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Sep 3, 2022
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All Your’n | YM AU | 🔞 JM is visiting his grandparents in Busan over the summer when the guy next door catches his eye.

- FtM JM - strangers to lovers - outdoor sex - university student JM - handyman YG
Nana washes while JM dries, standing at the sink below the big, open window that looks across the yard to the neighbor’s barn.
JM watches with bated breath as several yards away, Min YG lifts the hem of his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face, paused in the middle of wheeling a load of firewood toward the storage shed around back. JM swallows hard, hands stilled in their drying.
Nana clucks her tongue and JM startles, jumping and nearly dropping the plate in his hands. She’s not looking at him, though; her gaze is out the window, following YG as he continues his trek.
“That boy’s been outside all morning.” She shakes her head, eyes narrowed in disapproval. She hands JM a clean glass to dry. “You’ll take him lunch when we’re done here.” JM’s eyes go wide.
“Nana—“ She rolls her eyes. “Don’t act like you won’t appreciate a closer look.” JM flushes pink, but he doesn’t argue, grumbling under his breath about nosy grandmothers. Nana elects to ignore him. They finish the dishes in peace.
Nana makes a plate of leftovers from their lunch and wraps it in foil before handing it off to JM. “Here we go.” She looks pleased. JM nearly drops the unexpectedly heavy dish. “Should be enough for dinner as well.”
JM arches a brow, holding the plate close. “Do you always feed him?” He asks, curious. Nana shakes her head. “He’s actually quite the cook.” She admits, turning away to watch out the window again, arms crossed. “I think he just forgets sometimes.”
“To eat?” JM asks, incredulous. Nana shoots him a look. “How many times has your mama scolded you for skipping meals to practice?” She asks, reminding him. He purses his lips, gaze sliding away from hers. He doesn’t respond. She huffs, point made.
“Hurry up before it gets cold.” She says, shooing him toward the back door. JM pouts, but goes. YG’s in the barn when JM approaches, head bent low over the engine of an old truck, hood propped open by a metal rod.
There’s music playing from an old radio on the workbench by the far wall. JM clears his throat.
YG drops something in the truck’s innards, cursing under his breath as he turns to see JM standing between the open barn doors with his plate of cold food. YG squints at him, straightening as he wipes his greasy hands off on a dirty shop towel.
“JM, right?” He asks, stepping closer. He nods to the plate in JM’s hands. “That for me?” JM nods, throat dry. His voice is deeper than JM imagined.
There’s a streak of grease high on YG’s right cheek and the tank top he’s wearing is stained, muscular arms on display as he reaches forward to take the plate from JM’s hands. “You okay?” YG asks, plate firmly in his own grasp now. There’s a furrow in his brow, concerned.
JM nods again, clearing his throat before he speaks. “Yeah!” He squeaks. He shakes his head, swallowing hard. “Yeah, sorry, I’m good.” YG looks amused, eyebrows raised. He gestures with the plate. “Are you hungry? Your grandmother always sends too much.”
JM opens his mouth to say that he’s already eaten, but finds himself saying the words “That’d be great.” instead. He grinds his back teeth together, annoyed at himself and smiles a stiff grin when YG smiles in response.
“We can go into the house, then.” YG says, nodding to the open doors. “Utensils and less dirt.” JM laughs, nervous. “Yeah, of course.” He stands there in the way, unmoving, until YG cracks a smirk, head tilted to one side, eyebrows lifted.
“Lead the way.” He says and JM blinks before turning quickly and rushing out through the doors. He stops abruptly halfway between the barn and the house, looking back at YG expectantly.
YG smiles and passes him, leading the way up the back steps and into the house's kitchen. JM follows curiously, looking around at the dated furniture and appliances while YG sets the plate of food on the scarred dining table.
“Do you want some tea?” YG asks. JM blinks. He nods, smiling shyly. “Yes, please.” YG nods and turns away from JM to take the kettle from the stovetop and fill it with water at the sink.
