’s watching over him.
jk thinks every day about how min yg died the last time, how cruel and disarming it was seeing how the life drained from his face as jk held him against his chest, feeling the heartbeats slowly fade away;
he still dwells on his selfish attempt to feed him his blood just to keep him alive in a desperate manner. it was too late, but the guilt still haunts him alive, as he’s the only one to blame for yg’s early death.
to this day, he still feels his own desperation and even as much as he tortures himself for trying to turn yg into the same monster he himself is, just so he wouldn’t lose him on the way, again.
his last life with min yg was the shortest one, and the fleeting passion and the dead love and the vengeance that came with it were the fuel that combusted him to turn into a nightmare.
yg’s last death pushed him through an abyss, and jk thinks he’s hitting the ground at this very moment, as their eyes lock in the crowd and the feline-shaped eyes stare at him as if trying to put a place to jk’s face in his mind.
/here you are, my love/ he thinks as he smiles warmly at him, but as min yg starts to walk backwards with an inquisitive look jk remembers, he doesn’t know about him. not yet, not until jk reminds him with his hands and his words and his lips.
but this time, it feels as if jk shouldn’t remind him, it feels as if he should finally let min yg go and live his life in peace without him altering the path, without him having to watch him grow and weaken and die.
without him having to fall for jk because that’s how they are made in every lifetime: as if their love was greater than time and death itself.
so he lets the train go, watching him urgently get into the wagon without looking back. there’s a craving tingling in every inch of his cold body that makes him run away from the place in the search of some urgent food.
he can still remember the taste of min yg, how candied and warm his elixir danced over his tongue as he let jk feed on him in an intimate way he couldn’t find in anyone else,
(not that he tried, not that he wanted, not that he ever could find someone who would devote to him as easily and giving as they did to one another).
when he enters a bar, he wants to run back and search for his traces, but he convinces himself that feeding from a stranger will soothe the hunger and the desperation to search for him in this enormous city that could hide his long-lost lover in every shadow of the night.
jk still recalls how yg’s blood dripped away from his fingers, how cold his lifeless body turned in his grip, and how after it, he turned his emotions off as he chased the ones that took the love of his life away from him so fastly, just a year since he had found him again.
when he’s pushing the dizzy human down in the back of an alley before running away in the night, he realises how in every death of his lover, finding his rebirth is the fuel that keeps him from losing his mind in this never-ending life.
the issue is that this time he doesn’t know if he could take losing min yg again. ;
the next time he finds him is unavoidable for jungkook to run away as min yg walks towards him from the other side of the bar, furrowed brows and hands on the front of his apron.
jk knows that look, min yg is confused and trying to solve puzzles in his mind. he smiles at him because it’s a reaction that comes automatically with his body, he has smiled at him for seven hundred years, even when jk was still a human himself.
the boy tries to mimic with a grimace, but he’s still too uncomfortable with the blank spaces and maybe, it’s not a bad idea to vanish before they get to cross a line,
but he feels glued to the seat as min yg’s smell wraps him, almost tangible on the tip of his tongue, as the man looks at him with his eyebrows lifted.
“you’re the guy that was on the station a few weeks ago,” is the first thing he says, and jungkook wants to smile at him because it’s so min yg, being so blunt and not tracing around the things he wants to say out loud.
yet, as much as he knows him, it still takes him aback as always because jk is not as brave and frank and he’s just so damn pretty he thinks he will combust from the desires that open wounds in the insides of his lips. “isn’t it? i’m not mad, it’s you.”
“you're not mad,” he answers in a mumble, and suddenly yg looks annoyed and defensive, his smell turns a bit sour as he looks at jk with his challenging stare. jungkook wants to keep talking, but making excuses for himself won’t help the case
and every other thought about min yg that runs on his mind has to be shut away if he wants to keep his composure, if he doesn’t want the boy to get scared away.
“so are you going to order, or will you just keep staring at me?” jk snorts, because it’s so common for him, to get defensive so easily and to show it without any mask; because that’s how transparent yg is,
(and he can also be gentle and soft and has a way with words that makes jk’s knees shake at the memories he keeps locked in his head). but min yg is also smart and intuitive, so he’s right about putting his guard up,
he should get defensive because jk is the most dangerous thing that could happen to him. because love is as deathly as death itself, he’s come to learn the worst possible way.
and even though he knows how doomed their fate is, he isn’t able to let go. and he hates himself for it, he’s been hating himself every second of his life he’s not around min yg.
the problem is, that as soon as he sees finds him again, his smell works like a spell that’s been put by a gifted witch; as soon as he sees his stoic features, built by time and gods and the deep ends of his eyes that store treasures created by the centuries and higher deities,
jungkook loses a battle against himself, and it always ends up shattering the both of them. “i’m sorry” he mumbles, shaking his head and trying to choke off the smile but he can’t avoid it when yg’s right there, so close to him after so long.
jk can still place exactly where he bled off in his arms and he aches to get closer and caress every spot. “you remind me of someone,” he says, and yg’s brows get hidden by the hairs that cover his forehead. jk thinks it suits him, the long hair with the defying attitude.
