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Aug 16, 2022
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WAIIII corruption idea abt church pianist jk befriending the cute boy who always attends mass w his parents, jm! … — open the thread! ^^…

🔞 bp jm, age swap, themes of corruption/manipulation, jk is kind of mean, innocent/dumb jm, little bit of dacryphilia, cunnilingus, jk also bites jm's clit to make him cum..
when the church has cleared out after mass, jm often wanders away from his socialising parents and loiters around the cool hyung who plays piano. jkie hyung.
he has tattoos and plays the piano hauntingly well, and jm has had to snap himself out of a star struck trance too many times to count. it's a little embarrassing, honestly, but jk is just such a /cool/ hyung, unlike anyone jm has ever met before in his sheltered life.
this hyung also sometimes has some weird requests... jm toys with the hem of his skirt, staring confusedly back at jkie hyung. "um...?" jk raises a brow, tilting his head as he taps his lap. "come sit. i'll teach you some keys."
"b-but..." jm trails off, cheeks reddening as he frowns cutely. "why do i have to sit on your lap....?" "jmah, do you not like hyung?"
jm's eyes go wide in disbelief. "hyung! no! that's not it at all!!" he hurries to jk's side, plopping down on his lap with a determined set to his features, hands on jk's shoulders. "s-see! if i— if i didn't l-like hyung then i wouldn't... b-be on him.."
jk chuckles softly, "how can i teach you anything if you're not even facing the piano?" "o-oh!" jm's spine straightens with a start, embarrassment flooding his system as he tries to turn around, but he's stopped by the arms jk clamps around his waist.
"another time..." jk murmurs, shaking his head minutely. jm makes a confused humming sound in response, lost. jk looks around, making sure they're the only ones left inside before he drops his hands to the small of jm's back and pushes the younger's groin closer to his own.
"oh— oh, hyungie!" jm's hands shoot down to cover his crotch, shoulders rising to his ears. "too close..." he whispers, confused about the dull tingling in his cunnie. "too close?" jk echoes, feigning confusion.
appalled at his body's reaction, jm shakes his head, lips pursing, too embarrassed to explain that being this close makes him feel... funny.
suddenly, jk leans forward, jm's neck recoiling. his heart races as jk looks down at his lips, and he distantly registers jk closing the top of the piano in his peripheral vision. "hyung...?" he whispers, mouth barely opening, so the word comes out sounding more like a sigh.
"jm." the younger only blinks in response. "i think your parents have failed to teach you proper manners." "huh?" jm lets out, panicked. "no. no, i'm very well— well behaved. everyone s-says so."
"then why do you always distract me? i nearly messed up my piece earlier because of you." "be-because of /me?/" jm asks, eyes slowly filling with tears, distressed. jk squeezes his waist, "yes. because of you."
jm inhales deeply, breath shaking in his chest, blinking repeatedly through the tears that break past his waterline. "hyungie, i'm so-sorry. i didn't— didn't mean to." "it's okay, i know." jk says in a gentle murmur, hips rolling as his cock stirs at the sight of jm's tears.
god, he's just so fucking pretty. jm whimpers, gasping quietly when he feels something hard prodding in between his legs. looking down, he sees a tent in jk's pants, eyebrows pulling up in the middle in confusion.
"hyungie...? what's," he pauses to swallow the saliva pooling in his mouth. "what's that..?" "nothing, jmah, don't worry about it." jk taps the piano. "hmmm," he pretends to think. "how about you sit up here instead?" "w-what? why?"
"no manners," jk clicks his tongue, disappointment lacing his tone. "can't even listen to his hyung properly."
jm desperately shakes his head no, breath hitching as he hoists himself up on the piano. "no, no, see! jmie listens well!!" he wipes the dried tears on his cheeks, sniffling adorably, smiling prettily down at jk.
he merely blinks as he watches jk part his thighs, leaning forward on his forearms to rest them on jm's knees, chin atop his folded arms and eyes now level with jm's cunt. ""
"jmah, do you wanna know something?" jk tilts his head up, looking up at the younger. "..something i've never told anyone before?" "o-okay," jm nods. jk slips his hands under jm's skirt, hooking his fingers under the waistband of his panties.
"i actually think it'd be better to show you. can you let hyung do that?" "sh-show me what?" jm curls his toes, eyes darting around to make sure that no one is seeing.... whatever is happening.
his eyes catch on the stained glass windows, whimpering quietly in shame when it makes him realise his current position. are they about to sin..? in a literal church....?
it twists him up a little inside, stomach churning as he looks back down at jk, feeling the older slowly slide his panties down, balling them up and stuffing them in his pocket.
he wonders if he'll ever get them back. surely hyung wouldn't keep them, right? what would he even do with them? his thoughts come to a screeching halt when he feels a finger slide through the fat lips of his cunnie. he's not wet, not yet, but his hole clenches at the touch.
he's never dared to touch himself there before— it's a sin, after all. "hyungie that's— that's not—" "/so disrespectful,/" jk hisses. "do you think you can tell me what to do? me, your hyung?" "what..? n-no, i—"
"then be quiet." jk says simply, stunning the younger into silence. jk shuffles forward a little, tucking jm's skirt up into the waistband of them, spreading his folds apart to admire his hairless pussy.
something ugly unfurls in his chest at the thought of someone, likely jm's mother, waxing this pretty pussy. his gorgeous pussy is ripe for the taking, and jk swears in that moment that he'll be the only one from now on making sure that jm's cunt remains hairless.
in the back of his mind, he knows jm's parents would never approve, but what importance does their approval hold to jm next to his soul deep people pleasing tendencies that make it near impossible for him to say no, let alone to someone he adores as much as he does jk.
jk's middle finger finds jm's opening, feeling slick just beginning to leak there, and he pushes the digit in knuckle deep without wasting any time.
