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Sep 4, 2022
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#vmin friends to enemies to lovers au where Jimin is the only child of SH Entertainment’s CEO and Taehyung is a journalist in “Seoul News”, who gained fame after publishing a controversial article about Park’s family three years ago.

- fluff with a pinch of angst - short 3,2k - misunderstanding - side ships yoonkook, nam2seok - happy ending #vmin #vminau
please enjoy ! @blue happy birthday!🫂
It was an absolutely amazing day. Jimin woke up, drank his water, got ready for work in his own company, attended meetings and ate his lunch from favorite restaurant. Everything was perfectly fine until Seokjin called him.
“Jimin-ah, you can’t just skip our Jungkookie’s birthday!”
“Jin-hyung, I sent him his present and flowers tonight, I called him, he said it’s fine if I won’t be partying with all of you tonight” grumbles Jimin, already tired from his schedule and he is not ready to listen Seokjin telling him he is a bad friend.
“Min-ah, you know you can’t avoid him forever”, Jin groans. “Who are you talking about? I’m busy with work, hyung!” Jimin exclaims, this conversation is making him more annoyed than he imagined.
“You know who I am talking about. You are missing all the fun, because of him”. “Well, it’s not my fault he is a jerk”, Jimin sighs, he thinks that hanging up is not the worst idea now.
“I know you are thinking about hanging up right now, but don’t, or I won’t get you that Chanel bag you have wanted for years”.
“Yoongi, Namjoon and Seok miss you, we haven't hung out in years, yet you are ditching us because of someone you had a beef with in university” Seokjin mutters, Jimin can hear him moving to a quieter place.
“We didn’t just have ‘a beef’, he betrayed me, and yet you decided to be friends with him”, Jimin bites back. “I warned you; he is not the best person to be around”.
“We wouldn’t befriend him, if he was bad to us”, Jin sighs. “Please, Jimin, we don’t know the whole story, but you have been avoiding us since we started hanging out with Tae and just for your information, he always asks about you”.
“Oh yeah? Hope he got all the information he has been seeking”, Jimin answers sarcastically. “Jimin,” Seokjin sighs tiredly.
“Fine, I will be here in 20, just to say happy birthday and I’m leaving”, Jimin takes a deep breath and rises on his feet. “I will wait for you”, Seokjin says and hangs up. “Of course, you will”, Jimin smirks and grabs his jacket.
He gets in the car and thinks about the first time he met Taehyung after everything that happened in university.
A successful journalist greeted him with a light smile that quickly washed out of his face, when Jimin didn’t even acknowledge his presence. He still can feel a burning feeling in his chest when he saw Taehyung’s face in real life, not from the TV screen.
Taehyung wouldn’t be here without him, Jimin knows it, he remembers everything as if it was yesterday.
When he was about to graduate after studying business and management for four years, Jimin met Taehyung in the library, while finishing his assignment and they clicked immediately.
Jimin couldn’t reach the book on a top shelf and Taehyung was kind enough to help him, without making stupid jokes about his height.
That’s how they started their own story. They quickly became friends, sharing everything that was happening in their lives and Jimin thought Taehyung was being genuine, he wasn’t scared to tell something about his private life, his hardships with his family, his childhood.
And call him dumb, but on a second month of their friendship, Jimin realized that he is falling for Taehyung. Quickly and ruthlessly. He constantly wanted to be with him, to hold his hand, to hug him, his gaze increasingly lingered on Taehyung's lips for longer than necessary.
He knew it was obvious, Jimin wasn’t a type who wears his heart on his sleeve, but with Taehyung it was different. It was easy to love him and Jimin hates it. Hates how fast Taehyung got under his skin.
He blames himself for being like that, for being so stupid and credulous, for not having a lot of friends before and being naïve. A lot of people wanted to be friends with him, but he knew their intentions even before talking with them.
Jimin really believed Taehyung was different when he said yes to have a coffee with him after studying together in library.
He woke up the day after passing his exams with flying colours to hundreds of missed calls from his parents. Jimin called his mom as soon as he saw notifications, but when he heard what happened, he wished he never woke up.
One of South Korea's most famous newspapers published a multi-page article where no other than Kim Taehyung tells the "truth" about one of South Korea's most powerful families, the Park family.