“You can have a seat.” YG says, looking back at JM over his shoulder. JM sits primly, hands folded in his lap. He watches YG move around the kitchen, grabbing plates and cups from the cabinets, back and arm muscles shifting under his skin. JM licks his lips.
“How long are you going to be here?” JM asks. “I’m just here for a couple weeks.” YG quirks a brow, setting a heavy teapot in the center of the table. “I live here.” He says, amused. “I moved in a few months ago.” “Oh.” JM’s eyes are wide. “I thought you lived in Seoul.”
YG tilts his head to the side, questioning. JM blushes. “Your grandma talked a lot about you.” “You knew her?” YG asks, grabbing the kettle before it can whistle and carefully filling the teapot to steep.
JM nods. “I come every summer, so…” “Ah.” YG nods back, turning away again. He opens the fridge and then closes it without pulling anything out. He turns back to face JM, clearing his throat. “I didn’t get to visit much.” JM bites his lip. “I’m sorry.” YG shrugs.
“My own fault.” He says, dismissive. “We should eat.” JM takes it upon himself to fill the two plates YG set out while the other man pours their tea. He takes the seat across from JM with a smile. “Thank you for the food.” He says before tucking in.
JM watches him for a moment before looking at his own plate. They eat in silence. YG finishes first, pushing his empty plate away. He wipes his mouth and clears throat. “How long are you here for?” He asks.
JM blinks. “Oh, uh—“ He takes a sip of tea. “Two more weeks?” “And then you go back to…?” “Seoul. University. Not Seoul University, but—“ JM pauses, shaking his head. “I’m studying ballet at Kyung Hee.”
YG’s eyebrows go high and he whistles. “Impressive.” JM blushes red. He shrugs. “I do my best.” “You’re best must be pretty damn good.” YG appraises. JM preens, sitting up straighter in his seat. “I do okay.” He demurs.
YG smirks. “I’m sure you do more than okay. Are you aiming for the national ballet when you graduate?” JM smiles, looking down at the table. “I plan to audition next year.” “Exciting.” JM nods. “My teachers think I have a good chance.” “That’s very cool.” YG smiles.
JM beams. “What about you?” He gestures around the tiny kitchen. “What do you?” YG shrugs. “Lots of things. Odd jobs around the village.” “What about before?” JM asks, curious. “In Seoul.” YG frowns, looking at his hands then back up at JM. “I was a lawyer.” He admits.
JM blinks. “A lawyer?” YG’s grin is wry. “I don’t look the part?” “Not really.” JM shrugs. “I think this place suits you more.” “Yeah,” YG expression turns thoughtful. “I think so too.”
They’re quiet. JM finishes his meal and pushes his plate away. He clears his throat. “I should probably get back.” JM says quietly. YG nods. “Thank you for joining me.” He says. JM smiles. “Anytime.”
YG looks him steadily in the eyes. “I’ll remember that.” JM flushes, ducking his head. He says his goodbyes and speed walks home to where his grandmother waits with a sparkle in her eye. “You were gone a while.” She notes mildly from her recliner.
JM crosses his arms, huffing. “I stayed for lunch.” Nana titters. “A lunch you already ate? Aren’t you bursting?” “Yes.” He admits, rubbing his stomach. He flops onto the sofa to her right with a groan. “I’m so full.” “You could’ve said no.” JM pulls a face.
“I was being polite.” He mutters. “Hm.” JM pouts, but stays quiet. “When are you going back over?” She asks. JM stays mutinously quiet. “JM?” She prods. He huffs, rolling over to face to back of the sofa. He mutters something into the fabric.
“What was that?” Nana asks, amused. JM groans, pulling his head back from the couch to speak more clearly. “I don’t know.” He grumbles. Nana hums quietly. “I’m sure he won’t mind your company tomorrow.” JM doesn’t respond.
JM digs through his luggage the next morning and pulls out a pair of tiny denim shorts. He holds them out in front of himself at arm’s length, thinking. Nana will say something. He /knows/ Nana will say something.