"a-ah! hyung— hyung, wh-what is—" jm attempts to back away, feet kicking out, but jk grabs one of his ankles, roughly tugging him closer so that only half of his ass is even still on the piano.
"sh, sh, hyung's just gonna do something nice for you.. remember that thing i was gonna tell you?" he suddenly brings up, intent on distracting the younger. jm's head is swimming, brows furrowed. "u-uh, yes. yes, wh-what was it?"
"hyung loves someone." jk murmurs quietly, breath tickling jm's cunt as he leans forward, desperate for a taste. "o-oh," jm nods, bottom lip wobbling, absolutely crushed to hear it but not fully understanding why it hurts so much. "do you wanna know who?"
"n-no, i don't— don't think i do..." giving in, jk closes his lips around jm's clit, sending electricity shooting up jm's spine. "a-ah, hyung!" jm cries out, hands twisting in jk's hair, mind too clouded to push him away.
jk pulls away for a second though, just long enough to say, "this is the kind of things you do with the person you love, jmah." and then his mouth is back on jm's cunt, tongue licking a long, wet stripe through his pussy lips before he plunges it in to his tight, virgin hole.
he thumbs at jm's clit, wiggling his tongue around inside, touching and tasting every inch of his walls that he can reach.
jm quickly becomes overwhelmed, loud, helpless moans escaping his mouth, going a little cross-eyed as he literally bites his tongue in an attempt to quiet himself, a sensation he's never felt before burning hot in his core.
"with the— with the per-person you love?" jm asks, breathing heavily, mind foggy with a lust so strong it threatens to knock him over. "hmm," jk hums against jm's cunt, and jm clenches wildly, legs shaking as he whimpers.
"hyungie, what's happe-happening?" he cries, tears falling anew. he's never done something like this before and all the new sensations are honestly a little frightening to feel.
"my cunnie, it—" he folds in on himself, looking down at jk's head in between his legs, ankles wrapping around the older's neck. "jmah, you taste so good for hyung." jm whines, hips jumping. "hyungie put it— come ba-back..."
jk wraps his arms around jm's hips, pulling him forward even more so that he can eat his cunt comfortably. with all his weight on his hands, jm's weak limbs shake, unable to hold himself up for too long.
he gasps when jk slips a finger inside, tongue flicking back and forth over his clit, falling back on the piano as his arms lose all their strength at once.
he closes his eyes tightly, horror coursing through him when the impact makes him remember where he is and the horrible sin he's committing in a place of worship.
"hyu— hyung, st— nngh—" his protests die quick, pussy gushing slick as he registers the harsh, delicious drag of jk's nose over his clit. “mhn, feels good,” he mumbles as if lost in his own head.
“i know,” jk pulls away to coo sweetly, jm's loud and erratic breathing driving him insane, cock painfully hard in his pants. he dives back, lapping up jm's slick like it's the most important thing he'll ever devour, making jm thrash around in place, moaning uncontrollably.
he switches back and forth between sucking harshly on jm's clit and stabbing his tongue inside, addicted to his taste, hips rolling in small circles on his seat as he focuses all his attention on jm's drenched cunt, prioritising the younger's pleasure over his own.
after all, this experience has to be a good one for jm, otherwise he'd doubtlessly side with his parents once they inevitably express their disapproval. near furious at the thought, jk pulls jm /even closer,/ frantic as his tongue maps out every inch of jm's— /jk's/ pussy.
he savours the taste of jm's wet, incomparable to anything he's ever tasted before. becoming delirious at the thought of pushing jm to cumming, jk shoves two fingers into jm's cunt, curling them just right as his tongue works overtime stimulating jm's swollen clit.
jm mewls loudly, feeling his heartbeat pound deep in his cunnie, melting in jk's tight hold, legs trying fruitlessly to close around jk's head, out of his mind with pleasure, and that's when jk /bites/.
jm's back arches beautifully, eyes rolling into the back of his head, mouth falling open around a broken moan, legs quivering and body trembling as he cums for the very first time in his life. jk grins, swallowing jm's gushing wet down with a mindless fervour.
one down, at least two more to go.
I AM SO SORRY TO NONNIE FOR TAKING SO RIDICULOUSLY LONG TO RESPOND 😭 thank you so much for your patience.. 🥺 i really hope i didn't disappoint even after taking so long to write it...


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