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Sep 9

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Under Elizabeth II, the British Empire was dissolved. The UK then undertook the largest and most successful anti-slavery campaign the world has ever seen, to where traditional slavery is only practiced in a few corners of the world and is almost universally viewed as abhorrent

The UK then went on to being as "inclusive" as possible, and there is no reference material of the Queen doing anything that can be regarded as "racist"

A white monarch, directly and indirectly, sacrificed the largest empire the world has ever seen, and essentially gave up everything, perhaps unknowingly, in what objectively can be viewed as a push towards universalism

While she didn't lose her privilege or prestige, her entire empire was sacrificed on that altar Look at the gratitude and good will that sacrificing almost the entire world upon that altar has earned her

No man living today can possibly give as much as she ever did. And it wasn't enough, it never will be

Even historical fact doesn't stop people from their song and dance over the corpse of Elizabeth II

stained hanes


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