“Where are you going dressed like that?” Nana asks the moment JM’s feet hit the landing. JM rolls his eyes, cheeks hot. He frowns at her. “Nowhere.” He sniffs. She smirks at him. “Sure.” JM storms away, into the kitchen.
He pours himself a cup of coffee and steps up to the sink to look outside, keeping his eyes on the tree line and away from the neighbor’s barn. He stays there until he sees YG turn the corner around the side of the barn, setting his half-empty mug in the sink.
He walks back into the living room and sits down to watch the weather channel with Nana, tapping his toes against the wooden floor until Nana gets tired of him. “Will you get up and go already?” She huffs. JM scowls. “Go where?” Nana cuts a look his way.
“It’s too early for you to be tip-tappin’ on my nerves.” She says evenly. “I didn’t even do anything!” Nana huffs. “You’ve got a bee in your bonnet.” She tsks. “Just go over there, say hello, take a muffin if you need an excuse.”
JM purses his lips, turning his attention back to the TV. He last 5 minutes. Nana chuckles as he stands and stomps into the kitchen, grabbing 2 blueberry muffins from the cake plate and wrapping them in foil. “Goodbye, JM!” Nana calls from her seat as he exits the back door.
JM resists the impulse to flick her off like he would his friends, letting the screen door slam shut behind him instead. He can imagine her fussing at the racket and it makes him smile.
He keeps that smile on his face as he traverses the yards separating his grandparent’s land from YG’s, pausing outside of the open barn doors to enjoy the view. YG is back under the hood of the old truck, the sleeves of his gray henley rolled up to his elbows.
The fabric clings to YG’s back and shoulders, muscles flexing and shifting as he works. JM shakes himself after a long moment, pink staining his cheeks. He clears his throat.
YG keeps hold of his tools this time, turning to face JM with a frown that lifts as soon as they make eye contact. “What’re you doing out so early?” YG asks, settling back against the truck’s grille with his arms crossed loosely over his chest.
JM tears his eyes from YG’s forearms to meet the man’s gaze. He licks his lips, mind blanking. “Uh.” He shakes his head. “I thought—I mean—“ JM clears his throat. “I brought muffins.” YG smiles, posture softening. “What kind of muffins?” He asks. “Um. Blueberry?”
“Blueberry?” YG repeats, amused. “You don’t sound very sure.” JM pouts. “I’m sure.” He says with a stubborn jaw. “I made them.” A light sparks in YG’s eyes and he pushes off from the truck to step closer, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “You made them?”
JM nods. “Me and Nana.” YG smile turns sly. “Well, if Nana Park made them I know they’ll be good.” JM huffs. “I helped!” He insists. “I’m a good baker!” YG grins. He shrugs, plucking the foil-wrapped muffins from JM’s hands. “I guess I’ll find out soon.”
JM pouts, crossing his arms over his chest. He watches YG unwrap the muffins, waiting impatiently for the YG to take a bite. He maintains a straight face as he chews that first mouthful, swallowing and turning thoughtful. “It’s okay.” He shrugs. JM’s mouth drops open.
YG laughs, grin splitting his face. “I’m kidding.” He assures JM, taking a step closer. He takes another bite of the muffin, mumbling through it. “It’s very good.” JM wrinkles his nose. “Don’t talk with your mouth full.” YG laughs. He swallows. “Sorry.” He shrugs.
“The muffin is delicious. Thank you for bringing them to me.” JM smiles. “No problem. Breakfast is important.” YG nods, laughing a little. “That it is.” They stand for a long moment. JM shifts on his feet. “You can stay, if you want.” YG says, scratching behind his ear.
“Though, it’ll probably get boring just watching me work—“ “I’ll stay!” JM chirps, cutting him off. He blushes. “I mean— I wouldn’t mind keeping you company.” YG smiles. “That would be nice.” JM smiles back.
YG points JM to a stool by the workbench in the barn and he takes a seat, sitting with his hands on his knees. YG looks at him for a moment before turning back to the truck. JM watches closely, eyes trailing from YG’s small ass to his broad shoulders.