“you remind me of someone,” he says, and yg’s brows get hidden by the hairs that cover his forehead. jk thinks it suits him, the long hair with the defying attitude. “i’ll have a whiskey, please.”
jk goes away after yg gets into the kitchen, and he feeds on another stranger that’s bitter with fear which almost makes him throw up as he can still sense the remains of min yoongi’s mellow smell creeping into him, as if trying to indulge his senses like a poisonous rose.
he disappears from the place before his grief, his desperation and his love turn him into a monster under the full moon that’s sparkling over the blood that he wipes from his mouth. :
the hunger burns in his stomach and his veins, the lack of blood in his system leading him blindly to find him again.
he hasn’t been able to eat for a week, every victim tastes spoilt and the pomegranate isn’t helping the case anymore, every bite of nutrients makes him dizzy with desperation at the reminder of that he can’t have.
he can smell min yg blocks away from the place, and as the smell intensifies when he opens the door jk’s gaze darts to the place where he saw him the last time, but jk doesn’t see him working behind the bar.
the place is rather empty on a tuesday night, midnight has already passed long ago, when jk was rotting on his bed until his instincts took the best of him in an impulse that he couldn’t stop once he was on his way.
his stomach growls as he places yg, sitting at a table in the corner reading a book under the dim lights. jk can’t stop his feet, and he neither can’t stop himself from sitting next to him, leaving his body trapped against the wall and the table and jk’s own jittering body
that’s charged with nervousness and desperation and hunger at the sudden closeness that he himself created; a closeness that has his hunger exhilarating at the alluring sweetness that puts a spell on him.
“what’s your name?” the boy asks, and jungkook’s mind is hazy as stares at the naked skin on his neck, so pale that he can see the veins pumping blood, he can hear the way yg’s pulse starts thumping faster as the silence stretches.
“what?” he asks, once yg’s uneasiness becomes tangible in the cocoon that wraps them, so he hides away his fangs and shakes out the thought of feeding, ignoring the pain that consumes his body.
it has never been so difficult in any of their lifetimes together, to contain himself until yg’s his again; it feels as if his impulses are acting on the fear of not getting him back ever again.
“i asked you what’s your name.” he presses, and jk bites the tip of his tongue while the human looks at him with frustration; he wants to kiss the frown away, to push their bodies against each other, fitting like a puzzle,
melting into the embrace of what they have cultivated along centuries that they carry on their souls and the memories that he has to push away to get back to this reality, where min yg looks at him as if he doesn’t have a clue about any of those things that are what keep jk alive
“jungkook.” he can hear how min yg's heart starts racing faster and oh he thinks because that only could mean that yg knows something, that he’s starting to sense that maybe jk is not a stranger to his soul.
“who the fuck are you, jungkook?” he spits with a trace of angriness that comes with his defensive demeanour, but he sounds shaky even when he tries his best to look collected.
“do you remember me?” he whispers, tilting his head and looking at him through his eyelashes. yg’s brows furrow further as if it didn’t even cross his mind to think that jk was someone to remember.
“why do you keep coming to my dreams?” this time, the words come out defeated, as if min yoongi’s asking him to stop.
/because those aren’t dreams/, is what jk wants to answer, but instead, he stands urgently before the monster inside him turns this situation into a deeper mess.
but especially, because he’s scared of letting out more, of caving into his desires and begging him to /please remember i’m your jungkook, your eyes, your blood, your love/ he wants to scream, as the words yoongi once said to him echo on his mind as a stake in the heart.
he shouldn’t be remembering him, he shouldn’t have come here to add up to the confusion that will leave him more shaken up. “i’m sorry, yoongi. i-i have to go.”
it hits him by the time he’s far away from the place, from his trace and his delicate face, feeding in another shady corner of the city, the huge mistake he just made. ;
it’s almost three am it’s the third night he’s standing outside the bar, without having the courage to get in after his impulses acted on him last time. he’s been feeding better, trying to appease his victims luring them into liking him so their taste isn’t as sour but mostly,
he does it to soothe the needs that haunt him every minute and to prevent him from making a huge mistake; still, after every meal, he can’t escape his urgent feet to wander to this place to get a glimpse of that honey scent that spikes up his needs but comforts him nonetheless
with the sake of just knowing he’s close and /he’s alive/, jk sighs in relief as soon as the smell starts to hit him, even when a bittersweet taste hangs from his tongue as if something is bothering yg subconsciously.
jk knows what it might be, the dreams, the reminders of the lives they spent together. he knows, but he doesn’t even want to think about what yg’s dreaming about. this happened every time, yg remembering bits of what they lived together,
but always the most vivid one, is their last time. and jk’s not sure if he wants yoongi’s soul to understand it, to push far into the deep of his core to get an answer that would only make him despise him, or fear him. jk doesn’t know which outcome sounds worse.
“so here you are again” he hears the voice before he can sense the smell getting closer, too deep into his thoughts. jk gasps for air, as min yg lits a cigarette and his skin shine warmly under the flame of the lighter,
jk can hear his bloodstream and his steady heartbeat as if seeing him again is something he was expecting to happen, supposed to.
“i was about to go” he answers, but his feet don’t move from where they are placed. yg lifts a brow at him with a grin pulling up the corner of his mouth. jk thinks he probably looks dumb at the way he’s inspecting every feature of his face,
how his cheeks look sharper as if he isn’t eating well, how his skin is more transparent and his lips are red from bitting it with nervousness that he’s doing well at hiding, even if jk can see how his fingers shake as he presses the cigarette to his mouth.
“from where do we know each other?” min yg asks, and jk’s about to run without an answer when he’s ambushed by a body that’s slimmer and much less strong than him. still, jk wouldn’t dare to put a finger on that delicate figure, too afraid to disarm him with his venom.
“why do you keep running away?” he demands, glaring at him with his eyes narrowed as if trying to read right through him. “and why do you know my name?”
“‘cause we’ve known each other for a long time” he answers vaguely in a whisper, gazing right at his eyes to see if there’s something there that tells him that he remembers, that yg knows that jk will forever be his.
“i don’t recall meeting you before” he continues, his tone is suspicious as he gets closer into jk’s space. he backs off, hitting the wall as yg drops the cigarette and stomps it as he gets closer until their breaths are tangling,
he gulps nervously as he’s caged in between yg’s scent and the urge to disappear from this earth. jk thinks that he would kiss him, in any other universe, he would tangle himself with yg until no one knows the difference between their bodies.
but not this time, that’s different because jk’s still traumatized and the crimson still feels fresh and cold on his fingers.
