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Aug 23, 2022
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Tags; -alpha guk, omega tae -strangers to enemies to more? - not the ending if it's not happy - tw// panic attacks -smut 🔞, angst, fluff and all the good stuff -pls interact!! free cake for all 🍰

The plane hadn’t even taken off yet and Jeongguk was already a frickin wreck. He should just call Jimin, tell him there had been a change of plans, that he wouldn’t be able to make it, and get off this deathtrap.
How in the world Jimin had managed to talk him into this in the first place was beyond him. Jimin had been the one to move halfway across the country when he had landed a job at that fancy law firm. The least he could have done was have this wedding back home.
Maybe Jeongguk should just drive there after all. So what if it took him two whole days instead of a few hours? Okay—he’d most likely miss the wedding but so what? Would Jimin really want him to d*e for this?
Before Jeongguk could get up and put the plan into action (maybe if he drove really fast he would make it in time for the ceremony), the fasten seatbelt sign flashed on and the whole spiel began.
He quickly decided that the captain didn’t sound trustworthy and that there might be a conspiracy afoot since the seat next to him was empty. Under normal circumstances he would be happy about that—
no need to smile through some person chatting on about things he had no interest in whatsoever. Right now, he could use some idle chit-chat to distract him, though. “Can we offer you an omega to scent?” the flight attendant, a petite beta without any scent herself, asked.
She must have realized how uncomfortable Jeongguk was. “No, thank you,” Jeongguk replied. Of course, the airline always hired a couple of ‘omega flight attendants’ to come along for the flight and it was just part of their job,
letting strangers scent them to calm down anxious passengers. But it still felt a bit odd to Jeongguk. Scenting was supposed to be intimate, something to be done with family and lovers, not strangers on a plane.
He would try it the old-fashioned way: drinking his fears away. So instead of using a poor omega flight attendant to calm his nerves, he ordered a whiskey neat and hoped that the next few hours would pass quickly.
All was good and well (at least more or less) until they were half an hour away from their destination. Then the turbulence started and alcohol didn’t seem enough anymore to dull his senses. He was going to d*e on this plane.
This was only the second time he had set foot on one of those machines from hell and still his was the plane that was about to crash! He wouldn’t even get to tell Jimin an ‘I told you so.’
Squeezing his eyes shut, he gripped the armrest on either side of him and braced himself for the moment that the plane would inevitably fall out of the sky. But that moment never came.
Instead, the most awesome smell suddenly surrounded him as a hand was guiding his head to rest on a shoulder, his nose pressed to a scent gland that had to belong to an angel from the clear, fresh smell of it.
Had his guardian angel come to save him from certain death? “Deep breaths,” a deep, honey-rich voice instructed him. It didn’t really sound like an omega, but it sure as hell smelled like one, and Jeongguk was holding on for dear life, most likely literally.
But he didn’t even mind the shaking of the plane so much anymore. He could d*e like this, with this heavenly smell in his nose, that low voice in his ear that kept talking even though Jeongguk had trouble concentrating on the words,
and that hand holding his head in place, fingers brushing lightly against his neck. Then the plane stopped shaking as suddenly as it had started, and the flight continued smoothly.
Jeongguk kept his eyes closed for a while longer if only to stay in this nice dream where he had been saved by his angel for a moment longer. “Better?” the voice asked, and Jeongguk didn’t have an excuse anymore and so he blinked his eyes open.
Now that his brain had come back online, he knew of course that this omega in the seat next to him was not a real angel—even though he sure looked like one. Jeongguk hadn’t known that eyes could be that blue.
He almost got lost staring into them, but then he remembered to answer the question and quickly cleared his throat. “Y-yeah. Thanks.” Great. His voice came out shaky. Way to make a good impression as a brave alpha in front of this pretty little omega.
It had to be the omega flight attendant the beta had offered him to scent in order to calm his nerves. What a tattletale! She must have seen that Jeongguk was having a hard time and requested his services on Jeongguk’s behalf.
“Good. You just seemed to freak out there for a moment.” Jeongguk shrugged, trying to play it off. “Don’t really like planes. Flying is for birds. And angels,” he added as an afterthought. The omega smiled at that.
