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Aug 16, 2022
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#taekookau wherein jungkook realises taehyung is going to live without him one day

• pt 2 of my vampire au!! check it out if u haven’t yet <3 but i think you can read this even without that • interact please🤍 • english is not my main language • fluff, (light) angst • happy end (sorry for mistakes and typos!!)
9 “Baby, hey! Hyung’s here now” Taehyung says worriedly as he picks up his boyfriend from the bench. Jungkook doesn’t say anything, he just lets Taehyung to do whatever he wants in a complete silence. Taehyung can feel that there’s something wrong beside Jungkook being sick.
10 He never goes out on his own, especially not without informing his hyung. But Taehyung doesn’t say anything… yet. His first priority now is to cure his baby out of this stupid fever. He can’t see his baby suffering from any kind of pain.
11 He drives back home while softly caressing Jungkook’s hand who still hasn’t said a single word. Taehyung helps Jungkook get out of the car and then leads him to their bedroom. He lays the boy down on the soft mattress, making sure he’s comfortable.
12 Taehyung carefully takes off his boyfriend’s clothes and changes him into a sweater. He wipes Jungkook throughly with a cold towel, which makes the younger shiver but he still doesn’t say anything. Taehyung quickly goes to their kitchen to reheat the soup
13 Jungkook mother dropped off yesterday. What a fortunate, cause Taehyung can’t cook literally anything. He carefully brings it to Jungkook, and then feeds him since his boyfriend loves to act like a big baby, especially when he’s sick. And who is Taehyung to deny him?
14 “Now that you’ve eaten, got cleaned up and you’re comfortable… would you mind telling me what is the real problem here? Because you’ve been sick before but you never ran away. I was so worried, baby. So please tell hyung, what’s wrong? What’s bothering my baby, huh?”
15 Taehyung asks, while softly caressing Jungkook’s hair with his fingers. Jungkook whines under his touch and tries to remain silent, but he knows he’ll have to tell his boyfriend about his worries eventually. So he just blurts it out.
16 “You know I’ll d!e one day, right?” “Pardon?” Taehyung asks, bewildered by the sudden dumbness his boyfriend just said. Taehyung is not a pessimistic person, he never thinks about stuff like this. He doesn’t worry about future that much either. “Where is this coming from?”
17 “Because I’m sick! And you can’t be sick. And it reminded me of you being an immortal, which I’m not. And everytime I asked you to turn me into a vampire, you denied. Why? I will get old, I’ll have wrinkles… and I’ll d!e… And you’ll continue living without me” he explains,
18 his eyes teary now. Taehyung quickly notices and wipes those tears off even before they could fall. “I’ll be honest, love. I never really thought about this because I thought you didn’t, either. I don’t want to turn you into a vampire, baby…This is not a life you deserve”
19 “I read something online when I was looking for vampire beliefs the last time,” Jungkook mumbles, looking away from his boyfriend. “And what is that?” Taehyung asks curiously, not knowing what it could be. “Something about a Sire…”
20 “Oh” that’s what Taehyung says before turning away from his beloved. “What?” Jungkook whispers, finding his hyung’s reaction weird. “The Sire bond is special, Jungkookie. It’s stronger than love even. If I become your Sire, you’ll never be able to live without me, baby.
21 Even if we break up one day or something, we’ll have to stay together because I’m your Sire.” he explains carefully, not trying to hurt the younger. “Why are you even mentioning that b word? I never want to end things between us! I love you, hyungie and I want to be with
22 you forever! But if you don’t want me to be with you forever, then fine. I’ll accept it.” he sighs. “No, love. Of course I want to be with you forever and ever! I just don’t want you to regret this later!” “I won’t, don’t worry” Jungkook smiles, then leans closer to
23 his boyfriend to connect their lips in a sweet, loving kiss before Taehyung finally becomes his Sire.
🍒the end🍒
part 1:
lala | fan account

lala | fan account

#taekookau wherein
hope you liked it!!🤍
lala | fan account

lala | fan account

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