“but you keep coming to my dreams. and-it’s intimate, but it’s ridiculous because we don’t know each other and i know for a fact that i have never ever kissed you before, but i keep dreaming about it
and every time is different but it always feels... easy, like i could do everything with my eyes closed.” yg licks his lips looking directly at his mouth as if he’s thinking about kissing jk right there. he takes a sharp breath and looks at the boy with pleading eyes.
“do you dream about something else?” he asks in a mumble that’s barely audible even to himself, as he does his best not to think about kissing yoongi who’s too close to say these things to him, that’s about to disarm completely at his mercy.
“sometimes they are-sexy dreams” he admits, cheeks turning scarlet with shame. jk mouth gapes a bit at the warmth that floods under his skin, he wants to ask more about those dreams but he doesn’t have it in him to press yoongi into a game that could lead them both to a collapse.
“sometimes they are nightmares and you're right there when i'm dying, and there are vampires. which is a bit silly” he chuckles, pushing himself backwards before jk’s hand instantly goes to his lower back to keep him close with an impulse that comes from the years spent together,
from the way yg's brain is bound to know him at every rebirth. the human breathlessly gasps under his touch, but doesn’t get away from him. “i don’t know why i’m telling you this. god, it’s embarrassing” he admits,
and jk can sense how shaken up he is by the way his body vibrates under his palm, by how his pulse starts to race. “and you can’t be a vampire! they don’t exist” he chuckles and jk looks away from him, the grip loosening strength until his hands fall limp to his side.
he can sense yg’s stare searching for him, but jungkook’s eyes are placed far away. “right?” yg insists, but this time he doesn’t sound as secure and lighthearted at the implication.
“right, yoongi-ssi. vampires don’t exist. that’s silly.” he says, trying to laugh but it chokes out in a whimper formed by the lump on his throat. he realises he’s crying when he feels warmth against his cheeks and then yg is screeching as he gets away from him.
jungkook looks at him with hurt and shock at the reaction, until the realization of yoongi’s reaction hits him as he wipes the blood that streams from his eyes with the paw of his black hoodie, his palms getting slightly tinted in the process.
“what the fuck? are you okay?” jk snorts, as another stream pours down a sanguinary river over his pores, but this time he hides his face in between his palms to avoid being seen this way anymore,
so heartbroken and transparent that he fears min yg’s gaze can read until the last twisted corner of his mind. the mortal gets closer to him slightly, walking with calculated steps that echo with the unasked questions that float around them.
“jungkook, do you need to go to the hospital?” “i need to go home” he answers, but there’s no home to go to, just an apartment with a mattress on the floor and journals filled with lovesick words and the lines of yoongi’s face that he mastered throughout the years.
“do you want me to walk with you?” he offers, and he can’t hide the uneasiness from his tone.
“i think i need to be alone, hyung,” he says, and the honorific goes out so easily that it may seem disrespectful to yoongi who still thinks of him as a stranger, but he doesn’t say anything about it,
and jungkook doesn’t have it in him to apologize for something that’s been so normal to him since he was a kid, even if technically yoongi hasn’t been older than him for a long, long time.
“will i see you again?” yg asks, as jk’s giving his back to him while his feet move without motivation and aim, knowing that this night will be a tough one. he stops for a second but doesn’t look back, afraid of running back to him and losing his sanity on the way.
“you shouldn't want to see me again,” he says, fighting the lump in his throat. “you’ll be safer away from me, hyung.” ;
he’s starving himself out, not by choice; but because his body rejects everything that’s not min yoongi as the memories of them in another timeline fill his mind and alter his senses that turn sharper and more sensitive.
he remembers everything as his eternity is built by the life of his lover that crowds his mind and numbs his actions, he remembers how he tasted under his tongue letting jk feed from the elixir as their bodies were tangled in a mess of sheets and fluids
that filled the room with smells that turned out his animalistic side, as yg offered his skin for jk’s desire and for him to feed from his favourite meal,
as he let him press open wounds in jk’s favourite places: the crook of his neck, his pale, delicate wrists, the inside of his thighs. as the reminiscences haunt him, he finds it impossible to digest nutrients that don’t come in the form of honey and intimacy and long-lived love.
he doesn’t know how he got to this alley, and he doesn’t know how much time passes as yoongi’s smell moves inside the place; the edge of anxiety coming from the scent tastes bitter at the tip of his tongue,
but jk doesn’t have the physical strength to move away, or aim to get closer and find out what’s bothering him, too weakened and hungry and bewitched by the only thing that can both appease and madden his senses.
“jungkook?” he grunts as soon as he hears the raspy tone filled with concern, hiding his face in between his legs to hide from him. his skull hurts and pulses as his eyeballs threaten to explode from the pain, the hunger on the verge of driving him crazy.
“what happened to you, are you alright?” the smell starts to get closer and jungkook’s body makes a guttural sound out of instinct.
“don’t get near me” he warns, as his stare flys away from the place where it was hiding. his fangs are fully out and even though his vision turns blurry he can see min yoongi standing in front of him, he can see the worry in his eyes, the compassion and the shock as well.
“please, don’t get near me.” it comes out more whiny than threatening this time and his limbs start to twitch at yoongi’s smell that’s dripping all over him.
he takes a deep breath in the urgency to calm his aches down, but the blood that pumps swiftly under min yoongi’s skin gets deeper inside his nostrils and the void on his entire corpse, that slips a whimper as he clutches his aching chest with his own arms.
“you’re hungry,” he states, but doesn’t take a step back. “you know i-i keep having these dreams, about you feeding from me” jungkook can’t help his gaze to fly to his naked neck.
yoongi laughs with nervousness as he covers the place with his hands, carefully tracing with his slender fingers in a soft manner that has jungkook hypnotized.
