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If any BJH ifan wants to learn more about how SK fan boards are manipulated by antis and why P*nnChoa is fraudulent, I suggest reading this. To summarize: all idol fan communities are totally anonymous so anyone incl. antis can post, but Pann and DCG are the worst. DCG subforums

as well as KKT groups and chatrooms (not mentioned) are effectively anti communities and actively organize to make negative posts, brigade them with negative comments, get them trending, and send them to reporters (!) who are eager for clickbait. It's very easy for these same

people to manipulate article reactions. Basically, in just a few hours, it's possible to manufacture a controversy that defames the artist. Over the past few years, some people have tried to point to comments from online communities like PC to argue that BJH is some hated figure

who SM retains only as a charity case. Setting aside her tremendous economic value and the interest she generates, these comments are not reliable. Pretty much all of the post 1022 "controversies" like the luggage cart nonsense, the Elle issue, KKH's family IG story that was

turned into a screed on fans were spread by antis. Perhaps you, a normal person, might be thinking: this kind of behavior is excessive even for haters! Unfortunately complex anti schemes exist. In 2021, "The Slave Room," a chatroom that organized people to attack a major GG was

exposed for blackmailing (!!) minors into spreading malicious comments/rumors. Of course, this is an extreme, and most anti communities/fans don't delve into blackmail, but they are committed and pathetic. PC worsens this by cherrypicking hateful comments to maximize clickbait.

S0jang is a YT channel that is perhaps even worse than Pann and spreads baseless rumors. The owner is now being sued by KQ Ent. but they have been around for years. Unfortunately, SM has so far failed to take any action on behalf of BJH re: anything. When you take PC, clickbait

articles (in SK, there is more incentive to clickbait due to the removal of portal trends), and rubbish YT channels seriously, you're giving antis what they want and making money for sleazy people. It is better to report these posts to SM and minimize engagement. Finally, some

Irene kfans think that BJH antis are likely fans of other members or SM groups. This is b/c much of the material used to manufacture issues was highly specific to fan spaces (e.g. random Bali pics, fan comments on IG). Whether you subscribe to this theory or not is up to you, but

one thing is clear: antis are familiar with fan spaces and are probably active on bubble. This limits what BJH and what K-baetokkis can say publicly. Therefore, it's best to take cues from what she's said in the past (e.g. she wants to do stuff as BJH), her recent responses to

fans ("I'd like to do a solo and act," or "I don't understand why we aren't filming"), actions of people w/ her (her stylist posting a story w/ Daylight after W&H was announced), and her happiness while working. We should keep demanding that SM do more…



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220726 plusebani Instagram Story update… IRENE SOLO VARIETY SHOW #IRENE #아이린

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to protect her by taking action against malicious commenters AND promote her. I hope that @IRENE advocate can continue mass email efforts. She still has no highlight or known work for the rest of the year despite there also being no group schedules.…

Some have argued that Irene herself is disinterested in solo work. However, this is inconsistent with her own statements, from 2018, up until now. We made a clip summarizing some of these moments and are sharing it here.

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