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Aug 16, 2022
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a 🔞 #yoonminau where; Jimin works as a preschool teacher, he came from a very traditional family but his father messed up and now he needs to beg the King, the owner of the whole city, the merciless mafia boss Min Yoongi to help him.

TAGS: (please read this before reading the story, I’ll try to be very specific with the tags.) -Original characters name -Jimin is a teacher, Yoongi is a CEO/Mafia boss -Mention of drugs, murders, blood, kidnapping, sexual abuse, violence, and smoking - 🔞
- Yoongi uses drugs but not the addict type -Seoul is the main setting but it’s very different Seoul since this is my universe and this is an Alternate Universe story -Slow burn (I need to build their personality first) -Marriage for business purposes…. at first
-I will try to write fluff moments because they deserve it -Angst (very… very… very... angst) -Hopeful ending so let’s just hope I will add more tags if needed.
A/N: Will post the first part later at 9:00 pm. I still have classes since I'm a college pol sci student. Thank you, please interact with this story! Have a nice day <3
A/N: Sorry, I can't post the first part of the story😭 I'm so busy with my acads🥹 but I will try my best to post it later. Thank you <33
I'm ready! Let's do this.
It's cold, night at Seoul is pure sin and danger, every corner of every street is eerie and dark as if something or someone will just grab your arm and tear you to pieces.
The only alive places are in the central, where every luxurious things and people can be found, casino, bars, malls, hotels, five star restaurants, buildings and establishments owned by people who manages to be on top, to have a grasp of luxury,
to be wealthy, to have connections and the power and confidence to seek and aim for the top, to be on top.
It's always like that, central is the town of dreams and fantasies even it's foundation is blood and tears, blood of those people who had been killed and tears of those people who begged not to get killed.
Never in his entire life that his proud of what his family has, even they're one of the known families, owning casinos and bars all around the town, it's never been an accomplishment nor it satisfies him, he actually despise it,
the life he has and even his own family. Being Park is not a crown to display, never been and never will.
Sometimes he asked himself if there's even a chance that he can escape the life he has, and the answer will always present itself through the form of his own father.
Their family is very traditional, they value purity even none of them is even pure, or maybe he is but he knows for himself that as long as he carries the blood of the family then he's far from being one.
And here he is now, sitting with his father and mother along with their trusted lawyer, the reason is he doesn't even know, he just got a call from his mother and if his observation is right then something is happening and it's bad.
"Why am I here? I still have class to teach tomorrow." He said with his head low, afraid to look at his father's eyes who always carries disgust and disappointment everytime he looks at his gay son.
"We have a problem, son." It's his mom who answers him, he furrows his brows, knowing that even their family has a problem it never involves him, they never let him get involved, not because they're protecting him but because they're embarrass about him,
about their only son who turns out to be gay.
"I'm not part of it, so I think I shouldn't be here." He said with a flat voice, he's just too tired to even argue with them, he hears how his father scoff and let out a curse directly to him but he's used to it, since he can't even remember.
"You are a Park, you are part of this!" That makes him chuckle in disbelief, when did they even treat him as a Park? When did they even get him involve in every party, business meetings and even their own birthdays and anniversaries celebrations?
He's just a mere shadow of his parents, a smudge of paint on their big art canvass, he's invisible and he's just him, nothing special.
"Young master Park, the company is facing bankruptcy and I'm afraid that everything you have, you and your family will vanish." He's not afraid to lose what he has but that news was enough for him to look both at his parents, so what did they do now?
What on earth did they do to mess up this big?
"You can take everything I have, I don't care." He said it with determination while looking at his parents, not even a bit of fear was written on his face but what his father said is what made him stop from standing and leaving their own house.
"Your gonna lose your school Jimin and your damn fucking charities!" Jimin almost loses his balance, he can lose everything but not his school and his charities, not that. That's the only thing in the world he values so much.
"No! You can't take it! It's mine! I used my own money to build that! It's mine!" His angry, mad enough to shout at his parents for the first time, mad enough to send them deadly stares, and mad enough to forget that they were his parents.