“and it feels real, and as much as i try to convince myself that i’m hallucinating this whole thing, you keep coming back to me somehow, and every time you are here i feel closer to grasp this whole enigma that’s haunting me at night.”
he takes a deep breath, shaking his head with a snarky smile that shows jungkook he’s a little embarrassed at his spiralling that sounds like nonsense even if it doesn’t feel like one for his soul.
“but how? when did all of this happen? do you have the power to erase my memories? is that a thing?” he asks, as he starts to spiral in his own thoughts, spurting out the things that he’s been collecting from his subconscious and the fate that brings them back together.
jk would have smiled at him if he wasn’t hurting in every corner of his bones, if his fangs weren’t breaking down the skin from his upper lip as he suppresses his needs.
he doesn’t bleed much, but he doesn’t heal instantly as he would have if he wasn’t pushing his body to an imminent collapse.
“i can’t do that” he assures, a groan travels along his body and he pushes his legs closer to his chest, hugging himself with his arms that look pale and almost transparent from the lack of sun and food and things that seem more important to him.
“and even if i could, i wouldn’t do that to you,” he says, and it’s mostly to himself but yoongi hears him over the quiet night. “then how?” he asks in a mumble that comes out filled with curiosity and disappointment, as if that left him with even greater inquires.
“it’s been a long time, hyung” he continues, the honorific spilling out from his mouth again. but he’s not thinking straight, as yoongi gets closer and his smell starts to sheathe him and jungkook just doesn’t think he’s able to contain himself anymore,
not when the candid scent has turned so soft, as yoongi’s evidently trying his best to comfort him. “you should go, please” he implores, with his last trace of sanity. “i don’t want to hurt you, please.”
“feed from me” the boy’s words rush out of his mouth, as jungkook’s head snaps back up again and yoongi’s stare is already fixed on him, kneeling so they are at the same height.
“i don’t know why i’m doing this but i can’t leave you like this, i don’t know how we know each other and i would really like you to tell me the truth, at some point. but i can’t get answers if you keep running away from me and i-i want to know,
i want to know why i knew your name before even knowing you and why i keep thinking about kissing you every fucking second of the day as if you put a fucking spell on me” jungkook shakes his head, /it’s not that/, he wants to say,
/i haven’t put up a spell on you, love, it’s just our fate./ “but first, you have to get yourself together and i won’t bring a clueless human from you to feed off.”/i wouldn’t want that/
“besides, it feels kind of good in my dreams, a bit kinky.” jungkook chokes on a laugh at the end, but there are unshed tears stinging at the back of his eyeballs. “i don’t want to hurt you” /i’m afraid i won’t be able to stop./ “you should have left when i told you.”
“i can’t leave you like this, kook-ah” the name comes out smoothly out of his mouth and jungkook whimpers at the familiarity of it. “i know it’s not rational, but i’m not scared of you.” “now it’s too late, hyung. i don’t know what would i do if you left me.”
“come on, let’s get you somewhere safe.” yoongi insists, and jungkook can’t help his body from acting when the boy wraps a hand over his as if trying to encourage him to pull up from the floor.
next thing he knows is he’s cornering yoongi against a wall, both their breaths tangling at the proximity, shaken and restless, as jk wraps a hand around his lover’s waist.
it fits perfectly, as always, as he hides his face in the crook of his neck, letting the honey travel temptingly to the deepest part of his body. “do you think you can control yourself a bit longer ‘til we are alone?” yoongi asks,
as if he’s worried about the public state of the place and not jungkook not being able to control his cravings.
“i just want you” he whispers, biting his earlobe as he starts to trace a path with his fangs. he doesn’t know how much longer he will be able to contain himself from letting go, from finally getting what he’s been aching for so much.
“me?” yoongi says, a hand travelling to jungkook’s nape as if to keep him in place. “or my blood?”
“both, hyung” jungkook answers with desperation hanging from his sultry tone, pushing away from where he’s hiding into his skin, to push their foreheads together. it’s not just his monster’s desires speaking and acting up, but the love he’s been carrying with him for centuries.
“i missed you.” yoongi looks at him deeply, as if he understands exactly jungkook’s emotions. “i’m right here now, baby.” he assures, and it comes easy out of his mouth as if the words were crafted in his mind long ago for this moment exactly. “will you come with me, then?”
“wherever,” it comes out dazed, the hunger and the desperation and the love that’s fueling in his chest, about to combust every mineral that soils the earth they walk on. “i’ll follow you anywhere, hyung. forever.” ;
jk doesn’t know how they arrive at yg’s apartment, but it feels sooner than expected as they are both trespassing the door and taking away their shoes. jk starts to jitter with need again, as the smell is more prominent in this place that’s filled to the brim with yg’s traces.
“hyung” jungkook breaks the silence because he’s afraid he will turn back into a monster without getting a few words out first. “i can’t take it anymore, i’m too hungry” he whines with desperation.
“alright,” he answers, but suddenly the nervousness is evident in his tone and his scent and jungkook can’t contain his pout, while the unshed tears sting at the back of his eyes as yoongi gets closer to him. “you can feed, pretty,” he says breathlessly,
steps firm until jungkook is trapped between his body and the wall. his lover smiles cheekily at him, as jungkook disarms himself under the hands that are grabbing his face softly. “just be gentle, will you?”