He swallows hard, admiring YG’s strong arms. “Do you work out?” He asks. YG chuckles, stopping what’s he’s doing to look over at JM with an amused eyebrow raised. “Why? Are you enjoying the view?” JM blushes but holds YG’s gaze. He shrugs, aiming for nonchalance and missing.
“Is that a crime?” YG smirks, shaking his head. He drags his eyes up JM’s body obviously. “It’s a two-way street.” He says with a shrug. JM’s ears burn. “Yeah?” YG nods, gesturing at all of JM. “Don’t act like you didn’t wear those shorts on purpose.” He says.
JM looks away, fidgeting in his seat. He tugs at the hemline of said shorts. “So what if I did?” He mutters. “Not saying it’s a bad thing.” YG’s smiling, amused. “Like I said: I appreciate the view.”
JM blushes, sitting up straighter. “Look your fill then.” He says, spreading his knees where he sits. YG smirks, eyes lingering on JM’s thighs. His gaze is heavy, warm. JM can feel himself getting wet. YG looks up at JM’s face and JM snaps his legs closed.
“I should probably head back.” JM says suddenly. “So soon?” JM nods, shifting uncomfortably with his dampening underwear. “I’m not feeling well, I think.” He lies. YG’s brow furrows and takes an unconscious step closer to JM. “You’re getting sick?” JM shrugs. “Maybe.”
“You should go get some rest, then.” YG says quietly, worried. JM nods, slipping off the stool. “I’ll see you later.” He says. YG nods. “I hope you feel better soon.” JM smiles. “Thanks.” He makes a quick exit, rushing home to change his underwear.
He shoves the wet panties to the bottom of the laundry hamper in the bathroom and trudges to his bedroom, throwing himself into his bed. He sighs, burying his face in his pillow. He lays for a moment, thinking about YG’s genuine concern, his kind eyes, his big hands & strong arms
JM sighs again, snaking a hand between his body and the mattress. He reaches into the front of his boxers, two fingers on his clit. He imagines YG lifting him up in his arms and holding him against the wall of YG’s barn, big hands on JM’s ass, JM’s legs around YG’s waist.
He pinches and rubs his clit, eyes squeezed shut, thighs trembling. Imaginary YG tugs JM’s underwear aside and presses his fat cock inside JM’s pussy and real life JM moans quietly into his pillow, fingers wet on his slippery clit.
He rocks his hips against his own hand, essentially humping the mattress. He longs for the dildo hidden in his nightstand back at his apartment in Seoul. JM sighs softly, inching his hand lower to curl 2 fingers inside himself, the heel of his hand grinding against his clit.
He fingers himself to completion, rocking and groaning until he comes, YG’s face and hands in his mind. He sighs again, pulling his sticky hand out of his boxers. He wipes his fingers off on the blankets and closes his eyes, breathing slowly evening out as he falls asleep.
JM wakes from his nap mid-afternoon, rolling out of bed with creases from his pillow in his cheek. He yawns and stretches, pulling on a pair of basketball shorts before heading down the hall to the kitchen.
Nana looks up at the sound of his footsteps, attention pulled from the crossword puzzle on the table in front of her. “Did you enjoy your nap?” JM nods, rubbing at his eyes. “Did you tell YG you were ill?” JM pauses, turning sheepish. “Maybe.” “Hm. Did you lie?”
JM blushes. He shrugs. “I fibbed a little.” Nana tsks, shaking her head. “Well, I hope you’re hungry.” JM arches a brow, questioning. Nana gestures toward the fridge “Yoongi brought you soup.” She says. JM’s eyes go wide “No.” He breathes, face hot “Oh, yes.” Nana smirks
JM covers his face with his hands, ears burning. He whines. Nana titters, looking at him over the tops of her glasses. “He’s a sweet boy.” She says. “And a good cook — I wouldn’t turn down his kindness.” “No.” JM agrees softly, rubbing a hand through his hair “I don’t want to”
“Eat then.” Nana urges, standing from her chair. She heads for the fridge. “Here, I’ll warm it for you.” “/Nana/,” JM whines. “I can do it.” She waves him off, grabbing the glass container of soup from the fridge.
