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a 🔞#yoonkook drabble where yoongi just really doesn't want to turn thirty still a virgin and jungkook has... feelings about that.

[1] “Jungkook, I would like you to sit down,” Yoongi said firmly, trying to appear more confident and put together than he felt. The man in question, who was already sprawled out on Yoongi’s bed, looked up from his phone in question. “As opposed to what I’m doing now..?”
[2] Yoongi cursed. When he had practiced this in his head, Jungkook had been standing. But he wasn’t standing now. He was lying down and now Yoongi looked like a moron. “Um, yes. I’d like you to sit for this conversation?”
[3] Raising a brow at Yoongi’s awkwardness, Jungkook did as asked and sat up, crossing his legs as he did so. “Ok? What’s so important that I had to be sitting?” Now or never. Just take a deep breath and say it. Just… say it. Just… “I’d like for us to have sexual intercourse.”
[4] /Wow, you fucking loser. Who the fuck talks like that?/
[5] Jungkook, understandably confused by the wording, blinked a few times before speaking slowly, “Um, not that I’m saying no, I’d love to, but, well, why?” “Does one need a reason?” Yoongi hedged.
[6] /Why are you talking like a mid-century nobleman? Who the fuck are you?/
[7] “Well, not always, no, but considering the way you’re talking to me right now, I’m going to go with yea, we need a reason,” Jungkook explained, his disbelief about the whole situation practically rolling off him in waves.
[8] “I see,” Yoongi said quietly, then stood and folded his hands behind his back before starting to pace. Jungkook watched him in confusion slowly morphing into worry. Yoongi was acting weird. He was talking like a grandpa, even more so than usual, and now he was pacing.
[9] Jungkook was more concerned with that than the initial proposition. “Hyung, is everything ok?” Yoongi looked over at him then away, continuing to pace. “You’re aware my thirtieth birthday is next week.” “Yes…” Jungkook confirmed.
[10] “Well, I’d like to sleep with someone before that,” Yoongi explained. “Like you want to get laid for your birthday?” “Yes and no,” Yoongi sighed then stopped right in front of where Jungkook was seated on his bed. “I would like to have sex /at all/ before my birthday.”
[11] Jungkook stared at him for a moment, still not getting what Yoongi was trying to say. He just stared at him, watching the blush rise on Yoongi’s cheeks. What did he mean by ‘at all’? Did he mean— “Wait, you’re a virgin?” Yoongi winced and nodded. “Technically, yes.”
[12] “I feel like there is no ‘technically’ here. Either you are or aren’t,” Jungkook said. “Then yes. I am.” “But how?” “By not having sex, Jungkook!” Yoongi snapped, starting to get embarrassed. He just wanted to get this over with, why was Jungkook asking so many questions?
[13] “I mean, I get that… but like… /how/?” Jungkook asked again. “You’re so pretty and nice? You date too…” Yoongi sighed and shrugged. “It just never happened and now I just… I don’t want to turn thirty still a virgin, so will you or not?”
[14] Jungkook hesitated a moment. “Hyung, I’d love to. Seriously, I would. But I don’t want you to just… do it because you feel like there’s a time limit or something.” “It’s not that,” Yoongi said, then winced and tried again, “it’s not that /entirely/.” “Then what is it?”
[15] “I’m nervous,” Yoongi admitted quietly, his eyes flicking to Jungkook’s and away. This was all so much more embarrassing than it’d been when he’d practiced in his head. Consider how awkward he’d thought it would be, that was saying a lot. “Nervous?”
[16] “I just… I don’t want it to be bad for me or the person I’m with and every time I try to do more than foreplay I panic and back out and I just feel like I wouldn’t do that with you. You make me comfortable.” “I do?”
[17] Yoongi nodded. “You do. I know you’d be patient and make sure we both felt good and I… I wanted it to be you.” Jungkook licked his lips. The only reason he was hesitating was that he didn’t want Yoongi to have sex with him out of some stupid fear of societal judgment.
[18] He’d fantasized about Yoongi far too many times to pretend he wasn’t interested. “Look, hyung. I want to but I— I don’t think I can.” “Why?” Yoongi asked, his shoulders falling. “I promise I won’t get clingy or whatever shitty things people say virgins will do. I promise—”
[19] “It’s the opposite, actually,” Jungkook interrupted, smiling briefly. “I don’t think I can do a one-time thing, hyung. Not with you. If you want someone to just… check off a box, I can’t do it.”
[20] At first, Yoongi didn’t understand. Jungkook had one-night stands all the time, that was part of the reason Yoongi had been able to work up the confidence to ask him, so why couldn’t he do that with Yoongi? “Am I not… are you not… um… is it me?”