"But the land where it was built was properties of Park's" It's their lawyer who had the decency to talk, he's still looking at his parents and he's not sure if it's just because he's really mad that he's seeing things but there's something with the way his parents look at him,
it's odd cause he's seeing guilt and shame, especially from his mother.
"But it was a gift from my granny! For me!" With the thought of receiving nothing from his parents, he tilts his head to look at their lawyer who's also fidgeting and sweating, he wants answers and he'll not leave until he gets what he wants.
"Yes, it was but it wasn't under your name, that's why it's still properties of the family and not yours." He took a deep breath and close his eyes he was so close to crying, that he can feel his heart beating rapidly,
he unclenches and clenches his fist, trying to calm his nerves and his emotions. This is too much; he knows that he doesn't deserve any of this.
"Wh-what did you do?" He asked his father, trying to get some explanations because that's what he deserves, he knows for himself that he didn't do anything to be part of this, he never did anything to embarrass his family even his own family was embarrassed to have him.
In his entire life, he doesn't question his parents for being so strict and aloof with him, he didn't because then, he can be at least peaceful with the things he wants to do and loves to do.
"Your father lost a bet in one of our casinos, it's a lot to the point that we can lose everything." He looks at his mother, her usually confident and sophisticated image can't be seen, it feels like she also didn't expect this,
that she's also disappointed towards his husband and it feels like she's also concerned about his son but maybe he's really just seeing things.
"You always make me feel as if I'm your biggest disappointment and yet these things happened, who's the disappointment of the family now, dad?" He said mockingly, emphasizing the word "dad", his father snapped and stood up,
lifting his right hand to slap him but he just stood there, waiting for it to hit his face, to feel how it sting without even closing his eyes but the hit never came, his father just stares at him before hitting the table, causing for his mother and their lawyer to flinch
but not him, not anymore.
"Not my school. Not my charities." It's the last thing he said before finally leaving their own house, he's not even living there so what's the point if he'll stay. It's not his home and will never be.
He keeps on tapping the table, the continues vibration inside his head makes him close his eyes for a second, it was almost dawn and he’s been up for 38 hours straight.
The truth is he knows how tired he is, how his limbs ache for rest and sleep but his mind doesn’t want to acknowledge that fact, too occupied and too stressed.
He’s been considering leaving the building and just went straight to his penthouse, locking himself in there for the rest of his life, if it’s just that easy. His head keeps on throbbing; he needs to smoke but he’s too lazy to even move.
He’s just staring at the black folder above the table, if it’s black then it’s not good, if it’s black it only means one thing; something is not good and hell if he’s not so done with this kind of bullshit and fuck those people who always think that he’s just that easy to give up
maybe he’s not his father but he has his own way in dealing things and he’s good at it. Power, it really consumes people and he’s not hypocrite because he knows that power also consumes him in one way or another.
“Who?” Yoongi asked, leaning on his chair, Namjoon was fidgeting which is not a good sign, he knows how precise and sure the other man when it comes to their line of work, Yoongi can’t even remember when did the last time Namjoon acts like this, stress and unsure.
It’s been a very fucking hell of a week; their shipment of weapons and drugs are still on top but the higher ups of the society keep on bugging him, keeps on requesting him for sudden meetings without apparent and a very acceptable reason,
they’re just asking him about the current status of his business which is none of their business.
"Choi's are hard to bend, they are still out of reach!" Yoongi can see how Namjoon tried to hide his stress but they've been together for as long as they can remember so it's easy for him to read his friend behaviors.
He took a deep breath before opening the black folder, it contains the report Hoseok did regarding their request to open their business at the province where Choi's are the leading family,
the province is gonna be very good for their business, the main source of living there is farming and it’s a good front to smuggle their goods without suspicions.
the province is gonna be very good for their business, the main source of living there is farming and it’s a good front to smuggle their goods without suspicions.
"Jinwoo Choi, that man is really something huh." He bit his lower lip, trying to contain the anger bubbling inside him, it's been months and he doesn’t want to use force just to get what he wants from the Choi's,
that's act of cowardice, using force just to get what you want and they're not like that but they can be, it’s just a matter of what situation they are in.