“Sorry that… you know… you had to let me…” He trailed off, not quite sure how to phrase it. It was part of his job after all, so Jeongguk didn’t really have to apologize at all. The smile on the omega’s face blossomed at Jeongguk’s embarrassing babbling. “I don’t mind.”
Of course he didn’t. Probably had to do that ten times a day for alphas who were just as pathetic as Jeongguk. “Yeah, well. Your scent has to be a real asset. Bet it gets people to calm down real quick, huh?”
Was he allowed to compliment the omega’s scent as part of his services? Or did that fall under sexual harassment? The omega certainly looked rather stunned. Jeongguk couldn’t be the first one to remark on his awesome scent, could he?
“I don’t really make it a habit to try and calm down alphas.” “Really?” Jeongguk asked, eyebrows shooting up. He hadn’t known that omega flight attendants could just decide not to do that part of the job. “I thought that’s what you guys were for?”
“Us guys?” the omega repeated. His tone of voice made it clear that Jeongguk had put his foot in his mouth in a bad way. Before Jeongguk could reassure him that he didn’t look down on omega flight attendants in any way, the omega continued,
“Had I known you were such an asshole, I would not have helped you.” With those words, he got up and briskly walked away. “Hey, no, that’s not what I meant!” Jeongguk called after him.
He hastily tried to get up too, but the stupid seatbelt was holding him back snapping him back down to his seat, and by the time he had freed himself, the flight attendant was long gone, probably tending to other alphas who were more sensitive about what they were saying.
When the beta came around the next time, Jeongguk realized that he didn’t even have a name he could ask for, so instead he asked for the ‘omega.’ After all, he hadn’t meant to be disrespectful, especially after the omega had helped Jeongguk through a panic attack.
He’d just have to explain to him that he was not good with words shortly after a near-death experience. “We have three omegas along for this flight,” the beta flight attendant informed him. “Lisa, Hyuna, and Mingyu.”
“Mingyu,” Jeongguk immediately said, relieved that this was all so easy. Too easy, as it turned out. Mingyu was not his mystery angel. Only when Jeongguk saw Mingyu’s uniform did he realize that omega flight attendants apparently had one too.
Since his omega hadn’t worn one, he had to be a passenger on the plane. This made the situation only ten times worse.
Some very old-fashioned alphas had views like these and Jeongguk would hate for the omega to think that he was one of them. ‘Asshole’ indeed.
He was just about to get up and scent for the omega when those damned seatbelt signs flashed again and the captain informed them that the descent was about to begin.
The universe didn’t seem to want him to get his chance at an apology. But maybe he would get his chance once they had landed…
Sideship: who is Jimin's fiancée? #taekookau
Jimin was waiting for him together with Yoongi at the airport, waving excitedly. Smiling, Jeongguk made his way over to them. Time to forget about the mystery omega. Jeongguk had been a bit disappointed when he hadn’t been able to find him in the crowd after landing.
But he was here for his brother after all, so he wouldn’t dampen the mood by sulking about what had happened on the plane. After exchanging hugs, Jimin looked him up and down and said, “Wow, you’re relaxed considering you’ve just been on a three-hour flight.”
Jeongguk rolled his eyes. “You’ve seen me after a flight exactly once.” “And that time it took you a whole day to calm down enough to stand on both feet again.” “He’s exaggerating,” Jeongguk told Yoongi, although he left out that it wasn’t by much.
In an attempt to get Jimin to stop pestering him about why he wasn’t more freaked out, Jeongguk decided to go for a joke that would get them to talk about the wedding, “So, any cute omegas as bridesmaids?” That’s when the scent hit him.
He turned around and sure enough, there was the omega from the plane, carrying a huge suitcase and looking right at him. Of fucking course he would walk by just as Jeongguk made a joke about omega bridesmaids.
Before Jeongguk could explain himself, Jimin just walked over to the omega and gave him a hug. What?! Well, yeah, he smelled awesome and all, but Jimin was engaged. Plus, you couldn’t just walk up to people and—
“Tae, this is my brother Jeongguk and my fiancée, Yoongi. Guys, this is Taehyung.” Oh. Yeah, that seemed about right. Of course his guardian angel would turn out to be Jimin’s old college friend. The same one Jimin had told him not to antagonize or hit on.
