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Aug 20, 2022
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#namkook 🔞 au where Jungkook is struggling with his solo album and doesn’t want to bother other members who are working hard on their projects. When he finally decides to ask Namjoon to help him and ends up with sending him wrong file named “Songs i want you to eat me out to”



Th: baby I have a gift for you🥰 Jm: oh tae! you shouldn't ha—
It’s been such a long day in studio. Jungkook doesn’t remember when he saw daylight last time, maybe it was this morning when he was on his way to company, maybe it was yesterday or last week, he doesn’t remember.
He glances at the digital clock lonely standing by his monitor in his new studio they gave him, for producing his first ever solo album and snorts when he sees 11:33 pm.
Time really passes differently as soon as you enter the studio.
Sometimes it flies almost unnoticed, you seem to have just sat down at the table and put on your headphones, and boom - three hours have already passed. But more often than not, you walk into the studio and time passes painfully slowly.
Today Jungkook struggles. He entered his studio early in the morning, right after the gym session and spent almost two good hours just spinning in a black leather chair or playing a game on his phone.
He has six songs already done and need to finish two more, but the main problem is his title track.
"Entirety" is a song he started back in 2021 by scribbling just few words on a paper after long day with members doing their usual schedule and somehow in just ten minutes, he already had the first verse and chorus.
Couple days later he was satisfied with bridge part. He liked the song so far to the point that he sent lyric to their producer, but then the whole process got stuck.
After five or more attempts to make it work and finally finish his piece of work here, Jungkook switched to another song, postponing it as much as he could.
But now, in the middle of August he couldn’t make it wait any longer. He should submit his album in September and its nowhere to be done.
“Why don’t you just ask Namjoonie-hyung, or Yoongi-hyung or even Hoseokie-hyung to help you? You know they will be more than happy to help you, since we all send our stuff to each other and ask about side opinion”.
He remembers a conversation he earlier this week had with Jimin when he barged into his apartment without invitation in the middle of the night.
“I can’t /just/ send to any of them my songs and say ‘send help pls’. The whole point of all this is to create our own albums. Hyungs already worked so hard on our music through all these years and I can’t ask them to deal with my shit again”.
“But Hobi-hyung is already done with his album and promotion he will be happy to help” “Jiminie-hyung, he is resting after all this hard work he had done” “You know pretty damn well this man never rests”.
He plays this dialogue in his head again and again, weighting all the pros and cons, and finally picks up his phone. He has no other choice; he is stuck and he needs at least some advice and to give him a push.
Jungkook opens up a dialogue with Namjoon and still hesitates before texting. He knows that Namjoon is most likely in his studio, despite the late hour, working on his own album.
Jungkook sighs and quickly types out the message before he changes his mind again.
Jk 11:44 pm “Hey, Joonie-hyung, I know its late but can I ask you to listen to songs I’ve been working on? I’m stuck with title one”
He doesn’t expect to receive an answer immediately, so Jungkook puts his phone back on a table and almost jumps in his seat when the phone dings loudly. Rap Monster hyung 11:45 pm “Sure thing, I was just thinking about taking a break” Jk 11:45 pm “Okay!”
Jungkook opens files on his phone and chooses a folder with his recent songs, he scratches his burning eyes, silently cursing at himself for forgetting glasses today and blindly, without second thought, sends the whole folder to his hyung.
Meanwhile in his studio Namjoon opens the can of beer for the first time of the day and grunts as he stretched his sore muscles after the whole day of sitting.
He thinks about going on a long walk after listening to Jungkook’s songs, because running after having a drink sounds like not a good idea, even though he has done it before.
He checks his phone and sees two notifications from Jungkook so he opens them straight away, squinting from the brightness of the screen and reads. And reads again. Because “What the fuck” he says out loud and clicks on the attached file.
The name of the file makes him freeze for a second. “Songs I want you to eat me out to” it reads.