"Well, Jin got an idea of how can we enter the territory without worrying that Choi will bite our backs." This time he did grab the pack of cigarette from the other side of the table, getting one and lighting it immediately with his gold lighter.
He just motions for Namjoon to continue. Seokjin is very good at making plans, elaborating it so it can benefit them more than what they're expecting, it's his charm, he’s just so good at manipulation that people think he's an angel, well, he really does look like an angel.
"Remember Sungho's wife?" He squints his eyes, trying to remember who's Sungho's wife is but first he needs to remember who's Sungho is. He drags a smoke before tilting his head because fuck, he really doesn’t know who's Sungho is.
"How can you even forget him? Sungho Park, his father is a very good friend of your grandfather." He just close his eyes and nod, he will just let Namjoon say what he wants,
he's just too tired to even mutter a single word, he put his cigarette on his lips again, inhaling the flavor which he really doesn't like but it's a good distraction, a distraction for ten years now.
"Well, his wife is a Choi and Jin said that they're facing bankruptcy because of Sungho's stupidity, Jin suggest that you help him get through his problem and ask them to help us enter their territory."
He smirks, people who really has power and money tends to do stupid things just to appease their ego, well, he kinda remember now. Park. Sungho Park, a complete bastard who never let his own son be seen publicly because his son happens to be gay.
He's not gossiping, he just knew things, he owns the city, every tick, every words, every steps, every whips he knows it. He knows everything because this is his kingdom and he's sitting on his throne.
"Let see, let's wait until they crawl right in front of our doorstep." His cigarette is now burning up to his fingertips, enough for him to discard it on the ashtray.
He stood up and face the glass wall, staring at the city lighting up below him, it was a satisfying feeling, not because it is his city but because for some moment he can appreciate the silence of it, as if it was peaceful.
"Go home Namjoon." It was a known rule for them, never look at each other’s face when saying goodbye because nothing is certain after that, they can die after but they promise to only see each other’s alive.
When the door shut confirming that Namjoon already leave, it's his time to gather his thoughts and contemplates about it, asking if he's still a human.
He killed 3 people during the day, one of them tried to speak a lot and he doesn't like it while the other two happens to steal some of highly priced weapons he owns and he doesn't like it too.
He's been doing this since he was a kid, his father once told him that;
"I want you to feel every pain, every sting of it, because that’s how the society will make you bleed. Remember this, you need to stand in front of them, make them see who's the king, who's the owner of this city,
the one sitting on the throne even your back is bleeding, never make them see that you bleed."
That's what he did, no one ever see him bleed but his own soul is probably rotten but he doubts he has one.
It’s never been easy and maybe, it will never be but this is his life, not that he chose this, it just happens to be his.
The continuous blinks of lights from below is an evidence of how this city seems so alive, the red and gold lights blinking from the casino, a sign that it is open for crazy and rich people to spend their money with,
the blue and yellow lights flickering from different clubs and bars where teenagers, college students who doesn't give a shit, horny men and women, a worker relieving his stress, a husband fucking a whore to forget how suffocating life is
and those mad man, wanting to get high and float for a while just to ease their tension and escape reality, escape the real word and real life.
He's curious if Taehyung and Jungkook are in one of those clubs he owns, monitoring the sales of their goods, a very good one to be exact, enough for you to feel euphoric and in heaven for hours.
Yes, this is his life now and if ever someone will ask him if it bothers him, the answer is as clearer as water and it's a NO, because this is what makes him the Min Yoongi that everyone knows. The King of Seoul.
The thing about wanting so bad it hurts is that you can’t control it, once you get the taste of it, you’ll not just want it, you’ll start to need it. Addiction? Maybe.
Isn’t things always starts in wanting? Wanting to be successful, wanting to be wealthy, to be the best, to be known, to be on top, until we didn’t care anymore about the process of achieving all that, because for us, it becomes a need, not just a want.
Maybe, he never wants this but he needs this, to be alive, to be respected and to protect the family he has. Because, we tend to want things we don’t need but sometimes we need things we don’t want. Touché.