[21] Sighing heavily, Jungkook scooted to the end of the bed, his legs falling on either side of Yoongi’s knees. “Yes, it is you. But not in the way you’re clearly thinking right now.” “I don’t understand,” Yoongi admitted, licking his lips.
[22] “I see that,” Jungkook agreed, then decided /fuck it/ and confessed, “I like you. I think about you a lot, fantasize about you even more. It’s not that serious right now, just a thing that exists, but if we slept together I won’t be able to hold that feeling back anymore.”
[23] “You… like me? Like romantically?” Jungkook smiled sheepishly and nodded. “I do.” Yoongi tilted his head. “Why didn’t you ever say anything?” “We’re friends. You’re my hyung. I don’t know.” Jungkook shrugged. “It just didn’t make sense to me to risk that.”
[24] “But if we sleep together you will,” Yoongi surmised. “I’d have to. I don’t think I’d be able to touch you and go back to before. I’m not strong enough for that.” “What if… what if you didn’t have to?” Yoongi offered, his eyes darting to Jungkook’s face and then away.
[25] “I thought you wanted a one-time thing?” Jungkook asked, raising a brow. “Well, I did. I do. But, um, I chose you for a reason,” Yoongi explained vaguely. “You’re the only one I could imagine doing this with.”
[26] Jungkook reached out, tilting Yoongi’s chin up so they were forced to make eye contact. Yoongi always had a way of looking away from people when he spoke. Probably because his eyes were so honest.
[27] As they were now. Jungkook’s thumb moved up, swiping over Yoongi’s bottom lip gently. “Then I’d be honoured, hyung.” Yoongi smiled. “You would?” “I would,” Jungkook confirmed. “How do you want to do this?” “Um, well, I don’t really know?”
[28] “What have you tried?” Jungkook said frankly. “A little of everything, but I didn’t like…” Yoongi grimaced; this was so awkward. “I didn’t like fingering myself. I couldn’t make it feel good.”
[29] “Okay,” Jungkook said, nodding. “That might just be because you didn’t know what to do, but you can top this time.” Yoongi’s eyes widened then he smiled. “This time. Right.” Jungkook’s lips kicked up. “Why don’t we lay down, kiss a little, and see where things go?”
[30] “Okay,” Yoongi agreed, crawling onto the far side of the bed. Jungkook watched his ass, feeling the sudden need to growl, only to flush when he looked up and caught Yoongi watching him, his eyebrow raised. “An ass man, I see.”
[31] “I can appreciate one, yes,” Jungkook agreed, sliding in beside Yoongi, who laid on his back, his body tense. “You need to relax.” “I know, I’m just awkward,” Yoongi said with a snort. “Nothing new there.”
[32] Jungkook smiled and shook his head, then turned onto his side, moving his hand up so he could stroke his cheek. They were always so round and he wanted to pinch them. Right now he wanted Yoongi to relax though, so he leaned forward, sliding their lips together.
[33] Yoongi exhaled softly, his body still tense, but his lips moved easily against Jungkook’s. Intent on making sure Yoongi enjoyed the process, Jungkook kept his hand on Yoongi’s face, only adding more pressure to his lips as he swept a tongue inside, deepening the kiss.
[34] He could feel Yoongi relax against him gradually, all the tension he’d built up draining away as he shifted closer to Jungkook, his mouth moving faster as he took control of the kiss, sucking on Jungkook’s tongue. Jungkook groaned, surprised, and felt Yoongi smile.
[35] This suited Yoongi better. Confident, sure of himself, not hesitant or nervous. While Jungkook understood, he didn’t want to see Yoongi that way. This was so much better. He liked it so much more. So he let his hand drift down to Yoongi’s hip and slide around to his back.
[36] Yoongi shuddered lightly, his hips kicking forward, subtly grinding against him. Jungkook let him do what he wanted, liking the way Yoongi sought to make himself feel good, let himself go enough to just enjoy himself without worrying.
[37] “Jungkook,” Yoongi whispered, looking up at him with wide eyes. “I don’t know what to do next. Porn isn’t a great teacher.” “No,” Jungkook agreed, laughing lightly. “Why don’t we strip?” “Okay,” Yoongi agreed, sitting up so he could toss his shirt away.
[38] When he was slipping off his pants, he looked over at Jungkook, who was digging through Yoongi’s side table for supplies, and let his eyes trail along Jungkook’s back muscles.
[39] He had a sudden image of them flexing under him, of his shoulder blades shifting and rolling together as he moved up and down, and shuddered. “You’re so pretty.” Jungkook looked back, his expression surprised, then he smiled. “You too.” “Thanks.”
