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klengπŸ₯‘ -loaded case readings-

klengπŸ₯‘ -loaded case readings-

Aug 23, 2022
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A #yoonminau where; This is just basically inspired by Taylor Swift song, You Belong With Me. [I AIN'T TAYLOR SWIFT BUT I KNOW YOU BELONG WITH ME]

TAGS: - One sided love at first... or not really - Taehyung is always an angel in every Yoonmin story - Namjoon and Jin are indeed their parents - Jk will always be the one to push his Yoongi hyung to think straight - Hobi is the ray of sunshine
Special participation of IU as the cheer captain of course hehe - Jimin will sing the song, of couese! - Crack and fluff (or i'm trying it to be a crack and fluff) - A very light angst it's just because...
Jimin thinks it wasn't fair to be this deeply and madly inlove with his bestfriend and yes, he knows how much a fool he is,
like right now, sitting on a bleacher while watching his bestfriend basketball practice and talking with the cheer captain and the most popular girl at school but he promise that they will both go home together so even his heart is falling into pieces, bleeding, hurting,
aching, crashing, he can't do anything.
He knows that Yoongi is dating Jieun for like a month now and it just slips out of his mouth one time when they're both drunk and that memory will always hunts and hurts him because that night he also planned to finally confess to Yoongi but alas,
he's still the bestfriend and nothing more.
"Chim!" The voice was enough to startle him and escape his thoughts, he smiles when he saw Taehyung and Jungkook running towards him, waving both of their hands, he can't keep his giggles just by seeing how energetic the two look like.
"Hey Tae! Hey Kook!" Taehyung is literally bouncing up and down while Jungkook is smiling widely, his bunny tooth is in full show. He tilt his head with a questioning look, questioning why on earth his soulmate for life and his dongsaeng is very happy and excited.
"Charannn!" Taehyung literally shoved a flyer right into his face, he immediately grabs it from Taehyung's hand, fixing his glasses he started to read the content of the flyer and he almost trips if he wasn't sitting so yeah, it was just an over reacting thinking,
he can't believe that their school has this kind of thing now or it's just because the newly elected Chairman of the Students Arts Affairs is their Jin-hyung, who's unpredictable enough and had the idea of paying some sexy macho dancer for the Valentines Day.
He stares for a good two minutes at all the words printed on the flyer and he knows that their Jin-hyung is the one who made it because it was obviously how their hyung would advertise this kind of thing.
Yes, their university always celebrates the spring a month before it ends but this is the first time that there would be a mini concert of some sort but most importantly,
what is the reason why Taehyung would basically run from the east wing to the sports hall just to shove the flyer into his face?
"Okay?" He really don't know what is really happening at the moment, Taehyung and Jungkook are still smiling at him like an idiot and he's not really happy about that, it feels like he knows what will happen and his heart starts to beat erratically. Well, shit!
"We already put you on the list Chim and you're going to sing! Whether you like it or not!" The bomb has been planted already and he's the detonator, his eyes are wide as it can be, glancing at the court,
he can still see Yoongi talking with Jieun while his hand is practically glued on her waist, it makes him pout, a pang of jealousy hits him at full force,
enough for his heart to break for the nth time in just one day, but he really needs to talk to Taehyung and Jungkook and in order to do that he needs to talk to Yoongi and explain to him that they can't go home together.
"Aish! Don't bother about him Chim, he's basically glued to Jieun-noona, just text him!" Taehyung grabs his left arm and pull him to stand, his pout is still visible but Taehyung is right,
the purpose of text messages is for people to talk with other people if they can't do it personally so, yes! he'll just text Yoongi and besides Yoongi wouldn't even mind, he'll maybe ask Jieun so he can drive her home.
"Fine, let's go at your place Tae, your eomma has the best kimchi!" Since Taehyung's house is nearer and most importantly most convenient to be at, they always goes there,
not that he's thinking that his house or Jungkook's aren't but they need to take a ride to be there. He immediately sent a text to Yoongi, saying sorry and he'll be with Jungkook and Taehyung, he wonders if Yoongi even saw them leaving the sports hall.