“hyung are you listening?” Yoongi snaps from his reverie, Jungkook was looking at him with confusion, they’re in a meeting, the six of them, but his mind seems to be travelling in a different dimension.
He only manages to sleep for three hours but it’s enough for him to take a shower before going to his own living room only to find out that five of his friends are there and waiting for him.
“don’t do that, we won’t use force just to get their approval.” Yes, he’s listening, the years of doing this kind of job makes it easy for him to think about different things while listening to other things,
he looked at Hoseok and Taehyung who’s bickering about the best flavor of pizza, Namjoon and Jin sharing glances towards each other, afraid that once they voice out what they truly feel for each other,
they will both fall and end up hurting. He tilts his head to finally look at Jungkook, the youngest one of them, who becomes assassin at the age of 13, making his eyes looks so empty, dull, eyes full of nothingness.
“Choi’s are hard to bend, maybe they need some warnings?” Well, Jungkook has a point but that’s not it, he won’t use force because he respects the family,
he also respects that province and its people and the least that they can do is to wait because the province doesn’t deserve the cruelty, it’s not a very peaceful place but they value fairness and they should too, or at least try too.
“Yoongi is right Jungkookie, we won’t use force and I am really having this tingle inside me that Park will do the trick for us, we just need to wait.” Jin said those words as if he’s certain that the Park’s will be the key for them to enter a new territory,
not to mention that the said territory owns by the family of Sungho’s wife and the fact that Choi’s and Min’s established things that involves avoiding and staying as far away as possible from each other and their territories
but he really needs the province and he knows that his old man and old-old man will be raging in madness but they’re both dead so what’s the point of worrying.
“anyway, let’s stop talking about the Choi’s, okay?” Taehyung immediately stood up and walk towards his way,
until the present day those smile and innocent eyes always makes him wonder why Taehyung is part of their group and maybe those eyes and smile is also the answer, cause like his brother-Jin-, Taehyung is as lethal as he can be. The poison ivy.
“what do you want Taehyung?” He asked when Taehyung is in front of him, the other man starts to sway his body a bit, causing for the other four to chuckle.
Yoongi is so used on these kind of situations and he knows he can’t say no, not because he really can’t but mainly because Taehyung will probably cry in front of him until he says yes.
“come here babe!” Taehyung excitedly pull Jungkook beside him, causing for the younger to chuckle but gives Taehyung a peck, sometimes it really grosses him, especially the one time he saw the both of them having sex right inside his own car.
“fucking fuck Tae, would you stop being so cheesy towards each other!” he says without sting on it, he just chuckles when Taehyung and Jungkook blushes like a fucking teenager.
Kookie proposed to me, we’re engaged!” He, Hoseok, Jin and Namjoon all stood up with wide eyes, maybe they already expected this but not this soon, especially because they are facing the problem with the Choi’s and they all know that once they get it,
they will need to focus mainly on the business, this is their first step to enter not only the province but also the three other cities, they want to widen their territories.
“Don’t worry hyungs, we will wait until all of this are settled, I just need to fucking put a ring on his finger so that those motherfuckers will stop making moves towards Tae! Fuck it!”
it makes him smirk, of course Jungkook will buy a fucking million or billion-won ring and propose to Taehyung because his jealous and so fucking possessive.
“damn! So fucking possessive, are we?” Hoseok says with amusement and all of them smiles, they still congratulate the both of them, they are happy since Taehyung and Jungkook are really brave to be open about their relationship since they all know what kind of life they have.
Love, is the thing they all want to have but too afraid to speak about, it’s a thing that their money can’t buy even they offer themselves, their life. Love is like a forbidden fruit; it’s forbidden but they are willing to sin just to get a taste of it.
It's been a week since the news about losing everything they have and his school and charities but he still doesn't know what to do, he won't let it happen even if he needs to do something he never wants to.
He can't let over a hundred of kids to lose the opportunity to learn and another hundred to lose shelter and opportunity to live and dream.
It's hard, he can't sleep and even eat, he knows he lost some weight but it won't stop him from seeking a solution, their lawyer contacted him last night,
informing him that his parents are out of the country to talk to some of their relatives for help but he also informs him that the bank may send him a letter regarding the school and charities,
he can submit an appeal to the case since the building is his but it will take a lot of money and he doesn't even have a legal counsel to help him. It feels like a dead end and it's killing him.