She pulls a pan from a lower cabinet and fills it partway, leaving a second helping of the soup in its storage container. JM watches her light the stove with a sigh, taking a seat at the table to watch. “I could’ve done it.” He grumbles, pouting “Ah, but you’re ill.” Nana winks
JM rolls his eyes, embarrassed by his white lie. “Why did you say you weren’t feeling well?” She asks, leaning against the counter with her arms crossed over her chest. JM looks away from her steady gaze, remembering. He clears his throat. “I had a headache.” He says.
He stands from the table, turning away to go back down the hall. “I have to potty.” Her offers in answer to her arched brow. She nods and JM enters the bathroom.
He stands in front of the mirror for a few seconds, waiting, before turning on the tap and finally washing his dirty hand. He shakes his head at himself, wrinkling his nose as he lathers his fingers and palms. Who gets that horny from a look anyway.
Nana is pouring his soup into a bowl as he enters the kitchen. He retakes his seat and she places the soup in front of him with a smile. “You didn’t want any?” He asks, pulling the bowl near. She shakes her head. “I’ve already had my lunch.” She assures him as she sits.
He nods and takes a spoonful, sipping at the broth. It’s fresh and light, good for a sour stomach, but not flavorless. He smiles and fishes out noodles and shredded chicken, vegetables floating on the silver spoon. “It’s good.” He says, nodding.
He takes another bite. “Soup for sick.” Nana shakes her head. “YG can do better than this, but you ruined your own first impression with your little ‘fib’.” “It’s good!” JM insists. “I like it.”
“Hm.” Nana crosses her arms. “If you’d played your cards right you could be eating tonkatsu.” JM pauses at that, spoon still and hovering between his mouth and the bowl. He frowns. “YG makes tonkatsu?” Nana sniffs, a smirk hidden in the corner of her lips. “He does.”
JM pouts, looking down into the thin soup. He swirls his spoon in it, sending noodles spinning. “Damn.” Nana laughs. She reaches across the table to pat his hand. “Maybe he’ll cook for you again if you ask nicely.” JM stares into the soup, thoughtful. “Maybe.”
JM returns to the barn the next day around noon, carrying the empty glass container in his hands. YG smiles when he sees him, wiping his hands off on a shop towel as he turns to greet JM. “Hey, you feeling any better?” JM wills his blush away, heart skipping.
“Much better.” He murmurs. He holds the container out for YG to take. “Thank you for the soup; it was very…sweet of you.” YG shrugs, ducking his head. He takes the container, dirty hands smearing grease on the clean glass. He doesn’t seem to notice. “It’s no problem.”
JM smiles. “Still. Thank you. No one’s ever made me soup when I was sick before.” YG arches a brow. “Not even your mom?” “Oh, well—“ JM blushes. “I guess not no one, but no one I wasn’t related to.” YG nods, smiling a little. “Glad to be your first, then.”
JM’s blush deepens and YG smirks, licking his lips. “I wouldn’t say first.” JM mumbles, shy. “No?” “I mean—“ JM flusters. “Since my family has made me soup.” YG nods in understanding, but the smirk doesn’t leave his face. “But you’d say you’re…inexperienced. In soup.”
JM’s ears burn. He clears his throat. “You could say that.” He feels silly, trading in soup metaphors. He shakes his head. “I’ve only ever had soup in my mouth.” YG laughs, head thrown back and gums showing. JM covers his face with his hands, whining.
YG’s fingers wrap around his wrist, pulling his hand from his eyes. YG is smiling, amusement dancing in his eyes. “Good to know.” He says. JM closes his eyes. “I should go.” He mutters, taking a step away. “Hey, come on.” YG urges him to stay. “I started it. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.” JM says quietly, embarrassed. “It was a silly thing to say, either way.” YG’s lips ripple, fighting a smile. “A little.” “You should’ve just asked if I was a virgin.” JM mutters. YG laughs again, looking away. He scratches at the side of his nose.