"Do you ever consider stopping the pining for yoongi-hyung?" They're walking when Jungkook suddenly asked, he's basically hugging Taehyung while walking and the scene was enough for him to coo.
Taehyung and Jungkook are in a relationship since senior year and now, they are all college sophomores. The question is not strange to him anymore, he always hears it from their friends, it's just Yoongi who doesn't know about it because he's an idiot but a cute idiot,
he never denies anything though, not with his friend.
He's been inlove, yes, that's true and does it hurt? well, yes it is but his heart seems to know more than his brain because if he let his brain decide then maybe he's dating other man right now but he knows,
his heart will always seek that one person so yes, he never stops pining or to be exact, he would never stop.
"I can't stop now Kookie, it's deep, very deep but I'm hoping that someday, if there is really no chance for us, I'll be okay and will have someone who can love me for real."
It's not a lie, he's more open for rejection rather than reciprocation of feelings, he knows that, especially now that Yoongi is dating someone and it's a girl, he knows Yoongi is bi but it doesn't mean that they have a chance or anything.
"But you know Chim, I think Yoongi hyung is just an idiot! A very real idiot! Remember when Taemin gave you five pieces of red roses as a thank you for helping him with his showcase
but Yoongi got the wrong idea since it's also valentines day and he decided to skip his whole afternoon class just to buy you a big bouquet of red roses!"
Well, he's furiously blushing just by remembering that day, it was really shocking, Yoongi literally barge in at their house and hand him the bouquet,
it makes him a blushing and stuttering mess but Yoongi just gave him his signature gummy smile before greeting him happy valentines.
"Oh yeah! and the one time that you're with Sunghon-hyung, he's asking for your help to ask Wonho on a date and Yoongi-hyung got the wrong idea again and think that you're dating him
so he basically diss Sunghon-hyung that he didn't know your favorite drink and that you're allergy with peanuts
but he ordered you a crisp peanut bread and how insensitive and inconsiderate it was! That was purely embarrassing by the way!"
Yes, he's not blind and numb, he knows that all those things really happened and yes it gives him hope for something,
something that may blossom but if really there is then he should be with Yoongi now and not still pining for him so it just means that, all of those are just because they're bestfriends.
"Stop planting ideas in my head guys, I'm okay being his bestfriend and he looks like he's really happy dating Jieun-noona so I'll just be happy for him."
They stop walking since they're already infront of Taehyung's house with a very brilliant yellow gate, both of his friends just nodded but he knows they're just worried about him.
Believe him when he says that he truly tried to date other people but Yoongi will always be there accidentally and he'll diss his date like it was nothing, he thought that it's because Yoongi doesn't want him to date someone but the idea was absurd because the next thing he knew,
Yoongi is dating the cheer captain who also happens to be the most popular girl in the university.
"Let's go inside, I think eomma is still not here though!" It's Taehyung who decided to cut the silence but he's looking towards Jungkook with a glint in his eyes and oh god! he knows what that look means.
"Fuck! Don't you dare while I'm with you!" He punch both of their arms, it's not that hard but enough to make them understand that he's not joking because he really is not, once is enough and twice is too much.
"I still remember your naked ass Tae and I will live with that memory forever!" He walk past them but the two has the decency to laugh at him like a mad man, oh how he wish he can bury both of them alive but he loves them too much so he'll endure it.
"At least we can do that since we're not PINING with a person for a very long time." Jungkook put an emphasis with the word pining but he just rolled his eyes before opening the door towards Taehyung's house,
they all have spare keys for all of their houses so basically, he has seven keys of houses with him.
"Let's just talk about why on earth did you put me on the list for the spring night?!" The two just shrug while still smiling but he really loves singing so maybe there is nothing to really worry about.
klengπŸ₯‘ -loaded case readings-
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