"Jimin-oppa?" He almost drops the teacup when Mina suddenly came up in front of him, he's spacing out so much he doesn't even notice his assistant's arrival.
"Good morning Mina!" He greeted, trying to make his voice a bit cheerful but it sounds so fake. His assistant just gave him a warm smile, Mina already knows their situation, he can't keep it a secret to those people who means so much to him and to the kids.
"Oppa, I don't know if you'll accept my suggestion but I just want to help." He took a deep breath, ready to say no if ever Mina would suggest to give her own money to pay for a legal counsel that can help them.
"Mina, you know-" He didn't get the chance to finish his sentence when Mina held his hand and squeeze it.
"Just listen to me first, please?" Bitting his lower lip, he nods. He knows that Mina only means well and they really need all the help that they can get.
"The only person that can help us is..." He doesn't know why but it makes him nervous as if he knows what Mina is about say, it makes him itchy, as if he's about to enter a new world that would make every fiber of his being set on fire.
Maybe it's a gut feeling or maybe it's because a part of his brain really knows what Mina will say and he already think about it.
"Is Min Yoongi?" He finished the sentence for Mina and she just nodded with hesitation, as if the thought of agreeing also makes her unwell.
Min Yoongi, every person of every town of Seoul knows him, even the whole country and other countries too.
He's the king of the city, the owner if this shitty place and he's powerful, a powerful human being who tainted every part of the city with the blood of people who are dead because of him.
This is his kingdom and every part of it is his, maybe even the people.
Seoul is not a city with a legal basis, it's all about connections and power, and that's why it's hard for them to have a solution towards the problem they're having because the only person who can bend the law of the city is the owner of the city himself.
The rules and law are just a facade to make the city look like a normal one, every politician and other legal counsel are also properties of Min Yoongi,
he doesn't even know how is that even possible but the Min is the leading family for centuries and no one dares to break that,
there are families who tried to steal the throne but the throne itself chose the Min, as if the throne and the Min's are one.
He knows that his grandfather and Min Yoongi's grandfather are good friends but his father is never been fond of the Min's, he knows it's just because of his father's pride and his jealousy,
his granny is very fond of Min Yoongi's father when they're both alive and that makes his father mad, mad to the point that he never wants to associate himself towards the family,
his ego got even bigger when his father's manage to marry his mother, a Choi who leads the province of Gangwon,
a province that the Min's can't enter and own because the province is culture-based although it's not really a peaceful province, it really values fairness and the Min doesn't do that so they agreed to be just neutral with each other.
"I know, it sounds ridiculous and absurd but we both know that your family can't do anything, that's the rule here, once you messed up there's no turning back."
Hearing the truth from another person makes it more real, he tried to bury that thought deep inside his mind, trying to think of ways to solve the problem but Mina is right, that's the rule, either you accept it or the society will kick you out without anything.
That's why all the known families never tried to make any mistake, even a little because once you messed up it's also gonna be the end of you.
"I know Mina but it's very dangerous, I really don't know..." A tear suddenly glides through his face, it's all too much, he's tired and very disappointed towards himself.
"Shhhh, oppa, we can do this, we will survive this for the kids." Mina pull him into a hug and he's more than thankful for that,
Mina is the only person who's with him through his ups and downs and right now, he just wants to think that none of this is real, that's it's just a dream and he'll wake up.
"My parents ..." He sobs more until he hiccups, his head is throbbing as if it's about to explode, his chest feels tight and his lungs feels constricted, making hard for him to breath.
"Breathe with me, okay? One, two, three..." He follows Mina until he can breathe with ease again, he bit his lower lip, still thinking of the disadvantages once he really tried to ask the king to help them,
he knows that his father won't allow him, and he knows that his family will disown him for that but the kids, their dreams and future and he can't just steal it from them.
"Thank you Mina." He wipes his tears before Mina slowly release him from her embrace, he still doesn't know what to do or maybe he knows but he just can't accept it for the meantime but he really would think about it.
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