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"Sweet Escape" A KinnPorche AU wherein; In order to move on from his unreciprocated feelings towards his best friend.. Porche used Kinn as a rebound. But little did he know... he's slowly heading towards his sweet escape… Side story from this BBB Au of mine
"Sweet Chaos" A VegasPete AU wherein; Vegas is a type of person who doesn't want to be bothered, not until he met Pete—his soon to be step brother. The moment he tasted those lips of his... Vegas became addicted to him.. he's suddenly craving for Pete's attention.
ᵇᵃⁱᵇᵘⁱ|hiatus (still w/ BBB)
•4MINUTES ━˄━∨━ •Baiben's summer and Bui's blue martini •You got my back I got you I trust you •ISTP-T•
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