"of course, hyung,” his words are sultry, but his movements are rushed as he takes yoongi’s shirt off and dives his face into his skin, sniffing as he licks and kisses the pale canvass that jungkook urges to mark with his fangs and the tip of his fingers;
he can’t contain at the closeness and the invitation and yoongi who, in every lifetime, is always so so willing to give. jungkook envelops him against his chest so that he can quickly dive into his neck. “i won’t hurt what’s most precious to me.”
his fangs are already out, so what he needs is the last push that comes in yoongi tilting his head, bearing his pale neck to invite jungkook, and he can see the traces of his veins that are pulsating with excitement and fear.
he doesn’t get himself much time to indulge in the moment because he’s afraid he will pass out from the hunger that’s destroying his bones; he doesn’t have to be hungry, not anymore, not when the honey drips to his tongue and jungkook whines in desperation,
sucking greedily at the elixir that pours from his goldy veins with a giddiness he didn’t know he still had in him. yoongi moans under his touch, tightening his hands into jungkook’s strands, as he keeps licking and tasting and feeding from him with aim and desire and craving;
and his corpse starts to gain composure again after thirty years, as the honey scent starts dancing inside his petrified bones, stepping into his skin and veins that are flowing back to life.
jungkook almost forgot how it feels, being so steady over his feet and having his core so full to the brim. he detaches once yoongi’s heartbeat starts to slow down, gaining enough consciousness from the heavy nutrients to gain some kind of clarity.
jk licks the open wound, but still, the blood leaks over yg’s naked torso and he can’t do anything but watch in awe, as his chest moves up and down with heavy breaths, his own blood dripping like candy, going over his nipple and tracing down his happy trail.
jungkook looks back up before his craving makes him beg for something else, the need to jump into his bones tickling his insides.
“feel better?” yoongi asks, and jungkook wants to kiss him as badly as he wants to start crying. it feels like a dream, but jungkook knows he can’t be dreaming because he doesn’t know how, he isn’t able anyway;
so this is real, as real as yoongi’s body can be under his hands that start to trace him desperately as if trying to build an exact memory of his measurements.
“much better” he answers, and as yg gets closer to his body jk notices his hard-on, as the boy presses it against his thigh. he whines needily at the friction and yg laughs against his mouth.
“can i kiss you?” he asks, and jk nods with his eyes wide open at the suggestion. he licks his lips, taking another trace of the dense, sweet liquid that was still hanging from his commissures. “i mean, maybe we should have done that earlier. but you look brighter now”
his last words come in a whisper, and jungkook’s body tingles as his hands trace around yoongi’s naked back desperate for more, giddy and overwhelmed at the words and the candy running through his veins.
“please, hyung. i’ve waited long enough,” he begs and yg looks at him with a wilderness that makes jk’s under belly turn to fire, the love and the desire starting to make his fingers twitch.
“i don’t know why,” yoongi says, and his lips brush as he speaks. but none of them dives in yet “but i don’t think i’m able to deny you of anything, baby.”
yg kisses him as if he’s been starving for years, as much as jk has. their bodies fit in perfect ease, jk’s hands pulling at yg’s long strands as he gasps into his mouth, whining needily as he pliantly lets his lover dive in,
tongue travelling and tracing the insides as if he’s licking his own taste clean; jk starts to push as well, leaning on yg’s lips with stronger desire, biting with his fangs carefully as not to break the delicate skin.
yg groans under him, winding him into an embrace with his arms around his waist. jk pliantly follows his steps as yg starts to walk backwards, still attached to his chest in a way he can’t even tell their bodies apart.
“baby” yg speaks against his mouth, jk doesn’t let him continue as he blindly dives into his mouth again. it’s been too long since he’s had this, and he fears he will go crazy if he spends another second of his life without yg by his side.
“come on, here” he continues pushing him away with a playful smile, and jk whimpers not understanding and not wanting yg to peel away from him. “it’s alright love. i just want you to lay down, can you do that for me?”
jk looks at him for a second before nodding but he doesn’t let go nonetheless, shifting their bodies so he can sit down on the mattress while pushing yg right on top of him.
the human barks a laugh with a tad of shock at the speedy movement, and jk kisses his last breath as yg gasps against his mouth, opening it without a second thought.
they lay down softly and yg starts undressing him slowly, caressing his sides as he lifts his shirt and tracing jk’s bare chest with his skin as he cuts the kiss to pull the shirt out of him.
when their eyes meet again, yg smiles with affection and what looks like realisation, but jk can’t linger much on the thought as he dives in for another urgent kiss, whining at the desperation that matches his own as yg’s grip gets lost so the man starts pushing jk’s pants down.
his mind is foggy with yg’s presence and the way he softly touches him all over, leaving jk moaning on the verge of tears that he pushes back down painfully, trying to concentrate on the way yg’s fingers trace paths around the base of his cock.
he can feel him hard against his own thigh, and his mouth drools with sudden hunger again. “hyung,” he says, his mouth impulsively travelling to the fresh wound. yg gasps with shock as he presses it open again,
but he lets his body relax over him as jk wraps him from the waist with his thighs, taking just a few languid sips from him before letting go with a satisfied groan, as the elixir travels down his already hyped up body.
yg’s blood pours down the bite and jk ushes his fingers to trap the traces of liquid, “i’m hungry” he whines, and his hand travels down to yg's cock, stroking it with the blood that’s painting his hand.
yg gasps in shock before groaning and humping against his touch for a few second, jk grins at him.
“you just ate, baby fangs” he answers with an affection that’s troubled by the arousal, “fuck, you’re so good” yg moans, as jk continues to press his finger over the tip, smearing the precum with the blood so that he can stroke the huge cock smoothly.
“i didn’t mean that,” jk says, moving their bodies so he’s pressed over yg, who lets him manhandle him as jk starts to go down his chest, licking the trails of the already dried blood from his first bite.“i’m hungry for this, hyung,” he states once his face is next to yg’s groin,
rubbing the length against his cheek and messing himself with droplets of the blood that detach from the cock. he licks it with his hand and licks the remains on his fingers. he giggles, a bit drunk at the situation and the nutrients that are still filling up his body.