[40] Humming in reply, Jungkook placed the lube he’d grabbed on the table. “Do you have condoms somewhere else?” “Oh, shit. No.”
[41] “I should have one,” Jungkook hoped, sliding out of bed so he could grab his bag. He pulled out his wallet and flipped it open, smiling triumphantly when he found two tucked in the billfold. “Perfect.”
[42] Yoongi nodded, his eyes on the lube. “Should I… finger you?” “Do you want to?” Jungkook asked as he stepped out of his jeans and climbed back into bed. Considering for a moment, Yoongi nodded. “I do.” “Ok then,” Jungkook agreed, shifting until he was laying on his back.
[43] He looked at Yoongi for a moment, assessing his comfort level, and then pulled his boxers off. He wasn’t really hard yet, only slightly turned on from Yoongi rubbing against him earlier, but he figured he looked ok. If Yoongi’s expression was anything to go by anyway.
[44] Yoongi stared at him for a moment, his hand reaching out until he could trail his fingers over Jungkook’s cock, smiling when it jumped under his touch, hardening slightly. “Can I suck you off?” “If you want,” Jungkook said easily.
[45] Feeling a flash of confidence, Yoongi winked at him and moved until he was in between Jungkook’s thighs, so he could lean down and flick his tongue out, suckling on the head of his cock. This was an area with which he was familiar. He’d given blowjobs before.
[46] Wanting to make Jungkook feel good, Yoongi swallowed him down, sucking harshly so he could feel his cock harden on his tongue. There was a tangy taste of precum at the back of his throat already and he groaned, dragging his lips up to the tip as he did so.
[47] Jungkook’s hand darted to his head, carding through his hair and tightening as Yoongi started to bob his head, his eyes fixed on Jungkook’s face. He may not know how to do everything else so that it actually felt good, but he could do this.
[48] “Hyung, shit,” Jungkook gasped out, his eyes narrowed as he tried to keep them open. Yoongi hummed, making Jungkook moan from the vibrations, then pulled off. “Yea?” “Finger me open at the same time, okay? That’ll work better,” Jungkook advised.
[49] He felt like he was having an otherworldly experience. Yoongi was always the one telling him what to do and how to do it and yet here he was, doing that for Yoongi. In bed, no less. It made him feel good in a way he hadn’t really expected.
[50] Taking Jungkook’s advice, Yoongi grabbed the lube and poured some on his fingers, warming it up as he put the bottle down. “I know how this works, obviously, but when I did it, it felt terrible.”
[51] “That’s okay. Just start slow, I’ll guide you,” Jungkook assured him. “Just one for now.” “Okay,” Yoongi agreed, leaning back down to take Jungkook’s dick back in his mouth as he prodded Jungkook’s hole before slipping his middle finger in.
[52] Jungkook’s hole gave way under the pressure, much different than Yoongi’s had, and Jungkook sighed, his head falling back as his legs widened. Yoongi watched him, somewhat awed, as he started to move his finger in and out.
[53] “That’s good. Like that,” Jungkook praised, shifting his hips down to meet Yoongi as he fingered him. It wasn’t the best, but it felt good enough when paired with Yoongi’s very talented tongue, so before too long, he was asking for another. “You can add another one.”
[54] “Already?” Yoongi asked, lapping up some precum that had dribbled out. “Yes. When they’re both in, widen them, push at the walls.” Nodding, Yoongi did as he was told. At first, Jungkook didn’t really react, but Yoongi was undaunted.
[55] People always said this felt good. It couldn’t just be /him/, right? He kept thrusting his fingers, kept teasing Jungkook’s dick as he did so, until Jungkook jolted violently under him, his mouth falling open on a moan. Yoongi’s eyes widened. “Did I just find your prostate?”
[56] “Yes, now keep rubbing it!” Jungkook snapped, his demand more whiny than anything else. He hadn’t meant to order so quickly or harshly, but it felt good and he wanted Yoongi to know how he was affecting him.
[56] Yoongi felt a rush of pride and practically jabbed it, his eyes glued to the way Jungkook trembled and moaned with every touch. Would he feel that good? He wanted to try it. He wanted Jungkook to show him. “So pretty, Jungkook.”
[57] “Fuck, hyung. Okay. I’m good. I’m going to fucking cum already, you need to fuck me,” Jungkook ordered, his attention fraying as Yoongi continued to move his fingers even as Jungkook spoke.
[58] He needed to tell Yoongi what to do but he had underestimated his dedication to milking his prostate and it had taken pretty much all his self-control not to cum already. Dedication made inexperienced its bitch, he supposed.