He positioned himself as an insider, who had been around Park family for a while to investigate Park’s private life and bring it to the public's eyes.
Some facts about his childhood that no one knew, the attitude of his parents towards Jimin and much more was in this article. But at least Taehyung was kind enough not to post about his orientation, love life, his personal problems and struggles.
Jimin remembers calling Taehyung in the middle of the night, when everything was too much to handle himself and Taehyung was under his door in a matter of minutes, hugging him as tight as possible, letting him fall asleep in his arms.
Now it’s just a distant memory. They took down the article, cleared everything with a statement and hosted a whole party for Jimin’s graduation and him taking his father’s place with the press to cover up previous news.
Long story short Taehyung never tried to reach him out again and maybe it was for the best.
Jimin didn’t know if he would handle Taehyung’s words. Maybe Taehyung would tell him “that’s what people like you deserve” or would he try to apologize? The main thing is that now Jimin doesn’t care.
He leaves his car in an underground parking lot and makes his way to the elevator. Seokjin is already waiting for him when he enters the hallway. “Jimin-ah!” Seokjin screams through the loud music, hugging him.
“I missed you. It’s so nice to see you” he giggles and Jimin knows his hyung had way more than just a couple of drinks.
“I literally saw you this morning at work, what are you talking about”, Jimin laughs and accepts a drink from Hoseok. “Thanks, Hobi-hyung”. He slowly takes a sip, remembering that he still needs to drive his body home.
“C’mon, Jimin-ah, we should take you to Jungkook-ie” Hoseok throws an arm around Jimin’s shoulders and tags him to the living room. “Ah, Tae made him drink shots, I don’t know how he is still standing on his feet” Hoseok leans closer.
“You should have them too, you know, to loosen up a bit”. “I won’t stay here, I will just say ‘happy birthday’ and leave, I have an early schedule tomorrow” Jimin tenses as he hears His name and tries to show it to the side.
“No, Jiminie! You can’t just leave” Hoseok pouts. “Oh! Here is our September Boy! Jungkook-ah, look who came by!”. Jimin looks up only to find Jungkook and Taehyung standing together.
Jungkook turns around immediately, lurching a little bit. “Jiminie!” Jungkook slurs drunkenly, his eyes widened. He takes a few steps and throws himself at Jimin. “Oh, shit, Jungkook, you are heavy,” Jimin laughs and pats his back.
“No, I- it’s just you, hy-ick-ung” Jungkook hiccups and smashes his lips against Jimin’s cheek. “Happy birthday, baby” Jimin says softly but loud enough for Jungkook to hear. “I wish you all the best as always”.
“Thank you”, Jungkook rests his whole body on Jimin and closes his heavy eyelids. “Oh!” he suddenly exclaims, startling Jimin. “Tae-hyung! Say hi to Jiminie-hyung!”. Jimin already seems to forget about the man he hates the most being in the same room as him.
He averts his eyes from Taehyung, ignoring him walking to them. “Jimin-ssi”, Taehyung says and Jimin can see that he is nervous, the corner of his plump lips twitches and his hand is shaky when he holds it out. “Hi?”.
“Hi yourself”, Jimin just nods, rejecting a handshake. “Um.. So-“. “Don’t even try”, Jimin cuts him off, he looks at Jungkook, who dozed off on him and shakes him awake. “Jungkook-ie, I think you are ready to go to bed”. Jungkook blinks sleepily at him and nods.
“Let me take you to your room, I will tell Namjoon-hyung and Yoongi-hyung to get guests out of here”. Jimin continues and tightens his arms around Jungkook.
“Wait”, Taehyung stops them. “Let me help you” he hurries to Jimin and Jungkook, but stops when he sees nothing, but a cold gaze. “Stay where you are, I will deal with him myself”. “Noo”, Jungkook drawls. “Let Tae-hyungie help you, I want cuddles”.
“Jungkook, you are drunk and tired, just let me do my job”, Jimin answers, annoyed by this situation. “Hyung, don’t be mean” Jungkook yawns. “I will just help you, nothing more” Taehyung quickly puts his hand on Jungkook’s waist.