“then feed yourself, baby. it’s my pleasure.” yg indulges him, with a cocky smirk that has jk blushing with the heat of the warmth that runs through his blood, as he stares at him deeply. jk missed him so much, that he fears this is a hallucination led by the starving.
jk hears his pulse rising up, as he feels the veins of his cock pulsating under his tongue that starts licking the liquids in which he tainted it crimson, that’s now mixed with yg’s own arousal that he devours as if it was his last meal.
he whines with pleasure, humming with concentration as he deepthroats yg easily, staying with his cock buried deep into his mouth for a long few seconds that have the human pulling from his strands at the same time he tried to fuck into his throat with desperation.
jk lets go of it with a pop, and as yg curses, he laps where the last remains of the crimson juice are attached to the base of his dick. he plays with it for a few minutes, changing from softly tracing his length and playfully kissing his tip,
to desperate bobs of his head that come with urges that leave him choking and suffocating as yg grunts and fucks his mouth aching for release. “baby, god. you’re gonna make me come” he moans, and jk stops his rhythm and peaks at him in between his eyelashes,
the tip still pressed in between his mouth. “how many years have you been doing this, to be this skilled?” he kisses the cock with a grin, yg curses under his breath and jk giggles at how affected his lover is, just for him.
“seven hundred,” he simply answers, /just with you./ “seven hundred years and you never did anything straight, that sounds great.” jk snorts at the joke, hiding his face into yg’s thigh trying to hide his thoughts and the silly smile he can’t suppress.
“you can say i know my ground,” /i know you./ “but i don’t want you to come from my mouth, hyung,” he says, making a way back to the primal situation, batting his eyes and kissing the tip that spasms at the touch.
jk giggles, lapping the precum that bursts out. “i want you to fuck me, don’t i deserve it?” he teases, pushing his cheek against yg’s groin and rubbing it softly. “god baby, you’ll kill me” yg chokes a laugh filled with arousal,
but jk frowns at the implications and his heart shatters a bit inside his chest. he trips over the mortal, caging his body as if that’s going to help the case of keeping him safe, surrounded in this bubble he doesn’t want to nip.
“don’t say those things” he pleads, pressing his face into his neck. he pushes his ass up and yg, as its usual and common and muscular memory, grabs him as if he understands exactly what jk’s asking for, what he needs to be content and to repress his turmoils.
he pushes his cheeks apart, pressing his long fingers against his entrance just to tease him. and it works, because jk forgets about how yg could die on him at any moment the same way it happened the last time, just to focus on the way yg’s fingers caress around his hole.
“i’m sorry baby,” he says, and suddenly his hands are gone and jk’s whining as he ruts against yoongi’s legs cravingly. “let me open you up for my cock, hmh? will you let hyung take good care of you?”
jungkook whines at the same time he nods eagerly, pressing his lips against yoongi’s in a way that’s desperately chanting /thank you, thank you, i missed you so much my love,/
but jungkook can’t say those things, not yet, so he’s content with just having yoongi under him for the time being.
“yeah, i’ll climb off of you,” he says out loud to himself, trying to convince his body to react to the orders his brain is giving. “right now” he continues, but his lips press against yg’s again and he melts over his body,
their skins glueing to each other as yg cages him from his waist, finding the strength to roll jk over so he can sit over him. “hmm, hyung” he moans as his body slumps against the mattress and yg huffs at him with a side smirk as he trails down to kiss jk’s neck.
“open up my wound,” yg asks, and maybe he shouldn’t. but jk doesn’t have to be asked twice before his fangs place perfectly in the spot. he doesn’t take anything this time, because it would be too greedy and yg’s already given him enough for an eternity.
the boy smiles hazily at him, licking his own traces of blood while he looks at jk’s eyes directly. he pushes the slender fingers into his mouth a second later, sliding them carefully through his fangs before gagging him, the traces of yg’s flavour making his vision turn blurry.
yg smiles softly at him, pecking his cheeks as he starts to play with his mouth by pushing the fingers in and out of his mouth while jk presses his cheeks against them eagerly, humming contently at having something inside his mouth.
but in the blink of a second the feeling it’s gone and jk whines, while he watches yoongi carefully pick up the blood that streamed off his neck. “i’m gonna open you up just like this, love.”
jungkook starts silently crying at the pet name, so common for them and yet, even when yoongi doesn’t remember, /he knows./
“please, do whatever you want to me” they are looking at each other, and jk licks his swollen lips before pressing them softly into yg’s. their gazes are filled with consuming desire and infinite love. “i’m yours, hyung. forever” he begs and promises at the same time.
it’s in an instant that yg’s pressing his middle finger inside his hole. it doesn’t take him much to press another, as jk whines as he pliantly stares at yg work on his body, just opening up his legs wider so he can have better access.
“think you can take me like this?” he intrigues, placing a kiss on the inside of his thigh. jk nods, but yg doesn’t seem to have enough with it as he pushes the fingers deeper into him, biting playfully at the place he was kissing a few seconds ago.
“talk to me, baby. i want to hear you.” “i can take you like this, hyung. please, i want you so much” he whines, pushing his hips up to meet yg’s fingers to prove him a point.
the boy takes them out and he whines in displeasure but the sound gets muffled when fingers are pressed deep into his mouth again and his body goes instantly pliant, sucking onto them as if they were his lifeline.
“you’re so needy, it’s cute,” yg says, biting his chin and his throat and his neck, jk whines against the fingers but doesn’t stop sucking from them, wanting to be good and stuffed and taken care of.
“i love how pliant you get when you have something in your mouth.” jk opens his eyes to look directly at him, and a sweet smile paints his face against the tips of yoongi’s fingers.
