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Aug 22, 2022
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i see the color in your face, it makes me smile, it makes me shake | yeonbιn song au (wildflower- 5s0s) ela series part 5 (final) cw // semi-public sex , post-concert sex

sbn doesn’t think he’ll ever get tired of seeing ynjvn perform. it’s so obvious that the stage is where he belongs, where he flourishes. it’s not often that sbn gets to watch ynjvn really perform. they might live together now, but ynjvn’s concerts take him all over the country.
today his band is performing at a festival not far from where they live and when ynjvn asked sbn if he’d like to attend, he didn’t have to think twice before agreeing. so here he is, a little bit to the side in the crowd, a clear view of the stage. he doesn’t quite look like+
he belongs here, wearing his glasses and a simple white tshirt and jeans combo, but it’s fine. ynjvn still keeps looking at him all throughout performing. and sbn can’t take his eyes off ynjvn either. it’s hot here, the middle of summer and ynjvn is running around the stage,+
giving it his all. he’s sweating. sbn can see how little droplets of sweat run down ynjvn’s neck, catching on the fabric of his shirt. his skin is glistening under the stage lights and it really shouldn’t be this hot, but sbn feels his hands itch with the urge to touch ynjvn.
with the urge to pull him close and lick the sweat from his neck. he gets so lost in the thought that he doesn’t realize he’s been staring at ynjvn, his gaze dark and heavy with unholy thoughts. sbn only snaps back to reality when he hears a little waver in ynjvn’s voice as+
he sings. sbn briefly wonders what happened but then he sees the way ynjvn is looking at him. his cheeks seem even more flushed than they did a minute ago and his eyes keep flittering over to sbn. for a second sbn is genuinely worried he might’ve distracted ynjvn too much, but+
ynjvn soon seems to get back into the song. while his voice seems stable, his movements seem a little stiff. it doesn’t take sbn long to figure out why. ynjvn is hard. the front of his pants are clearly tenting and sbn can’t help but grin a little. ynjvn got hard just because of+
his gaze. the next time ynjvn looks over to him, sbn raises his eyebrows suggestively, laughing quietly to himself when he can clearly see ynjvn gulp. oh, yes. he’s going to have fun with this later. later comes after the show when sbn meets ynjvn backstage.
ynjvn is sweaty, his hair sticking to his forehead and his shirt having wet patches around the hem at the neck. sbn thinks his boyfriend has never looked sexier. gazing down ynjvn’s body, sbn realizes that he’s still hard and he grins. they look at each other and ynjvn blushes.
he somewhat attempts to fix himself without anyone noticing, but the tight pants he’s wearing don’t really allow that. sbn steps closer, placing his hands on ynjvn’s waist as he leans in to kiss his cheek. “you did great, i couldn’t take my eyes off you.” he intentionally+
speaks in a lower tone than usual, enjoying the way it makes ynjvn shiver. ynjvn squirms a little in sbn’s hold but he doesn’t try to step away. “you’re evil.” sbn laughs. “i don’t know what you’re talking about, baby” as much as sbn would like to put his hands all over+
ynjvn’s body right now, the dressing room is still full of people, so he waits. to say he’s impatient would be an understatement. he doesn’t think he can wait until they’re home. — “sbn, where are we going?” ynjvn didn’t even get a chance to react when sbn pulled him out of+
the room, heading off to a more secluded part of the backstage area. after what almost feels like an eternity to sbn, he finally finds an empty room, far away enough from everyone. the door doesn’t lock, but it’s fine. ynjvn finally seems to have caught on and he gasps.