Seemed like Jeongguk had inadvertently done both already before they had even been properly introduced. “Oh… uhm… hi?” Jeongguk said, giving Tae a warm smile while rubbing the back of his neck,
trying to look as harmless as possible and not at all like the knothead Tae thought him to be. “Jeongguk!” Jimin murmured, a warning tone to his voice, accompanied by his ‘don’t hit on my omega friends’ look.
Tae, meanwhile, seemed unaware that Jimin was trying to protect him from unwanted alpha advances. “Nice to meet you,” he said, even though his scent that had turned wary told a different story. At least he wasn’t ratting him out to Jimin.
Although that meant that Jeongguk would have to try and catch him alone to explain the misunderstanding from before. While Jeongguk was thinking up ways to tell Tae that he really wasn’t that kind of alpha, Tae greeted Yoongi too,
immediately making the quieter beta reveal a gummy smile, of course this omega would be charming too. Once he was done, his eyes turned back to Jeongguk and they had some sort of silent staring contest.
It had started out with Jeongguk trying to communicate to the omega that he was a decent guy, but then he had gotten lost in those blue eyes again and now he was really just staring because those eyes were unnaturally beautiful…
“Uhm… okay then,” Jimin said, looking back and forth between them. He had undoubtedly picked up on something, but without anyone explaining, he had no way of knowing what was going on.
Always the chivalrous alpha, Jimin picked up Taehyung's suitcase and then led the way out of the airport and to their car. Seeing his chance to clear the air, Jeongguk grabbed the sleeve of Taehyung's trench coat to make him fall back with him a few steps. “Look, about before…”
“Jimin has always spoken very highly of you,” Tae interrupted him, looking straight ahead. “I do not wish to disrupt his special weekend by making him aware of certain… outdated views you might hold.” “Yeah, but that’s just it. I don’t hold any ‘outdated views.’
Actually, you’re gonna get a laugh out of this…” “I rarely get a laugh out of discriminatory behavior.” “Would you stop interrupting me? I’m trying to tell you something here. Plus, you know, it’s polite to look at a person when they’re talking to you.”
Tae turned to glare at him, and wow, those eyes were just as beautiful when they were resembling stormy clouds. But Jeongguk was trying to make a point here and telling Tae that he looked kinda adorable with his feathers ruffled would probably defeat the purpose.
“See?” Yoongi said, motioning over his shoulder at Jeongguk and Tae, who were walking a few steps behind them, in the middle of a whispered but heated conversation. “Babe, they are getting along.” Jimin glanced back at them too and sighed. Sparks were flying already.
This was what Jimin had been afraid of. Jeongguk had a terrible track record when it came to relationships with omegas. As in, he rarely entered one that went beyond a physical relationship,
ultimately pissing off the omega who would be trying to get him to do the ‘feelings thing’ as well (Jeongguk’s words). If Jeongguk was going to sleep with him, dump him, and cost Jimin one of his best friends, there would be hell to pay.
“Let’s just hope they won’t be getting along too well,” Jimin grumbled. He was starting to regret putting them up at the same hotel. During the day, he could keep an eye on them, but he would not be able to chaperone them at night.
Tae couldn’t believe that this was the Jeongguk he had heard so much about—who Jimin had practically raised, cute innocent maknae 'Kookie', ‘best baby brother and nicest alpha in the world.’
Well, he was certainly the best smelling alpha in the word, he’d give him that—a fact Jimin had neglected to mention. And the best looking one. Seriously, why was he always attracted to alpha assholes?
Although, with a scent and a smile like that, there probably wasn’t an omega in the world who wasn’t attracted to Jeon Jeongguk —which irked Tae more than he would like to admit. That was also most likely the reason Jeongguk had asked about omega bridesmaids,
knowing full well that they would swoon over him the second he gave them one of his charming smiles. The one he was currently trying on Tae, while making up a ridiculous excuse about confusing him with a flight attendant. Okay, that didn’t sound completely far-fetched.
