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Sep 8, 2022
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1/9 Ideas are not enough. A great idea is like an engine in a race car- it needs all the other elements- tires, suspension, driver, aerodynamics - in order to win the race. What are they? Read along ... #ThoughtLeadership #MarketingStrategy #Marketing #Innovation

2/9 By building a full structure of thought leadership, you have confidence in the power of the idea taking hold and moving people. So a merit-worthy idea needs to be built out into a full Thought Leadership Model. Read along for what that means and how to do it...
3/9 Building a robust Thought Leadership Model is like a construction project. The structure needs to be complete, including invisible parts. We want the confidence that even the hidden components were built. It needs a deep, well-anchored foundation.
4/9 I've seen thought leadership described as simply being seen as an expert in your field. Yet just being recognized for expertise is like the paint on the house. It might look nice at first glance, but it doesn't go deep.
5/9 Thought leadership isn't simply about showing what you know, it's about empowering your audience to get more out of what you offer. Package your thinking well, empower your audience to get more value, make a smarter buying decision, or elevate the purpose of what you offer.
6/9 The 9 components of a Thought Leadership Model. 1. Audience Thinking 2. Competitive Landscape 3. Audience Baseline Position 4. Thought Leadership Position 5. Thought Leadership Path 6. Supporting Talking Points 7. Position Paper 8. Manifesto 9. Campaign
7/9 Here's an #Infographic of the 9 Building Blocks of a Thought Leadership Model. For more a more detailed description, see…
Thought Leadership Model
8/9 Here's an #Infographic of the typical hurdles to overcome in building an implementing a Thought Leadership Model that can build an audience or positively influence a market segment. More info is at…
5 Prerequisites of Strategic Thought Leadership
9/9 Want help building your Thought Leadership Model? You can contact me here: Or set up a free 30:00 discovery meeting to learn what is possible here…
Thought Leadership Studio
Thought Leadership Studio Podcast- Inspiration, Insight, Analyses of Strategic Thought Leadership. host Chris McNeil @MentalGameOfBiz Consultancy @ThautIO
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