He checks again before scrolling through audio files just to realize there isn’t a single song that belongs to Jungkook.
Jungkook sits on the couch restlessly waiting for a response, but even after twenty there is nothing. He's already worked himself up, listened to his own demos, not sure if they're this bad that Namjoon takes the time to figured out how to let him down as gently as possible..
..or if they're so good that he left Namjoon speechless.
He considers Namjoon’s opinion a little bit more than too much for his own good and he will be more than just disappointed if Namjoon will tell him that they are mid or even trashy, even when Jungkook knows Namjoon would never say something like this.
Jungkook remembers days when they were about to debut and he sometimes stayed with Namjoon in the studio to watch him work, not realizing how it fed his puppy crush on older, making it bigger and bigger.. the point where Jungkook couldn’t make himself believe he just respected and admired Namjoon as someone with more experience.
He isn’t sure exactly when he had his epiphany, but Jungkook still can feel the burning jealousy in his chest from that dinner they had with members and Namjoon talked about his back then girlfriend, how good she was at everything.
Jungkook knows now how stupid he looked leaving the table in the middle of the conversation, blurting something about being full already. After that he didn’t hear about Namjoon’s girlfriends and boyfriends much, just general stuff such as name and gender.
Even at those times he didn’t think about it as something bad or weird, something he should be careful about, but now, when he is turning twenty-five in two weeks, he wasn’t in a proper relationship with a deep connection for years and members looking at him like they can see...
..more than just flesh, as if they can see through him to the root of his problem, his stupid, enduring love for Namjoon.
Jungkook doesn’t even notice how his thoughts slowly drifted away from the songs to Namjoon, Namjoon in gym, Namjoon on stage, Namjoon with bed hair, a pillow mark on his soft cheek and a trail of dried drool on his chin.
But then a wave of anxiety washed over Jungkook with new force, when his mind accidentally switches to actual Namjoon that is now sitting his studio just across the hall, because more than half an hour had already passed, and there was no sign that Namjoon had listened.
But the answer is not long in coming. A few minutes later, the doors to his studio swings open, causing Jungkook to literally fly off the couch at the speed of light.
"And you wanted me to listen this? Really?" Namjoon asks with a raised eyebrow, a smirk playing on his lips.
"I-Is everything that bad? I k-know I don't have that much experience, but-" Jungkook starts stuttering, feels the blood drain from his face, not even noticing Namjoon getting closer and closer to him, crowding up against him and pushing him back...
..until his lower back hits the table. “H-hyung?”.
“Kook-ah, you know you could have just asked and not put on the whole shit show with "hyung, can you check my album"”, older tries to imitate Jungkook’s voice.
“But still, I appreciate your creativity" Namjoon leans in closer, his breath burning Jungkook’s skin, lips almost touching other's.
“W-what do you mean, hyung? I just sent you what I was working on” he takes a shuddering breath, inhaling the woody scent of Namjoon’s perfume mixed with his body and a tiny bit of beer in his breath.
“Oh, bun, don’t play dumb, you just want me to eat your ass, don’t you?” Namjoon cocks his head and buries deep into Jungkook’s neck, trailing his nose from the shell of his pierced ear down to collarbones.
“Oh my God” screams Jungkook in his head, when he understands what he has done. He sent the wrong fucking file and that is why his is now sprawled on the table with Namjoon leaving wet, open-mouthed kisses down his throat.
“Hyung, no-no, wait”, he pushes Namjoon off of him and older obeys, he gives Jungkook a quick last kiss and releases Jungkook from his grip. And Jungkook misses the warmth of his body the moment he’s gone.
“What?’ he asks, sounding almost annoyed, but Jungkook can see concern in his eyes.
“Hyung, i- i sent you a wrong file, i think you received my playlist, but i didn’t mean to” he rumbles, trying to explain everything as quick as possible. He sees how Namjoon’s face fall and rushes to apologize, but Namjoon just shakes his head and takes a step back.
