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Sep 4, 2022
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Tags- •nsfw mentions •hurt/comfort •CEO Yoongi •Freelancer Jimin •Side Taekook and 2Seok •Short au... I think :)
—• Arranged •— •Ignore the time stamps •Arranged Marriage trope which I unconsciously added here •Might even get angsty idk Lets get started!
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3. Jin hyung the best hyung
4. Joonie, oh poor Joonie.
5. Taehyung has /experience/
7. Jin is prepared
8. Tiddie tinglings never go wrong
9. Only if Jimin knew...
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••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Seokjin knocked at the door for the third time, his patience slipping with every passing second. He hated the thought of Jimin crying behind the door, alone in the apartment.
He was about to knock again when the door flung open with Jimin standing there, dressed in one of his favourite shirt and a bag slung upon his right shoulders. "Let's go?" Jimin whispered with an effort to sound as calm as possible. Nodding, Seokjin took the bag from him.
Jimin's fingers trembled as he locked the door and that was all it took Jin to turn the younger around and pull him into his arms, gently massaging his neck. "Sorry," The younger whispered. "You had to—" "I dare you to complete that sentence, mimi, I dare you."
Seokjin felt Jimin only snuggling closer, his hold tightening around the older's torso. The first whimper that echoed around the hallway broke the silence that was residing there. "Hey hey, I'm here. It's fine bub, shh..." Jin's voice was heavy with emotions when he pulled back.
"I just," Jimin took in a deep breath, steadying his voice. "I want to go home, hyung. Please..." /Home/ "I'm afraid you'll have to witness me and Hoseok fvcking then." It relieved Jin to watch a small smile twitch on the younger's lips.
"I see, you're improving at your jokes." And that were all the words they exchanged before again settling into a comforting silence, Jimin watching the trees sprinting by as Seokjin drove.
/Home/ It was a bit heartbreaking that the word didn't belonged to Jimin's current place nor the house he was born in. Rather it belonged to a place he had spent most his youth in, a place that watched him laugh and cry more than his parents.
He sunk lower onto the passenger seat at the thought of never being able to make Yoongi his home, his safe place. The realisation of his life being truly pathetic hit him hard as Hoseok greeted Jin with a kiss, the older's lips spreading into a fond smile.
'Is this what loving relationship feels like?' He thought as he excused himself for the night, promising to talk in the morning. Silently dispersing into his room, Jimin's eyes caught the framed picture of Hoseok with Namjoon and Yoongi, the trio smiling so widely.
Heart heavy, he traced Yoongi's face, eyes stinging at the sight of his arms so protectively secured over Namjoon's waist. His face was tilted towards the latter, eyes fondly staring at Namjoon's side profile. Before he could keep it in, a choked whimper escaped Jimin's lips.
13. Namjoon is done...
14. Everyone's in pain :)… Idk why tf it broke -,-
15. Finally the realisation?
Yoongi walked to their shared bedroom, a weird feeling of guilt seeping into him. He couldn't believe he forgot about the date, a promise he made to Jimin. Entering the room the foreign feeling only intensified at the sight in front of him.
Their room was decorated with various polaroids, each hanging by the threads of golden fairy lights that danced all along the walls. Stepping closer, he could easily make out how all these pictures were a version on Yoongi from Jimin's eyes.
He was never really one to get their pictures clicked, nor could he remember the last time Jimin asked them to get a couple photo for his sns, but looking at the flood of polaroids in the room he realised how Jimin was totally different in this case.
The man had a great understanding of photography, it was clear in the way each polaroid presented itself so aesthetically satisfying. But what caught Yoongi in a sense of warmth was how these pictures were all taken when Yoongi wasn't looking, a collection of his candid moments
The guilt increased when he caught a sight of small colourful notes hanging by some of the polaroids, and Yoongi swore the pain that his heart right now wasn't something he had ever experienced before. Those notes, those colourful heart shaped notes. Yoongi only felt worse.
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16. The Polaroid and Jimin's post it under it
17. There are always two sides to a coin...
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••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Jungkook hesitantly entered the house, gulping when he saw Yoongi moving around in the kitchen. "Hyung?" Making sure the older isn't startled, he whispered.
"Huh? Kook?" Yoongi smiled at him, looking so indifferent that it made Jungkook tear up. /Not again/ He didn't have the mental strength to watch Yoongi suffer like that all over again, relive all those years of heartbreak and deceit by the people Yoongi once loved.
Some of whom maybe he /still/ loves. "You'll have breakfast?" The sudden question brought Jungkook out of his trance. "I was making some omelettes." "No..." Yoongi nodded, setting up his breakfast plate before he pointed towards the fridge.
"You can grab something to drink then." He sat on the dinning table. "We don't have shakes but there must be some kind of juice in there. Especially Orange one 'cause Jimi—" Jungkook's heart sank at the way he abruptly cut off the sentence.
"Anyways," Yoongi continued. "You can grab something and then we can discuss the deal I mentioned on the phone. Did you bring the files I asked for?" Not really trusting the stability of his voice, Jungkook nodded, pouring himself a glass of water next. That'd do for now.
Taking in a deep breath Jungkook took a seat too. He had woken up to 24 missed calls by Yoongi this morning, all done repeatedly one after another as if in a frenzy. The news about Jimin leaving their home to stay with Jin and Hoseok for the night made only added to his worries
as he watched Taehyung rush out while on a call with the eldest. The guilt of not being there when Yoongi needed him the most made him redial the number almost immediately , afraid of something bad being happened all while he was sleeping in Taehyung's arms last night.