“here?” he lets sbn crowd him against the only table in the room, pushing himself up so he can sit on it. “couldn’t wait.” sbn stands in between ynjvn’s legs and leans in for a kiss. ynjvn meets him halfway and as soon as their lips meet, he moans quietly. obviously, he+
couldn’t wait either. ynjvn’s fingers curl into the short hair at sbn’s nape, tugging ever so slightly on it, giving away ynjvn’s eagerness. lucky for him, sbn likes having his hair pulled. sbn pulls ynjvn closer by his waist before he lets his hands wander underneath the+
other’s shirt. ynjvn’s skin is warm, still somewhat sticky from the sweat that has yet to dry fully. quickly, sbn parts from ynjvn’s lips so he can pull off his shirt and he’s just about to lean in for a kiss again when ynjvn tugs on his shirt, whining. “yours too.” and who’s+
sbn to say no? with a swift movement his shirt is off and he’s immediately pulled in by ynjvn. their chests are touching by how tightly ynjvn is pressing up against him. “babe, i can’t fuck you like this.” sbn kisses along ynjvn’s jawline and chuckles quietly when he hears+
him whine. but sbn is right, he can’t take off ynjvn’s pants like this. ynjvn’s pants which seem to be tenting even more now, telling sbn that his boyfriend is most definitely at his limit. sbn is about to step back, wants to give ynjvn room to slide off the table to be able+
to take off his pants when something catches his attention. there’s a mirror right behind the table and sbn almost moans. — sbn’s hand strokes along ynjvn’s exposed back. he’s bent over the table, supporting himself on his forearms. his pants are pooling at his ankles and sbn+
presses himself against ynjvn, his still clothed erection against ynjvn’s bare ass. ynjvn’s hips stutter forward, but with the table right in front of him he can’t really go anywhere. “sbn, please …” sbn chuckles. “can’t i admire the view for a bit?” and what a view this is.
ynjvn is arching his back just right, making his ass stick out. and then there’s the view in the mirror. sbn can see himself stand behind ynjvn and it’s almost perfect, just one thing is missing … “baby, raise your head.” it takes ynjvn a moment to register what sbn said, but+
when he looks up, he understands. “sbn, fuck …” sbn hasn’t even really touched ynjvn yet, but he looks absolutely wrecked. cheeks red, face sweaty. god, sbn wants to ruin him even more. he spits onto his fingers and carefully places them between ynjvn’s cheeks, right over+
his hole. “we don’t have lube baby, tell me if it’s too much.” he waits for ynjvn to nod before he slowly presses a finger inside. it goes in easily enough thankfully, but that’s only one. sbn knows that ynjvn doesn’t mind a little pain, remembers it well from the first time+
they fucked. but back then they had proper lube. as sbn prepares ynjvn, he carefully watches his reactions. when he adds a third finger, ynjvn hisses quietly and sbn pauses. they look at each other through the mirror and sbn almost cums in his pants. ynjvn looks like he’s+
been throughly fucked already. there’s tears at the corners of his eyes and his lips are swollen from biting them. “don’t stop, please.” “you’ll hurt yourself.” ynjvn grins at him. “you know i don’t mind.” oh yes, sbn knows. “well then…” with permission, sbn presses his+
fingers deeper, earning a gasp from ynjvn. he continues to let out choked off moans as sbn sets a steady pace thrusting his fingers into him. he’s incredibly tight around sbn’s fingers, but he loosens up after a while. ynjvn’s fingers cramp around the table’s edges, trying to+
find leverage. sbn tries to stretch ynjvn as best as he can, he knows they don’t really have a lot of time, but he still can’t help pressing his fingers into the small bundle of nerves inside ynjvn when he finds it, drawing a loud moan out of him. “baby, keep it down.”
ynjvn only lets him continue for a few more seconds before reaching behind himself to grab sbn’s wrist. they look at each other through the mirror and the look ynjvn gives sbn makes him shiver. “sbn, i swear to god if you don’t fuck me right now …” fuck, okay.