“thank you, hyung,” he says, a dazed smile painting his lips “for feeding me so well” jk kisses his fingertips before sucking fervently onto them for the last time, before yg smears the fluids tenderly against his cheek.
he feels the tip of yg’s cock press against his entrance, and when jk thinks that he’s about to be teased for dear life, the boy presses in fully, getting a cry out of him that has his body arching over the mattress.
yg takes advantage of that by enveloping one of his arms around his waist so he can keep jk in place. it hurts for a few seconds and tears stream down his cheeks instantly, but the pain matches the desire and he knows that as much as it stings and his body twitches with spasms,
there’s no other feeling that could compare to him being attached to yoongi this intimately. “i knew you would look even prettier with my cock inside you,” yg speaks, kissing his lips gently for a second that’s too short for him.
jk starts crying harder as soon as yg starts moving his hips, the streams of blood coming off his eyes and travelling down his body, painting his body in rivers that yg vanishes with his fingers, creating tender paths and kissing it clean as if he was feeding from jk as well.
he whines at the thought, letting out a spurt of precum that yg takes as well, careful of every reaction of jk’s body at the same time as he fucks him deeply. “look at you, crying so much. you don’t look dangerous at all like this, baby fangs. so needy and pliant for cock.”
jk whines and pulls from his hair as yg’s hands press his legs wider on the bed so his thrusts can be sharper; he feels the closest to heaven he’s ever been, as yg’s fingers press into his skin and his taste is still sugary on his mouth,
as his senses are filled with a sense of knowing and familiarity and finally having a great night of sleep after a long time of endless nightmares.
“hyung, please. i’m close” he begs, as yg ruts fervently inside him. jk feels the fire about to burst from his abdomen, the tingling feeling keeps growing as yg pushes away the hand that aims to grab his own dick.
“already close? that’s how much you like my cock, love?” he pushes with his words, and jk cries harder and almost comes at it, at yg being so confident and so natural, meant to be his to take.
“i love your cock, hyung” he admits, trying to hide his face against the pillow but failing at it, as yg grabs him from the jaw forcing his gazes to cross. there’s so much love and mischief and desire that jk feels like he’s about to combust from the overwhelming emotions;
he whines trying to push his hips up with desperation, but yg stops him with a firm grip on his waist. “you’ll come just for my cock, baby. you don’t get to move, you don’t get to touch yourself. can’t you be a good boy for me, after i fed you so well?”
“yes! can be good for hyung” he cries, clutching the sheets to find some kind of anchor as he tries his best to keep his body still from shaking at the way yg keeps fucking him, this time with long strokes that get deeper into his guts
as the man presses jk’s legs wide open against his sides. “you fed me so well, hyung” he keeps babbling because he wants yg to know how grateful he is that he’s giving him back everything that jk lives for. “i’m so glad i found you again.”
“i’m glad you found me as well, baby. you’re so good for me, i want to have you like this forever.” he comes at the mention of eternity and the deeper implications of yoongi’s words. he comes as he watches yg’s endeared grin,
and jk pushes the strands that hide his eyes away and grasp from them as their eyes lock together and their smiles grow by instinct, by muscle memory, by the years they miraculously built together by the fate of time.
yg pushes against his limp body as he keeps fucking him steadily searching for his own release, he tilts his head close to jk’s mouth and he attaches his fangs to it urgently, desperate with the remains of the orgasm that’s still sweet on his tongue.
“come on baby, feed from me. make me come” he asks with stretched syllables, high on the situation and the lack of blood that’s flooding onto jk’s mouth, who sucks eagerly while he whimpers at every harsh trust that overstimulates his body;
yg comes but he doesn’t stop sucking little streams for a while, as the seed spurts his inside and yg stays put like that as if he didn’t want to separate their bodies the same way jk wants them to be tangled forever.
“you were so good, love,” he says, once jungkook detaches himself from the wound, licking it with his tongue to soothe the soreness. a pang of guilt washes over him as yg’s heartbeat slows down while he lets go over his body, pliant with tiredness.
“i’m sorry, hyung” he whispers, and yg sleepily kisses the streams that come out of jungkook’s eyes.
it’s jk himself who has to push yg’s cock out of him (as much as it hurts him to do so), lifting his body carefully and tucking him over his chest. yg kisses his throat and sucks without much energy, his voice sounds raspy and a bit gone when he speaks again.
“i loved every second, baby. it made me remember you, and us. it’s beautiful-” his words get cut, taking a deep breath before kissing jk's throat one last time. “what’s beautiful?” he whispers, wanting for yg to stay longer with him.
“how we defeat time and death every time they try to pull us apart.” yg’s words are barely audible, as his breathing starts to even over jk’s chest. jk needs to know more, he aches to ask yg what exactly he’s talking about,
but he has been asleep since the words were whispered to the universe.
“i love you,” he answers at yg's resting body. jk is left alone with his thoughts for hours, as he watches his lover sleep over him, relaxed and mewling when he intentionally presses his finger over his waist, or at the back of his neck, or where the wound closed hours ago.
when he feels the dawn coming to them, he leaves yg’s body tucked under the blankets and goes to push the curtains close to avoid his body from draining more easily under the rays of sunlight. he watches yg stir in the bed, peaking at him in between his eyelids,
he’s more asleep than he’s awake but he manages to slur comprehensible words nonetheless. “come to bed again, baby. it’s early.” the raspy voice sends a shiver down his cold body and he nods with an easy smile.
even when doesn’t have to sleep, time isn’t a problem when yg’s body radiates warmth over his corpse. jk thinks he would lay on this bed forever if it meant an eternity next to him. ;
“i want you to turn me this time,” yg says. j¿k has told him everything, about the hunters that were after him but took his love’s life instead, about all the lives they spent together, about every time he had to lose him to the imminent arrival of death.
“i don’t want you to wait for me anymore, i want an eternity with you.”
they are lying on yg’s bed, with him half-laying over the human’s chest, one of his legs pressed over his hips as his face is pushed over his beating heart that’s peaceful, recovering from the taken blood and the soreness from their previous actions.
jk doesn’t remember when was the last time he went back to his place, just going out to yg’s work when he’s getting too bored of waiting for him to come back home. they fell into an easy routine that’s filled with tangled sheets and messy kisses and jk preparing yg his meals,
as the human lets him drink from him day by day. jk tries not to take much when he is on his senses, as he knows that they both will end up diving into the pleasure once their impulses start to act over their rational thinking.