[59] Scrambling up, Yoongi withdrew his fingers and grabbed the condom and rolled it on, his hand hesitating near the lube bottle. “Should I add more?” “Yea, spread it on your dick,” Jungkook instructed, then proceeded to do it himself.
[60] Yoongi trembled, only then realizing he hadn’t actually touched himself this entire time. That was probably for the best. Even Jungkook’s hand on him felt like too much. He had no idea what he was going to do once he actually entered him.
[70] But he didn’t have time to worry because Jungkook guided him forward while Yoongi watched, his tattooed hand holding him gently as he lined Yoongi up before letting go. “Push in slow.”
[71] “Ok,” Yoongi said again, his hands gripping Jungkook’s hips as he pressed forward, watching in fascination as the head popped in abruptly, then the rest disappeared slowly inch by inch. Yoongi had not expected this.
[72] His imagination and all the porn in the world were nothing to the feeling of Jungkook squeezing around him, to the look on his face as he moaned with every slow, torturous push. Yoongi wanted to cum already but he also didn’t. He wanted to see more.
[73] When he bottomed out, Yoongi paused, unsure if he should just start moving. They did in porn but he felt like that was wrong. Jungkook confirmed his theory. “Give me a sec.” “Does it hurt?” “No,” Jungkook assured, shaking his head. “Just need to relax. Feels good.” “Yea?”
[74] “Yea, hyung. Your dick feels good,” Jungkook praised, smiling when Yoongi flushed, the pink colour travelling down his neck to his chest. As he watched, Jungkook felt his body relax and lifted his leg, tapping just under his knee. “Hold my legs here.”
[75] “Both of them?” Yoongi asked, grabbing Jungkook’s legs and pushing them back. The movement made Jungkook tighten around him and he moaned, his eyes squeezing shut as he took a deep breath. “You’re flexible.”
[76] “Can’t wait to see how I can bend you,” Jungkook admitted, “but first I want you to make me cum, hyung.” Yoongi opened his eyes. “I can do that.” “Then fuck me,” Jungkook instructed, smiling when Yoongi pulled back out and slammed forward.
[77] It was sloppy at first, uncoordinated, but Jungkook had expected that. Just as he expected the line to appear between Yoongi’s brow as he started to shift his weight, started to read the way Jungkook reacted to his thrusts. He really was dedicated and it paid off big time.
[78] He eventually found Jungkook’s prostate again and targeted it, smiling when Jungkoook spasmed around him, his legs shaking as he cried out. As he’d said, dedication made inexperience its bitch. It wasn’t the best sex Jungkook had ever had. It wasn’t even close honestly.
[79] But that didn’t matter. He lost himself in watching Yoongi’s face, the determined look in his eyes and the way he bit his lip, clearly so intent on making Jungkook cum. It was just so Yoongi that Jungkook felt his stomach tense in response.
[80] The best sex in the world couldn’t compete with this. Of that, he had no doubt. “Touch me, hyung. Jerk me off. I’m so close.” Yoongi’s eyes snapped up, his hand falling away from Jungkook’s right leg and wrapping around his dick quickly.
[81] He started to stroke him brutally, not bothering to match his own thrusts, but Jungkook didn’t care about that either. Not when Yoongi was murmuring compliments, so quiet Jungkook wasn’t even sure he meant to say them out loud.
[82] Just small /so beautiful, feels so good, so perfect, Kookie/ until Jungkook shattered, cumming all over his own chest and Yoongi’s hand.
[83] Yoongi got to see a few seconds, got to see the way Jungkook’s eyes rolled back and he moaned Yoongi’s name, got to see what he had done, before the last of his determination not to cum wore away and he fell, cumming into the condom as Jungkook clenched around him.
[84] Collapsing into Jungkook’s chest, Yoongi sighed. “Sorry.” “For?” Jungkook wondered, smiling at how small Yoongi felt against his chest. “Should be cleaning you up. That’s proper, right?” “I’ll let it go this one time,” Jungkook decided, “because I want cuddles.”
[85] “Those I have ample experience in. You could say I’m an expert.” “Then please teach me, oh master cuddler.” Yoongi snorted and snuggled closer, uncaring of the cum smeared between them. He was far too content to care.
[86] As first times went, Yoongi figured this was high up on the list. At least for him. He had a few other firsts to try though and he couldn’t wait to see if one was better. As long as they were with Jungkook, he was sure they would be. And he couldn’t wait.
a 🔞#yoonkook drabble sequel where, after losing his virginity to jungkook, yoongi can't help but want to try bottoming instead.
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