“So, um” he scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. “You don’t want me and it was just an accident?”
“No! God, no, hyung, of course I want you!” Jungkook exclaims not even thinking about what just left his mouth. “I want you, if you want me” he adds quickly, cheeks turning almost the darkest shade of red possible.
“I think I was more than clear with my intentions” Namjoon clears his throat, avoiding his eyes.
‘Good job, Jungkook. You made everything awkward” he thinks, but then his wrists are pinned to the table and Namjoon’s heavy body on him.
“Then, if we are clear now, can we continue?” Namjoon asks, his mouth is slightly open and without saying anything, Jungkook cranes his neck to press their mouths together.
Jungkook takes his opportunity to trace the plush of Namjoon’s lips with his tongue, moaning into Namjoon’s mouth as he releases his wrists, Namjoon’s hands trail down Jungkook’s sides, to grab his hips, pushing him closer.
Namjoon groans softly, rubbing his hard cock against Jungkook’s crotch through the layers of clothes. Rolling his hips down against younger’s. He bites his lip, eyes slipping shut as Namjoon’s mouth dips down to his ear, leaving a pattern of kisses. Jungkook whines..
..fingers curling into fists, Namjoon’s hips grinding down harder against him and he’s never hated a pair of jeans more in his life.
“Hyung”, he pants heavily, recovering from kiss. “Can we do it on the couch, my back hurts”. Without further thinking Namjoon lifts him up. Jungkook gasps, hands grabbing older’s shoulders. “Hyung! At least warn me next time”.
“There is next time?“ Namjoon asks in a low voice as he lowers Jungkook down on the couch. “I- Yes?” Jungkook says unsure, while Namjoon pushes his shirt up to his neck, showcasing his bare chest and stomach.
“Yes?” he looks up, grinning, before going back to work. “Yes.” Jungkook answers more confident this time and groans as Namjoon gently bites his nipple.
“Then I will warn you next time” Namjoon murmurs against his skin and pushes the shirt over his head and pull downs his jeans, leaving him only in boxers. “Now i will eat you out if it’s okay with you”.
Namjoon pushes himself up and quickly tugs off his own shirt, throwing it on the floor, Jungkook’s gaze drags over him, hungry.
“I’m more than okay with this, c’mon, hyung, come here” he pouts and Namjoon coos, how can he stay so adorable in situation like this. “Relax, bun. I will take this off, okay?” he points at his boxers and Jungkook nods. He lies back and lets Namjoon take care of him.
Namjoon hooks a finger in the waistband of his boxers and yanks them down, revealing Jungkook’s hard, leaking d!ck and throws them to the side.
Namjoon takes a moment to admire the length of Jungkook’s muscled body before finally leaning down to press a kiss on his hip bone, sinking his teeth in a flesh of his sighs and licking gently the bruised skin.
Namjoon laves at his bite, sucking the mark from a bright red to a deep purple, c0ck twitching as he scoots closer, snug against Jungkook’s ass, feeling his own hard c0ck tenting sweats uncomfortably, but it’s not about him for now, he can take care of it later.
“Bun, can you, please, hold them for me” he asks and pulls Jungkook’s thighs up to his chest to display his ass, fully exposing his hole where it sits between two plush ass cheeks.
Namjoon groans at the sight and buries his face between Jungkook’s thighs, unable to control himself any longer.
A shiver runs through younger’s body and he lets his thighs drop on Namjoon’s bare shoulder, fingers burying in long black hair as older curls his hands over Jungkook’s hips, mouthing at the exposed skin of his stomach.
Jungkook shudders under him, breath audibly hitching in his throat as Namjoon goes down avoiding his d!ck on purpose. “Hyung”, he whines. “Please”.
“You are so beautiful, bun” he places a kiss on the inner side of his thing. “Everywhere”, more kisses across his thighs, before he brings his head in front of his ass and spreads his ass cheeks, running his finger down the crack. “Fuck”.
