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Sep 13

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The Scottish Government, The First Minister and the population in Scotland carried òut its political and social obligations after The Queens Death to the highest standards.. A credit to Scotland irrespective of independence or monarchy or republicanism .[Thread...]

The mourning has been (and will continue to be) overtly politicised by those most unionist ideologically for the attempted entrenchment of 'The UK Natural Order and Psyche'? .. but Scotland did its duty largely apolitically, respectfully within the current constitution.

The strategists who planned the funeral and mourning will be the only people who will know if the Scottish focussed five days of the aftermath was a pre-planned political union angle but it has conversely shown the Scottish Govt and the Scottish people as standing tall...

The length and intensity of the mourning period and mainstream media coverage style is and will be questioned...BBC is positively in North Korean mode 24 hrs in trying to promote the ideology of 'the norm, the establishment, the hierarchy of the people v the leaders/monarchy...

It didn't have to be that way - it will not be healthy in the long run...forcing intense national mourning over 12 days isn't healthy...people need to deal with death and loss in their own way not a state guided mourning fest...some people will mentally suffer as a result...

People already have deaths, illness, financial and societal problems to deal with in their own lives...add on covid and the cost of living and brexit, and you threaten to swamp a lot of people already under strain?

Intense elongated national mourning also isn't beneficial to children, adolescents and the many many of us adults who are constantly under mental and emotional pressure as a part of the capitalist and Internet age on top of simple daily life...

The Queens death and the procedure to follow has plainly been planned with an absolutely mind boggling degree of ideological entrenchment and consolidation of 'Britishness and unionism' as the aim? It's gone way past mourning and been designed as an ideological mourning?

Many people across the uk do not support a Scotland the latest figures showed only 45% support for a constitutional monarchy...people should be allowed to mourn and support a monarchy but equally it is absolutely right to choose to be republican or even apathetic

Even in close deaths some people need to shut it out to get by...others cry...others do what works for them...enforced incessant mourning over a long period for entrancing ideology of the state and power is unhealthy and dangerous to freedom as individuals...

Some people have protested against monarchy. .irrespective of the timing or suitability of when they have done this, that is their right in a democratic society...the fact that bbc for example is wall ro wall monarchy/unionism is not public broadcasting its state ideology?

Lastly...this may be an intense period in the forefront now but people move onto the next issue quickly...that is the way of life..its what we do to survive.. Scottish Independence in relation to The Queens death is a separate issue no matter how much ideology is stacked up

In Scotland well over 50% defines themselves as Scottish, as opposed to Independendence supporter will not likely change in relation to a monarch death...neither will an ultra Unionist.. the people left will decide on many things not an ideology? PD (Editor)

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