Jimin closes his eyes for a second. If he wants it to end as soon as it’s better to let him do it and leave. So, he complies. They take him to the master bedroom, help him undress and tuck Jungkook in bed. “No, wan’ cuddle’” Jungkook slurs, eyes already closed.
“I will send Yoongi to you and he will cuddle the shit out of you, okay?” Jimin runs his fingers through Jungkook’s hair, lulling him to sleep. “M’kay”. He finally falls asleep.
Jimin gets up after a minute as quietly as he can, not to disturb the younger's sleep, and searches for Taehyung. He finds him standing at the door, arms crossed and a small smile on his face.
“You are a good friend, didn’t change at all” Taehyung whispers. “Well, no one asked,” Jimin answers and tries to leave. “Jiminie” Taehyung starts, blocking the entrance with his body. “Don’t call me like this and let me leave”. Jimin hisses.
“Please, I tried to talk to you for months, please let me explain everything” He almost begs.
“You weren’t that eager to talk to me back then. What changed, Taehyung-ssi?” Jimin smirks, it doesn’t hurt anymore, but what surprises him more is that he misses Taehyung, even after everything he has done.
“Jimin, I swear I tried, but they wouldn’t let me do it! They posted it without my consent, I never edited it, never wrote it in the first place-“. “Taehyung, do you really think I will believe you?” Jimin says sternly, he can’t listen to these lame excuses anymore.
“Please, just give me a chance to explain everything from the beginning” Taehyung half whispers. “Just ten minutes, please” Taehyung clutches at Jimin’s hand.
Taehyung’s hand is still big and soft, just as he remembers. Jimin sighs. “My car, you have ten minutes max, but if I know you are not telling the truth, you leave immediately”. “Thank you”, Taehyung bows his head slightly and moves to the side, letting Jimin leave first.
Taehyung grabs his jacket and puts his shoes on, he can see Jimin talking with Yoongi, then he points at Jungkook’s room. He waits for him to finish whatever conversation they are having and thinks if he should say bye to everyone.
“I’m ready”, says Jimin and fishes the car keys from his pocket. “Lead the way”.
They walk to the car in a complete silence, buried deep into their own thoughts and Jimin thinks that it’s a first time when they are two completely alone after their last meeting three years ago and it feels awkward, stupid and surreal.
He knew that at some point of his life he would meet Taehyung again, just not like this, not when his own friends ignored his words and became friends with Taehyung. “You can start now” Jimin breaks the silence, when they are barely inside the black sleek car.
“Uh, so, I can’t believe it’s happening”, Taehyung pauses for a moment. “I- I imagined this conversation so many times and now when you are actually here, I don’t know where to start” Taehyung stares at his hands, laying uselessly on his lap, brows furrowed.
“Start from the very beginning, Taehyung-ssi, but keep in mind I don’t have all night” Jimin just shrugs, pretending like this situation is nothing to him. “First of all, I really want to apologize”, Taehyung finally says.
“For everything that happened, for all that hate you and your family received” he looks at Jimin and he simply nods. Jimin and his family moved on a long time ago and they handled it just fine, there is no reason to stay mad or angry.
“Keep going”, Jimin encourages him. “You are probably curious how and why it all started”, Taehyung chuckles bitterly. “Before we met, I really needed money and a good job that would pay for my necessities and..” he takes a deep breath before continuing.
“And somehow my professor recommended me to one of his students - that graduated like ten years ago - he works as a main editor in a newspaper and he asked me to show how good I am.”
“So tha-“. “Jiminie, don’t interrupt please, I need you to listen to me till the end and then talk”, Taehyung shifts in his seat and – listening, he is tired of controlling himself – following the impulse, reaches out with his hand, covering Jimin’s completely.
“They knew you were in our university; everybody knew, they told me to become your friend, lurk for some information that we could post, visit you house and take pictures, but, yeah, finding you wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be...
..You were sitting in the library all alone and you needed a book from the top shelf. Everything happened so easily and I was so happy that you opened up to me so fast...
But- but then everything got out of hand. I really enjoyed spending time with you and I liked you, your personality and I started feeling guilty as if I was using you, because yes, I was and it made me nauseous, I never felt this bad...