taking off his pants, sbn is conflicted for a second. fucking ynjvn in front of a mirror is hot, but … “babe, turn around, i want to see you.” — this is way better. ynjvn is back to sitting on the table, his legs wrapped around sbn’s waist. sbn pulls his hips closer and then+
he positions himself. he hold eye contact with ynjvn as he pushes inside and his mouth opens in a silent moan. he’ll never get tired of this feeling. ynjvn is clenching around him, his head dropping to rest his forehead against sbn’s. “slowly.” sbn takes his time, careful+
to not hurt ynjvn more than necessary. once he’s fully inside, sbn starts littering kisses all around ynjvn’s face, forehead, nose, lips. he gently caresses down his naked thighs, waiting for him to relax. “okay.” sbn can feel that ynjvn isn’t quite ready, so he starts+
moving his hips slowly, helping ynjvn to get used to it before he picks up the pace. “help me.” sbn reaches down between their bodies to wrap his hand around ynjvn’s cock. it’s rock hard and ynjvn instantly moans. his fingers dig into sbn’s shoulders and he tilts his head to+
kiss sbn. sbn is strangely reminded of their first time together when they fucked in the back of his car after one of ynjvn’s concerts. sbn thought he’d never see ynjvn again and now here he is. ynjvn parts his lips and allows their tongues to meet. as sbn’s thrusts speed up,+
ynjvn starts moaning into his mouth and soon they need to break apart for air. the only sounds that can be heard in the room are their moans and the slight creaking of the table being rocked back and forth due to their movements. ynjvn leans back a little, placing his hand+
behind himself to support his weight. it gives sbn more room to move and soon he’s thrusting into ynjvn at a much quicker pace. the sound of their skin slapping together is audible and sbn is glad that he’s chosen a room so far away from the others because there’s no way they’re+
quiet enough. “do you remember… the first time we fucked, it was after your concert as well…” sbn is out of breath and it takes him some effort to speak. ynjvn moans. “back then, you also looked at me like this … like you wanted to eat me.” “can you blame me? do you have+
any idea how sexy you look while performing? i can never take my eyes off you …” a particularly harsh thrust makes ynjvn gasp. he throws his head back and sbn uses the opportunity to bite into his neck, leaving a mark behind. “you know it … i’m sure you’re doing it on+
purpose. you get off on it, knowing that everyone wants to fuck you, don’t you?” ynjvn merely whimpers in response. sbn angles his thrusts more upwards and the next one hits ynjvn’s prostate. the moan ynjvn lets out is downright filthy and sbn smiles a little.
“but only i get to fuck you. only i get to hear you moan like this. you act like a whore on stage, but you’ll only spread your legs for me, isn’t that right?” ynjvn’s body is trembling from the intensity of sbn’s thrusts and he’s unable to answer. he just nods and sobs.
he can’t do anything but take what sbn gives him. his cock is leaking even though sbn is no longer touching it, needing both hands to support himself. “baby, do you think you can touch yourself for me?” sbn can feel himself getting closer to the edge, but he doesn’t want+
to cum first. ynjvn nods weakly and balances himself on one hand so he can wrap the other one around his cock. he sobs quietly at the first stroke and sbn knows that he’s close too. “sbn” “i’m here baby, i got you.” and then it doesn’t take much longer for ynjvn to tense+
around sbn and then he’s spilling all over his stomach with a loud moan. sbn curses quietly but doesn’t let up with his thrusts, now simply trying to chase his own orgasm. ynjvn’s body is being shaken by sbn’s thrusts and he begins to feel overwhelmed. he’s trembling and whining.
“sbn, baby … come on, please.” apparently that’s all sbn needs because with the next thrust he presses himself deep inside ynjvn and releases with a deep groan. ynjvn moans weakly at the feeling of being filled and he holds sbn while he comes down from his high.
they hold onto each other for a while before sbn leans back. he reaches out to gently brush the hair away from ynjvn’s sweaty forehead and they share a smile. ynjvn leans in to kiss sbn and when he leans back, the smile is still on his face. “i love you.” “i love you too.”


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