“i-don’t rush yourself, hyung.” jk says, looking away from yg’s face to draw invisible circles over his chest. he doesn’t want to talk about this, because being with yg for eternity is all he’s ever wanted and- “please, don’t say those things so lightly. it hurts.”
“but you tried to convert me once!” yg urges, trying to prove a point. jk backs away from his touch, too stressed at the flashbacks of his cold blood tangling with yg’s, as he desperately tried to feed him at the same time his heart stopped beating under his palm.
“that’s different!” jk shrieks hiding his face with his hands. he isn’t proud of his actions, about how his impulses took the best of him, desperate to keep him by his side just a little longer.
“i wasn’t in my right mind! and you were so young, hyung- it wasn’t fair, and it was my fault!” jk’s vision blurs crimson and yg is all over him all of a sudden, enveloping his waist in his grip, letting jk hide in the crook of his neck as he presses his fingers on his scalp,
rubbing soft patterns as if trying to calm him down. “i’m sorry, love. it wasn’t fair to mention that.” he kisses his temple and jk whines at the touch, but he presses harder against his lips.
yg smiles against his skin and jk melts under him, relaxing at the honey that’s wrapping him in a protective crest. “i don’t want you to think about it anymore, not when you have me right here, and i’m not going anywhere if you let me.”
he concludes, the implication of his last words have him jittering for a few seconds. he bites his lips, pressing his fingers in yoongi’s back to find some ground.
“it’s just,”he mumbles, trying to find the right words to say, the fear trips over his body and he isn’t able to hide it from him, he isn’t able to hide anything from yg. much less now, that he remembers who jk is to him.“i’m afraid you will hate me, that you’ll get tired of me.”
“i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of you, baby. this is the seventh time i choose you, or maybe it’s just the universe that collides our paths every time. and don’t you think that means something? do you think the stars are wrong?” he tries to joke to make the situation lighter,
but the words come out serious and sultry as if he’s trying to lure jk into this spell that will have him right under his mercy. the thing is, he didn't need any spell for that.
“you’ve already asked me this once, and then you-you couldn’t even speak to me because you were too afraid and you didn’t want to watch your loved ones die and i got it, i wouldn’t have pressured you to do that but it just-”
“i’m serious this time.” yg interrupts the thoughts of insecurity that he’s bursting up out loud, and suddenly there are little pecks being placed around his gaping mouth. jk huffs at the sudden attack, arousal and desperation and overwhelming love haunting his senses.
he wraps yg from his nape, tangling the strands of long hair on his finger. “i don’t know what bullshit sixth-century min yg was on, but i’m telling you that i’m sure. i know you won’t get to drink from me anymore, and i’m not asking you to do this right now,
we can take it lightly. or as lightly as we can take things, as we’ve already moved together” there’s a warm smile on his lips that travels to his gaze, filled with passion and commitment and so much love that jk thinks he could cry until he dries himself from it.
“but please, don’t let me die on you this time. you’re my eyes, my blood and my love,” jk gasps, and his fingers grip deeper into his skin. he looks at yg with his mouth agape, too stunned and deeply bewitched from those words he said to him centuries ago.
“i don’t want you to hurt, i don’t want to live knowing that you get to have such a short time of happiness in this neverending life and it’s not fair, i don’t want you to go through that again when i could be right by your side.”
“i love you, hyung” he spits, and the words come out filled with adoration that’s been growing for the past centuries. “i’ve been loving you for so long, i don’t think i can take losing you anymore,” he confesses, and he instantly feels lighter at the words that he pours.
he knows yoongi deserves much more than what jungkook can offer him, but his love is the fuel of his life and he doesn’t think that he could put anything over it anymore.
“i’m sorry that i’m selfish, i’m sorry that you have to be tied to me. but i love you so much, hyung. i will love you till the end of time, and i don’t think that’s enough time to show it.”
yoongi smiles at him, and his gums are showing and his eyes shine brighter than the moonlight that’s glowing on their pale skins.
“i love you too, baby.” jk sheds a tear that gets trapped in the commissure of his smile. “and i’m not backing off this time, you’ll be mine forever” he continues to indulge in the fantasy that jungkook thrives will turn to life, or death, or a time that’s infinite and theirs.
“i’ve always been yours, hyung.” “Is that it? do you mind reminding me again?” he asks, starting to kiss jungkook’s neck while his hands travel along his sides playfully. jungkook sighs and disarms under his touch, letting the boy do whatever he wishes to his body.
“i’ll show you how deeply i belong to you,” he says, trying to grasp the last of his coherent thoughts. “it’s just you, hyung. “it’s just you, hyung. it’s just you who i need to live in peace, please” he whines, as yg pushes his hand against his thighs to open his legs further
at the same time his lips trace paths along jk’s throat until his mouths are hanging millimetres from each other. “i’m glad you agreed to have me forever, baby,” he says, with an open smile that has the shade of a smirk,
knowing how well he twisted jk’s words to get his way. his eyes turn softer when jk whines at his touch, and he leaves a kiss on his under lip, pulling away with a bright gaze as he desperately tries to dive into his mouth.
yoongi laughs tenderly, and jungkook huffs and pouts but ends up smiling because he has never ever been so at ease in this twisted timeline, as if their fate was crafted from electrifying promises and tangled sheets that protect them from the terrifying world.
“i have enough love for you to live a billion eternities by your side, my love.” ;
i wanted to make the angst last longer but i couldn't bring my babies to keep hurting so i cut it out and this is the result ig here's the ao3 link <3 hope you enjoyed it uwu
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dew 🌙

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