..They said I should write a report after every single time we hang out and make sure to ask you questions and I did it...
..I documented everything for like first five meetings and sent only four documents, the last one is still in my old laptop, I never sent it and never showed it to them.”
“That’s why the article is so short, considering how long we have known each other” Jimin nods in understanding.
“Yeah, they were ecstatic when I said I met you and talked to you. I was hired after submitting my first report and our picture together as a proof, but then three weeks and three reports later I stopped sending them any kind of information, they got really mad.
..Two more weeks after they became restless, the editor was constantly asking me why I didn’t send him anything and I just said that you became really distant and I will try harder, but I never did...
..I sent my last report filled with some random information about you, just to make them less angry and keep this position for me”, Taehyung leans closer, pressing his forehead against Jimin’s shoulder.
“I liked you so much not just as a friend, but I fell in love with you. Imagine how happy I was when you told me you are gay and I was so scared to lose you that I kept postponing my next report.. the point that someone redacted it for me and they posted this fucking article under my name, scared of backflash, since no one knew me and they would easily fire me...
I woke up that day, checked my phone and, I swear to god, for a minute or so my heart just stopped. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk, it felt like all my organs shut down at the same time...
..I was so scared, not because of this stupid article, but because I knew you wouldn’t want to see me ever again”. Taehyung sobs.
“Jimin, I’m really sorry” Taehyung finally finds the courage to lift his head. “The “fame” I earned after that article.. It wasn't worth it...
..I called them, said to take it down, but they never listened to me, especially after they broke their own record and that article became the most popular in “Seoul News. I wish I could turn back time and never talk to the editor and agree to his proposal...
..I’m so sorry”. Taehyung pleads, he wants Jimin to believe him, he wants Jimin back, even when he knows it’s impossible.
“I was too scared to get in contact with you, I knew you would hate me, there was no chance you would believe me. I thought about leaving this job myself, when they wouldn’t take it down, but grandma-“.
“Oh no”. He gets it now. “Don’t say-“.
“Yeah, she passed away like a month after everything happened. My life was such a mess, I know yours was no better than mine”. Taehyung jolts when the warm soft hand touches his cheek. Only then he realizes that he was crying.
“All these years I just wished I could get a chance to explain myself and I’m really thankful for an opportunity, Jimin. I’m being honest with you now”. He sighs, nuzzling in Jimin’s hand.
“I don’t know if you saw what I’m doing now, but I changed my field completely, I now write about fashion, lifestyles, design, art.”
“As you always wanted”, Jimin whispers. He still can't wrap his head around everything Taehyung said, but it makes sense. Jimin knows Taehyung is not lying.
“I’m sorry it took more than 10 minutes, I- I will leave now” Taehyung mutters, with a heavy heart, he lets go of Jimin's hand he's been holding all this time and turns to the door, no longer face to face, but he hears ‘click’.
“Wha-” the warm hand on his neck turns his head just enough to plush lips cover his own.
Taehyung whines quietly, eyes wide. A part of his brain screams that he doesn’t deserve him. Any of that. But he lets his lips fall open, feels himself giving into the kiss, and pulls Jimin closer. The kiss is gentle but wet and messy at the same time.
The sensation of soft, wet tongue against his own overtakes all other thoughts in his mind.
Jimin pulls back after a few seconds as his thumbs brush across the soft skin of Taeyung’s cheeks. “I think this time, I won't let this end with one of us leaving,” Jimin whispers.
“But-”. “Tae, I forgave you three years ago and now, after I heard the full story, I have no reasons to be mad with you. I liked you back then and my feelings are still here even after everything that happened.” he continued.
“You liked me?” Taehyung asks. He feels relieved and surprised by Jimin’s words at the same time. Jimin giggles and hugs Taehyung. “I was in love with you, cutie. Was the first man I fell in love with”.
“Oh my god”. “Do you still wanna leave?” Jimin asks, already knowing the answer. “Never” Taehyung mutters in his deep, rich voice, that Jimin missed so much, perfectly positioned next to Jimin’s ear. "I missed you so much".
"I missed you more" Jimin whispers, burying his nose in Taehyung's hair.
thread of my other! #au #vminau #vmin
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