Jeongguk had been really freaked out on the plane, he might actually have missed the fact that Tae wasn’t wearing a uniform. Still, he was obviously a flirt who was used to omegas dropping at his feet.
But Tae could totally make it through the next few days pretending to get along with Jeongguk—for Jimin’s sake. When he mentioned this plan to Jeongguk, the alpha agreed, and thus a truce had been established.
“They’re looking,” Tae whispered to Jeongguk without moving his lips when he caught Jimin and Yoongi sneaking suspicious glances at them. The next second, Jeongguk had snatched his hand and now they were… kind of just holding hands? What was happening?
“What are you doing?” Tae asked, but he left his hand where it was as to not attract Jimin and Yoongi’s attention. “Pretending that we’re getting along?” There was a clear ‘duh’ to his tone as if Tae was the unreasonable one here. “By holding hands?!”
Jimin did a double take when, the next time he shot a look over his shoulder, Jeongguk and Tae were frickin holding hands. That was fast, even for Jeongguk. “I think it’s cute,” Yoongi said who had read his expression correctly as usual.
“They have known each other for like two minutes.” At this speed, they were well on their way to Jeongguk breaking Taehyung's heart. It seemed like if Jimin wanted to make sure they didn’t hook up by the end of their stay here, he had his work cut out for him.
- g'night babiessss 😘 I'm loving writing jk's internal dilemma and saying the worst things in front of Tae — poor thing 🤭😂😂
Jimin suggested that Jeongguk could ride shotgun, which led Yoongi to roll his eyes but get into the back seat with Taehyung. Tae didn’t mind because his scent certainly wasn’t as confusing (or alluring) as Jeongguk’s.
Not that he didn’t still smell Jeongguk even over the myriad of scents in this car. He hadn’t paid too much attention to it on the plane, too focused on keeping the stranger who was having a panic attack calm. Now, though, it was hard to escape.
During the car ride to the hotel, they made small talk, catching up with Jimin and Yoongi, which at least got Taehyung's mind off the scent. After they had checked in to the hotel, they brought their luggage up to their rooms.
It was then that they realized they had adjacent rooms. Adjacent rooms with pretty thin walls, as it turned out. Jimin and Yoongi had accompanied Jeongguk into his room, which gave Tae a moment to catch his breath,
breathing in air without getting distracted by his omega trying to pick up on the Jeongguk-elements in the scent. He was just putting his clothes into the closet when he realized just how thin these walls were. “Stop hitting on my friends,” he heard Jimin say in the other room.
Hitting on him? Oh right, holding hands might have been construed as a romantic gesture. It hadn’t escaped his notice that Jeongguk hadn’t brought a plus one, either, so it was no wonder that Jimin had misunderstood Jeongguk’s behavior.
He couldn’t quite understand Jeongguk’s response—he had to be further away from the wall. Tae wasn’t proud of the fact that he took a step closer, trying to catch more of the conversation.
“…very nice scent,” Jeongguk was saying, and Tae could feel the pleased reaction of his omega. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one who had noticed the scent compatibility between them. Good. He hoped Jeongguk’s alpha was going just a bit crazy too.
“… don’t care… keep it in…. pants for one weekend… is Tae, not some fling…” Then there was the sound of feet stomping off and Tae quickly resumed putting away the rest of his things.
The rest of the day was spent with wedding preparations, which kept them busy. It had been a while since Tae had been in the presence of an alpha he was scent-compatible with.
That alone, he was willing to ignore, but it turned out that Jeongguk was actually a fun person to be around. A bit goofy maybe, but who was Tae to judge—he had been told by various people that he was ‘weird’ and ‘nerdy,’ so ‘goofy’ certainly didn’t bother him.
As a matter of fact, it was rather endearing. The more time Tae spent with Jeongguk, the more appealing the idea of a fling sounded because he sure would like to get closer to that enticing scent. Unfortunately, flirting was not exactly his forte.
So when he said, “So, alpha. Have you ever taken an omega flight attendant up on what he had to offer?”, trying and failing to employ a seductive tone, Jeongguk got all defensive and explained again—
that he hadn’t even asked for an omega flight attendant and had only accepted Taehyung's offer because he had been in the middle of a panic attack, and anyway, he would never take advantage of omegas like that.
