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Sep 12, 2022
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ty for the ppl who told me to dump gfsh ideas so basically arranged marriage a/b/o where gojo’s an alpha forced to marry someone—anyone—and chooses that wallflower beta from the zenin clan so all the elders can shut up

gojo doesnt even know the boy’s name—only familiar with the man’s appearance from the countless clan meetings he’s attended. so when he sends news to this stranger, he really doesnt expect a wholehearted yes or anything like that but when the boy shows up for their first meeting
the boy agrees easily. “As long as you get the zenins off my back” and gojo agrees easily enough because he just wants the marriage proposals and nosy questions to end.
And it should have stayed that way—clear boundaries, mutual respect, strangers forced to cohabitate w/ no feelings involved. Except gojo miscalculated especially when the boy—megumi, gojo chastises himself—treats him with gentle eyes and a stubborn mouth.
Takes care of him when he overworks himself in the office, cooks him dinner when he’s too tired to do it himself, bickers with him over anything under the sun but all in good fun, mouth curling at the edges especially when gojo says something funny…
So it doesnt come as a surprise when he starts courting the young zenin properly this time—offering gifts, driving him to and fro to work, cooking him food—anything that’ll make megumi’s life easier. And megumi would be blind not to see his intentions but megumi knows
It’s just a passing curiosity, a mere whim. He’s a beta—practically at the hinges of society. There’s nothing special about him, not even his scent. He cant even give the alpha a heir. Megumi tells exactly this to gojo and he expects the man to calmly accept it
Except gojo doesnt. Frustration pools in those clear blue eyes, jaw locked as he stares down at megumi. “Do you really believe this? Or did someone plant those foolish ideas in your head?” And megumi cant answer, too overwhelmed with gojo’s pheromones
Needless to say, gojo ends up proving to megumi how much he’s loved, how much he’s wanted, by tangling in the sheets, sucking bruises on his pale skin, and chanting megumi’s name over and over again like a prayer, like a desperate man wishing for the impossible
My study break is done but extra shit: - megumi accepts, no divorce!!! happy ever after 💖 - megumi gets knocked up despite betas only having 5% chance of pregnancy (thats what u get for going raw EVERY SINGLE NIGHT especially during heats) - gojos a simp for his husband


20+ | nsfw | not spoiler free | minors dni! | genshin, jjk, blue lock | all 👹 | 五伏 | isagi harem | read carrd byf!!
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