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jana 🕊

jana 🕊

Sep 11, 2022
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tiny little #namkook 🔞 idea about jk who looks at nj with so much adoration, hangs off of his every word, and nj who wants to see how far that blind adoration goes 😳

cw // manipulation, dubcon, noncon elements, unhealthy relationship dynamics, power imbalance ?, face slapping, body modifications, sounding, piss
it starts off innocent enough after a comment from yg saying jk would probably do anything if nj was the one asking. and nj doesn’t believe him until he jokingly asks jk to do his laundry and jk actually gets up without a moment’s hesitation
okay… but jk likes laundry, nj reminds himself it’s less easy to explain why jk sends recordings of songs nj wants him to cover within half an hour of being asked, even if it’s the middle of the night. why jk has been cooking for him every night this week just because
nj said he wished jk would cook for him forever and of course, nj is grateful, has never taken jk’s love for granted. but the wide eyed rapt attention he receives every time he speaks to jk, the puppy-like eagerness to please, makes nj’s mind wander in all sorts of directions
nj blames it on curiosity when he asks jk to come and kneel at his feet. jk listens beautifully as always, settles himself neatly between nj’s legs. nj smiles down at him, before lifting a hand to loosely cup one side of jk’s face and using the other to slap his face /hard/
he assesses jk’s reaction carefully catches the way his hands flex for just a fraction of a second, catches all the emotions flitting through his eyes from stunned to hurt to confused (never angry), watches the red bloom on his cheek as he waits for jk to say something...
but jk only turns his head back to face nj, leaning into and nuzzling the hand still cupping his unharmed cheek, and looks up at him through his eyelashes, pretty eyes waiting for the next command nj smirks before bending down to give his burning hot cheek a kiss
the heat under his lips feels like a promise
they fall into their new dynamic easily. the root is still the same as it’s always been: nj instructs and jk listens and obeys. but the nature of the requests changes significantly. it’s no longer “jk-ah grab the remote” its “come here and make hyung cum”
its “go get your nipples pierced for me baby” and then later “your cock too” its “wouldn’t it be fun to stretch your piss hole”, an expectant look on nj’s face even as jk’s smile goes very rigid for a few seconds
its “baby hyung needs to pee open that pretty little mouth that’s it” in the middle of movie night, the sound of jk’s gulping all anyone can focus on nj fucks him in every way he can think of, every position and kink and role-play,
knowing that jk will be just as into it as nj tells him to be it’s no wonder the rest of jk’s hyungs get jealous over nj’s precious obedient little pet. so when nj’s feeling particularly nice he’ll tell jk to open himself up nice and wide and offer his hole up for
a horny hyung or two and it only takes the hint of a scowl on nj’s face to make the wide-eyed betrayal and borderline disgust on jk’s face at the prospect of servicing anyone other than his beloved nj hyung, disappear completely 🥰
☁️☁️☁️ short thread for joonie day hehe I just love this trope so much. thank you so much for reading <33
jana 🕊

jana 🕊

fan account | koo-centric nsfw | must be 18+ and have age in bio to follow | sometimes extreme kinks and dead dove | 🤎 dm for commissions 🤎
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