Tae was just not letting his misunderstanding on the plane go, even though Jeongguk had explained himself and apologized twice already. It was a real shame too because the more Jeongguk learned about Tae, the more he realized that he wasn’t just a (very) nice-smelling omega,
but just the right kind of nerdy and sassy to make Jeongguk laugh and have more fun than he’d had in a long time. Unfortunately, his attempts at flirting went right over Taehyung's head, who seemed immune to his charm.
Subtle flirting had turned into heavy flirting when Tae hadn’t given any indication that he even realized he was being flirted with. First, Jeongguk had thought that Tae was just ignoring it because he wasn’t interested due to their rough start,
and Jeongguk was about to stop and leave him be. But then Tae had deadpanned, “Why would I want to hurt you?” with a confused head tilt when Jeongguk had said that he should hit him up sometime when they were back home.
So, Jeongguk came to the conclusion that Tae was simply the most clueless omega in the world. He had never before had an omega ignore his charming smile, flirty eyebrows, suggestive winks… How oblivious to social cues could one omega be?
At this rate, he could probably say, ‘Wanna make out?’ and Tae wouldn’t realize it was a come-on. When they finally came back to the hotel, Jeongguk was exhausted from the day—probably all part of Jimin’s plan to keep him from getting laid.
So, he said goodnight to Tae and went to his room. Taking a shower with some alone time sounded just like what he needed after a day of being teased by the most awesome omega scent.
As a fuck you to Jimin, he didn’t even try not to think of Tae when he took himself in hand and went for it.
Upon entering the bathroom, Tae could hear the shower in Jeongguk’s room running. Great, on top of everything, he’d have to make sure to stay quiet. No singing in the shower, that was for sure.
Tae started divesting his clothes quietly when suddenly, he heard a moan through the walls. Oh, was Jeongguk— Tae took a step closer, careful not to make a sound. His heart was beating a mile a minute when he heard a sexy groan over the sound of the running water.
There was no doubt about it. Jeongguk was touching himself. Tae could just see Jeongguk in his mind, under the spray of water, droplets running down his well-defined back, cock in hand and slowly teasing himself.
Maybe he was imagining that he was being sexually intimate with an omega. The thought excited him and there was a tingling feeling in his ass that told him his body was getting ready to accommodate an alpha’s cock. Sure enough, slick was starting to run down his thighs.
He slowly and quietly got rid of the rest of his clothes. He had been about to take a shower anyway. Getting naked was just part of the process here. Jeongguk’s moans started to get louder, interspersed with ‘yeah’s and ‘fuck’s that made Taehyung's own dick hard and leaking.
Deciding that he could keep quiet, he stepped into the shower. Of course, he couldn’t turn on the water, but it would make for an easier clean-up later. Then he began stroking his own erection, turned on by Jeongguk’s constant sex noises.
He still had Jeongguk’s scent in his nose and could just imagine the alpha roughly pushing him against the shower wall and sinking his cock all the way into his hole while kissing him breathless.
Then he’d set up a fast rhythm and would fuck him hard until he came deep inside of him. Tae caught himself mid-moan at the image and quickly quieted down. Luckily, Jeongguk was busy moaning himself and didn’t seem to have heard him.
“Fuck yeah! Take my knot!” Jeongguk was grunting and then there was a drawn-out moan that could only mean that Jeongguk was ejaculating while he imagined pushing his knot into an omega’s hole and pumping him full of his seed.
Tae's hole clenched hungrily around nothing and Tae followed Jeongguk over the edge, spending himself against the shower wall, trying to suppress the moan that wanted to escape as a call for the alpha who had just brought him to such an intense orgasm without even knowing it.
After, Tae tried to keep his breathing under control, afraid that Jeongguk might be able to hear him pant since the water had been shut off.
He waited for what felt like half an hour to be sure Jeongguk had left the bathroom before he turned on the water to clean up the evidence of what he had just done. Seemed like of the two of them, Jeongguk wasn’t the creepy one after all.
ode 🔞🌟

ode 🔞🌟

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