"Hyung," He had whispered, heart pounding at the unknown. "I'm so sorry I couldn't pi—" "There's an urgent deal we need to sign today, Jungkook. Could you please bring the files of Choehowa Groups to me? I need to check something." And that was what Jungkook feared the most.
The indifference. The firmness in that voice as if emotions didn't exist for Yoongi. "I'll...Yeah, okay." The line stayed silent after that, the only sound being heavy traffic noise from Yoongi's side. "Are you—" "I'll see you then." And the call ended.
And that's how he found himself here in Yoongi and Jimin's apartment, heaps of documents sprawled upon the table and a frustrated Yoongi skimming through the same file for the nth time. "Okay this won't do." Jungkook announced, slamming both his hands down on the table.
Yoongi merely sighed and closed his file, fingers rubbing his temples in order to stay calm. "Jungkook, lis—" "No!" Yoongi shut his eyes at Jungkook's loud voice. "No, you listen to /me/. I'm tired of you behaving like you don't give damn while withering from inside all alone."
Jungkook couldn't control the way his eyes welled up, tears hanging at bay. "I hate it. I hate it so much, hyung. I hate that you've been there to help me my whole life and all I do it sit here and watch you face pain. I can't—" "Kook?" It was a small whisper, so silent that the
younger almost missed it. Yoongi sounded so tired, so... dejected that Jungkook's heart sank. "Am I," Yoongi started after receiving silence in reply. "Am I too hard to love?" Jungkook lost it. He lost the control over his tears the moment Yoongi matched his eyes.
"No..." He kneeled down in front of the elder, resting his hands firmly on the elder's knees. "You're not... No, hyung, no. You're so beautiful to love, so wholesome that once someone starts loving you, there's no way back." And Jungkook meant it. He meant every single word.
"He left. He loved me but he left." "Loves." Jungkook affirmed. "He /loves/ you hyung. You both just need to talk and—" "I love him too." "I know." "He doesn't know." Yoongi humourlessly chuckled. "I'm so bad at this. I didn't even realise until yesterday that I love him."
Jungkook didn't say anything. The boy just sat there, letting Yoongi speak out whatever he has been keeping under the "I'm fine" facade. He rested his head on Yoongi's thighs as the later ran his fingers through the younger's lockes, talking about everything.
"He became a home to me while I snatched away his. He left everything for me, Kook. He left behind his life for this marriage." "It wasn't your fault. You never knew about his job in Busan." Jungkook played with Yoongi's rings "You just need to be expressive with him, hyung."
It's when Yoongi told him about the heartwarming decoration in their room that Jungkook sat up straight. "Jimin," He looked directly at the elder. "He needs words more than actions right now. His parents never showed him he was loved so Taehyung and Jin hyung were always
extra vocal about their words for Jimin. That's how he was raised, hyung. He fears silence, he's afraid of people not loving him and him being too much hassle for others." "I just... It's tough for me, to be vocal."
"I know. And I understand that too, hyung. But love," Jungkook smiled, as if reliving an old memory. "This damn menace demands struggles. This pain in the ass yet the most adorable kid demands sacrifices." "You really love him, huh? Taehyung, I mean."
Jungkook felt relieved at the easiness in Yoongi's voice. "More than I could ever have loved someone. He just," He shook his head in endearment. "He just brings out the rawest of my emotions, you know? Be it anger or love, he makes me connect to each one of them.
"Loving him, it was a series of continuous sacrifices and gains. You can't have everything in the world, hyung. You just need to decide which choice is worth facing the pain for." Later that morning when Jungkook prepared to leave, Yoongi asked him a last question at the door.
"Do you think I'm that choice? For Jimin?" Jungkook stopped, looking at Yoongi in amusement. "I'm sure you are, hyung." He looked over his shoulders one last time before leaving, his last words ringing in the now empty apartment. "𝘑𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴."
40. He's determined
Hello I'm back to give y'all an update after ages. We're almost done. Hardly one update and then the epilogue. Let me know your thoughts please 🤍
Jimin walked down the street, hands securely tucked in the pockets of his jacket. Despite it being just the onset of winters, the nights were still freezing cold. He watched how the smoke like vapours escaped his mouth and then disappeared in the fog. Disappear like Yoongi.
A shiver ran down his spine at the thought. He couldn't believe how easy it was for Yoongi to live without him Jimin was a fool to fall so easily for man he barely knew but it couldn't have been possible for Yoongi to not have even an ounce of feelings towads the younger, right?
They lived with each other for eight months, went on trips together, basically stayed attached to hips during weekends. Was it not enough to develop as much as an habit of each other during this time? Maybe the answer was a no. Or...was it possible for Yoongi to have someone
else residing in his heart? How impossible was it for Jimin to be craving for a spot that was never meant to be his to begin with? "Why do I feel like you loved him?" Jimin whispered to himself, sitting beside the pond he often visited together with Yoongi during late nights.
He stared at his reflection that reflected off the still water in the pond. All dark, still. "Why did you even marry me if you loved Namjoon hyung. Why did you have to hurt me like this, Min Yoongi?" Jimin sniffled and hugged his knees, bringing them closer to his chest.
Not having anyone to embrace him, Jimin cradled his own body and cried. He let out the tears that were a constant reminder to him of his broken heart, his love that never even got a chance to bloom. Tears that reminded him of Yoongi.
"I love you," He spoke to the pond, praying that his words would be reverted back in this deserted park. But just like always nothing came back. All that surrounded him was silence. Silence that signified Jimin's lost hope in a relationship as beautiful as marriage.
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