His hole twitches beneath Namjoon’s finger when he places gentle kisses across his ass, over his hole and perineum, on his balls. Jungkook let’s out a squeak as Namjoon deeps down and licks over his hole. “Are you enjoying yourself, bun?” Namjoon smirk, embolden by the response.
“Jooni-“the word breaks off as Namjoon repeats his action, but firmer this time, pressing his tongue against rim. He shifts again and he bites down on his ass, teeth sinking into the flesh easily, before Namjoon licks at his entrance, tongue flat, he’s rewarded with a choked cry-
-and then a long, drawn-out moan when he does it again and again.
Namjoon teases for a bit, enjoying the little jerks in Jungkook’s body as he pushes past his rim with his tongue just a little, but not enough to fuck him open. “Hyung,” Jungkook whines, fingers fisting into Namjoon’s hair almost painfully. “S-stop teasing.”
I’m not teasing you, bun” Namjoon answers unfazed by Jungkook’s pleading. “W-want,” Jungkook starts, he pushes himself up to his elbows, lips pursed together, teary eyes finding Namjoon’s. “Want your fingers. hyung.”
“But we don’t have lube, bun, next time hyung will play with a little hole of yours, but it’s my mouth only for now” Namjoon teases, thumb laying over rim, never entering, Jungkook lets out a frustrated sound, throwing himself back on the couch.
“Don’t care” Jungkook mumbles out, but gives up when Namjoon covers his rim with his lips, sucking on his hole.
“Hyung” Jungkook is near tears, as Namjoon fucks his tongue into his hole, little cries muffled when he bites his own lip, hand reaching for his c0ck. Jungkook swats it away immediately, pinning his hand down to the couch.
“Please, hyungie. Want — want it. I can’t anymore. Do something”, he cries out, desperation breaking through the last shreds of his pride.
Namjoon’s tongue fucks him harder and Jungkook nearly comes, when Namjoon finally wraps his hand around his c0ck. He cries, gasping as Namjoon tightens the ring, he’s formed around Jungkook’s c0ck. “Oh, Joon— Hyungie— ah — ”.
“Is this enough for you, bun?”
“Hyung, h- hyung, wanna cum” Jungkook can barely form the words, teetering on the edge of his orgasm. “P- ah - Please,” he begs, tears trickling down his cheeks.
The hand wrapped around Jungkook’s c0ck travels up his length, focusing on the c0ckhead and then Namjoon is rubbing at his sensitive head as he fucks into Jungkook with his tongue and it’s all /too/ much.
The hand on his c0ck is smeared in Jungkook’s precum, pleasure building and building and then Jungkook is arching off the couch, orgasm crashing through him.
For a split second, Jungkook’s mind goes completely blank, eyes close shut as pleasure courses through him, Namjoon’s is still on his c0ck, milking him until he’s going soft in his hold.
Namjoon pushes himself up, covering his naked body with this own and kisses tears-stained cheeks.
“That’s it, bun, you did so good” he whispers, nuzzling in his neck. “Such a good bun for his hyung”. “Hyung”, Jungkook croaks, throat a bit sore. “Yes?” Namjoon looks up.
“I think i don’t feel my legs, like completely. I can’t even move my toes” he laughs sheepishly, eyes closing, and hugs Namjoon tighter.
"It's a good sign, Kook-ah' Namjoon plants a kiss on his forehead, brushing wet strand off his face. He smiles softly at satisfied Jungkook, enjoying the sight of relaxed younger in his post orgasm glow a little bit too much.
"Hyung?" Jungkook whispers again with his eyes still closed. "M?" Namjoon hums lowly. "Will you still help me with my song?" Namjoon laughs, even in this situation younger still thinks about work.
"One date and I will write you a whole album, bun". When he finally has younger in his arms, he doesn't care about anything else.
Thank you for reading this small au!!! Love you
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