“That wasn’t really my intention.” He says. “I just wanted to tease you.” He clears his throat. “I don’t care if you’ve— done stuff or not.” “Done stuff?” JM teases, amusement coloring his tone. YG shrugs, turning his head away. “Yeah.” JM smiles.
“PARK JIMIN!” Nana’s voice carries across the gap between houses. JM sighs, closing his eyes. “That’s my cue, I guess.” YG smiles, nodding. “I’ll see you later.” He says. “You will.” JM agrees.
Jimin returns the next day, and the next. He spends an hour or two at Yoongi’s side each morning, flirting and occasionally sharing meals. It’s nice. His visits break up the monotony of country life, give him something to do besides gossip with his Nana.
Flirting with YG is fun, harmless. JM will be sad to go.
“Are you going to say goodbye?” Nana asks, peeking over the top of her newspaper to scrutinize JM’s face. JM sighs. “Of course I will.” It’s his last full day in Busan. Nana’s eyes turn toward the clock above the stove then back to JM. “The morning is almost over.” She prods
JM rolls his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. “YG isn’t home.” Nana arches a brow. “How do you know?” JM flushes. “I saw him leave earlier this morning.” “Ah.” Nana smiles, a knowing look on her eye. “You were watching.” JM pouts. “So?” Nana shakes her head.
He glares at her for a moment before turning away, going back to the book he’s been reading. His gaze flicks out the window occasionally, watching for YG’s return. He nearly misses it, engrossed in his book, but Nana nudges his shin with her foot under the table.
JM sees YG turn the corner around the barn, headed for the house. His heart skips a beat. He waits a minute that feels like an eternity before standing from the table and heading out the back door.
JM rounds the barn himself a few moments later and gets an eyeful, smacking his hand over his eyes. He squeaks. “I’m so sorry!” He hears YG laugh and spreads his fingers, peeking through.
YG is smirking at him. He’s standing on the back patio, buck naked, garden hose in his right hand, and dripping wet from head to toe.
He stands shamelessly, running a hand through his damp hair. JM struggles to keep his eyes on YG’s face and away from the man’s soft cock where it hangs between his legs. “Didn’t want to track mud into the house.” YG says, eyes dancing with amusement as JM’s obvious fluster.
“So you hosed off?” JM asks, incredulous. He lets his arms hang down by his sides, no longer covering his face. His cheeks are hot, a blaring pink. He keeps his gaze locked on YG’s face, swallowing hard. YG shrugs. “I was pretty dirty.”
JM has to close his eyes against the thoughts his words bring, missing Yoongi’s approach. When he opens them the alpha is standing directly in front of him, unashamed. “JM.” YG murmurs his name, looking intently into JM’s eyes. JM’s heart stutters in his chest.
“Yeah?” His voice comes out breathy enough to be embarrassing. His blush can’t get any deeper, but it grows, ears turning red. He can feel the heat creep down his chest, palms sweating.
YG’s hand comes up and lands on JM’s jaw, cupping it lightly. He swipes his thumb along the hollow of JM’s cheek. “You’re leaving tomorrow morning?” JM nods, careful not to dislodge YG’s hand. “Eight A.M.” YG nods, licking his lips. “Not a lot of time then.”
JM’s breath catches in his throat. “Time for what?” He murmurs, blinking wide eyes at YG. YG reaches up, cupping JM’s face. He crashes their lips together and JM gasps into YG’s mouth, leaving room for the alpha to slip his tongue between JM’s lips.
The move startles a moan out of him, sends a bolt of lightning down his spine. JM grasps at Yoongi’s biceps, kissing back. “Gonna fuck you.” YG rumbles against JM’s lips. JM nods rapidly, nose brushing YG’s. “Sounds good.”
YG hooks a foot around JM’s ankle and tugs, putting him off balance. JM gasps, eyes wide, but YG holds him, using the shift to lower JM to the cold, hard ground. He follows along, kneeling over JM’s prone form, hands and knees in the damp grass.
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